20 Teen Girls Birthday Outfits To Wear For Birthdays In 2022

Teen Girls Birthday Outfits. Since birthday parties are a significant part of one’s life, it is important that you wear your best on your day. While grown-ups might not care enough to have the perfect outfit on their birthdays, it is something that teenage girls dearly care about.

Teenage girls take a lot of stress about what to wear to birthday parties may it be their own or someone else’s. So, if you’re someone stressing about a dress that you need to wear to a birthday party and are looking for it then you’ve come to the right place because this blog will solve all of your problems.

How to Dress Up for a Teen Birthday Party?

A few important tips that teenage girls need while dressing up for a birthday party are given below.

  • First of all, do not stress out. Take a deep breath. You will figure it all out.
  • Give a thought to what you want to wear, casual or fancy.
  • If you want to wear a pair of heels then go for block heels as they are comfortable as well as sleek.
  • Do not go over the top with your jewelry, wear minimal jewelry.
  • Consider accessorizing your look with a watch.

20 – Two-Piece White Dress

When considering birthday party dresses, teenage girls usually think of wearing a full dress but two-piece dresses are also a good option, Look at this two-piece white dress. You can pair it up with a golden handbag or even a crossbody bag. Check out this gorgeous two-piece white dress that you can wear on your birthday. It will definitely make you stand out.


19 – Black Bodycon Dress

Black bodycon dresses have always been classics, teenage girls should always consider this as one of their top options when looking for a dress to wear to a birthday party. Give slight waves to your hair and wear a pair of black block heels to have an epic birthday party look. Here is a beautiful calf-length dress that you can wear.

18 – Off-Shoulder Vibrant Dress

Don’t hesitate to wear bold colors on your day. Look at this beautiful and bright off-shoulder dress. This is a perfect dress for summer or daytime events. You can style this with long stilettos and a high ponytail. Check out this stunning Floerns Dress I found on Amazon. The dress is perfect for a spring birthday!

17 – Two-Piece Pink Latex Jacket and Flapper

This two-piece pink latex jacket and flapper is one of my favorite birthday outfit ideas because teenage girls always look the cutest in pink outfits and if it’s of latex then you’ll look both hot and cute at the same time. What more does one want than such a deadly combination?

16 – Dress with Slit

If you’re thinking about what to wear on your birthday in summer then you ought to wear this long dress, the slit makes the dress airier and it gives you the perfect look.

An all-black dress like this would look equally amazing, as you can see below:

teen girls birthday outfits

15 – Wear A Skirt!

If your birthday is in spring or summers, I have the perfect dress in mind for you! Look at this beautiful outfit for your sweet fifteen. You can wear a simple tank top with a patterned skirt.

You can match the color of your outfit with the theme of your birthday party and it will look absolutely stunning. Check out this boho style floral high-waist skirt that would look beautiful on you!

14 – Printed Frocks

You can wear a printed frock with a pair of long black boots to a birthday party. It looks elegant and classy plus it is ideal if you are looking for a flowy dress. Here is a beautiful flower dress that you can wear.

13 – Full Sleeves Bodycon Dress for Teenage Girls

For me, this is a very classy birthday outfit idea because full sleeve dresses always look formal. You could keep it elegant in a monochrome dress like this one in your favorite color.

teen girls birthday outfits


12 – A Cheetah Printed Dress

If you’re having a birthday party at a hotel or a restaurant during the night then you should wear a cheetah printed dress.

11 – Tie-Dye Mini Dress

Here is a quirky and fun outfit for you. Wear a colorful tie-dye dress and sneakers if you are going for a casual and outdoor birthday party.

You can also pair them with nude wedges or sandals if you want to make it look a little fancy. It all depends upon your comfort level and the kind of party you are planning.

10 – Red Silk Dress

Planning an indoor birthday party? Here is the perfect look for it. Go for a bright red silk dress with a crown. Don’t hesitate to go a little overboard; it’s your birthday, you can do it!

9 – Shimmery Dress

Shine the brightest on your birthday with a shimmery dress. Here is a magnificent glittery dress idea for you. Pair it up with high heels and red lipstick and you will look absolutely gorgeous.

8 – Wear Plaid

Many people avoid plaid but that’s only because they do not know how to style it. Here is a perfect outfit for your birthday. Get a plaid dress and wear a basic t-shirt under it.

Here is another kind of plaid dress that you can wear on your birthday. Pair it up with boots and you are good to go.

7 – A Cinderella Dress

If you are looking for your Quinceanera dress, then here is the perfect choice for you. Look at how beautiful she looks.

6 – Jumpsuits

Why not wear a jumpsuit? Jumpsuits are classy, beautiful, and shows off the best parts of your body. So, wear a bright colored jumpsuit that matches your birthday party’s theme and you are good to go.

5 – Beige Monochrome Two-Piece Dress

This is one of the best birthday outfits for teenage girls, so I think you should wear this dress for a birthday party as it’s cute and elegant at the same time.

4 – Black Polka Dotted Mini Skirt with Short White Sleeveless Top

This polka-dotted mini skirt with a top is cute and kind of a casual dressing option for teenage girls looking for birthday outfit ideas.

3 – Mini White Frock

This is my favorite dress. White always glows and mini frocks are always pretty. So, if you want a simple birthday party, then this is the kind of dress you should go for. You can pair these with anything -if you are going casual, wear your favorite sneakers. On the other hand, if yu want to look fancy, wear your favorite transparent heels. Moreover, you can accentuate your curves with a belt!

teen girls birthday outfits

2 – Off Shoulders Embroidered Top for Teenage Girls

If you think that jeans and tops are very casual then you’re wrong because if you’re wearing an off-shoulder top, you’ll look really stunning at the birthday that you’re attending.

1 – Suit

If you are turning 19 and want a banger outfit then here is an option for you. Wear a suit. It looks formal yet gives you a baddie vibe at the same time.


Q: Where to buy birthday party dresses for teenage girls?

Ans: Here are a few places you can get outfits from:

  • Aéropostale
  • Forever 21
  • Macy’s
  • Amazon

Q: What should a teenager wear to a birthday party?

Ans: A teenager can wear any kind of dress to a birthday party as you’re not an adult who needs to dress up specifically or formally for a birthday party, it could be something very fancy or something very casual, anything as per your choice like a frock or a pair of jeans with a crop top. And if you need to shop, here are some of the best Clothing Brands for Teenagers.

Q: Can I wear jeans to a party?

Ans: Yes, you can totally wear whatever kind of jeans you want to a birthday party, they always rock it, especially if your top is embroidered or shimmery. Here are some Cutest Pink Accessories for Teenage Girls that you can use to spice up even a simple jeans outfit.

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