Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

Work outfits for African Women. We all get tired of making the most complicated decision every morning that is to choose what to dress specifically for work because none of us wants to dress boring to work. Every woman nowadays wants to play with fashion whether she’s a working lady or not.

After the weekend, the first choice you have to make in the morning is selecting an outfit for you which often gets time-consuming, hence after going through all these ideas you can save up some of your precious sleeping hours. There are some amazing and inspiring African fashion bloggers whom you can check out here: African Fashion Bloggers-Top 15 African Fashion Blogs to Follow. Once you start following them, you too would all want to choose clothes that suit your personality and style.

What to Wear for Work as African Women

Just like European or Asian women, African women can pull off all the latest trends very well. Here are some of the latest trends that will make your morning routine a bit easier:

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PicMonkey-Image-1 Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 25 – Work Wear for Summers

Everyone wants to dress in light fabric and heat resistant clothes in summer. No one wants to dress in a suit particularly in summers. Now you don’t need to get confused over whether your dress is too formal or informal or the hemline is way too short. You can dress chic and stylish in short summer off-shoulder or strapless frocks. You can go for plain frocks with a little bit of African print at the bottom. Shorts and skirts with pastel tops also go very well. Make sure to smooth your skin with moisturizer if you’re going for a short costume and try to go for more cotton type light fabrics. By the way, we love the rose-pink color in the outfit!

Work-Outfit-for-Summers-571x1024 Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 24 – Work Wear for Fall

Dressing up for fall is literally very tough because all the ladies get lazy in winters. However, all you have to do is invest in minimal designer pieces which can actually mix and match. Get a cape and stockings along with boots and rock the whole attire or you can also go for swing coats will formal pants. In that case, Louboutins will spice up the entire look. By the way, the purple color added a touch of royalty and sophistication to the overall look.

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Work-wear-for-Fall-Winters-1 Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 23 – Professional Outfits for Curvy Women

Being a curvy woman, you should invest in the best-suited undergarments and always go for tanks and tights to wear under clothes so that your dress gives you a smart overall look. Dress shirts and light shades give a very decent and complete look. Always go for dresses which complement your curves well and minimize the chubbiness, just like pencil skirts. Crop tops can make any full-figured woman look amazing, so there is no harm in showing a little bit of skin. You can also wear wide belts which are smart and stylish at the same time and the flare of the dress should also be very good. Always go for small size jewellery while heading towards the workplace. Avoid those jewellery items that remain dangling and make some sounds as it will create disturbance in the office for people working there.

Professional-Outfits-for-Curvy-Women Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 22 – Professional Outfits for Skinny Women

Not to worry any more if you have a skinny or petite figure. You can still look good if you dress and carry right. If you are having a skinny and tall figure even then there are some key items that you should invest in and a few fashion disasters you should avoid. Skinny African women can totally slay bright shades with unique necklines. Baggy formal tops and sleeveless crop tops also go very well. If you are tall, you can wear strappy heels or Palazzo and wide-leg pants that will make you look even taller. Always prefer carrying small size of bags or clutch with you while heading to work. For the laptop, notebooks, diaries or planners keep a separate laptop bag with you. The gladiator sandals have added an extra oomph to the corporate look.

Professional-Outfits-for-Skinny-Women-1 Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 21 – Skirts as Office Wear for Petite Women

Don’t feel shy to wear a skirt to your workplace as they are one of the decent clothing options to carry in offices. Bubble skirts flare skirts and A-line skirts are a very good option for you if you are thin and petite. However, pencil skirts are the best option for the curvy and chubby African ladies. Skirts in a bright color will make you look fresh and charming during work. For plus size ladies, you can wear a thin-strapped leather belt to finish your professional attire. The belt will also help in creating an illusion of a thin waist too.

Skirts-as-Office-Wear Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 20 – Jumpsuit for Work

Jumpsuits are being loved by fashionistas around the world. These are often considered informal but you can definitely rock menswear-inspired jumpsuits at offices. If you are curvy and tall, you can even put on a body-hugging onesie. You can spice up your jumpsuit with laces and ribbons. For winters, wear a short length jacket on the jumpsuit with the contrasting shade. Avoid wearing long boots with the jumpsuits.

Jumpsuit-for-Work Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 19 – Jackets for Working Women

African women can carry these amazing Dashiki and Nigerian print jackets very well. These traditional prints turned into stylish jackets look just flawless. Prefer wearing solid neutral shaded jackets to your workplace as they are less distracting. Having a monochromatic jacket is must-have in winters so if you haven’t shopped for a monochromatic jacket yet then do it at your earliest and we bet that you won’t regret it.

Jackets-for-Working-Women Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 18 – Suits for Professional Women

Having a grey or black coloured coat in winters’ wardrobe is not less than a blessing. Suits are always yes for a professional woman. Cigarette pants with a cotton button-down shirt give you an entirely professional as well as stylish attire. Ankle length slacks with stripy blazers are perfect for every African woman regardless of her body shape. The pointed black shoes create an illusion of lean long legs.

Suits-for-Professional-Women Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 17 – Short Professional Outfits

It is perfect for summerwear! Short dresses give you a very chic and preppy look especially when you want to hang out a bit after work. Short simple African dresses look just as amazing as the western ones. A knee-length short dress with a flared bottom looks just fabulous on young African girls. The round shape bag is the highlight of the office look.

Short-Professional-Outfits Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 16 – Best legging Combos for Work

Young African girls can wear leggings with Dashiki tops or plain tops when on training or part-time job. Pairing leggings with a floral scarf, a pastel button down shirt and boots will make you look more youthful and stylish.

Best-Legging-Combos-for-Work Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 15 – Work Outfits with Shorts

Shorts are always considered informal typically for working women. But shorts can be transformed into formal dress up by wearing them with cotton shirts in light shades. Petite African ladies can totally slay these amazing garment pieces. You just need to know how to mix and match.

Work-Oufits-with-Shorts Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 14 – Ankara Style Work Dresses

Ankara is getting the heart favourite of fashion experts and celebrities around the world and has successfully turned into a runway fashion. Ankara frocks, skirts, and trousers will rock the whole professional attire with formal tops. You can blend Ankara accessories and fabric with western clothing to create a more formal look. Here are Top 20 Ankara Styles outfits for Ladies to Follow in 2020

Ankara-Style-Work-Dresses Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 13 – Work Outfits for African Teenage Girls

Teenagers find it very difficult to find an office outfit that will make them look stylish and elegant at the same time. A formal plain suit is a big no-no if you are an African teenager. Try to fuse colours with whites and you can also wear denim skirts or cigarette pants with high-heel sandals.

Working-Outfits-for-Teenagers Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 12 – Formal Wear for Induction and Interview Day

If you are young African, then you can definitely kill it with a combo of bright and pastel shades. Try to go for a formal blazer and clutch. However, senior women can wear black and white printed slacks with a black or white formal shirt. For more inspiration, here are the 10 Most Beautiful African Women in World; Cute African Lady

Formal-Wear-for-Induction-Day Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 11 – Party Wear for Working Ladies

Office parties are all fun but choosing an outfit for the party is equally difficult. Short dresses made of luxuriant fabric like chiffon and net embellished with pearls and crystals and minimal print are the ultimate solution for you. Pair up these dresses with fashionable heels and kill the look. A pair of matching earrings is always a plus.

Party-Wear-for-Professional-Ladies Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 10 – Modern Aso Ebi Styles for Work

Aso Ebi is the traditional clothing style in Nigeria which is loved by all African women. Transform it into modern day slacks and skirts and flatter the attire. RECOMMENDED: 2019 Aso-Ebi styles – 18 Latest Lace and Aso Ebi Designs These Days

Modern-Aso-Ebi-Styles-for-Work Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 9 – Nigerian Formal Dresses

Only an African woman can pull off the typical Nigeran patterns and make them look equally decent. Add a few Nigerian style pieces to your wardrobe and mix it up with the formal ones for wearing at work place.

Nigerian-Formal-Dresses Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 8 – Celebrity Style Work Outfits

Different celebrities, like Rihanna and Michelle Obama, are seen in office wear at community get-togethers and award ceremonies. You can also go for fitted button-down shirts with flannel pants and look no less than a celebrity.

Celebrity-Style-Work-Outfits Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 7 – Casual Office Look

If you want to adopt a casual office look then get a pair of flat pumps and pair them up with lightweight floral dresses. Take a denim look with flannel pants and sandals. You can also add some edgy accessories to look even more classy.

Casual-Office-Look Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 6 – Formal Pants Look

Pants are every women’s first preference for office wear. You can pair them up with floral shirts and sweaters to create a unique look.

Formal-Pants-for-Work Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 5 – Bag Options for African Working Women

None of you beauties wants to carry boring, hideous bags to work. So get some spacious leather bags and clutches with long straps and nude and skin shades. You are free to either oversized bags or sleek purses depending on your office needs.

Bag-Options-for-Professional-Women Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 4 – Accessories to Wear at Work

Ear studs and watches are just enough to wear at work. However, simple black and metallic chokers are very much in fashion. The mantra for office wear accessories is to stay as minimal as possible.

Accessories-to-wear-at-Work-1 Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 3 – Best Work Hairstyles for African Women

High ponytails and buns always give a graceful look. You can also go for half tied hair to complete your professional hairdo.

Best-Daily-Hairstyles Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

↓ 2 – Quick Makeup Tips for Working Ladies

Always apply moisturizer to smooth your skin. A bit of eyeliner, mascara, blush on and highlighter will give a complete look. Nude lipsticks are just perfect for African women and settle down on their skin tone very well. Avoid wearing glittery makeup and don’t add shimmer in your makeup as it will make you look like a fashion disaster. Your eyeliner should not be in a winged shape. The outline of the eyeliner should be sleek and simple. Prefer wearing nude coloured lipsticks. On some corporate occasions, you can wear Red or Light pink lipstick but make sure that it coordinates with the shades of your dress. In the winter season, try adding a lip tint to your regular lip balm as it will keep your lips away from being dried out or cracked. Add a sophisticated wristwatch to complete your office look.

Quick-Makeup-Tips Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires


↓ 1 – Best Professional Footwear

The best footwear for work is high-heel pumps and glossy Louboutins. They’re both stylish and classy for every working lady. However, pointed shoes will help in creating an illusion of long slim legs. For winters, pair up long leather boots with denim jeans to protect you from cold freezing winters. Shoes made from denim cloth helps a lot in keeping your feet warm and cosy in winters so shop one for you.

Best-Professional-Footwear Work Outfits for African Women-25 Professional Attires

Give your feedback if these ideas helped you in making daily based clothing decisions for workwear.

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