Latest Frock Designs-20 New Frock Styles Collection for Women 2017

Latest Frock Design. The latest collection of frock styles for women in 2016 include amazingly various styles of frocks including both Pakistani and Indian traditions and some stunning styles from celebrities as well. Don’t miss out on these gorgeous styles of frocks along with some tips about what kind of shoes to put on with these designs and what makeup style will suit what.

Give a glance to these classy 20 frock styles from the latest collection of 2016 and make the end of your year and the beginning of the next one – all fashion-stricken and beautiful.

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How to Wear Frocks Stylishly This Year


#20 – Fancy Beige and Blue Anarkali Frock

A gorgeous and fanciest Anarkali frock with a stunning shade of blue and its combo with beige golden will give you an angelic look for sure. Try applying heavy makeup to match the contrast of light colors of your dress. For shoes, match a fancy pair of golden heels or blue heels, while for earrings, try going with something elegant.


#19 – Makeup Tips with Angarkha Frock Style

The angarkha frock style is a traditional style of dressing from India and now its frock style is also available to all women. The stunning style of this frock will give you an elegant superiority. RECOMMENDED: Kareena Kapoor outfits-25 Best Dressing Styles of Kareena Kapoor to Copy

You can try the prettiest makeup you own with this pretty of a dress, try going with pink/peach/coral makeup theme and you will be good to go. Dress your hair into open curls or a slid back hairstyle.


#18 – Accessories with Indian Umbrella Frock

The Indian fashion frock trend of the umbrella frock design is a gorgeous style of frock that women prefer in all of their fancy social gatherings. For an umbrella frock style, you can dress your hair into a gorgeous updo, put on some dark makeup with a dark hot lip color and of course, heels. Try matching it with smaller heels, though. For some amazing makeup tips, check out Top 13 Best Makeup Styles From The Most Beautiful Celebrities


#17 – Latest Pakistani Frock Style 2017

And now we have a classy trend from Pakistani fashion, of a typical frock style of 2016. The light beige frock will be your most elegant look for a mildly fancy gathering. We suggest you try some light makeup with lighter lip color, to match the elegance of the dress itself. Leave your hair open in some dressed up curls or dye them in a brunette color for the absolute class. Do check out Pakistani Actresses without Makeup-Shocking Photos of Actresses with No Makeup


#16 – Beauty Tips with Engagement Frock

A trendy style of engagement frocks that came out in 2016 for women, awe all those simplicity lovers. If you too happen to be one, then it’s for you. For the most elegant look, try wearing some pearl jewelry to go or possibly something whiter. Go with a pink makeup theme to go most fluently with your dress. You can dress your hair in a bun or any hairdo with curls.


#15 – Shoes to go with Black Desi Frock

A gorgeous black desi style that is worn in both Pakistan and India will be a nice match with lighter skin tone. Best if you go with a darker lip color so it syncs with the theme of your dress. Heels will be the most fashionable option here.


#14 – Hairstyle with Elegant Frock Style

A stunning and classy brilliant green frock style for women for a fancy yet a bit formal occasions. Mainly appropriate for those who happen to appear a whole lot on screenings, etc.

To make this more beautiful, we suggest you put on some decently pretty makeup which is light and attractive. You can take tips from the hairdo in the image!


#13 – Party Frock

Finally, a frock style that is casual enough to go with a classy party day, as you all probably are facing a whole lot or nearly once a month. And it’s good to have something great at your disposal when needed. With a gorgeous combo of gold and green, we suggest you try an iconic red lip color while keeping the eye makeup lighter.


#12 – Makeup with Anarkali Frock 2017

With 2017 approaching, we need some ideas to get ahead to be the most updated in style. And for that, we have got you covered with a classy 2017 design of Anarkali dress.

As traditionally classy as it is, it would be best if you match some traditional jewelry with it like the model in the picture and make your outfit complete. Try going with a bit of heavy makeup as this dress is apparently meant for fancier occasions.


#11 – Styling Tips for Air Line Frock Design

The extremely hot red airline frock design for your swaggy personality is at your disposal for 2017 frock design styles. RECOMMENDED: Dholki Outfits-20 Ideas What to Wear on Dholki/Sangeet Night

Pretty apparent how you should go along with makeup with this outfit — try some more western style jewelry and more casual makeup styles for the look this outfit is meant for.


#10 – Manish Malhotra Bridal Frock

It all changes when Manish Malhotra’s design enter the game because apparently, it’s the biggest platform for all kinds of bridal fashion and women are technically in love with the brand.

When it comes to their dresses, the outfits themselves are enough that not much accessories are needed to boost it. Have your own try with makeup and whatever suits best.


#9 – Fancy Engagement-wear Style


#8 – Indian Bridal Frock


#7 – Malika Arora Wedding Frock


#6 – Frock with Platform Heels

Another less desi frock style for your classy party outfits. We have got some good ideas about the accessories. As the outfit is less desi, a pair of platform heels would do nicely and a gorgeous pair of black studs! Here are the Top Heel Brands; 10 Most Comfortable Heel Brands 2017


#5 – Maxi Anarkali Frock


#4 – Full-Length Frock


#3 – Frock Style with Coat


#2 – Karishma Kapoor in a Saheli Couture Frock

Karishma Kapoor in a mesmerizing Saheli couture frock style that you must try for the elegantly feminine looks possible.


#1 – High Neck Frock Style 2017

A stunning high neck frock style for the 2016-17 has glamorized the bridal fashion for the good! Try heels with a high neck frock for the best look and leave your hair open!


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