Alia Bhatt Outfits-32 Best Dressing Styles of Alia Bhatt

Dressing Styles of Alia Bhatt. So who’s not an Alia Bhatt fan? Well, that would be hard because Alia is just so undeniably amazing. Apart from being a fantastic actor, making top-notch memorable and lasting films, she also is ridiculously cute and her fashion sense is apparently skyrocketing to unreachable heights.

Being as great of an actor as Alia might take years but adopting her fashion sense is not so unapproachable. Here are some cool and trending Bhatt-inspired outfits for this year.You can get a lot of ideas from these. So here are some of the cutest ways to dress like Alia Bhatt. Which brands she wears the most, her cute hairstyles and much more.

Alia Bhatt Dressing Styles

32 alia bhatt outfit ideas this year

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#32 – Stunning and Casual Long Skirt Outfit

The gorgeousness and simplicity of this cannot be measured.

#32 - Stunning and Classy Long Skirt Outfit


#31 – Gorgeous Pencil Skirt Outfit

The stunningly sleek pencil skirt outfit is the best we have seen.

#31 - Gorgeous Pencil Skirt Outfit


#30 – Unique Quirky Printed Summer Dress

The printed summer dress is just too good to be described.

#30 - Unique Quirky Printed Summer Dress


#29 – Glamorous Gown Outfit

The glamour-filled fancy gown is all we can dream and ask of fashion.

#29 - Glamorous Gown


#28 – The Happy Day Maxi Style

The Maxi dress is all very happy, cheery and bright.

#28 - Happy Day Maxi Style


#27 – Alia’s Timeless ‘Shandaar’ Outfit

Her classic outfit from Shandaar is one of her best styles.

#27 - Alia's Timeless 'Shandaar' Outfit


#26 – Brilliantly Traditional Native Get-up

Alia rocks all. No matter if it is a western born or a typical Desi style.

#26 - Brilliant Traditional Native Get-up


#25 – Alia’s Kedia Style Kurta Outfit

Her extremely sophisticated Kurta style is surely the classiest.

#25 - Alia's Kedia Style Kurta Outfit


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#24 – Cute Retro Outfit Look

Now this is some serious extent of cuteness overload.

#24 - Cute Retro Outfit Look


#23 – Classy Western Get-up

Her sassy hairdo and an unusual western style shirt are just impeccable.

#23 - Classy Western Get-up


#22 – Cute and Casual Get-up

Who knew casual get-ups can be this cool and fun.

#22 - Cute Casual Get-up


#21 – Alia’s Unique Jeans Outfit

Even her jeans outfit have a matchless level of simplicity and glamor.

#21 - Alia's Unique Jeans Outfit


#20 – Catchy Frock Summer Outfit

Yes, frocks are indeed no longer a primary age dressing trend. They rule even today.

#20 - Catchy Frock Summer Outfit


#19 –  Outfit with Braided Hairstyle

Her unique and unusual choice of clothing is one way to go. Dragon flies – awesome.

#19 - Alia's Dragon Fly Outfit


#18 – Funky Look

As if she already was not too awesome, the alphabets walk in.

#18 - Alia's Stunning Alphabet-inspired Dress


#17 – Sophisticated Desi Look

This is some chicest level of Desi trend.

#17 - Alia's Sophisticated Desi Look


#16 – Alia’s Magical Fancy Outfit Style

#16 - Alia's Magical Fancy Outfit Style


#15 – Stylish Summer Style

#15 - Stylish Summer Style


#14 – Party Wear

#14 - Superior and Decent Whiteness


#13 -Spring Wear

The colors show all the bliss and energy you have.

#13 -Blissful Colored Outfit


#12 – Alia’s Artistic Fan Mail Dress

Fan mail made up dress – is the absolute creativity of Alia’s.

#12 - Alia's Artistic Fan Mail Dress


#11 – Sugar-coated Bohemian Look

The Bohemian boots and the dress are phenomenally combined.

#11 - Sugar-coated Bohemian Look


#10 – Blazer with Shorts

Short coat outfits cannot be any cooler.

#10 - Appealing Short Coat Outfit


#9 – Sporty Look

Another one of a dragon fly beauty.

#9 - Simple Orangeness with Dragon Fly Love


#8 – Summer Wear

Summer and sun dress are definite magic and awesome clothing.

#8 - Comforting Sunny Summer Outfit


#7 – Classic Lehenga  and Maang Tika

The Lehenga outfit cannot be any cooler. We are so in with this.

#7 - Alia's Classic Lehenga Outfit


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#6 – Casual Party Outfit

#6 - Casual Party Outfit


#5 – Isabel Sanchis Inspired Outfit

#5 - Isabel Sanchis Inspired Outfit


#4 – Cultural Pankaj & Nidhi dress

#4 - Cultural Pankaj & Nidhi dress


#3 – Military Inspired Look

#3 - Sassy Karen Miller Jumpsuit


#2 – In Shalwar Kameez

#2 - Simple and Sophisticated Cultural Look


#1 – Payal Khandwala Glamorous Diwali Outfit

#1 - Payal Khandwala Glamorous Diwali Outfit



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