40 Most Stylish Kendall Jenner Outfits To Copy This Year

Stylish Kendall Jenner Outfits. Tall people are usually pretty clumsy, but at 5’10, Kendall Jenner is anything but. The tallest sister in the Kardashian/Jenner clan is poised, confident, and elegant. She’s achieved supermodel status at such a young age.

Kendall is also a reality TV star, appearing with the rest of her family in their E! program, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She’s sassy, funny, and makes a heck load of money, her current net worth being a whopping $45 million! Do you know what that kind of money buys? Why, a great wardrobe, of course!

Latest Kendall Jenner Outfits

When you’re best friends with supermodels like the Hadid sisters, Cara Delevingne, and Hailey Baldwin, chances are, you’re a fairly big deal. The 24-year-old was named World’s Highest-Paid model by Vogue in 2017! Isn’t that amazing? She’s walked the runway for high-end fashion designers during New York, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks and has done numerous commercials and advertisements since the age of 14.

Does Kendall Have a Clothing Line?

The answer is yes! Kendall runs a lifestyle brand with her sister Kylie. It’s called KENDALL + KYLIE, which the iconic duo launched in 2012. The sisters have collaborated with Topshop and Pacsun for exclusively for their collections. Together they design seasonal clothing, loungewear, and footwear.

KENDALL + KYLIE clothing is available on Amazon, Asos, Macy’s, and several other websites. You can find all the online stores where their collections are stocked here.

Who is Kendall Jenner’s Stylist?

Marni Senofonte is Kendall’s celebrity stylist. She’s one of the most recognized and acclaimed stylists of the modern era, having styled Beyonce for her Formation World Tour. Her efforts earned her praise from the media and undying loyalty from the likes of Jenner.

What Does Kendall Jenner’s Closet Looks Like?

Kendall did a closet tour with Vogue back in 2017. Her growing closet was superlative back then, we can only guess how awesome it must be now.

Besides clothing and shoes fit for a supermodel like herself, Kendall also owns an impressive collection of vintage handbags from the likes of Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

Kendall Jenner’s Social Media

Kendall is active on Instagram and Twitter. She has a prodigious fan following on both platforms. Her each new post sends her legions of fans into a terrible frenzy, from dissecting her looks and tweets to raining praises on her.

Without further ado, let’s step inside Kendall’s awe-inspiring closet and steal some ideas, shall we?

↓ 40 – Intern Chic Look

In this minimalist look, Kendall is out and about wearing denim short shorts (her favorites, by the way) with a white crop top and a patterned black blazer. She has accessorized with a small chain shoulder bagKendall looks like a young intern about to start another hectic day. It’s an outfit for moderate weather.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (1)

↓ 39 – Blue Party Dress

 It’s an enchanting look for formal events and parties. This blue diamond wrap style dress with a short section of bare midriff and a short hemline is stylish and unique. You’ll fall in love with most Stylish Kylie Jenner Outfits To Copy.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (3)

↓ 38 – Daring Double-slit Gem Gown

Kendall has never been shy about showing skin. She’s been wearing revealing outfits from the start of her career. Take this floor-length heavily-embellished dress with a high double split, for instance. The detailing on this thing is insane.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (4)

↓ 37 – Funky Mesh Dress

This unusual floor-length mesh dress with uniquely cut and styled panels is one of Kendall’s many forays into the realm of experimental fashion. We should take pointers from her and break the mold once in a while. Check out our earlier post about Most Stylish Kim Kardashian Outfits.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (5)

↓ 36 – All-black Rock Look

Kendall wears off the shoulder tight fit long sleeve leotard top paired with mini studded hem skirt and pointed pumps. You’ll see her in shorts and mini skirts a lot. They better show off her legs, which is the point.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (6)

↓ 35 – Pristine White Jumpsuit

Kendall looks so crisp and perfect in this white strapless trouser jumpsuit matched with pointed mesh pumps and accessorized with a black contrasting clutch bag.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (7)

↓ 34 – Kendall’s Winter Street Style

She’s wearing skin-tight leatherette trousers with a baggy white T-Shirt and a black wool overcoat. She has accessorized with sunglasses, leather ankle boots, and strap handle bag. It’s a flawless and comfortable black and white ensemble for the cold season. We’re in love with the bag, to be honest.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (8)

↓ 33 – Kendall and Kylie’s Red Carpet Looks

The sisters can be seen rocking the red carpet in two very different but equally stylish outfits. Kendall is sporting a long-sleeved lace look top with a plain black pleated mini-skirt. Her black buckled caged heels and white nail paint adds a nice touch.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (9)

↓ 32 – Dashing Work Look

While seemingly in a hurry, Kendall was photographed in a square neck split top with matching shorts. Large sunglasses, flat sandals, and red lipstick finish the outfit. We love how effortlessly chic this look is.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (10)

↓ 31 – Muave and Bold

Kendall wore a halterneck dress with a full floor-length skirt. The top and skirt are separate, and she was seen wearing a matching mini skirt instead of this one on another occasion. She’s wearing diamond hoop earrings, which you will realize is her staple and some gorgeous chunky rings.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (12)

↓ 30 – Kendall’s Futuristic Top and Skirt

This white cage top with short wrap mini skirt that Kendall wore a few years back is quite the futuristic-looking two-piece. She accessorized with coral sandals, contrasting gold bracelets, and full make-up.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (13)

↓ 29 – Bejeweled Green Red Carpet Dress

 Green jeweled floor-length dress with laced-up sides and splits, this dress had the paparazzi clicking like mad.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (16)

↓ 28 – Printed Summer Jumpsuit

Kendall was seen walking with pals Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid in this bright paisley print halterneck jumpsuit. It was accessorized with a chain necklace, sunglasses, baseball cap, and peach heeled sandals.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (17)

↓ 27 – Gothic Lacy Skirt

 We love this simple satin strap top with sexy lace fitted fishtail skirt.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (18)

↓ 26 – Another Monochrome Winter Outfit

This is undoubtedly a biker-chic look, with a leather jacket, black skinnies, and a white t-shirt. She completed her look with black ankle lace boots, a chunky woolen scarf, and her signature accessory, a big handbag.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (22)

↓ 25 – Evening Party Suit

For a family get-together in the evening, this is ideal. Kendall wore a coral pink fitted blazer suit with a black top and laced peep-toe heeled sandals.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (26)

↓ 24 – Fiery Red Gown

Kendall set fire to the red carpet in this asymmetric pillar box red dress with side split. She paired it with gold diamante pointed pumps and a silver chunky bracelet.

↓ 23 – Casual Striped Jumper Dress

 This striped-patterned half sleeve dress with a shoulder strap bag and plimsols is the ultimate casual look.

↓ 22 – Kendall’s Groovy Winter Outfit

This is quite the ensemble with a masculine silhouette overcoat and a trilby hat. Distressed jeans with grey top and peach pointed pumps complement the coat nicely.

↓ 21 – Diva Dress

This elegant twist strap halterneck silk dress fitted at the waist with a stylish tie over hips has us swooning. It has a high low hemline. The silver heeled sandals complete this diva look.

↓ 20 – Summer Crinkle Dress

It’s got a Coachella vibe, this crinkle effect strap maxi dress. Kendall wore sunglasses, a matching shoulder bag, chain necklaces and ankle boots.

↓ 19 – Fashion-forward Footwear

While out and about wearing white jeans and a patterned off white top, Kendall rocked these incredible gold tip shoes.


↓ 18 – Casual Black T-shirt with Geometric Print Bottoms

Working out is great, but you don’t have to wear boring gym clothes while doing it. Kendall is giving us some serious inspiration to invest in stylish gym bottoms.

↓ 17 – Lacy Shirt and Denim Shorts

 What she’s wearing: a mandarin collar three quarter sleeve top with short shorts, a black shoulder bag and beige ankle boots as accessories.

↓ 16 – Strategically Stylish Street Clothes

This rocker style street outfit consists of a white top, artfully ripped black jeans, and a black jacket.

↓ 15 – Statement Trousers

She’s wearing a large neck satin fitted top with cage effect trousers and pointed pumps.

↓ 14 – Kendall’s Teenage Look

This punk-chic look consists of a printed vest top with stocking effect leatherette skinnies. Studded pointed pumps complete the look.

↓ 13 – Comfortably Affordable Look

High-waisted leatherette leggings with a plain grey jumper. Finished with sunglasses, ivory bag, and high top sneakers.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (27)

↓ 12 – Soft Creamy Summer Outfit

This is Kendall’s summer greek look. She’s wearing a wrap crop-top with matching trousers and an overskirt.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (23)

↓ 11 – Black Mesh Two-piece

A messy bun and bright red lipstick give it a killer-babe effect.

latest style outfits Kendall Jenner (14)

↓ 10 – Kendall’s Shimmering Green Bodysuit

It looks so scrumptious; we want to eat this outfit! You need guts, confidence, and a fit body to wear this marvelous sparkling green two-piece suit. Kendall has all three, and you can see how she shines in it. We’re in love!

Outfit Details:

↓ 9 – Princess Crop-top

It’s the edgier and modern version of what a princess would wear. Disney-lovers take note! This lovely black top with ruffled sleeves is all you need to look pretty and appealing. It can be paired with a skirt, shorts, or pants, as Kendall has done.

Outfit Details:

  • Ruffled Printed Bodice Crop-top ($383)
  • Levi Jeans
  • Mini Le Pliage Logo Nylon Shoulder Bag ($165)
  • Black Patent Leather Oxfords ($110)

↓ 8 – Kendall’s Affordable Casual Look

It’s one of Kendall’s more affordable outfits. You can easily find cheaper versions of every item and accessories that she is wearing. We will help you with that.

Outfit Details:

  • Striped sweater from ASOS ($32)
  • Sunglasses from Quayaustralia.com ($55)
  • Mom Jeans from Nordstorm ($70)
  • Leather loafers from hm.com ($70)
  • Satchel from solesociety.com ($35)

↓ 7 – Chilling During Quarantine

This list would be incomplete without featuring a Covid-19 quarantine look. Kendall was seen walking her dog in Malibu, wearing this relaxing head-to-toe white ensemble, while following proper quarantine safety procedures. She’s been seen wearing black and skin-colored masks from skims.

Outfit Details:

↓ 6 – Kendall Jenner in Kanye West

Kendall showed support for her brother-in-law’s album merchandise in this blue ‘Jesus is King’ sweatshirt. It’s catchy and bold, just like her! She paired her favorite vintage bag with this casual look, washed-out denim jeans, and white sneakers.

Outfit Details:

↓ 5 – Heart Singlet Tank-top

Crop-tops, tank-tops, and casual tees maybe Kendall’s go-to choices but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t seen rocking their edgier versions. This sleek black top with a heart-shaped neck-line that Kendall wore in New York stole ours right out of our chests! She paired it with matching black trousers, sunglasses, hoop earrings, a distinctive bag, and mule sandals, the last four being her signature accessories.

Outfit Details:

↓ 4 – Dazzling Metallic Jumpsuit

This magnificent bronze jumpsuit must have set fire in the vicinity. It’s just what should be worn during full daylight. Kendall wore this in Monaco while she was deboarding the Tommy Hilfiger yacht. She styled the jumpsuit with hoops, which she favors, and mule sandals.

Outfit Details:

↓ 3 – Met Gala After-party Dress

Met Gala outfits follow a theme each year. They’re either outlandish or outstanding; there’s no in-between. With the entire world following Lockdown during COVID-19, it’s unlikely that 2020 will see Met Gala madness. So, here’s a throwback to one of Kendall’s Met Gala after-party looks. The show-stealer is the chain-mail bag.

Outfit Details:

↓ 2 – Stunning Coachella Babe

Somewhere inside every woman is a princess. Kendall Jenner channeled her inner princess in this lovely dress she wore to Coachella in 2019. The festival is famous for its numerous summer fashions, some are hipster, some lovely. Kendall’s outfit comes in the latter category. Her fantastic bag, elbow-length evening gloves, and neon green boots are a fashion statement.

Outfit Details:

↓ 1 – Kendall in a Book-printed Crop Tee

Kendall was spotted wearing this book-printed shirt while out in Los Angeles, in 2018. It surely won the hearts of her bookworm fans and makes one think that she might be one too!

Outfit Details:


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