Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

Indian Saree Brands: A saree is one ethnic wear that is the splendor of every Indian woman. However, the saree has now been able to earn global recognition all around. It is the traditional Indian outfit which is applauded by Indian women of every age be it teenage, middle age and adulthood too.

It is not only the staple outfit of the common women of the country but also the most liked outfit of the celebrities too. It is made from an extensive variety of fabrics, crafts and patterns. It is the perfect savior for all the occasions be it formal or casual, a saree can go easily with any occasion.

Where to Shop for Sarees in India?

We’ve already talked about Hairstyles to Wear with Saree in our last post and today we’ll be focusing on the best Indian saree brands. A woman, when dressed in a saree, redefines her elegance and accentuates her femininity. It is elegant as well as sensual too. Following is narrowed down a list of various categories of saree which are also the top saree brands in India.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

13. Ahujasons

Established more than 35 years ago, Ahujasons is a brand that is deeply rooted in traditions and the pristine art of Pashmina. Their sarees usually start from INR 25000 and while they don’t have a huge selection of sarees to choose from, whenever they release them they get sold out quickly due to their popularity and unique designs.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

12. Sayali Rajadhyaksha Sarees

The best brand for pure silk handloom paithani sarees that are designed and curated by the very talented Sayali Rajadhyaksha.

Price range: INR 5200 to INR 15000

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

11. Bodhi India

This brand was established in 1983 and it originates from Gujarat, India. What makes it stand out is the fact that they focus on quality over quantity so while you may not find hundreds of products in their store, the few that you do find will definitely be worth your hard earned money. Another great thing about Bodhi is the brand’s commitment to women empowerment as it employs a number of women who work on the saree appliques and embroideries from their homes.

Due to it’s elegant designs, Bodhi is one of the first choices amongst the mature Indian women, especially their signature block printed sarees. Do have a quick look at these Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year.

Their saree prices start from around INR 4000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews


10. Bombay Selection Sarees

Bombay selection sarees have been in business since 1993. It is a retail chain company which takes care of the increasing demands of women regarding not only sarees but ready made suits, lehengas, fabric pieces and evening party wear.

Bombay selection has been serving its customers for more than 20 years now. This store is proudly  headed by Mr Kamal Kumar Chadha. The Organization is bestowed with 12 magnificent showrooms that are spread across 75,000 sq Feet (Super Area).

Their ethnic wardrobe has an extensive range for all occasions and all ages of women. The fashion charts are topped by this brand who has unmatched fashion skills and the way they play with novel designs and myriad color hues is just amazing.

The sarees are designed for various occasions including bridal wedding, party wear, traditional casual, South Indian lehenga saree and designer sarees. Under the experience of Mr Chaddha, Bombay selection sarees has established an in house designing team which has been trained in delivering the best in styling and high quality ladies ethnic wear to the customers.

Their sarees can be bought from Myntra and the price ranges between INR 2000 to INR 15000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

9. Kalamandir Sarees

Kalamandir Sarees is a collection of traditional silk and handloom sarees. These sarees are available in all big south Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Kalamandir sarees are very gorgeous and are designed for different seasons. For instance the sarees made for summer have comfort and made very light and easy to carry around too.

The casual sarees are so great that they can be worn even in everyday routine whether you wish to go to the office or to a meeting too. The range varies from casual to formal to semi-formal and heavily embroidered sarees too.

This Hyderabad based company was initiated in 2005. Kalamandir Sarees have specialization in various outclass fabrics including chiffon, kanjeevaram, bandhej, zari, banarasi and georgette. It is a very well known and popular brand known all around India. The sarees designed by this brand can not only be bought from their stores but also can be found online too.

These can be shopped online and they have a price range that varies from 700 Rs to 12000 Rs.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

8. Kalanjali Sarees

Kalanjali was launched by the ramoji group of Hyderabad in 1992. Kalanjali sarees range from formal to casual and each and every single piece is designed with dedication and care. They have very intricate designs which attracts a very big audience.

The sarees designed by Kalanjali are made keeping in mind the diversity of people and their taste. The different age groups of people can purchase sarees from here because of their wide range for everyone. The various saree styles include fancy saree, gadwal saree, Banarasi saree, kanchipattu saree, pochampally saree, mom’s wardrobe saree, uppada saree, samudrika pattu saree, kalkriti saree and kota saree. furthermore they have a very wide range of handicrafts too which include art metal, silver range, marble artefacts, mandirs etc.

The new and trending range of sarees and outfits is now available for the customers which has been made specially with a lot of love. The sarees by Kalanjali are designed at very affordable rates that is why it is admired by a very large number of Indians. This brand sells online stuff too and to buy online the process is really simple.

Along with that they give free shipping and secure payment facilities to the clients. Within India the delivery is done from 2 to 7 days. Furthermore they deliver their products to almost all the major cities of the world.

The starting price is Rs 2900 and goes up to Rs 61,000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

7. Deepam Silks

Deepam silks is a very popular and trusted brand for silks in the entire India. They are well known specifically because of their high standard quality and finest fabrics used. This brand proudly specializes in party wear and bridal wear and are made of breath-taking beautiful silk fabric. The patterns and texture is very intricate and stylish too.

The elegant style of these sarees make women go crazy for them. Once you start buying sarees from here you will definitely want to purchase sarees from here for the rest of our life. They believe that a saree is a nine yard piece of beauty that is deeply rooted in Indian tradition and a saree not only drapes a women, but also her entire persona.

Deepam stays up-to-date with the latest demands of our consumers. Deepam also makes sure that when a client walks in the store all his needs and demands are adhered to satisfactorily. When so much thought and care is put in a piece of cloth, it definitely turns out more than gorgeous.

The price range for their banarsi sarees is INR 14,000 to INR 190,000 for the pure silk ones. And the price range for Kanjivaram silk sarees is from INR 21000 to INR 52000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

6. Ritu Kumar Sarees

Ritu Kumar is the largest & most respected designer-wear brand in India today. It has been working since 1969 and since then they have been doing wonders. From the very beginning their fashion statement has been altered with the society’s style. Previously they had ancient traditions which are now replaced with contemporary styles.

They have been successful in creating their own style which is ultimately unique from others. Today the company is renowned for its distinctive use of colors, quality of fabrics, intricate embroideries and a gloriously rich Indian aesthetic.

The owner, Miss Ritu had initiated this brand with just four hand block printers and two tables in a small village near Calcutta. However her hard work had paid off and with the passage of time her popularity had grown nationwide. Contemporarily, her brand has grown to retail through fifty-five stores across the country. Ritu Kumar has such gorgeously designed sarees and the fabric is so fine that is it worn by people all over the world.

Its patrons include Indian stars such as Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Dia Mirza to name a few and international celebrities such as the late Princess Diana, Mischa Barton and Anoushka Shankar.

I also recommend that you go through these Top Designer Saree Brands In the World.

The price range starts from INR 13,170 and goes up to INR 231,000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

5. Sabyasachi Saree

Sabyasachi Saree has pioneered and propagated the use of handlooms in his design collection for over the last 15 years. Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the notes Indian designers and has exclusively gained popularity all around the world because of his simple design philosophy. His brand has its roots firmly placed in the diverse tradition and culture of India, and his hometown Kolkata has been a lifelong inspiration for his work.

He addresses his creations as “International styling with an Indian soul”. His unique style and intricate designing blend into a fusion with unique fabrics, textures, patch-work and gorgeous embellishments in a vibrant color palette. each and every single piece created here is special because it involves many years of learned experience, skills, enthusiasm, passion, sincerity and most importantly commitment. At Sabyasachi you ca

n find the best sarees ranging from simple to fancy ones but each piece is designed with elegance. Various printed, embroidered, bordered and floral sarees seek the attention of many. The khadi, cotton and silk handwoven sarees are very iconic. Most importantly Sabyasachi believes in carving a distinct identity for the Indian women in a confused globalized world.

These sarees are little pricey and start from around INR 30,000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

4. Nalli sarees

Nalli is an Indian wardrobe store and silk saree emporium based in Chennai. It is one of the oldest saree shops in the Chennai’s commercial neighborhood of T. Nagar. It had been established long ago in 1928 by Nalli Chinnasamy Chetti, a weaver who belonged to the Padmasaliyar community. Over the years they have been known for their distinctive sarees which have been an illustration to their rich heritage which is rooted in tradition.

They have various stores around India, the Us and Singapore. Nalli upholds the core values of Trust and Quality, converting generations of new sari-owners into loyal Nalli patrons. Under the visionary Nalli Chinnasami Chetty, the family-run brand earned the customers’ trust and became a household name for pure silks and traditional sarees.

They have an immense variety ranging from traditional silks to lightweight fabrics like crepes, chiffons and georgette sarees. With each passing year, Nalli continues to grow and is well known for the trendsetting designs, high-quality fabrics, and the legacy of over 90 years.

Their dailywear sarees start from INR 1787 while the luxury sarees start from INR 35,600.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

3. Satya Paul Sarees

Satya Paul was established back in 1985. It is India’s premier design label with an international presence. The brand is acclaimed for ingenuity in design and a vivid color palette. It is present over 35 locations in India.

They have printed and embellished sarees, embroidered sarees, timeless sarees and exclusive Satya sarees too. Sarees serve to be an integral part of their brand. With print as its DNA, the brand has moved on to explore ready-to-wear and accessories that have a universal appeal. This brand uses the most silk fabric which gives it a more elegant look because the fabric plays an important role.

The finer the fabric, the more comfortable the saree is. the website for this brand is very easily accessible. One can order online sarees from there and gather all the information from this site.

Their price range is from INR 15,000 to INR 25000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

2. Manish Malhotra Sarees

Manish Malhotra’s creations have redefined fashion for an entire generation of Indians. This man needs no introduction because he has redefined fashion in India. His designs are permeated with elegance, glamour and femininity.

His creations celebrate traditional designs with a touch of the modern Indian flair. Manish Malhotra has been successful in creating a wholesome label whose appeal now spams across the generations.

The fancy pieces are so elegant that they will definitely take one’s heart away. various embroidered, printed and sarees embedded with multi stones are truly breathtaking. Manish Malhotra has also won countless awards for his hard work in the fashion industry. Due to its such fine quality and style.

These sarees are the prime option of most celebrities in India too. Manish Malhotra works wonders with every single piece and retains its elegance. Don’t forget to check out this collection of Manish Malhotra’s Latest Sarees.

The price range for Manish Malhotra begins at INR 110,000 while goes further up to INR 250,000.

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

1. Fab India

Fab India is India’s largest private platform for products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes. Fab India was founded in 1960 by John Bissell to market the diverse craft traditions of India.

Fab India is a venture of the TATA groups. Its cotton and silk sarees are most admired by the clients. They have been successful in playing the best with the colors and techniques to drape the perfect piece of saree.

Fab India brings ease for the customers as it is available in all the major cities and sarees can be directly ordered from their website too. They have uniqueness yet elegance which makes their brand very exclusive and is placed on number one of this list.

Fab India’s price range is initiated at Rupees 790 and goes up to many INR 1500, making them the most affordable yet classy sarees on our list today. 

Top 13 Indian Saree Brands 2022 with Price & Reviews

Are there any of your favorite Indian saree brands that we missed on this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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