20 Stylish Long Dashiki Maxi Dresses You Must Wear This Year

Dashiki maxi dresses: Africa is the most populous continent, with a diverse range of cultures, languages, cuisines, clothing, and people. Africa has maintained its traditions flawlessly to this day. Fitted and flared clothes are flattering on all body types, even if you are overweight, tall, slim, or thin-skinned.

Because of their distinct style, originality, and acceptability, African print material is among them. African women’s clothing is often ultra-feminine and timeless, meaning that you could always wear such outfits throughout the year without debating. These African Maxi dresses are available in a wide selection of colors, including dark red, teal, and orange. You can definitely wear them during the day and at night.

Latest Dashiki Maxi Dress Designs & Trends

The popularity of the Dashiki maxi dress made of African pattern cloth is growing. Dashiki is indeed a historic African outfit that has now become a global hit with the introduction of the Dashiki maxi dress. If you’ve been looking for anything to wear that would make you appear stylish for a considerable time, the African Dashiki Maxi dress is what you should look for right now.

Furthermore, in this segment, the Dashiki maxi dress will undoubtedly draw your attention to the key instance. These gowns are loaded with beautiful, vibrant, and amazing prints. As a result, the owner of such dresses can seem naturally cool while wearing them.

dashiki maxi dresses

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20 – When To Wear An African Print Ball Gown

It is a huge honor to be welcomed to a marriage ceremony. Your friends have asked you to assist them in marking one of life’s most significant events. You’ve saved the date and come up with a thoughtful wedding celebration present idea. All you now want is just a beautiful outfit.

And, that is the perfect time for you to show up wearing a beautiful vibrant African Print Ball Gown. Whether it is a day-time wedding or night-time event, a vibrant African Print Ball Gown works both ways. Just make sure to pair your beautiful gown with just the right amount of jewelry and you are good to go!

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $180 available on Etsy.com

19 – Kitenge Dress With Ruffles

African print with a touch of class, these Kitenge dresses with ruffles are appropriate for the church as well as casual occasions such as family gatherings, birthday parties, and even business meetings. Such Kitenge fabric from Eastern Africa is an African wax pattern cloth.

Kitenge is worn in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Sudan, among other African countries. Kitenge’s fabrics are made entirely of cotton and are waxed to give them their distinctive depth. Kitenge fabric is thicker and considerably firmer than that of its garment cousins, the khanga or kikoy.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $17-$20 available on hongyuapparel

18 – Long sleeve Dashiki Gown

Long-sleeved Dashiki gowns or dresses are perfect for chilly summertime but also changeable days. It’s an ideal style for women who prefer summer-to-autumn ensembles. In the summertime, having long sleeves is not such a horrible idea when you realize that it is the greatest means of keeping you shielded from the sunlight.

We think that a dress like this can be easily worn at different occasions such as bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, or even at a wedding too.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $44 available on dhate.com

17 – Bodycon Maxi

Bodycon dresses are omnipresent, and many folks say that they are never suitable for all of us. Unlike popular perception, mastering the technique of wearing a bodycon dress is expected to look and experience being a diva.

They give your present wardrobe some pizzazz, and wearing them with assurance just adds to the charm. A bodycon dress is the definition of glitz, and wearing it with flats will offer a leaves something to be desired. For an exquisite look, accessorize your dress with chandelier earrings, a wristwatch, or maybe just a simple purse.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $24 available on dhgate.com

16 – Mermaid Tail Dress

The bodice of a mermaid shape is form-fitting all the way down to the knee, where it spreads out significantly. The mermaid design, more than any other, highlights your figure, and do not be scared away. It may be a very appealing cutout.

Mermaid dresses, unlike ball gowns or A-lines, embrace the torso and waistline, creating an hourglass form. The tight neckline accentuates the bust, and also the slim fit all around the hips offers attractive slimming and cutting.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $76 available on dhgate.com

15 – Off-the-shoulder Kitenge Gown

You are mistaken if you believe the kitenge cloth is still restricted to Africa’s boundaries. Have you ever seen Michelle Obama in her Kitenge off-shoulder gown? Madame First Lady understands how and when to dress with style if it’s conventional or fashionable.

Celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna were also seen wearing a beautiful Kitenge Gown. Designers have begun to use kitenge fabric in their new summer designs this season. An off-the-shoulder Kitenge Gown is the perfect outfit for you to wear to a girl’s day out.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $26 available on aliexpress

14 – Traditional Long African Attire For Matching Couple

Wearing the same designs as your partner is a terrific way to tie your ensembles together in a creative and dramatic manner. Obviously, we don’t imply covering yourself with a print from top to bottom, at least not quite in the similar designs.

Anybody’s eyes will be blinded by that, although not in a pleasant manner. To begin, choose a similar colour and then play around with varying the size or pattern of that print. If you’re wearing a maxi dress in green colour then he could wear his outfit in green as well and might add something made of the same fabric and pattern as your maxi.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $138 available on laviye

13 – Ankara Wrap Maxi Dress

The Ankara wrap dress is another one of those classic costumes that have been around for almost 40 years but never goes out of style. This genuine customized costume is available in different sizes small to extra-large and can also be fashioned from African fabric. It’s also a magnificent enhancement to your collection that you can wear to work and still look good in for church on Sunday morning.

If you want to wear it informally, pair it with a white cropped top to lighten the appearance and make the African fabric designs shine out. Wearing it with heels will offer you a somewhat more confident appearance.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $100 available on afrikrea

12 – Front-Side Slit Long Dashiki Maxi Dress

Fashion is, without even a doubt, a very personalized manifestation of who you are, even if you’re the elegant, wealthy, and stylish sort, this one garment will convey your tale. The long Ankara dresses could be plain or flared. The front slit might be on the left, right, or perhaps in the middle of the garment. These are fashioned to be long enough to touch the feet, with a half-dress on the inside as well.

This dress will suit your style wants if you’re really looking for a trendy, gorgeous, amazing, and conventional gown-like style.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $90 available on afrikrea.com

11 – Modern African Gowns

Not gonna lie! We all have a soft corner in our hearts for gowns. And, we usually see people wearing it. However, these African gowns are somewhat different from your regular gowns. These are colourful, stunning, and totally different.

And you know what? You can definitely elevate the look by adding certain pieces like some nice sparkly earrings. Also, there is no harm in adding a belt to your gown if it has a structured waist, be it emperor or casual. Wide or slender belts, elasticated, or a silk scarf tied into a lovely bow are all options. What’s better? A CORSET!

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $153 available on dhgate.com

10 – Strapped Kitenge Maxi

Strapped Kitenge Maxi Dress is another favourite. These maxi dresses are perfect for a perfect evening out or even a brunch. This dress gives a nice fresh look that anyone can pull off. For chilly nights, pair it with a leather jacket and you’re good to go.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $30 available on etsy

9 – For Skinny Girls

A lot of times skinny girls want to wear something that fits perfectly on their body and is sexy but also doesn’t show a lot of skin. This dress is perfect to achieve this look as it fits nicely, long enough but that mid slit is giving that extra oomph.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $30 available on amazon.com

8 – For Prom

Every girl wants to look a little extra on their prom day. And what’s hotter than wearing a nice Dashiki body-hugging dress that fits like a dream? A nice updo, sparkly earrings and Dashiki print gown are all you need for this prom.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $121 available on afrinspiration

7 – Kitenge Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have really been popular in the fashion industry for a time, but the kitenge kinds of jumpsuits created from Ankara cloth are much more appealing. Consider all the stuff that can go well with some nicely stitched Ankara jumpsuit; it’s a stylish and practical one-piece that would highlight your features in all the correct areas.

The benefit of this attire is that it may be carried to a high-class function and also to a basic casual function. The embellishments that are incorporated into the clothing will make the difference. Add a pair of high heels and some eye-catching bling to accent the appearance for a formal occasion.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $50 available on etsy

6 – For Plus Size Girls

Why stick to plain clothing when you can spice it up with some sexiness? For a great night out sightseeing attire, use a mid-slit maxi dress. Also, remember to wear heels.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $22 available on udaraofficial

5 – Long African Wedding Dress

An African wedding dress was once rather rare, however, since the ascent to the renown of the African pattern, print and design, this has been irrepressible in terms of the styles of dress or dresses it can be transformed into.

There are many different ways to style your African print garment; in reality, designing your African print apparel is among the simplest.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $531 available on afrikrea

4 – For Bridesmaids

To spice up your bridesmaid’s dress this year, opt for a Dashiki gown that is not only colorful yet stunning. Pair it up with stunning accessories and a matching bouquet.

Dashiki Maxi Dresses For Girls


Price Range: $83 available on afrikrea

3 – Over-The-Top Bachelorette Dress

Some of us just wanna look outstanding no matter what the event is. So, if you are one of us then have a look at this over-the-top bachelorette dress. You will surely look like a diva!

2 – Perfect Long Dress to Wear To An Official Event

Sometimes, we really get confused as to what to wear to an official event. Because we do not wanna wear something which is too fancy but also does not want to go wearing a basic outfit. To avoid the struggle between the two, we have the perfect inspo for you. Try wearing a stunning long kaftan dress which will definitely make you stand out!

1 – Costume Party Dress

A lot of times we do not end up going to costume parties because we do not have the right type of dresses for it. Or sometimes even we do not feel like wearing the extravagant outfits that some people comfortably wear without any hesitation. For such a situation, we recommend you to wear a beautiful Dashiki Long maxi dress which is not too extra but also something that makes you the centre of attention. You could always accessorize the gown or dress with a piece of statement jewellery like a stunning headpiece and a bold lip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can women also wear Dashiki?

Ans: Dashiki is now widespread in mainstream culture all across the globe, and both men and women wear it to show their respect for their African ancestry throughout Black History Month, Kwanzaa festivities, and as everyday casual attire as well.

Q: What is Dashiki?

Ans: A dashiki is a flowy and colorful African dress. Wearing a dashiki will make you the center of attention. You could love wearing a dashiki if you feel comfortable wearing vibrant colors.

Q: Can anyone wear Dashikis?

Ans: Dashikis ought not to be worn by non-West Africans since it is considered insulting. The dress is steeped in heritage and history, and it is not to be treated casually.

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