20 Cute Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples to Try This Year

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples– If you’re going out for a special event with your significant other, why not add gorgeous dashiki outfits to your wardrobe? Wearing matching outfits is a subtle way of showing everyone that you’re a couple. It’s an expression depicting a strong bond and a sense of ‘togetherness.’ Whether you’re going out for a casual event or are invited to a major occasion, try out stunning matching dashikis. Since these are relatively unorthodox as compared to the clothes worn typically, wearing complementing dashikis will make you pop up from the crowd and will make you a memorable couple! This article describes the ways you can get the most out of dashikis. It extensively explains the ways you can wear as a couple!

How to Wear Matching Dashiki Dresses for Couples

Here are some handy tips and tricks listed:

  • Give a captivating couple appearance by dressing up in similar colors. This can be just simply wearing dashikis that have similar shades or colors. Preferably go for more gender neutral-colored clothing like blue or green to create a harmonious appearance.
  • Or, if you prefer contrasting colors, wear black and white dashikis as a couple. This works best if you want to wear something simpler as a couple
  • If you’re dressing up for formal events or parties, choose dashikis that look more polished. To coordinate your outfits, you can simply wear matching accessories. You can also wear clothes of a similar silhouette
  • And finally – keep it simple. Since dashikis are elegant, you won’t need to style them very extensively

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↓ 20 – Matching African Traditional Outfits For Couples

African cultural attires are getting quite popular through the years, particularly dashiki outfits. Why not try coordinating your appearance with your better half with dashikis? These have wonderful prints and patterns. If you are relatively new to the idea of wearing dashikis, you might want to give them a shot! Wearing cute matching dashikis will attract lots of positive attention wherever you go, whether if it’s a party or a wedding event. Wear a classic black dashiki to look awesome yet sophisticated.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples

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↓ 19 – Latest Couple Dashiki Dress for Engagement?

For this special occasion, opt for something unique instead of wearing the same old run-down-the-mill engagement outfits. For an instance, you can wear a long, flowy dashiki dress that drapes gracefully, and a classic dashiki shirt to match your partner’s dress. Choose a common color theme for the entire event – this will give you an easier time to select the color of engagement outfits. And it will create synergy with the entire occasion! Remember to wear clothes that make you feel authentic on this day, so don’t overdo your preparation. Wear outfits that still make you feel like yourself, and at your best. Uncomfortable outfit choices will make you look awkward in photographs!

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 18- Matching Couples Outfits for Weddings

If you are planning a wedding, why not dress up in dashiki outfits? Matching wedding outfits on the wedding day is fairly unconventional. However, this choice will make your pair look elegant and give the ceremony an ethnic feel. You can create a visual appeal to your overall impression as a couple by wearing dashikis of attention-grabbing textile.

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So on your special day, twin-like a pro with a long, white dashiki gown for the bride and a white dashiki shirt for the groom. The shirt can be worn along with a matching traditional cap, and straight trousers. You can choose a dashiki wedding dress made up of silk brocade with beautiful embroidery around the neckline. To polish the festive look, you can wear small, shiny ear-studs, a traditional beaded necklace, and bangles that match the outfit.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 17- Blue

If you want to create a look that’s more subtle and calm, go for beige, pastel, or blue colors. Apart from colors, go for dashikis with a similar texture or identical-looking footwear. This will create an awesome complementing look. Blend in at least one accessory, like a stylish purse, leather watch, or chunky African necklace.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 16- What are the Matching Couples Outfits South Africa

For a South African feel, you can wear a beautiful Ankara dashiki and a plain dashiki suit as a couple. Dashiki Ankara attires come with vibrant colors and patterns that stand out. This outfit is unconventional, unique and can be worn if you want to experiment with your looks. To make you look even more graceful, you can style an Ankara dashiki top with a long skirt.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 15- Contrast

Find beautiful outfit ideas on Pinterest, one of the most common social media platforms. You’ll get loads of creative insights on how to wear matching dashikis, from the different color combinations to the patterns – you’ll get tons of useful input!

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


↓ 14- Matching Dashiki Shirt

Couple outfits are not only restricted to wearing similar colors- there are other ways to tie your attire with your partner. Take the example of a dashiki shirt and a matching dress that you can wear together.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


↓ 13- Traditional headpiece

A traditional headpiece or a headwrap is a powerful accessory that will complete your cultural look. This can be worn in special events as they come in all sorts of fabrics, colors, and prints. A headwrap represents a strong cultural fashion, which makes it a bonus if you’re wearing a dashiki. You can also wear cultural beaded bracelets and colorful necklaces with your dashiki. It will add an overall appeal to your appearance. As a man, you can wear a traditional cap or hat comprising of intricate designs that look alluring when worn.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 12- A Middle-Aged Couple

Age does not restrict style. A dashiki outfit styled properly looks exceptionally captivating on people regardless of their age. Radiate youthful vibes by wearing a dashiki shirt with trendy, up-to-date trousers. Wear matching sneakers and you’re all set!

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


↓ 11 – Patterns

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, try something out of the ordinary. And patterns are just that! To keep things simple, you can wear a knee-length dashiki dress, and he can wear a shirt with casual blue jeans. There are many prints or patterns you can choose from, such as geometrical prints, Angelica print, etc.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 10 – Summer Dress

There are plenty of ways you can coordinate your look with your significant other in this summer heat. Choose bright-colored dashiki outfits, preferably cheerful colors like yellow or orange. The breezy dashiki textile makes it a great choice for the summers. Finish your preparation with comfy shoes and you’re all set.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 9 – Ankara Design

Radiate positive energy with creative dashiki Ankara designs. They come with bright tribal prints, frills, and patterns that will make you look mesmerizing as a couple.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 8- Color Blue

The color blue never goes out of style. If you want a casual, modern coordinating appearance with your partner, a blue dashiki shirt will be all that you need. These look sophisticated when worn and radiate a calm aura. These also make a great summer couple outfit and can be worn with matching open sandals.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 7- Conventional Style

For a more conventional style, you can opt for a full-length dashiki gown. A dress that comes with a cape gives it a stylish yet ethnic touch. If you’re a man, you can match your partner’s appearance by wearing a fancy, embroidered dashiki that matches her cape. You can additionally wear a leather-strapped watch for a sleek look.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 6 – Bright Color

Give a shot to dashikis with brighter colors for a similar couple look. Choose gorgeous complementing outfits that have multicolored embroidery or patterns. For the gents, a chic blazer or jacket that come with traditional dashiki patterns will make the couple look fabulous. Wear attractive dangling earrings while he can wear a graceful wrist watch to complete your style.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples


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↓ 5- Grey

A grey dashiki color is perfect for a casual, laid-back look. On a fine, calm Sunday morning, you can stun in a similar attire with your better half to the park or a supermarket. You can either wear a similar grey-colored dashiki shirt as your partner or be a little creative by adding more striking shades of white, green, blue, and grey. As a women, you can opt for high-heels with grey or neutral shades, while the gents can choose Oxford styled shoes.

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↓ 4- Valentines Day

Do something exciting and special on Valentine’s Day. Add a touch of joy to the occasion by wearing dashing matching outfits. Rock the day by wearing elegant pink dashiki shirts as a couple! Pink is pleasing to the eye and flattering to look at. Choose the shirts that have the most prominent patterns. Wear these so you can look amazing on any occasion!

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples

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↓ 3 – Data Night

Be it a dinner occasion or a work event, match your dashiki attire and look amazing! Black adds a touch of sophistication, so wearing a black dashiki as a couple is perfect for a powerful look. Choose a dress that comes with detailed embroidery or graceful frills. You can also wear accessories that match your partner’s shirt. The most intricate details sometimes create the most ideal matching couple look! As a man, you can wear straight, black trousers that look similar to your partner’s dress, and a classy watch for the finishing touch.

Matching Dashiki Outfits for Couples

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↓ 2 – Footwear

If you are wearing a dashiki with jeans, then sneakers are the best option. Sneakers or trainers are especially suited for younger couples to express a more youthful and lively look. Moreover, shoes that come with dashiki patterns will be the right match for your outfit!

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↓ 1- Where to Buy Matching Dashiki Outfits

You can purchase a variety of dashiki outfits from the following stores at a reasonable price, from dashiki shirts to gorgeous dresses.

  • Afrikrea- one of Africa’s most popular clothing stores, dedicated to selling purely African attire.
  • Diyanu- this store sells some of the most trendy dashiki outfits
  • Dashikipride- purchase from this shop online for awesome dashiki accessories


Q. Why do couples wear matching outfits?

Ans:  Couples who coordinate their clothes or looks receive loads of positive attention. It takes tremendous confidence to pop out from the crowd, but it also leads to receiving compliments from people who find it adorable. Wearing matching outfits is also a strong expression of commitment.

Q. What are the best two color combinations?

Ans:  Some of the most attractive color combinations are-

  • Deep Purple and Blue
  • Yellow and Blue
  • Black and White
  • Navy and Teal
  • Black and Orange
  • Navy and Orange

Q. What colors match with blue?

Ans:  Red, pink, white, and yellow go well with the color royal blue

Yellow and pink looks amazing with light blue

White, peach, and pink looks great with baby blue

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