12 Best Underwear Brands For Men To Try – Prices & Reviews

Underwear Brands for Men If there is one piece of clothing that men really have to wear all the time, then it is their underwear. And, men are usually very concerned about their clothing and fashion brands especially when it comes to undergarments. Some men are too picky that they only go for a particular brand. Others just stick with the cheapest set of underwear compromising on the quality and comfort.

That being said, your underwear does not necessarily have to be extremely expensive for you to experience that comfortable feeling. This is why we have listed down the top Best Underwear Brands for Men to try this year.

Tips for Men While Buying Underwear

In our last post, we talked about Best Bathrobe Brands for Men but today we’ll be focusing on something much more important.

With hundreds and thousands of underwear options to select from, it gets really difficult for men to choose the perfect underwear for themselves. Hence, listed down are some tips that would really help them select the perfect yet comfortable pair of underwear.

  • Always check your size before buying. Make sure to get the perfect size which is not too small nor too big for you.
  • Even though underwear comes in different fabrics, you really need to see which fabric is appropriate depending on the weather.
  • Always wear what you are comfortable with. Be it briefs, boxers or Boxers briefs which are a combination of both brief and boxers.
  • Even though, there are a variety of colors and designs available. Yet, always choose colors that are lighter than your outer layer of fabric to avoid any awkwardness.

What Are The Top Underwear Brands For Men?

Now let’s look at our list of the best underwear brands for men and find out what makes them so special.

underwear brands for men

12 – Best Brand for Men’s Boxers: NEXT

Whether you’re looking for regular boxer briefs or cotton boxers, NEXT offers simple but high-quality products that deliver what they promise.

underwear brands for men

Price range: $15 to $141 at NEXT

11 – Best Japanese Underwear Brand: Uniqlo

There’s no brand that Japanese clothing brands are some of the best in the world and they have been giving tough competition to many established and old brands because of their high value for money.

Just like their clothing, Uniqlo’s underwear range for men too is quite affordable and good-quality.

Price range: $6.9 to $14.9 at Uniqlo

underwear brands for men

10 – Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss Brief is very much an easy-to-wear must-have for fashionable ease. You can have these elevated vital items that provide not only luxury but comfort as well. The item is made of 100% pure cotton and even has a branded waistline.

We can not deny the fact that Hugo Boss has been very famous throughout their journey. One of the major aims of this brand is to make products that are not only luxurious but also comfortable.

Price Range: $29 for 3-Pack traditional cotton brief available on Amazon

Price Range: $25 for 3-Pack Boxer brief available on Zappos

Top Underwear Brands for Men

9 – David Archy

David Archy is dedicated to designing underwear with a macho aesthetic and a distinctive perspective on life. Boxer briefs by David Archy are intended to be placed lower on the waistline. This makes it to be a helpful option for your underwear collection.

The finely developed super gentle material really does have a small elasticity. It gives them an extremely lightweight daily alternative in conjunction with a spotless appearance. The extremely fine cloth used in these underwears is manufactured from the best, exceptionally long thread. Peruvian Pima cotton is used to create this luxury ultralight jersey material.

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Price Range: $29.99 for 3-Pack Boxer Briefs available on Amazon

Price Range: $80 for 7-pack Boxers Briefs available on ubuy.co

Top Underwear Brands for Men

8 – Hanes

Hanes now has hundreds of designs for each and every type of boxers, brief, and boxer brief you can think of. From elevated manmade sports fabrics to the regular simple cotton on which the company was founded, you will get it all here.

This is indeed a classic brand that isn’t changing anytime soon. Furthermore, it is perhaps the most inexpensive underwear on the market. In contrast, Hanes five-pack is significantly less than individual pairs from the prominent straightforward firms on our listing. Nevertheless, a good way of filling out your collection of underwear.

Price Range: $19.99 for 5-Pack Boxer Briefs available on Amazon

Price Range: $16 for 3-Pack Boxer Briefs available on Hanes.com

Top Underwear Brands for Men

7 – Shinesty

Shinesty’s most popular product Ball Hammock Underwear is made with a proprietary innovation that ensures maximum convenience, elasticity, and no skin adhering. Furthermore, the power of these underwear provides any person with the increased growth they may require.

Owing to all the humorous styles and designs of the underwear, the Ball Hammock Underwear patterns offer men a few laughs. After all, what person would not want any fashionable underwear that could also make them laugh?

Price Range: $80.99 for 3-Pack Boxer Briefs available on Amazon

Price Range: $44 for Ball Hammock available on ubuy.co

Top Underwear Brands for Men

6 – SAXX

Even though some underwear manufacturers concentrate solely on the ease or colorful designs, Saxx Underwear excels at both. The BallPark Pouch provides assistance, avoids friction, decreases humidity, and eliminates the need to continually reposition oneself. It is the centerpiece of the company’s comfortable concept. There is not really much you could wish for in underwear for most guys.

Simple basic colors, along with interesting designs, vibrant hues, and themes, are all available. You will discover a plethora of choices to stuff your drawer.

Price Range: $32 for Ultra Boxer Briefs with BallPark Pouch available on Amazon

Price Range: $60 for Boxer Briefs with BallPark Pouch available on ubuy.co

Top Underwear Brands for Men

5 – Levis

Usually, men’s underwear is available in alpha categories such as small, medium, and large. It could also compel you to assume your fit by referring to an enigmatic size guide. Furthermore, Levis is renowned for its incredible clothing. It has applied the very same amount of craftsmanship, attention, and precision to its underwear.

Levis underwear is available in waistband sizes ranging from 28 to 40 inches. This means that you would never have to fret about squeezing into regular underwear sizes if you use the identical approach that takes into selecting the optimal size for trousers.

Price Range: $24.99 for 4-Pack Boxer Brief available on Amazon

Price Range: $28.89 for 3-Pack Boxer Briefs available on ubuy.co

Top Underwear Brands for Men

4 – Hanro

Hanro has you prepared if you have been in search of top-of-the-line underwear manufactured by one of the masters of the craft. For over 150 years, the Swiss label has already been producing sumptuous sleepwear for the world’s largest and most sophisticated dressers. Likewise, if we talk about its superb assortment of undergarments then they surely win hands down.

On the body, Hanro goods are sheer luxury, provide the most exquisite premium items both for men and women. Hanro is a trademark that stands for less, but only the finest. Each detail reflects the top-notch perspective: the finest resources, the most precise cuts, as well as the most beautifully crafted finish.

Price Range: $31 for 2-Pack Cotton-blend Boxer Briefs available on Lyst

Price Range: $72 for 2-Pack Cotton Boxer Briefs available on Amazon

Top Underwear Brands for Men

3 – Best Luxury Underwear Brand for Men: Polo Ralph Lauren

Have you ever pondered what might cause somebody to be so devoted to a brand that they hesitate to wear one that is not emblazoned with its signature? Obviously, you have probably never seen a true Lo Head. Polo Ralph Lauren’s greatest fervent admirers are so devoted to the brand that denying them the opportunity to wear the brand’s underpants would indeed be unfair.

Every other person who has used Polo Ralph Lauren’s collection of underwear is aware of the fact that one could only expect premium quality, best prices, and stretchable material that ensures comfort.

Price Range: £38.00 to £55.00

Customer reviews: 4.7 out of 5


  • Great fit
  • The cotton underwears are super soft
  • They’re one of the few brands offering good quality, long-legged boxers


  • Some products are said to shrink after wash
Top Underwear Brands for Men

2 – Jockey

Jockey, like other big names, has been around for quite some time in one form or the other. Jockey named for something like the form of assistance connected with the jockstrap at the time is largely recognized with developing the conventional Y-front short. It is an invention that established the standard for underwear designs. Moreover, it still represents the largest market of underwear to date. 

Whenever you are in urgent need of no-frills underpants, Jockey is the brand to go to. It is designed with much of the same care and attention which is why it is considered to be among the best underwear brands for men to try.

Top Underwear Brands for Men

Price Range: $4 to $89

Customer reviews: 4.4 out of 5


  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
  • After a lot of research and innovation, they ensure that they offer just the right fit
  • Many collections for different budgets


  • Some buyers have complained that the elastic bands of certain products is too wide with too many seams

1 – Top Overall: Calvin Klein

It wasn’t always like this for the first name in designer underwear. Calvin Klein has been an enterprising American label attributed with being the first one to splash its identity on a couple of briefs, causing a dramatic change in the men’s underwear industry. 

Even after so many years, purchasing a set of boxers with the renowned Futura typeface seems like a modest pleasure, one that only you, your undies closet, as well as a few others could ever enjoy. Calvin Klein is the destination to go to if you have been searching for underwear with a genuine cultural history.

Price range: $26 to $95

Customer reviews: 4.6 out of 5


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • More than 8 different styles to choose from
  • Absorbable material


  • Some buyers say that certain products shrunk after washing
  • Over the years, their material has become thinner but they’re still good quality as compared to others
  • Many underwears come without an opening

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Top Underwear Brands for Men

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which cloth is best for underwear?

Ans: Cotton has proven to be the best material for underwear, especially for everyday use as it is a breathable cloth that really makes people comfortable without thinking too much about the weather.

Q: Does underwear expire?

Ans: Well, underwear does not usually have an expiry date. As long as they are washed and cleaned properly, there is nothing a problem. However, it is recommended that you should change your underwear within 6 to 12 months.

Q: How many pairs of underwear should I own?

Ans: Well, there is no exact answer to it. It really depends on you. But it is recommended to at least have 15-20 pairs of underwear so that you do not have to worry too much about washing them very often.

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