Celebrities Hairstyles 2022 – 24 Most Trending Hairstyles 

2021 Celebrities Hairstyles. This year came along with a wide variety of fashion trends that somehow molded our lifestyles in every way. From some catchy post-winter fashion to trends of spring colors, to outfits that best go with hot summers. Similarly, hairstyles are no less trending, and there is only so much that one can do with hair.

We don’t always happen to know what kind of a hairdo will best suit our facial structure and that becomes problematic. But here are some ultra-inspiring celebrity hairstyles that are bound to make you feel grateful that you choose it. Have a look, and get the super-enthusiastic appearance for the summers to come.

Some Great Celebrity Hair Ideas for This Year

24 most trending celebrity hairstyles this year

#24 – Katy Perry’s Purplish Fun

So this one definitely speaks of how thrilled someone is to have summer beach parties and get all the summer fun.

#24 - Katy Perry's Purplish Fun

#23 – Shailene Woodley’s Glamor Infliction

Our teen inspiration idol – Shailene and everything about her is just so glamor and inspiration inflicted.

#23 - Shailene Woodley's Glamour Infliction

#22 – Dakota Johnson’s Medium Bob

Johnson’s medium bob and round specs are surely a combo of cuteness and classiness.

#22 - Dakota Johnson's Medium Bob

#21 – Rachel Taylor’s Yellow Curls

So she utterly has the most yellowish curls in the industry and we love that.

#21 - Rachel Taylor's Yellow Curls

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#20 – Scarlett Johanson’s Pixieness

Scarlett’s cool Pixie is coming off as the most unusual yet the classiest.

#20 - Scarlett Johanson's Cool Pixie

#19 – Caterina Scorsone’s Good Girl Style

#19 - Caterina Scorsone's Good Girl Style

#18 – Alexandra Long Shine

Alexandra’s prolonged shine is definitely the most sophisticated style to be adopted.

#18 - Alexandra Daddario's Long Shine

#17 – Cara Delevingne’s Ombre Passion

Cara’s ombre magic is surely a new addition to the diversity of hair fashion and we absolutely fancy it.

#17 - Cara Delevingne's Ombre Passion

#16 – Demi Lovato’s Slid Back Style

Demi’s phenomenal class comes when she adopts something that goes apparently contrasting with her former Disney figure.

#16 - Demi Lovato's Slid Back Style

#15 – Emma Roberts’ Cute Blond Bob

Medium bobs are surely the classiest and also the cutest of all kinds.

#15 - Emma Roberts' Cute Blond Bob

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#14 – Ellen Pompeo’s Evolution

This one definitely speaks of Ellen’s evolution in Grey’s anatomy and it’s the best we can ask.

#14 - Ellen Pompeo's Evolution

#13 – Jennifer Aniston’s Endless Class

This woman does not seem to be going out of class at all. Ever.


#12 – Caterina Scorsone’s Golden Ends

#12 - Caterina Scorsone's Golden Ends

#11 – Selena’s New Pantene Love

Selena’s new Pantene attraction makes us wonder, of how diversely unique fashion can be.

#11 - Selena's New Pantene Love

#10 – Gigi Hadid’s Sexy Blond

Hadid’s yellowish sexy blond has got us determined to get ourselves colored and curled this way.

#10 - Gigi Hadid's Sexy Blond

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#9 – Insurgent Craze of Tris Prior

Tris prior (Shailene Woodley) in insurgent has the most gorgeous and badass hairstyle to date.

#9 - Insurgent Craze of Tris Prior

#8 – Jennifer Lawrence Blond Beauty

No doubt you would not have seen this level of beauty, class, and glamor in blond.

#8 - Jennifer Lawrence Blond Beauty

#7 – Jennifer Lopez’s Uniqueness

Yes, she still has the most unique and rare hair-color to date.

#7 - Jennifer Lopez's Uniqueness

#6 – Karlie Kloss Stuns and Charms

#6 - Karlie Kloss's Stunningness

#5 – Emma Watson’s Evolution

#5 - Emma Watson's Evolution

#4 – Shailene Woodley’s Surprising Black

Yes, black on blonds definitely is most alien-like yet also very chic.

#4 - Shailene Woodley's Surprising Black

#3 – Karlie Kloss’s Rose Gold Style

#3 - Karlie Kloss's Rose Gold Style

#2 – Taylor’s Mesmerizing Dark Pale Blond

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#1 – Selena’s Catchy Loose Curls

#1 - Selena's Catchy New Curls

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