Bandeau Tops | 20 Cool Ideas on How to Wear Bandeau Tops

Ways to Wear Bandeau Tops. Made famous by Halle Berry in 2000 as something to be worn outside homes, Bandeau tops take over wardrobes whenever it comes to the partying season, which is usually summer. Night-out gatherings, beach parties, lunches in less formal venues, etc. allow you to dress in this unforgettable piece of clothing.

If you’re wondering how to wear a bandeau top in a manner that is both fashionable and acceptable, we’ve come up with some fantastic ideas for you. The internet is rife with questions about how to style these cool tops, and we’ve tried our best to answer all of these questions. Get handy tips to wear these mesmerizing tops with various items of clothing.

What to Wear with Bandeau Tops?

Did you know that bandeau tops can be dated back to ancient Greece?  Bandeau tops have evolved into a fashionable piece that can act as both swimwear and informal-wear.

What is ‘Bandeau’ Top?

The French term meaning ‘strip’ refers to a piece of cloth wrapped around a woman’s breasts.

  • A bandeau top is a narrow strip of fabric that supports your breasts. Bandeau bras are ordinary as beachwear, while bandeau tops are an acceptable formalwear as well.
  • Key features of the bandeau top are that it’s sleeveless and strapless.
  • It’s similar to a tube top, the only difference being in length. Bandeaus are smaller and narrower.

Can you wear something over or under a Bandeau top?

  • Yes, there are several ways of styling shirts and tops over bandeaus.
  • Bandeau bras can support your breasts just fine. There isn’t any issue of cup-gaping, although you might need to make sure there’s no spillage.
  • With bandeau tops, it’s up to you. If it’s narrow like a bra or is dark in color, you might not need to wear anything underneath. It depends on the type of top you’re going for.

Are Bandeau tops and bras comfortable?

There are no straps, pads, or underwires in bandeaus, which make them supremely comfortable.

Isn’t there a risk of it falling off?

Bandeaus are usually constructed from elastic and stretchable material, which fits according to shape and stays in place. Some bandeaus have ties at the back or a way of pinning them. There is no need to worry about them slipping off.

DIY Bandeau Top

This video shows you how to make your bandeau top within five minutes!

Where to Buy Bandeau Tops?

You can check out the following online stores for some cool bandeau tops:

  1. SHEIN
  2. Fashion Nova
  3. Pretty Little Thing
  4. ASOS
  5. Ally Fashion

↓ 20 – Summer Beach Bandeau

Create the perfect beach outfit by pairing a beautiful floral bandeau bra top with mustard short shorts, cool sandals, and a chic woven handbag! This top is a strapless bra, but when you pair it with high-waisted bottoms, it makes up for the narrowness. We adore the color scheme of this outfit. It’s so calming to look at. You can enjoy the beach and the summer heat in this breathable attire. The real challenge will be finding the perfect top, so good luck with that!

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↓ 19 – How to Style a Bandeau Crop-top

We’ll tell you all you need to know to create the most iconic look for a casual stroll in summer. The first thing you’ll need is to find a strapless crop top. Either that or a strapless bra. Then choose a swing top with a deep neck that’ll better display what you’re wearing underneath, like this breezy peach swing top shown below. Denim shorts are the ultimate summer favorite so go with one of those. Finally, accessorize with chunky jewelry, sunglasses, and leather sandals, and a handbag for a bohemian touch.

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↓ 18 – Long Bandeau Top

Want to go all stunning and impressive on your peers? Wear the sexiest look of the year and woo everyone around you. Show them how the simplest of garments can create ‘the’ look only if you’re good enough at styling them. This white tube top and grey trousers look unremarkable individually. But pair them together and wear them with confidence, and voila! With expertly done hair, makeup, and minimalist accessories, this can become an incredibly chic look for a night out with your friends.


↓ 17 – Jersey Off-the-shoulder Top

Create a decently formal look out of a full sleeve bandeau/crop shirt by wearing it with trousers! The color palette of this outfit is relaxing, the pastel hues like a balm to the senses. Jersey tops are great because they conform to your shape nicely and don’t shift around too much that way. With a top this white, it’s bound to show underneath, so make sure to wear a strapless bandeau bra underneath as well. It has to be light-colored as well, or it will show.

These high-waisted flared-bottom trousers made with a soft and flowy material are the right match for this off-the-shoulder top.


↓ 16 – Narrow Top and Striped Skirt

Create your supremely unique casual style with an attractive yet simplistic way to wear a crop top with a funky skirt. This multi-colored top has been made with an elastic band around the top and bottom edge of it. This is excellent for making sure the bandeau doesn’t slip away. Wearing a bra underneath is your choice, and besides, it might be challenging to find the right bra to fit under such a narrow top. Your best bet is to add padding to the underside of this bandeau by yourself.

 We love how this fun fruity top has been paired with a serious monochrome skirt. It’s an exciting combination.


↓ 15 – Lace Bandeau Top with Skirt

For the most stylish and impactful street style, try matching a bandeau top with a skirt, put on those long heels, and own your walk. This outfit would have looked like a elaborate version of a nightdress if it hadn’t been for the skirt. The lace bandeau and chiffon gown have a very lingerie vibe, but the smart blue skirt changes the entire mood of the look. You can try a more professional approach and wear a blazer, jacket, or a good coat instead of a thin gown. Also, make sure that whatever you choose to wear underneath this lacy top is high-waisted and covers much of the skin. In a formal setting, this will be best.

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↓ 14 – Dressy Outfit

Wear a tucked in bandeau top with a short skirt for a more feminine look. Keep your make-up on point! This Barbie-doll outfit is great for dates and parties. The color scheme attracts the eye. The little details that make an outfit interesting are all there as well. Let’s take a look, shall we? First up, the neat black bow at the waist-line of the skirt steals the show. Then there is the vast blue bracelet that complements the dress so well. The lace hemline of the skirt is adorable, and finally, we have a nude-toned clutch and shoes!

The essential piece is, of course, the bandeau, so don’t forget to find a good one. This one has an in-sewn bra, and you can see the underwires. Such tops can be great for making your bust look shapely.


↓ 13 – Winter Get-up

Create a stunning look with a plain white bandeau bra! It’s winter, and you’re out of ideas on how to style your favorite sweater. You’ve gone through all your clothes, but nothing appeals to you anymore. Here’s an idea: take a bandeau top and your trusty pair of jeans. Don the sweater/cardigan on top as carelessly as possible, and you’re ready! Make sure that it isn’t the height of winter when you attempt this. There’s quite a bit of skin showing, and you might pay for one day of feeling good about yourself. A nice belt at the waist and bright silver necklaces look beautiful with the outfit.


↓ 12 – Tops for Large Chests

If you have a large bust size and full breasts and worry about whether a bandeau top will sufficiently support your cleavage or if it’ll look good, we have the answer for you in the form of three styling options. The answer is, yes, you can still wear a bandeau top, but make sure to have fail-safes in place. In the leftmost picture, you’ll find that the bandeau is structured and has some kind of clasping mechanism at the back. A chiffon gown over it does the rest of the work. In the middle picture, the model is deliberately displaying her cleavage while wearing a ripped and torn tee and pants. In the last instance, a black overall gives coverage, so even if the bandeau slips, you’ll be safe until you fix it.


↓ 11 –  Bandeau Bodysuit

Everything is so gorgeously fitted. It almost looks like a bodysuit, doesn’t it? We adore how the black bandeau has been paired with the dark blue denim. The netting and ripped effect look mesmerizing together. The great thing about this outfit is that it can be worn for both the warmer and colder seasons, with only slight alterations.


↓ 10 – Printed Top

Wear it in the chicest possible style, in parties, in clubs or anywhere else! Heels would be a plus point. Bandeaus underneath overalls aren’t that rare, as you’ll soon see. This cool ensemble features a cute denim overall and a snake-skin printed bandeau underneath. It’s super tight, which means some type of fasteners must be attached at the back. We mention this again and again because it’s a significant concern for many women regarding bandeau tops: will it fall off? With the proper measures taken and tops tested beforehand, you will not suffer from a wardrobe malfunction.


↓ 9 – Shirred Tops

You guys, shirred tops are so cute! And shirred bandeau tops are the best. Look how adorable this handsewn shirred bandeau looks. Denim pants look excellent with such tops. And since a lot of skin is showing with the neck and shoulders usually bare, it’s a good idea to buy some charming necklaces and chokers to wear.


↓ 8 – Top with Contrasting Printed Shorts

For an attractive, next-door-girl look, you might want to try something like this lady. Her top and shorts contrast beautifully, the dark print of the shorts lighting up the top’s peach. She wears a peach lace blazer, which looks stunning. We highly recommend this look for summers.


↓ 7 – Tie-dyed Top

For someone with an adventurous spirit and artistic tendencies, might we suggest you check out every single detail of this breathtaking outfit? The elastic tie-dyed top is merely a band here because it’s super narrow. An artfully cut and twisted white t-shirt and ripped denim shorts with their pockets showing, that’s what we call bold. The beaded necklace is magnificent.


↓ 6 – Wear Bandeau Top in a Bohemian Style

You’ll find youtube tutorials that teach you how to DIY a bandeau top. It usually requires a scarf and a strapless bra. You can watch those or experiment yourself, and we have no doubt you’ll come up with some crafty top like this one here.

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↓ 5 – The 2020 Look

This is such an incredible look, something a pop star might wear. We’re absolutely in love with the detailing. The gold jewelry is to die for.


↓ 4 – With Overalls

Contrasting always creates interesting results. Black is magnetic, and it can look good with anything. This funky black mini overall is strangely mesmerizing with the multi-colored bandeau top.


↓ 3 – Wrap-top Bandeau

A great example of how bandeau tops look fantastic is to create a formal outfit out of them.


↓ 2 – Mermaid Crochet Top

Time to call the crocheters in the family! This beautiful blue top is giving us mermaid vibes.


↓ 1 – With Strap

Bandeau tops also come with straps sometimes. You can add them yourself if you suffer from the same fear of the top slipping off. They look great with straps as well.


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