Top 10 Men’s Colognes of 2020 – Best Men’s Fragrances

Branded Cologne for Men. Perfumes and fragrances are not just for women who want to feel sexy, powerful and beautiful, the same goes for the guys. Every guy wants to feel masculine, sexy, charismatic and empowered and the right perfume is the best way to achieve such status.

Men’s cologne is just as important as the style of outfit he wears. It denotes the tone he is aiming for and should be fitting with the season and event he is attending. For large, elaborate parties or red carpet events go for a bold, wild and fresh scent. Quiet, romantic evenings, a walk on the beach or dinner with the love of your life will benefit from subtle fragrances such as musks, cedar, suede and vanilla. Every man has a cologne to suit his personality, his style and his surroundings so finding your perfect one is easy.

This post contains a list of the top 10 fragrances for men throughout all the seasons of 2015. Why not also check out our posts on The Latest Men’s Hairstyles and also The Top Clothing Brands for Men and use all three components combined to create your own perfect branded style.

Top 10 Colognes for Men 

#10- Hugo Boss – No’ 6 100ml

boss Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 No’ 6 by Hugo Boss is a favourite for men all over the world. With bright apple scents with cinnamon and with base notes of woody aromas consisting of warm spices and sandalwood it is not surprising that this fragrance for men makes it on our top 10 list. Priced at £50, this is a very affordable cologne.

#9- Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male 75ml

male Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 This fragrance is part of a pair as there is also a matching perfume for the ladies. This traditional style fragrance holds a vast array of scents including lavender, cumin, mint, cardamom and amber. A sensual cologne perfect for the suave gentleman. This cologne is available on the high street and retails at £42.

#8- Paco Rabanne – 1 Million 50ml

million Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 Not only are the fragrances of leather, musk, mandarin and peppermint appealing to nearly everyones senses but the gold casing for this cologne is also visually tasteful. A top note of fresh fruit combined with a base note of soft leather makes this a perfect autumn fragrance which is definitely worth its weight in gold. This cologne is priced at $45.

#7- Bleu De Chanel 50ml

chanel Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 Promoting freshness, energy, confidence and masculinity ‘Bleu De Chanel’ is definitely one fragrance which should be on ebery guys shelf. Top notes include viveter followed by sumptuous scents of ginger and base notes of cedar and sandalwood. The bottles itself reveals a solid glass build denoting strength and power. This fragrance can be found on the high street at £48.

#6- Ralph Lauren – Polo Blue 75ml

blue Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 Priced at £48, ‘Polo Blue’ by Ralph Lauren has been a classic scent for men everywhere and at an affordable price. A casual yet elegant fragrance incorporating hints of watermelon, tangerine, cucumber, amber and musk. A subtle fragrance perfect for romantic candle lit dinners and open fires.

#5- Yves Saint Laurent – L’Homme 100ml

lhomme Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 A fresh fragrance voted best for summer days. With fresh and bright citrus flavours followed by base notes with a woody aroma, this cologne is perfect for the clean and crisp gentleman with a love of the summer weather. Retailing at £50 this is a reasonably priced fragrance with a lot to give.

#4- Giorgio Armani – Armani Code for Men 75ml

armani-code Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 A seductive scent for the modern man. Combining citrus flavours with warm tobacco and olive tree blossom, Armani have pulled together a top fragrance for men worldwide. With a bergamot top note, this cologne is perfect for parties out or red carpet events. A bold fragrance guaranteed to get you noticed. This fragrance retails at £60.

#3- Abercombe and Fitch – Fierce 50ml

fierce Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 Abercrombe and Fitch have brought to you one of the hottest, sexiest and most alluring fragrances for men. Simply irrestable, this cologne uses top notes of marine breeze and follows with sandalwood and beautiful musk. This fragrance is designed to make you fierce with strength and confidence. This fragrance retails at £65.

#2- Giorgio Armani – Acqua Di Gio 50ml

acqua Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 Inspired by sun and sea, this cologne brings fresh marine scents combined with soft jasmine and subtle tones of patchouli. A perfect fresh fragrance for any man searching for a natural and authentic flavour. Retailing at £80, this is a reasonably priced fragrance.

#1- Creed – Aventus 75ml

creed Top 10 Men's Colognes of 2020 - Best Men's Fragrances

 Built for a man who enjoys action and the limelight. This is a bold fragrance denoting confidence, strength and power. It incorporates fresh and vibrant pineapple and bergamot with a twist of jasmie, oakmoss and ambergris. This fragrance is filled with masculinity, optimism and finishes with a smooth touch of elegance and sensuality. This cologne retails at £175.

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