Yoga Pants Outfits-18 Ways to Wear Yoga Pants for Chic Look

Cute outfits with Yoga Pants. It is wise to understand that there are multiple styles of yoga pants, and finding the right style for you is essential. Comfort is the key when choosing your yoga pants as well as personal style preferences.

Skin fit, crops or full length, flared, loose fit crops, or full length are all suitable options when it comes to yoga pants. If you are wearing them for more athletic purposes or gym regimes then skin fit ones would be more suited to you. If you frequent the practice of yoga, then maybe flared yoga pants or loose-fitting crops will suit your relaxing needs. Nowadays you would find many top celebrities wearing yoga pants as casual wear or for street style fashion. So how to wear them? What outfits to wear with them? What shoes are perfect for yoga pants? See the undermentioned pictures with descriptions to get a lot of ideas.

How To Wear Yoga Pants

You can easily match loose fit yoga pants with crop tops or leotards for an outfit allowing maximum movement without problems while exercising as well as offering comfort. For a more fashionable style, rather than for practical, why not match skin fit bottoms with an oversized asymmetrical jumper? This is a great way of adding volume and shape to an otherwise plain silhouette. Knee-high boots or even ankle boots with leg warmers over skinny fit yoga pants will make for a gorgeous autumn and winter combination. Have a look at our following 18 images on different ways to make your yoga pants go the full distance. Ways to Wear Yoga Pants for Chic Look

What To Wear With Yoga Pants

Confused about how to style yoga pants? Let Team Branded Girls come to your rescue and guide you about how to carry yoga pants as your routine outfit.

  • Wear Right Size of Yoga Pants

Never wear a wrong size yoga pant as it will give an odd look and avoid panty lines to be seen. Always make certain that your yoga pants are formed from a breathable material that is not so brutal to your skin in the summer season. It is better to do a squad test with your yoga pants which you intend to purchase from any clothing store.

  • Which Shoes to Wear With Yoga Pants? 

What you can wear with Yoga pants can be classical sneakers, flat sandals, joggers or athletic shoes. Avoid wearing high heels, loafers or glossy slippers, clogs, ankle boots or mules as it won’t go great with a pair of yoga pants ever!

  • Which Top to Wear With Yoga Pants?

In the winter season, you can pair up yoga pants with a puffy jacket or with a leather jacket or a blazer with any monochrome shirt underneath. Yoga Pants looks awesome with tank tops, t-shirts, and tunics. The best part about Yoga pants is that they do not come only in black color. You can buy yoga pants in any solid color or even in acid-washed color too. Buy primary solid color yoga pants so that you can style them up with various graphic tees, tank tops, blazers, puffer jackets, etc.

  • Which are the Best Yoga Pants Brands?

Yoga pants are something which is must to have for every woman. Here are few yoga pants brands that can be your next online shopping destination for yoga pants so that you can refresh your dressing style with the help of Yoga pants:

1- Alo Yoga

2- Girlfriend Collective

3- Zella

4- JoyLab

5- Lola Getts

6- Beyond Yoga

7- Nike

8- Outdoor Voices

  • What is the Difference between Yoga Pants and Leggings?

Want to know what is the hottest version of sweat pants? The surprising answer is Yoga pants. They are skin fit, suitable for all the seasons around the year and can be worn as casual and formal wear. As far as leggings are concerned, they are also skin fit but yoga pants are observed to be more lightweight and more stretchable and more durable as compared to a pair of leggings. Flexibility and extra comfort are what one can have by buying yoga pants.

Want to know how to dress your outfits in leggings? Head over to Outfits with Leggings.


18 – Comfy Athletic Wear

Grey and black crop top with full-length loose yoga pants for comfortable and casual style.

Style Tip: If you are planning to wear yoga pants to your workplace then just make sure to pair your yoga pants with a longer top or dress. Prefer wearing a collared shirt with long yoga pants.

17 – Stylish Yoga Athletic Onesie

Harem style yoga bottoms and open back strap top onesie. It is perfect for outdoor activities or sports activities.


16 – Casual Summer Style

Asymmetrical long sleeve top with matching baseball cap. Pair this with cropped yoga bottoms and trainers for a great casual look.

Style Tip: In the winter season, you can consider wearing thick yoga pants as an alternative to leggings. You can wear an oversized sweater and long boots with yoga pants in wintertime.


15 – Nike Sports Look

Nike trainers with Stripe patterned yoga pants and matching sports jackets. Also, check out this list of the best Clothing Brands for Teenagers.

14 – Street Style with Yoga Pants

Casual street style look with cropped yoga pants, logo print white t-shirt, and denim jacket. Accessorize with sunglasses and finish this look with white sneakers.


13 – Yoga Pants for Work

Yes! You can even wear yoga pants to work by choosing a nice top and some gorgeous accessories. Here are three different work-appropriate looks created using yoga pants.


12 – Yoga Onesie.

Gorgeous yoga onesie with strap top and harem-style bottoms. Onesies and yoga bodysuits are trending the most this year because they’re not just convenient to wear for easy movements but also look great. For a hot and happening look, try to choose ones with some sort of detailing like macrame on the back or cut out details on the legs.


11 – Formal Look with Cropped Yoga Pants

Couple one of the Boot Cut Dress Pant Yoga Pants with a graphic tee and a necklace (optional) to accessorize for your relaxed Sunday. You can put up a blazer or long cardigan when going outdoor.


10 – Adidas Yoga Look

Pink and grey Adidas sports hoody with black yoga pants can be your next favorite outfit. Match this look with pink Adidas trainers, sunglasses and a large handbag. Along with the yoga pants, you can wear a bright colored hooded top that is easily available at the Adidas outlets. This outfit is perfect when you are going out shopping and when you don’t want to get up and get dressed. Go for a large handbag to keep your important stuff in there and don’t forget to wear sunglasses to complete the whole look. For the shoes; you can wear sneakers in the same color as your upper, or you can opt for the plain black or blue ones. This totally depends on your personal preference. Here are 30 Ways to Get a Fashionable Sporty Look.


9 – Black and Pink Yoga Outfit

Add an alternative flair with leopard print. Tapered jacket hemline allows for a cheeky peek of skin. The Straight-Leg Dress Pant Yoga Pants are the absolute choice to practice as your weekend wear and keep a sense of weekday fashion. Keep it delight in a multi-colored pattern blouse and include with your favorite bling. Treat yourself to a fabulous brunch and an excellent pair of yoga pants.


8 – Sporty Look

Simple blue Nike V-neck matched with floor-length skin fit yoga pants. This combo is perfect if you are a sports girl and love to play different kinds of sport. You can wear this outfit when going for football classes or football sessions or even when going out to play tennis or squash. For this outfit, you need to go for black color skin tight yoga pants and along with it go for a blue-colored v neck long-sleeved shirt to give yourself a comfy and casual look for the sport session.

7 – Rocking Cowgirl Look

Denim chambray shirt with black yoga pants is something to die for! Accessorize this look with cowboy boots and a chunky scarf. A great way to dress up yoga pants. You can turn your whole outfit around by just making perfect pairs and matching combos. For this kind of combo, you need to go for black colored yoga pants and wear them with a long denim shirt. You can add a nude-colored infinity scarf along with it to complete the look. Voila!


6 – Printed Waistbands

This is one of a great way of getting noticed in your yoga pants and still look fashionable. Choose loose fit pants with printed or colored waistbands. Match these with simple black or white crop tops, so they stand out. This kind of yoga pants combo is great when going out for dance class or for exercise or even when going out with friends to get a cup of coffee. You can easily find a variety of such yoga pants in the shops, thrift stores, and even online. They are available at a pretty reasonable price so you can buy as many as you want. Yoga pants by the brand Pink of Victoria’s Secret have been especially trending recently and are one of the best ones around.


5 – Simple Yoga Look

Simple white tank top and white waistbanded skin fit cropped yoga pants. A great look for yoga and gentle exercising. For a casual look, you can pair up yoga pants with a longer shirt because a long shirt envelops up your bottom and thighs, you can manage to go a little bit edgy with your leggings. You could opt for a pair in leather or faux leather to make a head-turning and talk of the town look. You should also find some great inspiration from these Top 30 Clothing Brands That All Celebrities Love To Wear.


4 – Purple and Green Style

Matching cropped yoga pants and jacket. A great look for yoga during spring. If you are too bored with your normal dressing and you want to try something new and exciting, then this is the right combo for you. You can go for purple-colored yoga pants with a matching zipper top along with it. For more twist, you can wear any other contrasting colored shirt inside your zipper to give an extra pop of color. This outfit is perfect for fall and the spring season when you want your dressing to be unique. The good news is Yoga pants are suitable for every body type regardless of the age of the wearer. This fact should make you add yoga pants as an essential thing for your closet.

3 – Simple Beach Style For Yoga In Summer

You can wear yoga pants as your beach dress and you can rock them too. As far as color combos are concerned, you can keep them as bright as you want to. For example, for a classic combo, you can go for black colored classic yoga pants along with a white-colored sleeveless shirt. Or you can switch to a white-colored sleeveless shirt with any other bright colored shirt like bright orange, red, blue, etc. For the shoes, you can wear your trusty pair of good flip flops.


2 – Summer City Style

Upstyle your flared yoga crops with a blue v-neck top and flat sandals. Accessories with a pink handled straw handbag. Leggings look fine with longer tops and tunics. Short dresses can also look regal with leggings. Leggings work best when they act as a base for your other garments. If you want to wear shorter tops, then we would advise wearing jeans and other pants. You can conclude that look by dressing up the best tunics and longer asymmetrical tops. The latter particularly will form-flattering vertical lines and combine a bit of extra style to your finished look of the outfit.

1 – Summer Yoga Style

Leggings are a fabulous transitional choice for the fall and summer season. You can wear underneath clothes or tunics, which means you can resume wearing your personal favorite summer dresses for a longer period of time. (Isn’t it great?) Pink tie-dye cropped yoga pants matched with the black tank top. Yellow sole flip flops add a contrast of colour. Accessorize this look with a colorful straw bag, sunglasses and don’t forget your yoga mat!!



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