Unilever Brands – A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024

All Unilever Brands. Who hasn’t heard about Unilever? The famous company is a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Its products include food and beverages (about 40% of its revenue), home and personal care products. It is the world’s largest consumer goods brand due to the massive revenue it generates. It is Europe’s seventh most valuable company. One of the oldest multinational companies, Unilever’s products are available in around 190 countries worldwide.

It is a dual-listed company (or DLC is a corporate structure in which two corporations function as a single operating business through a legal equalization agreement, but retain separate legal identities and stock exchange listings) consisting of Unilever plc, based in London and Unilever N.V., based in Rotterdam. The company has made its global headquarters in Rotterdam. The London and Rotterdam companies operate as a single business, with a common board of directors.

What Brands Does Unilever own?

Unilever provides ample opportunities for its workers to reach their full potential and give their best which reflects in its worldwide performance and reception. It’s committed to improving the health and well-being of the billions of people living on our dear planet by being environmentally conscious. These are the things that make Unilever unique among its peers.

Unilever Brands - A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024


Unilever was founded 88 years ago, in 1930, by the merger of Margarine Unie, a Dutch margarine producer, and British soapmakers, the Lever Brothers, the key people being Samuel van den Bergh, William Lever, and James Darcy Lever, respectively. Unilever diversified from its oil and fats products and expanded its operations worldwide, acquiring numerous corporations in the process in the second half of the 20th century.

Who owns Unilever currently?

Alan Jope is the current CEO of Unilever. The Scottish businessman acquired the role after Paul Polman in January 2019.


Unilever’s old logo, designed in 1930, was in all-caps with the sans-serif font. The current logo was designed in 2004 and is based around the idea of ‘adding vitality to life”. This new corporate logo was designed by a brand consultancy agency called Wolff Olins. Unilever’s many brands and values are represented in the U shape in the form of various symbols and icons. It’s a unique and thoughtful logo.

The current Unilever logo used since 2004.


Unilever’s largest international competitors are Nestle and Procter & Gamble. Others include Henkel, Mars, PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser, and S.C. Johnson & Son.


Unilever’s subsidiaries include Ben & Jerry’s, Hindustan Unilever, Kibon, Dollar Shave Club, Seventh Generation, Unilever Indonesia, The Vegetarian Butcher, Dermalogica, Graze, Grom, Unilever Japan KK, Talenti, Conopco, Inc., T2, Tazo, Good Humor Breyers, Unilever Philippines, Sir Kensington’s, Kate Somerville Skincare, Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics, Victor Guedes, Schmidt’s Naturals, Kingdom Animalia LLC, iOMA, Unilever Pakistan, Unilever Australasia, Salada Tea, Unilever Nigeria, Unilever Nepal, Unilever United States, Weis, Unilever Vietnam, Unilever South Africa, Unilever Turkey, Olly Public Benefit Corporation, Unilever Bangladesh, Unilever Cote d’Ivoire S.A., Unilever France, Unilever Canada, Unilever China, Limuru Tea, Unilever Thai Trading Limited.

Environment Record:

Unilever has vowed to decrease its environmental footprint by half in the next years and helping to improve the health and well-being of 1 billion people, sourcing all of its agricultural raw materials sustainably.

Unilever Brands - A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024



Does Unilever own Colgate?

No, Unilever does not own Colgate.

Does Unilever own Dettol?

No, Dettol is owned by Reckitt Benckiser.

Does Unilever own Nivea?

No, Nivea’s parent company is Beiersdorf Global AG.

Unilever Brands Categorized by Types of Products

Unilever has more than 400 brands which are organized into four main divisions:

  •  Foods (soups, bouillons, sauces, snacks, mayonnaise, salad dressings, margarine, and spreads)
  • Refreshment (ice cream, tea-based beverages, weight-management products, and nutritionally enhanced staples sold in developing markets)
  • Home Care (home care products including powders, liquids and capsules, soap bars, and other cleaning products)
  • Personal Care (skincare and hair care products, deodorants, and oral care products)

Unilever Brands - A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024



Unilever’s R&D (research and development) facilities and institutes are in various countries, including the United Kingdom (two), the Netherlands, China, India, and the United States. By 31 December 2013, Unilever had a total turnover of €49.797 billion, of which 36% was from Personal Care, 27% from Foods, 19% from Refreshment, and 18% from Home Care. Unilever invested a total of €1.04 billion in research and development in 2013. Unilever is one of the largest media buyers in the world and invested around €6 billion (US$8 billion) in advertising and promotion in 2010.

Largest-selling Unilever Brands:

Unilever’s current largest-selling brands include Axe/Lynx, Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Heartbrand, Hellmann’s/Best Foods, Knorr, Lipton, Lux/Radox, Omo/Surf, Rexona/Sure, Sunsilk, TRESemmé, Magnum, Vaseline, and VO5 with sales of over one billion euros.

Unilever Brands - A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024


Food and Beverage Brands:

  1. Alsa – desserts and syrups
  2. Amino – dehydrated soup (Poland)
  3. Amora – French mayonnaise and dressings
  4. Annapurna – salt and wheat flour (India)
  5. Aromat – seasoning (South Africa)
  6. Ben & Jerry’s – an immensely popular ice cream brand
  7. Best Foods – offering mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, peanut butter, and salad dressings
  8. Bovril – beef extract
  9. Breyers – ice cream
  10. Brooke Bond – tea
  11. Bru – instant coffee (India)
  12. Brummel & Brown – margarine
  13. Buavita – fruit juice, ice cream (Indonesia, acquired from Ultrajaya)
  14. Bushell’s – a tea brand in Australia and New Zealand only.
  15. Calvé – a sauce (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc.) brand.
  16. Chicken Tonight (excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland)
  17. Choysa – another tea brand marketed mainly in Australia and New Zealand
  18. Colman’s – packaged sauces, etc. like mustard, condiments, and OK Fruity Sauce
  19. Conimex – Asian spices (Netherlands)
  20. Continental – side dishes
  21. Darko (Дарко) – ice cream (Bulgaria)
  22. Fanacoa – a mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup in Argentina and for export to Latin America.
  23. Fruco – ketchup, mayonnaise and condiments
  24. Fudgsicle
  25. Grom – Gelato (Italy)
  26. Heartbrand – ice cream (umbrella logo)
  27. Hellmann’s – mayonnaise
  28. Jif – lemon and lime juice
  29. Joko – tea (South Africa)
  30. Kecap Bango – a soya sauce brand that operates in Indonesia.
  31. Kissan – popular ketchup, squashes, and jams company in India and Pakistan.
  32. Klondike – ice cream sandwiches
  33. Knorr (Knorr-Suiza in Argentina, Royco in Indonesia, Continental in Australia) Probably one of Unilever’s most favored and successful companies, knorr produces sauces, stock cubes, ready-meals and soups, meal kits, and frozen food items.
  34. Lady’s Choice – a mayonnaise and spread (peanut-butter and sandwich, etc.) brand in Malaysia and the Philippines.
  35. Lan-Choo – tea brand in Australia and New Zealand.
  36. Lao Cai – a company that produces seasoning items.
  37. Lipton – worldwide famous tea brand of Unilever.
  38. Lipton Ice Tea – ready-to-drink tea brand that has a partnership with PepsiCo international.
  39. Lizano Sauce (also known as Salsa Lizano) – a Costa Rican condiment brand.
  40. Lyons – tea brand in Ireland
  41. Maille – a brand that produces French mustard.
  42. Maizena – a cornstarch-manufacturer
  43. Marmite – The Australian and New Zealand version of the brand is called Our Mate. It manufactures spread made from yeast extract.
  44. Mãe Terra – an organic food business based in Brazil.
  45. McCollins – tea (Peru)
  46. Paddle pop – an ice cream line (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia [incorporated with Wall’s], discontinued in the Philippines)
  47. Pfanni – Bavarian potato mixes
  48. PG Tips – tea (UK / USA / Canada)
  49. Popsicle – frozen treats
  50. Pot Noodle – cup noodle
  51. Pukka – herbal tea
  52. Pure Leaf – bottled tea
  53. Rani – it is a fruit juice company operating in the Middle East that Unilever acquired from Aujan Industries.
  54. Red Rose Tea – a tea manufacturer in Canada
  55. Robertsons – a South African company that makes spices and seasoning.
  56. Royco – Royco operates in Indonesia alone and produces stock cubes and non-MSG stock.
  57. Saga – a tea brand from Poland
  58. Sariwangi – tea (Indonesia)
  59. Scottish Blend – tea
  60. Sealtest – milk products
  61. Slotts – mustard (Sweden)
  62. Streets – an ice cream brand from Australia and New Zealand.
  63. Sunce (Sun) – The brand has been discontinued, but it used to manufacture mayonnaise in several countries like Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia. It now manufactures Knorr mayonnaise.
  64. T2 – premium Australian tea
  65. Talenti – gelato
  66. Telma – breakfast cereal (Israel)
  67. Tortex – ketchup (Poland)
  68. Turun sinappi – mustard maker in Finland and Sweden
  69. Unilever Food Solutions – provides food service to professional markets.
  70. Unox – soups, smoked sausages
  71. Weis – frozen fruit desserts, ice cream

Unilever Brands - A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024


Ice Cream:

Unilever is the world’s largest ice-cream manufacturer with an annual turnover of about €5 billion. Even though it has several U.S. ice-cream brands like Popsicle, Klondike, Talenti gelato, Breyers, and Ben & Jerry’s, the bulk of the company’s ice-cream business is due to its ‘Heartbrand’ named so because of its heart shape.

Home and personal care brands:

Unilever Brands - A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024


  1. All – it is a laundry detergent brand. 
  2. Ala – a laundry detergent-manufacturer in Argentina and North/Northeast Brazil)
  3. Andrelon –  a brand in the Netherlands that specializes in hair care.
  4. Atlantik – a soap company in Germany that has now been discontinued.
  5. Aviance – a cosmetics and makeup brand
  6. Axe – deodorant, shower gel, body spray. It is called Lynx in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.
  7. Ayush – a herbal products company in India
  8. Baba – a beauty brand based in Hungary.
  9. Badedas – produces shower gels.
  10. Biotex – manufactures laundry detergents.
  11. Block & White – a Philippines band that Unilever acquired from Sara Lee Philippines in 2010. It produces whitening lotion, soap, and deodorant.
  12. Breeze – laundry detergent brand in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand
  13. Brilhante – laundry detergent brand in Brazil
  14. Brisk – produces hairstyling products for men in Southeast Asia and North America.
  15. Brylcreem – specializes in hair styling products for men.
  16. Caress – a soap manufacturer
  17. Cif – manufactures cleaning and washing products.
  18. Citra – Citra operates in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Middle East. It’s a women’s skincare line producing hand and body lotion, beauty soap, and scrubs.
  19. Clear – a popular shampoo brand in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Romania, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Hungary, the United States, Canada, and Latin America. It specializes in anti-dandruff, scalp-care shampoos, and conditioners.
  20. Clinic – anti-dandruff shampoo brand
  21. CloseUp – a famous toothpaste company
  22. Coccolino – liquid fabric-softener
  23. Comfort – another fabric-softener
  24. Cream Silk – conditioner company in the Philippines
  25. Degree – a deodorant brand in the United States and Canada
  26. DERO – functions in Romania and Vietnam
  27. Dimension – operates in several continents such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America.
  28. Dollar Shave Club – personal grooming products 
  29. Domestos – bleach company
  30. Dove – popular skincare, hair care, and deodorant company
  31. Dusch Das – a German brand, produces shower gels and deodorants.
  32. Elidor – a haircare line from Turkey
  33. Eskinol – Philippine brand manufacturing facial care products for women.
  34. Fair & Lovely – a company that produces skin-lightening creams and other products.
  35. FDS – a skincare brand
  36. Gessy – Brazilian soap brand
  37. Glorix – bleach brand from the Netherlands
  38. Good Morning – Egyptian soap company
  39. Impulse – produces deodorants, etc.
  40. Ioma – skincare products
  41. Lakmé – cosmetics company
  42. Lever 2000 – a soap brand
  43. Lifebuoy – another soap brand
  44. Living Proof – specializes in hair products.
  45. Linic – Portugese shampoo brand
  46. Lux – known as Caress in the U.S., it manufactures women’s soaps and lotions, etc.
  47. Lynx – makes deodorants for men.
  48. Lysoform – an Italian brand that focuses on homecare
  49. The Master – men’s facial care brand
  50. Matey – makes bubble baths for kids.
  51. Mentadent – a toothpaste brand
  52. Minerva – Brazilian company manufacturing laundry and dishwasher detergents
  53. Mist – Egyptian soap brand
  54. Neutral – laundry detergents
  55. Noxzema – a skincare brand
  56. Omo – laundry detergent company in Australia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Norway, Brazil, and Chile
  57. Organics – a shampoo and conditioner manufacturer
  58. Pears Transparent Soap
  59. Pepsodent – dental care brand
  60. Persil – laundry detergent brand
  61. Pond’s
  62. Prodent – toothpaste
  63. Quix – dishwashing liquid (Chile)
  64. QTips – cotton swabs
  65. Radox – shower gels and bubble bath
  66. Regenerate – toothpaste
  67. Rexona – deodorant (Latin America, Europe [except U.K. and Ireland], Asia [except India and Japan], Australia and New Zealand; known in Japan as Rexena)
  68. Rin – laundry detergent (India)
  69. Rinso (except the United States)
  70. Robijn – softener
  71. Seventh Generation – a brand specializing in home and personal care products.
  72. Sedal – shampoo and conditioner (Spanish-speaking Latin American countries; known in Brazil as Seda)
  73. Shield – deodorant (South Africa)
  74. Signal – toothpaste
  75. Simple – skin and body care range
  76. Skip – laundry detergent
  77. S.R. – toothpaste
  78. St Ives – hand and body care
  79. Suave
  80. Sun – dishwasher detergent
  81. Sunlight
  82. Sunsilk  – shampoo and conditioner brand, also called Sedal and Seda.
  83. Sure – deodorant (the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India)
  84. Surf – laundry detergSurf Excel – laundry detergent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka)
  85. Swan Soap (defunct)
  86. Thermasilk – shampoo and conditioner manufacturer
  87. Tholl – skincare company
  88. TIGI – professional shampoo and conditioner for hair salons
  89. Timotei – another shampoo and conditioner brand
  90. Toni & Guy – haircare range favored by professionals
  91. TRESemmé – popular haircare range (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States)
  92. Ultrex – dandruff shampoo (Greece)
  93. Vaseline – produces body lotion, shower gel, and deodorant is also known as Vasenol.
  94. Vibrance – shampoo and conditioner
  95. Vim (Bangladesh, Canada, India, Pakistan)
  96. Vinólia – soap (Brazil)
  97. Viso – laundry detergent (Vietnam and Indonesia)
  98. Wheel(India)
  99. White Beauty – skin lightening cream
  100. Williams – manufactures men’s care items.
  101. VO5 – hair care and styling brand
  102. Xedex
  103. Zendium – toothpaste
  104. Zhonghua – toothpaste
  105. Zwitsal – manufactures baby care range in the Netherlands and Indonesia.
  106. Unilever Professional – special line for professional markets (home and personal care)

Unilever Brands - A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024



For a big company like Unilever, it is virtually impossible for it to be involved in no controversies since its founding. Unilever has faced severe backlash for:

  • Establishing a price-fixing cartel in Europe for a washing powder. It was fined €104 million in April 2011 by the European Commission for doing so.
  • Blackmailing and pressurizing a Sri Lankan editor for not promoting one of its skin-whitening brands.
  • Misleading the public and hiding information about the contamination of Salmonella cereal in Israel.
  • Being one of the top ten companies spreading plastic-pollution in the world in 2019 by BreakFreeFromPlastic.
  • For supporting the Rain Forest Alliance Scheme for its tea-products. The scheme does not offer minimum or guaranteed prices for its producers.
  • Causing deforestation in Indonesia and Côte d’Ivoire.
  • For child labor and forced labor.
  • Polluting the waters in a densely populated area by dumping toxic mercury wastes. This was done by the Indian subsidiary of Unilever.

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