15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

In our last posts, we looked at the International brands in India and the best Indian clothing brands, but now we wanted to do something different and look at something we all enjoy – chocolates!

For decades, this sweet delight has graced countless occasions, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Diwali, or Thanksgiving. Who can resist the allure of celebrating their special moments with the creamy, rich, and utterly sweet indulgence that melts in your mouth?

India, a country with vast cultural and religious influences, has celebrated their different occasions with sweets, including chocolate. In fact, they have been part of Indian culture since ancient times. They are a form of a bitter and spicy beverage made from cacao beans, very different from today!

However, since then, these sweet joys have been part of the Indian confectionery and sweets line. Amul, Cadbury, Parle, and many others have been the best chocolate brands in India.

Let’s explore a little more about chocolates in India!

What are the Best Chocolate Brands in India?

We’ve divided international and local Indian chocolate brands into two different sections. If you’re curious about the sweet treats on this list, don’t hesitate – just scroll ahead to uncover a delightful array of mouthwatering surprises waiting to tempt your taste buds.

Homegrown Chocolate Brands in India

Following are the homegrown Indian brands of chocolate:

1. Amul

Amul has a rich history that places it among the old chocolate brands. Beginning as a cooperative in Gujarat, it has now grown into a major player in the Indian market.

Amul’s dark chocolate, renowned for its exceptional quality, reflects its commitment to traditional values and innovative flavors, making it a cherished choice for chocolate enthusiasts nationwide. Moreover, if you’re looking for sugar-free chocolate brands in India, Amul has its own sugar-free options, too!

Best Amul Products:

  • Amul 90% Bitter
  • Amul Mystic Mocha
  • Belgian Milk
  • Hazelnut Milk
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

2. Campco Chocolates

Campco, a cherished Indian brand, emerged in Puttur on September 1, 1986, under the guidance of Sri. Varanashi Subraya Bhat. This local delight offers diverse products, including Premium options, Bars, Industrial Products, Creamy Milk Sweets, Eclairs, Gift Boxes, and Drinks.

Moreover, for people who are looking for sugar-free options, they also offer it! Campco’s commitment to quality and taste has endeared it to Indian hearts, symbolizing homegrown sweetness and delight.

Best Campco Products:

  • Dietier
  • Funtan
  • Milk Marvel
  • Krunch
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

3. Parle

Parle, renowned for its iconic biscuits, has grown to become famous in India. While initially celebrated for its biscuits, Parle has expanded its repertoire to include a wide range of delightful treats.

Parle’s diverse product range, spanning biscuits, beverages, and delightful chocolates, has significantly impacted the palates of Indians.

Best Parle Products:

  • Eclairs
  • Melody
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

4. Fabelle

Fabelle is a distinguished Indian brand known for its top-tier chocolatey products. With a dedication to using premium ingredients sourced globally, it has earned a reputation for excellence.

Whether you like classic sweets or prefer exotic flavors, Fabelle offers a superior experience. This Indian brand has carved a niche in the chocolate world, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate the finest in cocoa craftsmanship.

Best Fabelle Products:

  • Open Secret – Milk-Centred Bar
  • Heavenly Almond Mousse with Ghana Cocoa
  • Dark Chocolate Bar topped with Nuts and berries
  • Intense dark bar
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

5. Hill Wild

Hill Wild, the remarkable Indian brand, has its roots in the picturesque town of Ukhrul. Founded by Zeinorin and Leiyolan in 2017 they infused their chocolates with locally sourced nuts and fruits; they’ve created delectable confections and provided a lifeline for farmers and artisans in Ukhrul.

Despite the challenges of their Northeast Manipur location, Hill Wild has flourished, now expanding to collaborate with many more farmers.

Best Hill Wild Products:

  • King Chilli
  • Black Rice
  • Plum Chocolate
  • Rum & Raisin Chocolate
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

6. Ooty Chocolates

Ooty sweets are an example of the timeless art of chocolate making. These exquisite Indian sweet joys pay homage to the traditional British approach, tempering chocolate by hand.

Their sweet confection is now conveniently available online, offering the finest homemade chocolates in India. From the classic plain chocolates to fruity fillings like mango, strawberry, and blueberry, Ooty won’t disappoint you.

Best Ooty Products:

  • Whole almond
  • Whole cashew
  • 70% Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

International Chocolate Brands in India

Following are some famous non-Indian companies that are extremely popular:

7. Cadbury

Cadbury’s roots trace back to John Cadbury’s 1824 grocery store in Birmingham, UK, offering coffee, tea, and chocolates. With immense success, Cadbury started spreading its traces worldwide.

In India, Cadbury-Fry (India) Pvt. Ltd. began in 1948, introducing Dairy Milk, tailored to Indian tastes with its lower bitterness, enhanced sweetness, and higher milk content.

Best Cadbury Products:

  • Classic Dairy Milk
  • Dairy Milk Wholenut
  • Cadbury Fingers
  • Cadbury Dream
  • Dairy Milk Oreo
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

8. Hershey’s

Hershey, a beloved brand worldwide, has gained popularity in India too. It started with Milton Hershey’s love for sweets and the founding of The Hershey Company in 1894.

Over time, they introduced iconic treats like Hershey’s Kisses, Mr. Goodbar, and Krackel. These delights have found their way into the hearts of many in India, making Hershey a popular choice.

Best Hershey’s Products:

  • Special Dark with Almonds
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Cookies ‘n’ Creme
  • Organic Special Dark
  • Milk Chocolate with Almonds
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

9. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero, the Italian gem, has become an affordable luxury chocolate brand. Since the commencement of its operations in India in 2004, Ferrero has woven its way into the hearts of Indians. This premium brand is more than just a treat; it’s an experience of pure luxury.

With a rich taste and unmatchable quality, Ferrero has become a beloved choice among these sweet confection lovers in India. Its offerings, from Ferrero Rocher to Kinder Joy, have made every moment a little sweeter, creating a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Best Ferrero Rocher Products:

  • Ferrero Rocher Golden Pleasure
  • Ferrero Rocher Origins
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

10. Lindt

Lindt, the renowned Swiss chocolatier, has become one of the most popular chocolate brands in India due to its exquisite chocolates. However, it faced hurdles in complying with India’s strict food safety regulations, leading to two consignments being rejected.

As a result, Lindt made the challenging decision to exit the Indian market, underscoring the complexities of operating in this growing but highly regulated market. Nonetheless, it remains a cherished choice among their lovers, available online and in select shops across the country.

Best Lindt Products:

  • Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark 70%
  • Mint Lindt
  • Lindt LINDOR White Truffles
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

11. Toblerone

Toblerone, brought to India by Mondelez International, brings you the classic ‘Milk Chocolaty’ flavor. But it’s more than just chocolate; it’s a tradition of giving and sharing. The unique triangular shape and Swiss craftsmanship make Toblerone a perfect gift for special occasions.

It’s not the ordinary bar; it’s a blend of honey and almond nougat that promises a truly unforgettable taste. With Toblerone, every bite is a special moment.

Best Toblerone Products:

  • Toblerone Milk bar
  • Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat
  • Toblerone Dark Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat Pack
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

12. Mars

Mars, the iconic chocolate brand and the largest chocolate company in the world, has also won over India with its caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate bars. In 2022, it experienced impressive growth, particularly in rural areas, thanks to its competitive pricing strategy.

Notably, most of India’s chocolate sales happen in small shops and local stores, where Mars has made its mark. It’s more than just a sweet confection; its affordability and accessibility make it a delightful part of India’s rich confection landscape.

Best Mars Products:

  • Almond Bar
  • Mars Gold
  • Mars Dark and Light
  • 100% Caramel Mars
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

13. Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier, a famous Belgian brand, has made its presence in India vocal and loud. They make really fancy items like truffles, coffee, and biscuits. People love them a lot, and they’re one of the most popular chocolate brands in India.

Since they’re luxury chocolates, they’re not easily available in small shops in India, but you can find these special delights in big cities like Mumbai or order them online.

Best Godiva Chocolatier Products:

  • Truffle Collection
  • Gold Collection
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

14. Pacari

Pacari Chocolates, all the way from Ecuador, are now a hit in India. These delights, available through Mandara Orchard Foods Pvt Ltd, have won the hearts of Indian chocolate lovers. Known for their top-notch quality and organic ingredients, Pacari offers a range of delicious dark chocolates.

With its unique fruity flavors and ethical practices, like fair trade and sustainability, Pacari has become a cherished name in India’s chocolate scene, making it a must-try for those who appreciate premium chocolate.

Best Paccri Products:

  • Coffee Beans Covered Pacari
  • Dark Chocolate 60% Cherry
  • Organic Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
  • Organic Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans Natural
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

15. Ghirardelli

The rich, velvety taste and fine quality of Ghirardelli chocolates have made it a well-known and cherished brand in India. What sets Ghirardelli apart is its commitment to using the finest cocoa beans, carefully selected from various corners of the world.

Best Ghirardelli Products:

  • 72% cacao dark chocolate
  • Caramel milk flavor
  • Sea salt caramel
15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India (2023 List)

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