Skater Skirts Outfits- 20 Ways to Wear & Style Skater Skirts

Skater Skirts Outfits. Skater skirts have been around for years and years, and they never seem to go out of fashion. Whether you’re new to the world of skirts or just love wearing all and every kind of skirt, skater skirts will prove to be your favorite.

One of the most needed garments which should be in every girl’s wardrobe is the skater skirt. With these skirts obtainable in all colors and patterns and with such a versatile element to them, it is beyond easy to gain different stylish looks. But how to wear skater skirts? For what occasions should you wear it? What footwear can be worn with skater skirts? This post covers different ways to style skater skirts for different seasons.

How To Wear Skater Skirts?

No matter what time of the year it is or what the occasion is, skater skirts can prove to be your best friend when deciding on an outfit last minute. They’re easy to style, look beautiful, and allow you to show off skin in a sophisticated way. No matter what you pair up your skater skirt with, you’re bound to look ethereal.

Best Skater Skirts Lookcute outfits with skater skirts

So, read on to discover the 2o ways you can style your skater skirts, with five options for each season, so you’re covered for the whole year!

Spring is the ultimate season to rock all your skirts and shorts, and of course, the most flattering skirts of them all has to be on top. The skater skirt! Keep floral prints in mind, go for light and pink makeup, and you’ll look your absolute best this spring season! And if you love a sporty girl look then check out these 15 stylish ways to dress up for fashionable sports girl look.

↓ 5 – Cute Spring Look for School

The cutest spring looks with a plain black skater skirt and cropped, striped top. Accessorize this outfit with a black trilby, brown oxfords, and brown leather handbag. The crop top is a perfect fit for the wonderful weather of spring while the hat will protect you from the strong rays of the sun just beginning t shine through.


4 – Warm spring look for work

Black skater skirt with a gray jumper and contrasting beanie. Match with black tights and oxfords and accessorize with a contrasting brown suede handbag. Black colored knee-length socks make a great combo when worn along with skater skirt. As far as color combo is concerned, you can make them in any color with any kind of material. But mostly shades of gray with black goes flawlessly. You can also add a cream-colored beanie cap on top if it is cold out there.


3 – Chic City Style for Party Time

Black skater skirts with a cute white top with studs around neck and sleeves. Keep your make up simple, use a nude lipgloss with some pink tint for your cheeks and light brown eyeshadow. A chunky bracelet would prove to be the last thing your outfit needs, maybe with some hoop earrings.


2 – Street Style

Two-tiered floral patterned skater skirt matched with a chambray shirt and cute black heels. Finish this look with a black leather handbag. Denim shirt along with floral patterned net skirt looks great on any kind of girl. For this combo, you should tuck your shirt inside your skirt all the way in. For jewelry, bag, and high heels, you can wear them in black color. Oh, and for the perfect combo, you can do a high bun.


1 – Top Spring Look

Floral prints are made for spring! With all the flowers around you, won’t you love some on your clothes too? Use floral skater skirts with a low cut, long or short sleeve aubergine top. Match this outfit with gold jewelry and a brown handbag as the floral prints on the skirt will have enough colors, and you don’t want to overdo the outfit by using colorful accessories. Complete this spring look with smokey eye makeup and some light pink lipgloss.

Skater Skirts Styling In Summer Season

Skirts are made to be worn during the summers. They look great, provide relief from tight pants during the heat and allow you to move freely. Skater skirts are the flowiest out of all skirts there are and this makes them perfect for the hot summertime!

↓ 5 – Formal Summer Look

Blue skater skirt with a blouse having pearl buttons. Matched with a pearl necklace and snakeskin print, chain handbag. This dress idea is the best idea for girls who want to look cute and classy whenever they go out. For this outfit, all you need to do is to get your hands on a  beautiful pair of lacy knee-length skirt and then wear white-colored formal blouse. For the jewelry, you can wear any kind of jewelry from fancy to casual but pearly jewelry looks best with it. For the perfect match, you can wear a cute pearly necklace along with a golden colored watch and a contrasting colored side clutch. You might also find some great ideas from these Latest Summer Fashion Trends To Follow.


4 – Skirts for Summers

Skirts are simply made for the Summer season. Purple sheer, two-tier skater skirt with white lace effect top and sun hat. Instead of going for a blue-colored knee-length skirt, you can go for sheer pink or magenta-colored knee-length skirt in flowy fabric. For the jewelry, we suggest that you go for gold-colored one as it adds a real touch of sophistication to the outfit. For shoes, you can wear ballerina pumps or sneakers to give a full casual look.


3 – Nautical Boat Style

When going for a summer boat trip, keep your outfit simple and make use of light and cool colors, perfect for a hot summer day. Your ideal outfit would be a white skater skirt with a blue and white striped t-shirt. Accessorize this look with simple sunglasses and a thin brown belt. Skirts are made for the summertime so don’t be shy and rock your skater skirt confidently!


2 – Work Wear outfit

If you want your skater skirt outfit to look a little more formal then you can pair it with a formal blouse and a thin belt. Achieve this look with a simple black skater skirt and a khaki shirt. Accessorize with a purple handbag, chunky beaded bracelet, and sunglasses. You can pull off this look with grace while going to work during the summer or attending classes at college.


1 – Day at Disney Land

If you’re planning a day at Disney Land with your friends or if you’re traveling to Disney Land from your hometown with your family, you have to dress accordingly. A mickey mouse shirt will truly capture the spirit of Disney Land or Disney World, and what’s better to pair it with than a skirt in the hot summer weather? Try a black pleated skater skirt with a cute mickey mouse vest top and black heels. Finish this summer look with sunglasses, a watch, and a pink satchel bag.


What To Wear With Skater Skirts In Fall/Autumn Season

Autumn is the season for looking your best, as it allows you to experiment with a number of different pieces of clothing, including skirts. Use darker colored skirts with bold makeup to allow yourself to put together a look made for the Fall season!

↓ 5 – Ariana Grande Inspired Look

During Autumn, it’s best to go for darker colors to truly capture the spirit of the browning leaves and shedding trees. An example is a black and white tartan skater skirt. Match it with a purple blouse and ankle boots with a dark denim jacket and black tights. This is something you’d see Ariana Grande wear, so if you’re a fan, this is the outfit inspiration for you!


4 – High School Style

Purple jumper with a plain black skater skirt. Matched with brown ankle wedge boots and black tights for perfect autumn colors. For more Autumn vibes, you can wear a purple-colored sweater along with the black colored pleated skirt. This outfit idea can be worn to work or to any other casual settings. If you want to take one step ahead you can wear a cropped top in purple color and you can add brown colored belt and shoes. Also, add the brown colored leather bag to complete the whole look.


↓ 3 – Great city style

A color that is very popular during the Fall season is red. So you have to make sure that you incorporate at least one red piece of clothing in your outfit his Fall. Use a black skater skirt, handbag, trilby, tights, and ankle boots and pair them with a red tartan shirt with stud design on pockets. Or you can use any colored shirt while keeping everything else black, everyone looks great in black!


2 – Perfect Picnic

If you’re planning a cut little picnic for 2 with your boyfriend, you’d need outfit inspiration that will blow his mind. Look at this gorgeous outfit, with a black buttoned skater skirt and teal 3/4 sleeve top. Brown belt, zigzag tights and suede heeled boots complete this outfit. Adding stockings to your outfit will help keep you warm against the evening winds that are common in Autumn and also give you an elegant yet sexy look.


1 – Top Autumn Outfit

If you’re planning on going for lunch with friends, or just downtown to grab some groceries, this outfit is for you. Casual yet chic. Thin pleated skater skirt with tights and suede ankle boots. Match this outfit with thick knit, white jumper and beanie hat. Finish with white leather handbag and sunglasses. Add a splash of colour with pink or red lipstick.


 Winter Styling Ideas

Although it might be thought that skirts aren’t a good idea to wear during the winter, it can be proven wrong very easily. Because anything is wearable at any time of the year if you’re brave enough! Just use some stockings with your skater skirts and layer up to keep yourself warm. Using long, heeled boots with a skater skirt will make you look sexy and you can only do so in winter, so in my opinion, skirts are after all perfect for the winter!

↓ 5 – University Girl Style 

Black leather jacket with a top and a black scarf with contrasting red tartan skater skirt. Black tight, boots, sunglasses and bag complete this style. This is a dream outfit for the girls who love black. The ponytail hairstyle too has been very appropriately selected for this outfit. You might also be interested in these Skinny Girl Hair Looks; 25 Best Hairstyles for Skinny Girls


4 – Casual Wear

A look perfect for those last few classes and exams before Christmas break. Short leather skater skirt with a knitted, slate grey jumper. Finish off the outfit with black trilby and leather handbag.


3 – Cute Winter Look

Patterned knitted jumper with a leather skater skirt. Matched with black tights and leather handbags. Cute and lose grandma sweater in the shades of black works perfectly when worn with a black leather skater skirt. For the tights, you can try something out of the box and wear net leggings with high heels. For the bag and jewelry, you should opt for black colour.


2 – Black Swag Outfit

It’s essential to keep yourself warm during the winters, so keep your woolen scarves on hand whenever you go out. For a casual and cute look use this black skater skirt with a blue jumper and ribbed leather jacket. Black boots, bag, and chunky scarf make for great accessories and little love heart stockings add a touch of cuteness.


1 – Snowy Day Outfit

Who says if it’s snowing outside you’re not allowed to look cute? You can look amazing even while staying warm during snow and cold weather. To achieve such a look, use a classy white skater skirt with a fluffy knit grey jumper. Black platform boots match this outfit perfectly along with a contrasting gold belt. Make up for this style is bright but while keeping the color palette in mind. Sheer stockings give your outfit the ultimate classy look and all that gold jewelry matches with the belt perfectly.


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