18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits – How To Wear the African Kaba?

Ghana kaba outfits: Africa is a substantial continent and heaven for fashion lovers. No doubt African designs and cuts are ruling the world fashion industry. In spite of that, in this vast continent, Ghana is a country that is considered to be the main in dress designing.

Long maxis, short or midi dresses are all customary along with jeans and tops. However, Ghana is best known for its traditional attire that is Kaba and Slit. Let me introduce you to this amazing attire that consists of generally 2 pieces.

Kaba is the upper body cloth mostly with deep necks and appropriate fittings. While Slit is a lower-body mermaid-shaped maxi that usually has a cut high to the knee.

Latest Kaba Designs

In case, a dress not worn properly, can not exhibit its beauty. Generally speaking, there is always some set rules and regulations to wear a traditional outfit. Most of the time, ladies use kaba with a similar printed slit. At the same time, designers are experimenting with new trends with traditional attires. Now people are comfortable dressing up in a kaba top along with a short slit or even a pair of jeans.

In the same way, it’s a culture to put on a headpiece or headwrap. However, now one can find not only ready-made headwraps but light beaded also. Furthermore, jewelry has always been an integral part of Ghanaian fashion. Nice floral earrings, delicate necklaces, and shiny bracelets are all important in African culture.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?

↓ 20 – Kaba For Weddings

No doubt, the wedding day is the day of dreams and your dress is definitely a memory of your big day. Brides invest a lot of time and money to find the gown of their dreams. Furthermore, most brides tend to select a white wedding gown as a sign of luck and purity and preserve their attires for a long time.

At the same time, ladies seek a dress that can be worn again. A pleasing kaba top, adorned with shiny white stones is delivering a princess dress look. The kaba is first ornamented with intricate lace design and secondly, embellished with beads and shimmer. A mermaid slit, with large net flares, is a pretty match with the top. The floral headpiece is complementing the bride as a princess of somewhere.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 19 – Kente Kaba Style

Kente is a special handwoven cloth of about 4cm thick strips that are made of cotton and silk. Due to its unique and intricate patterns, kente print is equally popular in Western countries.

Kente style represents a whole message and each color of the cloth refers to a special meaning.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 18 – Kaba With Contrast Slit

As we all know, Kaba and slit are usually of the same colors or the same print. On the contrary, people are now tending towards some new combinations and wearing contrast kaba and slit.

Meanwhile, a full white kaba top matched with a bright yellow-orange slit is a full attire to wear casually and still rock the crowd.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 17 – Lace Style

One of the new trends is Lace ghana kaba decorated with net patterns and flawlessly woven laces. No doubt, lace adds to the beauty of a traditional kaba.

Indeed, you can confidently wear it whether it’s a wedding ceremony or a birthday event.

Also, have a look at How to Wear Nigerian Lace Tops- Stylish Nigerian Lace Tops.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 16 – Off-Shoulders Dress

Off-shoulders Ghana kaba is now in huge demand as they can help you glance trendy as well as contemporary. In addition to middle age ladies, off-shoulders kaba goes well for teenagers as well as plus-size women.

An off-shoulder top in bright red and yellow colors is just a gorgeous idea. Moreover, the knee-high cut in the slit gives the lady a modern yet trendy look.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 15 – Ghana Kaba For Teenagers

Although teenagers have a craze for body showing adult dresses parents should purchase reasonable dresses for their teenagers. Especially, showing off body and cleavage at an early age will deprive them of their innocence.

You can see a full-body covering yet stylish and sophisticated Ghana outfit for teenagers. Just have a stare, how pretty and dignified is she looking.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 14 – Polka Dot Style

Polka dot print is never out of fashion. You must have worn polka dot at least once in your life or searching for some ideas to wear polka dot print.

For instance, a black background and white polka dot short kaba is perfect attire if you are going on vacations. In contrast, short slit with an opposite color scheme is enhancing the outlook of the wardrobe.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 13 – How to Wear Traditional Kaba With A Modern Twist?

If you are seeking a traditional Kaba and slit for your occasion but willing to appear classy and trendy? Nowadays, designers are experimenting by creating a fusion of cultural and modern dress-ups. As a result, one can easily find traditional attire with a twitch of modern cuts.

A vibrant red color kaba top with one side sleeve is a perfect reflection of your modern personality.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 12 – For Church

One should select a proper religious kaba and slit outfit glance to visit the church. Peachy orange Ghana Kaba with full sleeves is a flawless dress to wear for church. moreover, Corner frill style sleeves add to the beauty of the attire. Put a nice matching headwrap, adorn yourself with shiny earrings and you are all set to go to church.

Besides, a deep shoulder cut, showing a bit of cleavage is an unmarked wear piece to complete your Sunday look. Embellish your neck with a delicate necklace and choose a nude high heel to appear unblemished.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 11 – All white Kaba Outfit

Are you looking for something simple yet elegant Kaba to complete your summer wardrobe? The answer to this question is an “all white Kaba outfit” to fulfill your desire. Certainly, you can never go wrong with a head-to-toe white attire. You can always slay wearing a white Kaba top with the same white slit or you can add a touch of your favorite color to look more classy.

White Kabas with Lacy sleeves and the gracefully assembled top can give you a model look. Then match some gold earrings and a nice necklace or pendant and choose a simple designer bag to fit your look. Also, have a look at All White Business Wear Outfits- 20 Best White Formal Outfits.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 10 – When to Wear Short Kaba With Jeans?

Do you want to wear traditional but still modern?

There is always a space to turn traditional dresses into contemporary attire. Hence you can choose a short kaba top with bright colors and match it with a pair of jeans.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 9 – Matching Kaba For Couple

Whether it is a wedding event or a family gathering, couples are always excited to dress up in complementary outfits. Owing to this reason, matching dresses for couples is also a sign to show love for each other.

Ghana Kaba is known for its bright colors and intricate patterns. Here you can see a couple wearing matching dresses in bright blue color that is complemented with bright yellow.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 8 – What to Wear For Funeral?

In Ghana, usually, black is preferred to wear at a funeral. This fully black Kaba and slit is a perfect outfit to attend funerals. The block plated frill on kaba and net lace on slit also maintain your style.

Additionally, you can use a red blood belt around your waist or a headwrap to dress up on weekend nights.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 7 – For Plus Size Women

Glossy magazine images and billboard advertisements always show skinny and lean models. However, a chubby and curvy body has its own beauty. Plus size women can still look beautiful but all they need is to pick smart designing, some illusion prints, and colors.

A multicolored kaba with a clever print can make you look less of your size. In the same way, matching slit with intricate patterns and Kaba embellished with beads and stones is a perfect outfit for plump bodies.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 6 – Kaba Outfits For Engagement

Enthusiastic to appear prominent at your engagement? Yes!! Well, you are no different from other girls who want to look spectacular and outstanding on their day.

A royal blue off-shoulders kaba top embellished lightly with beads and shiny stones can make you prominent in the crowd. In addition to this, the side frills multiply the beauty of the top. Pair it with a kente print, vibrant colored slit and you are all set to rock the function.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 5 – Graduation Kaba Style

Graduation is a prime time of a student’s life that is all about celebrating achievements. However, the occasion is not merely about throwing caps in the air or receiving a degree. Students are excited to celebrate the end of the journey with their colleagues and creating some memories.

At the same time, girls are also concerned to select a chic and beautiful dress for their important event. A multicolored off-shoulders kaba with a matching slit will be a perfect one to wear at your graduation ceremony. The striped print along with baggy sleeves looks so stylish. Add some nice jewelry and goggles to complete your look.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 4 – For Women Over 50

With the growing age, women become more concerned about what to wear and how to wear. As a matter of fact, our body shape changes to plumpy and saggy. Aging is a factual phase of life but it does not mean one should stop wearing stylish and fun clothes. You should see dresses that can flatter your present body type and still make you feel comfortable.

Designers are now well aware of older women’s taste. This light skin color Kaba and slit with a touch of blue and orange is a perfect merger of moderate colors for women over 50. The attire is suitable to wear at parties as well as at wedding events.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 3 – Where To Buy Ghananian Kaba?

Having a look at all these hideous Ghana Kaba with vibrant colors would have definitely made you crave getting one of these outfits. Here are some famous African designers from where you can buy your custom attire to feel chic and classy.

1 – Aisha Ayensu

Aisha Ayensu is a Ghanaian fashion designer who is known as the founder and creative director of her brand, Christie Brown. She has won a lot of international fashion awards. Aisha has also created outfits for celebrities including Beyonce.

Her brand Christie Brown offers a wide range of Kaba styles including wedding to casual wear.

2 – Kofi Ansa

Kofi Ansa is taken as a pioneer for the revolution of modern Ghanian fashion. He is an award-winning designer and tried to introduce African fashion to the international stage.

Kofi Ansah has all kind of kaba and slits included embroided kabas.

3 – Kwaku Bediako

Kwaku Bediako has created his brand CHOCOLATE in 2013. His brand gets its inspiration from rich African culture and values. His aim is to create a “GOOD LOOKING” image of Africa.

Although CHOCOLATE offers outfits for both men and women, however, it has a variety of traditional Kabas also.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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↓ 2 – Accessories To Wear With Kaba Outfits

Accessories are used to enhance the outfit’s charm. Likewise, accessories are worn with Kaba and slit to complete the look and turn the attire into a top-notch fashion outfit. The accessories used with Ghana Kaba Outfits are following:

1 – Head Wrap

Headwrap is a piece of cloth that is extensively used in Ghana to cover the head. A headwrap is indispensable to outright a traditional Kaba look. Headwraps are obtainable in different lively colors and energetic prints.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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2 – Jewelry

Whether it’s Western, Eastern, or African culture, jewelry has always been a crucial part of a women’s personality. In the same way, a Kaba outfit is incomplete without adding delicate earrings, elegant necklaces, and some pendants.

3 – Handbags

Handbags give a complete and classy glance to a woman’s personality. Handbags adorned with beads and shimmer are more likely to go with Ghana Kaba outfits.

↓ 1 – Footwear To Wear With Kaba Outfit

Shoes are one of the inevitable parts of anyone’s personality. A women’s look is imperfect and patchy without the right pair of shoes. Wisely selected footwear can help you look model and classy.

We always recommend a nice pair of pumps or pointed heels to go with your kaba and slit outfit. Since Ghana kaba outfits extensively come in energetic yet different colors, you should select your shoes that can enhance the beauty of you as well as your dress.

Stylish high heels with open toes can never go wrong with your attire. If you can a trendy look, it’s the best choice for you.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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Ghana girls can also slay wearing a dark colored kaba paired with some light color high heels. The pointed toes heels will definitely esteem your confidence level.

18 Best Ghana Kaba Outfits - How To Wear the African Kaba?
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Q: What kind of clothes are common in Ghana?

Mostly people tend to wear loose and comfortable dresses during regular days. However, masses are fond of bright color and unique patterns of the clothes. Loose gowns, tops and jeans, and kaba are equally famous.

Q: What is the name of the best fashion designer in Ghana?

Leslie Wiredu

Leslie is the top dress designer in Ghana. He is a creative designer who designs attires for celebrities as well as movie costumes.

Q: How much does a wedding dress cost in Ghana?

You can easily find a nice wedding gown according to your pocket. However, an average wedding dress costs around GHC 2,000 to GHC 8,000.

Q: What is Ghana traditional dress known as?

Kente cloth kaba and slit are traditional in Ghana. It is a mixture of handwoven silk and cotton strips. The cloth is originally from southern region of Ghana.


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