Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki

Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki- The word “dashiki” originates from the Yoruba word dashiki, it is used to describe a pullover, loose top worn first in West Africa. Dashiki outfits are just one big face of fashion these days that people simply fail to notice.

The Dashiki style is currently trending and it’s becoming increasingly popular in all communities due to its vibrancy and unlikeness. However, the Dashiki is popularly worn as a form of African-American pride. The uniqueness and flawlessness of these crazy Dashiki styles cannot be overlooked any longer because they can turn your mediocre looks into exceptional ones.

Want to know how that’s possible? Don’t miss out on these out-of-the-world African Dashiki design ideas that have impacted women’s wardrobe for a good part of 2021. They will also impact yours if you manage to get your hands on some suitable styles just meant for you.

How to Wear Dashiki Outfits

Although there are multiple ways to rock Dashiki style outfits, there are a few tips to keep in mind when going for these looks to get the most glamorous finish:

1- Firstly, make sure to match the colors of the dress or tunic with your skin tone.

2- Secondly, pair your Dashiki outfits with traditional jewelry to make them stand out.

3- Thirdly, try to not match all your accessories according to one shade of a color, try using different colors that complement each other, or even different shades of one particular color.

4- Lastly, no matter what type of design you choose, always be confident while wearing it, as confidence makes up half of your look!

Now have a look at these 22 amazing Dashiki styles that must make it to your wardrobe this year or else you would be missing out on how to shed utter enthusiasm with just one look. Check out the styles and figure out which one would suit you best.

Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki

↓ 22 – Latest Dashiki Styles For Ladies

Crazy and fabulous printed purple Dashiki top or tunic matched with badass ripped shorts for a day when you don’t feel like putting up with summers anymore. To make it, even more, killer of a look, put on a bold and dark lip color or maybe even go for a dark eye look. You can surely take inspiration for your makeup look from that of the woman below.

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Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 21 – Modern Dashiki Dheeva Top with Jeans

This look is made for those lazy days when you don’t feel like shaving your legs and just want to wear something that covers them up. Match your Dashiki tunic with a pair of jeans and look great without having to worry about the stubble of your legs. To bring out the more casual and easy-going essence to the trend of Dashiki styles, you can make your style as impactful as this one. A classy Dashiki top matched with a sensual pair of skinny jeans, heels, minimal jewelry, and makeup is surely your way to go.

Dashiki print Bomber jacket available for $12.99

Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki


↓ 20 – Bright Green Dashiki Designs for Summers

Undoubtedly, summers call for bright colors and intricate designs. Since in the summers you can show off your clothes better, rather than hiding behind big coats. However, the hot and humid weather during the summers can make looking stylish while maintaining your make-up and outlook very hard. Choosing to wear dresses not only makes for a good outfit but also helps fight the heat. This green Dashiki dress is the perfect example!

Vibrant color Dashiki outfit for Summer- $19.95

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 19 – When To Wear Short Dashiki Dress With Ripped Jeans?

A Dashiki coat matched with a perfect combo of a tank top and the most explicit ripped jeans look. This is a look made for parties and semi-formal events. This look makes you look great without giving off a try-hard vibe. To make it even more phenomenal of a look, pair it with the inspiring wedge heels which simply give us more confidence in whatever we have put on.

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Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki


↓ 18 – Dashiki Outfit For Skinny Girls

To beat the heat, it’s advisable to pair your Dashiki tunic with some shorts and sandals. For instance, a lovely and simplistic summer look of the Dashiki top with a classy pair of shorts to go with. To further enhance your look, you can make up your hair all curly and hot with bold lip color and you are all done!

African inspired 2-piece bikini for skinny women in $19.99

Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki


↓ 17 – Tropical Dashiki Dress for Night Out

When planning a night out with your friends, or picking out an outfit for a date you can always keep this look in mind. This flawless tropical look of a short Dashiki dress will take your breath away as you put it on. It will make a classy summer look that you simply would not get over. To further nail it, a cool pair of heels and some nice shades are obligatory. So there you have it, a great look for a night out!

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Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


Traditional Dashiki Outfits

Now, catch your breath for some more fantastic styles of Dashiki fashion, that go back to the traditional times, when this fashion style was first introduced by designers. These designs are still very much in style. Women all over the world put these to use for their daily, as well as formal looks. Have a look at these timeless designs.

↓ 16 – Traditional Look of Dashiki Dresses

This is one of the most traditional styles of Dashiki fashion that has been revived lately in today’s trends. Many women have been aspired to it and continue to adapt to it even today. The traditional look of complex prints and typical styling is the core identity of Dashiki styles. The bright colors and intricate designs showcase the truly traditional look of the Dashiki style.

Women’s Dashiki Traditional Printed Dress for $22.99

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 15 – Dashiki Dresses for Plus size Women

It is always harder for plus-size women to get together a look that is both flattering and practical.  A Dashiki dress can prove to be perfect in this case as it’s stylish and becoming. You can add a belt around the waist to make it hug all the curves at all the right places and give you a more defined look. Pair it with some heels to get the perfect look for parties and gatherings.

Traditional dashiki outfits for plus size women in $58.90

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 14 – African Dashiki Styles For Women Over 50

Evidently, with the growing age, women feel insecure about their figure and skin. Due to this reason, they hesitate to try out new fashion attires. However, with our contemporary ideas, older women can look also classy and elegant in Dashiki outfits.

For women over 50, too much dark or vibrant color is not a good choice. On the contrary, you can go with a nice combination of bright and light colors.

Dashiki style long maxi for older women- $52.88

Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki

↓ 13 – Dashiki Dresses for Picnic

For picnics and parties, it’s good to pick out dresses as they are flowy and easy to move around in. And what better dress to wear than a Dashiki dress? A perfect addition to your picnic day is this Dashiki dress that will help you nail your epic picnic style. With those classy heels, bossy shades, and that fancy hat, you will be the finest fashionista in your picnic gathering!

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Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 12 – Dashiki Jumpsuit Style for women

A fancy and iconic jumpsuit style inspired by the Dashiki fashion is a great way to help your style stand out from the rest. To make it as classic as possible, match your sensual jumpsuit look with an uptight bun, or a loose bun would also do, some fancy earrings and light makeup. A pair of hot red heels are the final addition your look needs to make it stand out!

Women Dashiki Jumpsuits for $24.99 only

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 11 – What To Wear For A Dashiki Themed Event?

When preparing for a wedding or fancy dinner party, gowns are the way to go. A Dashiki gown for ladies can prove to be the ultimate piece of clothing for such gatherings. As it goes, not very often do you see some ancient African fashion trend taking the form of a gown, which just makes them so much more perfect if you want to stand out.

Yes, Dashiki styles are also found in gown looks for ladies who are a bit too elegant for so many casual styles, keep your wardrobe ready for a nice gown look.

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Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 10 – Stunning Dashiki Dress for Prom

Who said you cannot pull off a Dashiki style for a princess’ prom occasion? Well, whoever did, was wrong, because this Dashiki outfit has been turned into the most epic and phenomenal looking prom dress that is just downright pretty and will give you just the right prom vibes you need.

Dashiki Formal Prom Peplum available for $35.99

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


Mini Dashiki Styles for Girls

Now, time to get your hands on the prettiest Dashiki looks that are mini-sized and perfect for girls to celebrate their youthful days with pride and style. Summers are here, as high as it could be and there seems to be no time to plan out your summer styles. Well, these mini dresses will surely prep you with at least some ideas in mind.

↓ 9 – Casual Summer Mini Dashiki Dress

When going for a casual look, it is always better to keep it simple and straightforward. A casual, simplistic and pretty mini dress is perfect to make your harsh summer day just a bit brighter. You can match it will a red or coral lip color and some light heels or flats to give yourself a casual but chic look.

One-shoulder Dashiki Floral Minidress- $15.99 only

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 8 – Vintage Ethnic Dashiki Look For Teenagers

What better way to wear and honor a centuries-old style of clothing than to pull out a vintage assemble? This vintage Dashiki style from the 70s is a timeless piece. It still has people’s hearts and women still find themselves proudly wearing it. You can pair it with some gold or silver thick bangles and boots to complete your look. Or put on some sandals to make it suitable for summer.

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Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 7 – Dashiki Dress with Boots

Even though a Dashiki dress looks great no matter what you pair it up with. However, using a pair of matching colored boots can add just that extra layer of style. Using heel boots can give you a more formal look. On the other hand, using flat, velvet boots like the ones shown below works just as well. Throwing in a headband will give you a look perfect for a concert or music festival.

Buy Flat Heel Women Boots from Amazon for $28.19

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 6 – Summer Look for Dashiki Lovers

Summers can be daunting as deciding your everyday looks gets harder and harder as the heat increases. Trying to come up with a good outfit while keeping cool can prove to be a hectic task. But having a few staples like the dress shown below can make it so much easier. Cut your ‘getting ready time’ in the morning and just pick out a Dashiki dress and some strappy sandals to go with it for the flawless summer look!

Buy a traditional sleeveless Dashiki dress for $16.99

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 5 – Dashiki Party Styles

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were invited to a party and had absolutely nothing to wear? Or at least it felt like you had nothing to wear. In times like these, you can pull out your favorite Dashiki dress or go and buy a new one. pair it with some silver bangles and some funky heels and you’re all set to look your best!

Modern dashiki Mini shirt available for $8.52 only

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 4 – Modern Dashiki Dress

Did you think you could not make out a professional style of something such as Dashiki fashion? Well, you are wrong! You can surely use Dashiki styles in formal wear. Whether they are jumpsuits or figure-hugging dresses, the Dashiki style is perfect for all occasions.

Maybe you can’t use them for conferences or work meetings as they are not entirely professional or formal but they would surely make a nice try for something less formal or and more vibrant such as weddings, etc.

African print clutch to complete Dashiki look- $29.99 only

Women Dashiki Outfit Ideas


↓ 3 – How To Wear Dashiki Dress with Platform Heels?

Time to get your awfully classy platform heels out from the back of your closet and match them with this classy and body-tight Dashiki dress that is covered with soothing blueprinted designs over a pitch-black background. This figure-hugging dress is great for date night as it brings out all your curves and makes you look ravishing. Way to go Dashiki style!

Perfect chunky platform heels to go with Dashiki Outfit- $28.99

Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki


↓ 2 – What Accessories To Wear With Dashiki Outfits For Women?

Since African culture is so rich in traditional wear, no look is complete without adding some accessories. In the case, Dashiki outfits for women, a head wrap can be added to achieve a perfect cultural look. Moreover, efficiently beaded necklaces and earrings are musts.

In addition to this, traditional bangles along with modern bracelets are also a choice.

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Kente print hoop earrings are available for $28 only

Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki
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↓ 1 – Footwear To Wear With Dashiki Dresses

Dashiki dresses go well with vibrant falts or pump heels. The selection of your footwear depends on the nature of the event. For a regular day to church, you can wear a flat shoe or low heels. However, for weddings, parties, or other official events, choose comfortable high heels.

Many online websites sell modern high heels with specific dashiki prints.

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Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki
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Q: What Does A Dashiki Outfit Symbolizes?

A: Dashiki is a vibrant-colored garment mostly common in West Africa. It is also known as Kintenge in East Africa. It usually covers the top part of the body.

The Dashiki prints symbolize black pride, dignity, and unity among the black community.

Q: From Where Do Dashiki Originated?

A: Evidently, Dashiki dresses are mainly from the land of Africa. Firstly, it has been dominant wear in Tanzania. Later, it became popular in Somalia as well as Kenya.

Moreover, Dashiki fashion was introduced In the American fashion industry during the late 1960s as a Black-American Fashion identity.

Q: Where To Buy Dashiki Attires For Women?

A: No doubt, it is easy to get Dashiki attire from African markets. However, if you live far from Africa and still want to wear a dashiki dress, you can buy one online.

There are many online stores that offer traditional African clothing at affordable prices. These stores are willing to introduce African clothing throughout the world. Here is the list of a few online sellers where you can buy Dashiki for yourself:

1- Ali Express

2- Amazon

3- Afrikrea

4- Ali Baba

5- Etsy

Q: Which Is The Best Occassion To Wear A Dashiki Dress?

A: Dashiki dresses are so popular in Africa that they are worn on special occasions as well as on regular basis. In addition, Dashiki is usually used on weekend parties, going to church, birthday events, and even wedding ceremonies.

However, the type and luxury of the outfit vary according to the nature of the event. For official meetings and special occasions, the outfit is heavy or sometimes embroider. Bridal Dashiki is adorned with beads and glittery stars.


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