20 Best Drugstore Conditioner Brands According To Experts

Best Drugstore Conditioner Brands: Conditioners are a Godsend. Excessive use of clarifying or antidandruff shampoos can strip hair of the natural oils that aid in keeping hair healthy. Using the right kind of conditioner can help you prevent that problem.

If you came here looking for the best conditioner brands in the market, you have come to the right place because that is exactly what you are going to get here. Keep scrolling to see all that we have in store for you!

Best Drugstore Conditioner Brands

With so many options available in the market, it can be hard to make the right decision about what brand of conditioner you want to invest in. Saturation is as bad as having absolutely no options to choose from. This problem is especially pronounced for people who are indecisive. We are here to help you find the right conditioner brand for you!

20 Best Drugstore Conditioner Brands According To Experts

How Did We Decide?

The conditioner brands listed here have been extensively researched to fit the description of the best drugstore conditioner brands. We followed very strict criteria for the selection of brands under this heading, which comprised of factors such as the total positive and negative feedback given to the products of each brand. Keep reading to discover our list of brands!

BrandsPrice Range
Nexxus $20 – $40
Dove$3 – $14
Herbal Essences$9 – $25
Carol’s Daughter $9 – $31
OGX$6 – $19
Miss Jessica’s $12 – $30
Camille Rose $10 – $19
SheaMoisture$6- $13
Maui Moisture $6 – $13
Mielle Organics $12 – $20
As I Am $10 – $20
Paul Mitchell $15 – $25
John Masters Organics $19 – $30
Mixed Chicks $9 – $25
Miracle $12 – $25
Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind $18 – $30
Monday Gentle Haircare $16 – $25
Unwash $20 – $25
Keratese $20 – $30
Tresemme $4 – $15

Moving on, we want to offer you an elaboration on why a certain brand is loved by the consumer base. If that is something that interests you, you might want to take a closer look and continue reading.

20 – Nexxus

Looking to replenish and awaken your hair from the dead? This is the conditioner brand for you. Users have commented on how single use of the product once every couple of days has added moisture back into their hair. If that is something that you need to fix, then you need to give Nexxus a try.

Price range: $20 – $40

Price $16 (13.5oz) available on Nexxus

Price $16 (13.5oz) available on Amazon

19 – Dove

Basic but it works. Dove has been in the game for a very long time and has a very loyal customer base. If you are looking for an affordable conditioner, then Dove has just the right options for you. Although the brand overall has mixed reviews, their conditioners without a doubt are one of best in the market.

Price Range: $3 – $14

Price $16 (33.8oz) available on Dove

Price $16 (33.8oz) available on Amazon

18 – Herbal Essences

Extremely affordable and easily available. Herbal Essences has been a game-changer for many. With so many variants of their original conditioner, the brand has upped its conditioner game. A classic brand like this is undeniably one that is worth a try if you are looking for a product that delivers on its promises.

Price Range: $9 – $25

Price $8 (29.2oz) available on Herbal Essence

Price $8 (29.2oz) available on Amazon

17 – Carol’s Daughter

Carol’s Daughter is a favorite among those having curly hair. Their conditioners are made for curly hair. Eurocentric beauty standards have made it difficult for curly-haired beauties to find the right products for their hair. Carol’s daughter is a brand that has identified that gap and has delivered on its promise to meet the conditioning needs of the curly haired.

Price Range: $9 – $31

Price $11 (12oz) available on Carols Daughter

Price $11 (12oz) available on Amazon

16 – OGX

OGX is such a diverse brand that it has a conditioner for every hair related problem. Looking for a hair conditioner and shampoo for healthy hair? OGX has got you. Looking for a conditioner for colored hair? OGX has just the fix for you. You name a hair related issue and OGX will have a solution in the form of a conditioner for you. This is the one brand you can trust with your eyes closed and we love that!

Price Range: $6 – $19

Price $9 (13oz) available on OGX

Price $11 (13oz) available on Amazon

15 – Miss Jessica’s

Looking to switch to options with lesser chemicals? Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are what you need in your life. This is one of the best brands according to hairdressers to treat damaged hair. If you want to hydrate your hair from the root up, you need to incorporate Miss Jessica’s into your hair care routine.

Price Range: $12 -$30

Price $14 (8oz) available on Miss Jessies

Price $14 (8oz) available on Amazon

14 – Camille Rose

Simplistic yet effective. Camille Rose with its simple yet elegant packaging delivers on its promise to nourish dry hair. Users have raved about their conditioners calling them a “lifesaver”. Their conditioners have a fan following of their own. Being a small business while meeting the needs of its customers at reasonable prices has made this brand a top favorite for most.

Price Range: $10 – $19

Price $14 (8oz) available on Camille Rose

Price $11 (8oz) available on Amazon

13 – SheaMoisture

High-quality products that work great to repair damaged dry hair from the inside out. Shea Moisture is a brand that focuses on using good quality ingredients in their products to meet their user’s demands. The user rating seems to agree with the established notion of Shea Moisture’s products since we were able to find nothing but good reviews for their conditioners.

Price Range: $6 – $13

Price $12 (13oz) available on Shea Moisture

Price $9 (13oz) available on Amazon

12 – Maui Moisture

If you like your conditioners non-greasy, Maui Moisture’s conditioners are for you. Users have commented on how they have noticed a dramatic difference in the health of their difference with the addition of Maui’s conditioners into their hair care routine.

Price Range: $6 – $13

Price $9 (13oz) available on Maui Moisture

Price $9 (13oz) available on Amazon

11 – Mielle Organics

Mielle Organic’s conditioners are suitable for frizzy hair. If you frequently get fly-aways and have trouble taming your curls, Mielle’s conditioners are for you. Not only do they make hair manageable their conditioner is also incorporated with proteins that stimulate growth thereby aiding hair growth.

Price Range: $12 – $20

Price $12 (20oz) available on Mielle Organics

Price $12 (20oz) available on Amazon

10 – As I Am

Conditioners have a tendency to weigh hair down. If you are looking for the best volumizing drugstore shampoo and conditioner, then As I Am is where you should be looking. It makes your hair look squeaky clean while also adding volume to your hair instead of making it greasy and weighing it down.

Price Range: $10 – $20

Price $12 (12oz) available on As I Am

Price $11 (12oz) available on Amazon

9 – Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell’s conditioner has intense conditioning properties that moisturize the toughest of hair. Among other things, their shampoos are also worth a try as they are among the best clarifying drugstore shampoos in the market. Paul Mitchell has a product for all of your haircare needs.

Price Range: $15 – $25

Price $28.5 (33oz) available on Paul Mitchell

Price $28 (33oz) available on Amazon

8 – John Masters Organics

Conditioners with a good smell are the best kind of conditioners. John Masters Organics; as their name Improvise is into manufacturing organic shampoos and other hair care products. They have wonderful formulations for their conditioning products with an added smell of lavender and avocado to add a whole new meaning to bath time relaxation. If you are big on smells, this is the brand you need to try.

Price Range: $19 – $30

Price $28 (16.9oz) available on John Masters

Price $28 (16.9oz) available on Amazon

7 – Mixed Chicks

Mixed chicks is one of the finest brands in market catering to requirements of curly haired people. Mixed chicks uses unique formulations of gels, creams and butters to make the most effective conditioners for dry curls. This is definitely one to try.

Price Range: $9 – $25

Price $19 (10oz) available on Mixed Chicks

Price $24 (11oz) available on Amazon

6 – Miracle

This is hands down the best brand for colored hair. If you have either bleached or dyed hair you need to add Miracle’s conditioners to your hair care regimen. Coloring hair damages the cuticle of the hair. Miracle’s conditioners deep condition the hair follicles while also maintaining the volume of hair.

Price Range: $12 – $25

Price $20 (10oz) available on Miracle

Price $20 (10oz) available on Amazon

5 – Briogeo

Briogeo is one of a kind brand that clinically tests its products to ensure it delivers on its promises. Briogeo’s conditioners are chemically formulated to fix problems related to damaged hair. It reduces breakage while also improving the overall hair quality.

Price Range: $18 – $30

Price $15 (12.5oz) available on Briogeo

Price $15 (12.5oz) available on Amazon

4 – Monday Gentle Haircare

Insanely cute packaging with great ingredients. Monday Gentle is a great brand to try if you want to revitalize your hair from the inside out. The brand uses clean ingredients which is reassuring considering many brands are involved in malpractices surrounding animal testing. The brand’s products are also very well suited to people with sensitive scalps.

Price Range: $16 – $25

Price $23 (22oz) available on Monday Gentle

Price $23 (22oz) available on Amazon

3 – Unwash

So gentle it barely strips natural hair of any oils and only cleans the unnecessary build-up of oils and gunk. Users have commented on a reduction in the overall frizz of their hair with consistent use of this product. If you tend to have an oily scalp, then this is the brand for you. This brand is especially for oily hair and seems to do the job just right.

Price Range: $20 – $29

Price $27 (9oz) available on Unwash

Price $27 (9oz) available on Amazon

2 – Keratese

Priced at a higher-end, but definitely worth every single penny. Keratese is a brand that does exactly what it says. Their conditioners repair hair by protecting it against any harmful rays and reduce breakage by disentangling hair. Their products leave hair soft to touch and make them not only look but feel healthier.

Price Range: $20 – $30

Price $21 (10oz) available on Keratese

Price $21 (10oz) available on Amazon

1 – Tresemme

Tresemme’s products have been all the rage ever since the Kardashians backed their line of products. Tresemme’s conditioners are of a creamy thick consistency that makes the application to hair easy. They leave hair extremely healthy and shiny while also strengthening hair from within. The amazing price point makes the products very affordable which is an added plus when it comes to Tresemme.

Price Range: $4 – $15

Price $12 (28oz) available on Tresemme

Price $12 (28oz) available on Amazon

We hope you found our list helpful. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that you may be able to benefit from.


Q. Is conditioner bad for hair?

A. Too much of anything is bad. Using a lot of conditioners can over-moisturize your hair, weighing it down. This can be a problem for people with very fine hair. 

Q. Does conditioner stop hair growth?

A. No. It does the exact opposite. It promotes and aids hair growth.

Q. How do I choose a hair conditioner?

A. There is a conditioner for every hair type, much like there is a product for every type of skin. Make sure to do your research to understand your hair type and then invest in a conditioner accordingly.

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