Bollywood Celebrities Workout Outfits-20 Top Actresses Gym Style

Bollywood Celebrities Workout Outfits. Bollywood actresses are known for their perfect and well-maintained bodies. But how do they manage it? Obviously with a healthy diet and by regularly working out. We have compiled for you the gym pictures of the sexiest Bollywood actresses, along with fitness tips from them.

Cutest Outfits Indian Celebrities Wear to the Gym

Bollywood actresses workout outfits at the gym

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#20- Alia Bhatt’s

Alia is surely one of the cutest actresses in B-town right now. While many think that she doesn’t really need to work out, the truth is that she once was a very chubby girl and actually needs to work out to burn off any extra calories. To stay in shape, she has quit eating all fast food and junk food and follows a strict diet plan which is low in carbs and high in protein. The grey and blue combination she’s wearing to the gym looks so sexy on her, doesn’t it? You should also have a look at these Alia Bhatt Outfits-32 Best Dressing Styles of Alia Bhatt



#19- Kareena Kapoor

We all know how Kareena Kapoor transformed herself from being a plus size girl to a size zero one. In case you don’t remember, check out this picture:

kareena kapoor weight loss


Now if you’re wondering how she managed to get that hot body, it’s because of a very very strict diet and fitness program.  She had to leave behind all her favourite foods like pasta and Chinese, just for the sake of being size zero. Despite her very busy routine, she still manages to work out at least two hours every single day! You can also check out our favorite Kareena Kapoor outfits-25 Best Dressing Styles of Kareena Kapoor to Copy.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (9)


#18- Deepika Padukone

This tall dark beauty always manages to look ravishing, no matter what she’s wearing. The secret? Those well-toned abs of course. While she is unable to go to the gym every day because of her hectic routine, she keeps doing light weights to stay in shape. However, she never ever starts her day without yoga and a morning walk. You can see how sexy she looks even when sweating out at the gym, the girl surely has an amazing sense of dressing as well as makeup or hairstyles. You’ll surely love these Best Hairstyles of Deepika Padukone.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (11)


#17- Jacqueline Fernandez

The gorgeous Sri Lankan beauty! For her, working out is simply a natural part of her routine. Every morning, she wakes up at seven and works out for one hour every day, in fact, some days she even works out twice a day as she loves it so much. Here we see her literally hanging out with John Abraham and Varun Dhavan at the gym. I’m loving the pop of pink color in her gym outfit. This year we have actually seen Jacqueline in some really amazing outfits, have a look at them here: Jacqueline Fernandez Outfits.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (22)


#16- Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty truly sets the aging goals for me. Despite being over 40 now, and having a kid, the girl has the body of a teenager. She is like the Bollywood queen of workouts as she has mastered all types, be it cardio or yoga. She also cooks her healthy meals for herself using the most natural and organic ingredients. Here we see her looking gorgeous as ever in a black crop top at the gym.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (17) Via

#15- Katrina Kaif

This Indo-British model cum actress just recently surprised everyone with her sexiest abs ever. Yes, we’re talking about the abs she flaunted in “kaala chashma”, which simply took over the social media. Check them out here.

katrina kaif abs


Her workout routine consists of some pretty interesting stuff such as cycling, yoga, jogging, swimming and of course the gym. Apart from that, she drinks as much water and eats as many fresh fruits every day as she can. Here we see her in a simple but sexy black gym outfit. Black really seems to be a favorite amongst Bollywood actresses. You also wouldn’t want to miss these Katrina Kaif Outfits-25 Dressing Styles of Katrina Kaif to Copy

bollywood actresses gym outfits (21)


#14- Kangna Ranaut

This B-town beauty says she has always wanted the perfect curvy figure and worked pretty hard for it. She works out five days a week and goes through some pretty tough exercise routines. Those shorts she’s wearing at the gym really make her look dreamy!

bollywood actresses gym outfits (10)


#13- Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti too surprised everyone with her recent weight loss transformation. Her weight loss secrets? First of all, she had to give up the one thing she truly loved, eating pizzas. She started doing martial art every day and also went to the gym regularly, despite the fact that she never enjoyed it and found it boring. But her fitness aims get her going on. Oh and how cute is this white and blue Nike workout outfit she’s wearingbollywood actresses gym outfits (19)

Viabollywood actresses gym outfits (18)

#12- Sonam Kapoor

Here’s Anil Kapoor’s doll, Sonam Kapoor, who managed to lose 35 KGs by regularly doing cardio exercises at the gym.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (14)


bollywood actresses gym outfits (15)


#11- Bipasha Basu

The truly bold and beautiful actress of Bollywood. She stays in that gorgeous shape of hers by doing some of the toughest work-out routines in town. Once again, we can see a sexy black gym outfit.bollywood actresses gym outfits (24)


#11- Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri, as we all know, loves dancing and that is usually how she likes to work out. But here we see her training for Taekwondo for her movie ‘Gulaab Gang’. She’s wearing a Puma outfit and tying that shirt around her waist has added the x factor.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (20)


#10- Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is surely the hottest actress in the block right now. Here we see her looking jaw-dropping as always in a Nike Sports bra and training shorts. You’ll also love these 20 Best Sunny Leone Hairstyles of All time

bollywood actresses gym outfits (4)


#9- Nargis Fakhri

While we all know of her beautiful looks, especially those perfect cupid shaped lips, what many people don’t know is that this girl is a master of Zumba. She does it regularly every day to stay in shape while having fun. Here we see her giving yoga a try, wearing a pretty cool striped outfit. We also have a great collection of Nargis Fakhri Outfits-32 Best Looks of Nargis Fakhri to Copy

bollywood actresses gym outfits (6)


#8- Karishma Kapoor

bollywood actresses gym outfits (8)


#7- Soha Ali Khan

This is surely the most beautiful gym outfit I have ever seen.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (16)


#6- Aditi Rao Hydaribollywood workout outfits aditi rao hydari


#5- Ileana D Cruz & Shamita Shetty

bollywood actresses gym outfits (23)


bollywood actresses gym outfits (5)


#4- Yami Gautam & Anushka Sharma

bollywood actresses gym outfits (13)


bollywood actresses gym outfits (25)

#3- Kriti Sanon

She looks cute as always in her gym outfits. You’ll also be inspired by these Kriti Sanon Pics – 30 Cutest Looks of Kriti Sanon this Year

bollywood actresses gym outfits (7)


#2- Athiya Shetty

bollywood actresses gym outfits (12)


#1- Zarine Khan

Why we have Zarine Khan at number one? Because she is the true picture of someone who went from fat to fab. And by ‘fat’ we mean really really fat. Such amazing transformation is truly commendable.

bollywood actresses gym outfits (3)


bollywood actresses gym outfits (2)

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