Top 30 Clothing Brands That All Celebrities Love To Wear

Clothing brands celebrities wear. Whenever there is a premiere, awards ceremony or any other red carpet function the first thing that everybody notices are the outfits. They definitely keep getting more and more glamorous and elaborate with each passing year and the celebrities really know how to wear them. But what designer labels are most frequently seen? Which brands do most celebrities wear?

These questions arise in the minds of many so we’ve gathered together a complete list of celebrities fashion designer, designer brands and clothing stores that they shop from. While most of these are high-end designer brands, we’ve also selected some of the more affordable clothing stores that celebrities often choose to wear.

What Clothing Brands Do Celebrities Wear?

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what brands do celebrities wear

↓ 30 – Fendi

Celebrities undoubtedly have an expensive but stylish taste which is why almost every celebrity loves wearing Fendi.

Kiernan Shipka Wearing Fendi Couture

brands that celebrities wear

↓ 29 – Celine

Lucy Boynton Wearing Gold Celine

Lucy Boynton Wearing gold Celine.

↓ 28 – Christian Dior

Kiki Layne wearing Custom Christian Dior At Golden Globes 2019

brands that celebrities wear

↓ 27 – Elie Saab

Elie Saab is just another name for romance since they always come up with the most romantic, elegant and meticulously crafter red carpet looks for our favorite celebrities.

what brands do celebrities wear

↓ 26 – Chanel

A brand that can never disappoint. It’s the go-to brand for many celebrities including Miley Cyrus who is often seen wearing Chanel from head to toe.

Miley Cyrus’s Outfit at Chanel Oscars Preparty Feb. 2019

miley cyrus wearing chanel

↓25 – Emporio Armani

If it’s a high flying, high status, and well-respected event, you are guaranteed to see Armani make their appearance and why not as it was originally Armani who dressed the celebs for the red carpet entrance. With Armani’s beautiful tailoring, crisps structures and glistening decorations it is not surprising the celebrities adore it. Stars such as Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Adele, and even Leonardo DiCaprio will more than frequently be seen wearing Armani.

Adele wearing Armani Dress

 Megan Fox in Armani Dress

 Leonardo DiCaprio wearing Armani Suit

 Lady Gaga Wearing a Giorgio Armani Dress

↓ 24 – Versace

With stakes worth more than the digits in your phone number and a headquarters in Milan, Versace also has its fair share of designer garments for the celebs to enjoy. Known for their dresses with flowing trains, obscure styling’s and stunning menswear, Versace is commonly chosen on the red carpet. Celebrities who often choose to wear Versace include Jennifer Lopez, Nick Jonas, Uma Thurman and Eva Longoria.

Uma Thurman Wearing Versace

Jennifer Lopez Wearing Dragon Versace Dress

 Nick Jonas in a Blue and Gold Versace Suit

 Eva Longoria in a Gorgeous Spiral Designed Versace Dress

↓ 23 – Valentino

The Italian label Valentino Haute Couture is almost Victoriana vintage style. With floor length dresses, lots of glitz, lace, patterns, and fitted waistlines it is not surprising that this is a popular choice for the red carpet wanderers. Not only is Valentino popular with celebrities now, but even in the mid-sixties Valentino was providing clothing to well-known people such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Princess Margaret. Recently, however, faces such as Kiera Knightley, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, and Anne Hathoway are all fans of Valentino designs.

Keira Knightley in a Stunning Valentino Gown

Nicole Kidman Wearing Beautiful Valentino


 Sarah Jessica Parker in a Gorgeous Floral Valentino Dress

 Anne Hathaway Wearing a Glitzy Valentino Gown

↓ 22 – Rodarte

Rodarte is a relatively new designer label, founded in 2005. It consists of a multitude of fabric choices, built up layers, structures, vibrates colors and high couture. But, even though it is young, that does not stop the celebrities choosing Rodarte for the red carpet. 2019 sees Rodarte being in Vogue’s top designer collections so it is not surprising the famous celebrities will be seen in it. Celebrities such as Rooney Mara, Elle Fanning, Natalie Portman, and Cate Blanchett are all fans of Rodarte designer fashion.

Another great thing about this brand is that since 2019, they’ve joined the list of one of the few inclusively sized luxury brands. This means that all plus size and curvy women can find something that they love in their size when they shop at Rodarte.

Natalie Portman in a Split Style Rodarte Dress


Rooney Mara in Rodarte Dress

 Elle Fanning Wearing a Floral Summer Rodarte Gown

 Cate Blanchett in White and Gold Rodarte Dress

Brie Larson Wearing A Rodarte Gown For Captain Marvel Premiere 2019

brands that celebrities wear

↓ 21 – Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is another young designer who made his mark in New York. His designs have been recognized by Vogue and by celebrities galore although it is a treat to see anything by him on the red carpet as it is such a rarity. He is renowned for using black as his main color and for his urban twists on designs. However, Alexander Wang did venture into different colors later in his career. Fans of Alexander Wang designs include Nicki Minaj, Marisa Miller, Rhianna, and Christina Aguilera.

Nicki Minaj Wearing an Alexander Wang Dress


Christina Aguilera in a Purple Alexander Wang Women’s T Dress

 Marisa Miller in an Alexander Wang Wrap-Style Dress

 Rihanna in an Alexander Wang Spring Edition Dress

↓ 20 – Tom Ford

American designer Tom Ford is known for perfection, and this can easily be spotted in any of his outfits. Ford’s magnificently tuxedos and jackets are some of the best items from his latest collection and they definitely portray that confidently luxurious vibes that are characteristic of all Tom Ford outfits.

Brad Pitt in a Tom Ford suit

↓ 19 – Gucci

The Italian brand has experienced a standout amongst the most uttermost directional movements since the designer of Milanese, Alessandro Michele, has taken over the creative director steerage in 2015. These days, Gucci is the challenging genuine menswear, with offering a mixed and exceptionally the feel of romance. But, its Italian craftsmanship and the detail to attention always remains.

Jared Leto wearing Gucci Rectangular Frame

↓ 18 – Neil Barrett

His specialty is the monochrome hues and lightning bolt, contemporary graphics are painted all over minimalist style in quality fabrics.

Kevin Heart wearing a Neil Barret Shirt

↓ 17 – Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana as the name says it all, it doesn’t need any introduction, the Silician duo has kept on conveying some most famous and large, menswear assemblage upon the runway, ever since bowing in 1985. Dolce & Gabbana‘s well-known monogram just stamps itself on lavish and smooth pieces. You can’t see over their particularly historic Italian assemblage of suits, perfectly completed and cut for work and the weekend.

Brandon Thomas wearing Dolce & Gabbana

↓ 16 – Louis Vuitton

The darling of French luxury behemoth LVMH, Louis Vuitton exactly knows what it means to be luxurious. Starting his career out as a trunk creator in the 19th-century Paris, Louis Vuitton now exclusively offers immense accessories and tailoring, and also the riffing on a cool youth generation with luxed-up sneakers and cosmopolitan streetwear pieces, gratitude to Kim Jones, the LV’s top men’s designer. It’s LV, so that’s why it’s still elegant.

Hugh Jackman Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bag

↓ 15 – Prada

Since the debut in 1913, more than 100 years, Prada has dressed the kings of Italian and embellished the backs of few of the most styled celebs on the red carpet. Prada has signs of progress into off-duty pieces and chic athleisure, remains molto pertinent beneath the perfect eye of Miuccia Prada, and also it’s sharp suiting. Give it a look the Prada’s easy-going knits and button-ups, also their revamping of classics such as the derby shoe type.

Ethan Hawk in a Prada suit

↓14 – Burberry

Burberry is amongst one of Britain’s most beloved fashion transports, with claiming to have the invention trench coat. This quintessentially, English brand is forwarding sartorial borderlines having Christopher Bailey, including off-kilter fabrics such as the lace and tech-wools into the men’s mixed fashion, also with the graphic prints. It’s basically known for Burberry plaid. Don’t have trench yet or Burberry scarf? Desecration.

Andrew Garfield wearing Burberry in Berlin


As it’s established in 1924, Loro Piana began as the main manufacturer of perfect fabrics. Basically, its fabric fiends, happiness. Nowadays, that beautiful cashmere, unwrinkled silk, and luxurious cotton arrive as a Loro Piana sweater, t-shirt or scarf as it later added clothing and attachment with its offer. The brand is accomplished to textile and quality development without avoiding timeless Italian gracefulness. But, typical excellence gets at a cost. Try saving that money for this masterpiece.

Bobby Axelrod wearing Loro Piana on a T.V. Show “Billions”


The creator of the polo shirt and all-American Ralph Lauren is by far a lot than a brand for Varsity prepsters. As it’s established in 1967, Ralph Lauren offers a simple going closet staples in manly traditional and neutrals fits. Fitting from the Purple Label is a must buy, while Polo Ralph Lauren has your enjoying needs settled from loosened up cable-knits to beautiful polo shirts to cardigans, blazers, and clean chinos. School’s out.

Will Smith in a Ralph Lauren outfit


As it is founded in 1945, Paris’ Balmain has truly moved up military style and its rock star glam, credit goes to Olivier Rousteing. Having propelled its own variant of the biker denim jean, having knee details and waxed coating. You should be owning a leather biker jackets, including the army style pea coats, trenches, and crazy stuff leather derby shoes having the soles chunks. Don’t think, come and join the Balmain army.

Lewis Hamilton wearing a Balmain Biker Sweatshirt


Valentino is currently headed up by Pier Piccioli by being just stepped below from his eponymous name some years ago, arriving out as a modern span of accessories and menswear having a powerful focus on innovation and culture. There remains a focus upon coats and tailoring, also leather with studded greats is a charisma of Valentino, but do not abandonment experience for insurrection.

Joe Joans wearing a Valentino Blazer and Sneakers


The perfect name was established by Yves Saint Laurent in 1961, yet retains its style and distinctive French mockery. Many Parisian, Saint Laurent gives tailoring emphasis, fitted skinny denim jeans and incubate leather jackets, you’ll be at one time you’re rocking a Saint Laurent jeans, jacket or Chelsea boot, being a rock star.

David Beckham wearing a Saint Laurent Denim Jacket


From shoes to shirting, to tailoring and jackets, join to Maison Margiela for the classic men’s style, but reworked in a modern and masculine way. Initially, under Belgian Martin Margiela, John Galliano flies the Maison Margiela banner these days, getting it from a cultural Paris house to one that’s raw and edgy in the genuine taste of Galliano. We all are loving leather bags and jewelry.

Chad Johnson on a Maison Margiela Future High Top Shoes


Where it’s all about suits, Ermenegildo Zegna established his generational brand in 1910, and after that, it got on to changing the cloth maker into a ready-to-wear get-up and complete fledged tailoring. Zegna is the front line for materials, which is off-duty suits including normal tees and knitwear, and are performing into business. Their leather goods are crazy hotsellers too.

Chris Pine in an Ermenegildo Zegna suit


↓6- Calvin Klein

Being more than only the coolest brand, Calvin Klein the name is now helmed by Raf Simons, being frankly, the all American clothes are about to get into a fashion circumstance. CK is known as the menswear traditionalist brand. While the CK knitwear is the classic, this particular suiting is never supposed to be missed. Nor, are the old-school, cleaned out denim jeans.

Troye Sivan hits tonight’s Golden Globes red carpet in Spring 2019

↓5- Brioni

Brioni’s Roman regality has turned out to be one of the world’s top-notch labels of the luxury. Founded in 1945, it is known as the excellent yacht of outerwear and tailoring, Brioni’s accessories line is a never miss, from wallets to bags to belts, and boots. Going on the cool-man wagon, normal staples like suede bombers are head sellers current days also, having all of Brioni’s production yet taking place in the homeland. Molto Bene.

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a Brioni Suit

↓4- Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang is a simple classic. The Austrian designer’s appellation assemblages showcase a refined palette of muffled shades in smooth shapes, sometimes spruced up hardly having details. Few of the minimalists among us, get to Helmut Lang for anti-embellishment items and smooth lines, having the stocks of top-quality fabricated fundamentals.

Michel Buble wearing a Helmut Lang Jacket

↓3 – Givenchy

Being a genuine Parisian Maison, Givenchy has become fashion top ones since the 1950s. And currently still doing with Riccardo Tisci, the designer is in the charge. Incorporating dark romanticism having a streetwear slang, Givenchy has also prevailed around celebrity fans having the likes of David Beckham Justin Bieber and Kanye West as giving the example. Join here, for its printed t-shirts, pinstripe suiting, and sweatshirts.

Jay-Z wearing a Givenchy T-Shirt

↓2- Alexander McQueen

Well known for its name, Britain’s enfant terrible, Alexander McQueen’s design intelligently has been deified by means of long-lasting friend Sarah Burton, since the time of his distressing death. McQueen’s menswear is saturated in Savile Row-esque fitting but with a considerable shadow, dark, hallmarked by the company’s skull decoration. Join here for the perfect suiting, cool leather sneakers, and off-beat jewelry.

Zayn Malik wearing an Alexander McQueen Truth Shirt

↓ 1 – Mango

At number one, we wanted to include a brand that all of us can easily afford. Mango is a budget-friendly, fast-fashion brand that’s loved by celebrities as well as fashion influencers, especially when it comes to street style.

Bella Hadid Wearing Mango Tiger Print Sweater $59.99

celebrities wearing brands

Diane Kruger Wearing Mango Long Coat In Black $149.99

celebrities wearing mango

Holly Willoughby Wearing Mango Checkered asymmetric skirt £29.99

brands that celebrities wear

Priyanka Chopra Wearing Mango Double Breasted Blazer $ 129.99

celebrities wearing mango


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