15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits – Celeb Eid Fashion

Best ever Pakistani celebrity Eid Outfits. Eid is the time of the year that all Muslim girls wait anxiously for. This is that one time that lets you dress as extra as you want without feeling any judgment. Desi girls barely ever get the chance to doll up other than weddings, and the good thing about Eid is that it comes 2 times a year!

Our celebrities have always posted about particular days of the year, and Eid is no different. All celebrities such as actresses and influencers take to their social media accounts and post their looks during these two days. These are not only fun to look at but can also work great as an inspiration for the coming years.

Top Eid Outfits of Pakistani Influencers & Actresses

We know Eid is almost here, and that’s exactly you are looking for inspiration. Well, you are at the right place! We have compiled this list of the best looks from Eid of 2020 for you guys to take a look at. So dive right in and get your planning started for Eid 2021!

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 15 – Hemayal Attique’s Pastel Ensemble

Hemayal Attique is a wonderful influencer who has started a blog called Her and Hem with her sister Hira Attique. She posts daily content like Outfit of the Day and makeup tutorials and posts about her outings with her friends and family.

Here she is seen adorning a pretty pink ensemble for Eid celebrations. This one fits perfectly with 2021 as it is made up of all the pastel colors that are in this year. As Eid is moving into springtime now, such colors will work perfectly with the theme of the season. Going for a simple lawn suit with just a little bit of embroidery will be your best bet!

Get Her Look:

Suit: Maria B 

Shoes: Insignia Shoes

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 14 – Maya Ali’s Classy Frock

Maya Ali is currently one of the top actresses of the Pakistani tv and film industry due to the success of her films Teefa in Trouble and Parey Hut Love. She has made a comeback on television after a few years with the drama serial Pehli Si Mohabbat and people love her portrayal of the protagonist.

She can be seen wearing a classy sleeveless cooper and gold frock below. This one is wonderful as it is floor length. It is the perfect amalgamation of a western gown and traditional desi gorgeousness. For our ladies who are not used to wearing eastern clothing, you can go for this mixture of western and eastern wear to feel more comfortable. Here are some more of the best looks from Maya Ali’s Wardrobe.

Get Her Look:

Suit: Faiza Saqlain

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 13 – Sarah Khan’s Refreshing Pick

Sarah Khan is an up-and-coming Pakistani actress who has made a name for herself because of drama serials such as Sabaat and Raqs e Bismil. However, she is not only a great actress but also a true fashionista. Her dressing sense is top-notch, and this can also be seen by her clothing in the drama serial Sabaat. 

She is wearing a light and refreshing aqua shade of blue that looks wonderful with her skin tone. The dress’s cut is similar to Maya Ali’s, but this one has been made using plain chiffon with embroidery on top, while the latter was made using cotton-like fabric. Hence Sarah Khan’s look is more fancy and ideal if this is your first Eid right after marriage.

Get Her Look:

Suit: Farah and Fatima 

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 12 – Humna Raza’s Simple Look

Humna Raza is a dentist and a blogger who is loved by many. Her Instagram account, which acts as her blog, is filled with posts about marriage, work, and motherhood. She is a great example of how a woman can manage her married life along with her job effectively and still excel at both.

This effortless and last-minute look should help calm you down if you are looking for dresses just a few days before Eid. You are sure to find such a simple suit on the page linked below or other similar pages. This should make you realize that Eid is not only about going extra, but it can be celebrated simply too. Sometimes life gets so busy that you are left with no choice but to let go of Eid planning and figure out something last minute.

Get Her Look:

Suit: Silayi Pret

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 11 – Sana Javed Looking Ethereal in All-White

Sana Javed gained prominence in her acting career due to her work in dramas such as Ruswai and Dunk. She is a phenomenal actress who is also gorgeous. The masses love her simplicity and straightforwardness, and we must say they are spot on!

Sana is adorning a simple white Anarkali dress. All white is a definite win in our books, and this example proves that. The simple detailing with silver pumps and gold heavy earrings adds in just a little fun element to the white. This allows for the whole look to come together effortlessly. She has also opted for simple makeup, much like her clothes, and we think the combination is impeccable.

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 10 – Hira Attique Rocking a Saari

Hira Attique is one of the top influencers in Pakistan. She is the older sister of blogger Hemayal Attique, and both sisters are not only gorgeous but also give great outfit inspo. Her blog, Her and Hem, and her Instagram are both filled with the different looks you can try out, and this Eid look has been handpicked from there.

We know that Muslim girls rarely ever go for Saaris, but we think it’s high time that this stereotype should be broken. All desi girls should get to wear such traditional clothes, and Pakistani ladies should definitely try them out. Simple cotton or silk Saari would look delightful on Eid, and we are sure that all your cousins will praise you for making this choice. So click on the link below and get your hands on a gorgeous Saari for the upcoming Eid. If you like this look, don’t miss out these Cute Hairstyles to Wear with Saree.

Get Her Look: 

Saari: The Saari Girl

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 9 – Ayesha Omar’s Traditional Outfit

Ayesha Omar has been in the Pakistani acting industry for quite some time now, and she has shown her expertise in the field multiple times. From side roles to leading roles, she has done it all and done so flawlessly. Her long-running comedy show Bulbulay is a staple in almost all Pakistani households, and hence she is a well-known name.

This is another effortless and cute look. If you want to stay comfortable and not go overboard, then a simple shalwar kameez with traditional embroidery on it will serve that purpose. The color combination of black and orange is also an amazing one, although unlikely. Such fun color experiments can serve you great if done right, and we think this one is doing a tremendous job.

Get Her Look:

Suit: Shamsha Hashwani

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 8 – Ayeza Khan’s Embroidered Classic Piece

Ayeza Khan is the current most followed actress of Pakistan. She has the most extensive social media following, all due to her amazing personality and acting skills. Although she has been in the industry for some time now, she gained this huge celebrity status after her work in Meray Pass Tum Ho. 

Below she can be seen wearing an exquisite white and purple piece. We thought this must be included in our list as it is an interesting take on the basic all-white ensemble that we have seen often. The added purple makes the dress stand out. So we think if you are planning on going for white this Eid, you should definitely incorporate a little bit of some color such as forest green, deep red, or this very purple into your look.

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 7 – Mawra Hocane Looking like a Princess

Mawra Hocane has come a long way since her VJ days at ARY music. She is currently an amazing actress and has been working in one after another hit projects such as Aangan, Daasi, and Sabaat. 

Here she can be seen in a stunning light pink colored suit. She has kept things simple by only accessorizing them with gold earrings and some simple bangles. You should take inspiration from this look if you do not like going overboard but still want to wear something slightly fancier than Ayesha Omar and Humna Raza’s picks. Here are some more of Mawra Hussain’s Best Dresses Ever.

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 6 – Waliya Najib Doing it Right

Waliya Najib is a phenomenal photographer and well-known influencer who is loved for her quirky personality. Her little videos with her husband and many photoshoots are something to look forward to when you are part of her fan following. They are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Here she can be seen wearing yet another all-white option. This one is different as it’s a kameez and straight pant duo loved by the new generation of Pakistani women. Her heels and mehndi add to the glamour, and we think she looks absolutely gorgeous!

Get Her Look:

Suit: Bisma Kayani

Heels: PVC Nude Bow Heels by Hassal 

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓  5 – Ramsha Khan Being Relatable

Ramsha Khan has recently become a favorite of the masses after drama serials such as Ishqiya and Ghisi Piti Mohabbat. Her work as Hamna and Samiya respectively have won the hearts of the public, and she is now considered one of the top actresses in the industry.

Ramsha took to Instagram on Bari Eid and posted the following picture with the caption, “Who else is done with Eid chores and ready to put their feet up and unwind now?” We think this caption is relatable for every woman in a Muslim household on Bakra Eid after being surrounded by raw meat all day. Her clothes are also a great inspiration and something that can help you look out of this world!

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 4 – Saba Qamar’s Designer Eid Outfit

Saba Qamar is the biggest star of the industry and the classiest woman out there. Her work in films and tv serials such as Baaghi and Cheekh has shown how diverse an actress she can be.

Here she is seen in something completely glamorous and breathtaking. This heavy gold gown is perfect for newlywed brides or even those ladies who enjoy dressing up. It gives us Deepika Padukone vibes from the song Mastani, and we think that’s a plus!

Get Her Look:

Suit: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha (MNR)

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 3 – Hira Mani in a Summery Look

Hira Mani has made a comeback into the acting industry after taking a hiatus for a few years to focus on her family. She has dropped in like a bomb and left everyone shocked by her outstanding performance and fit physique, despite being the mother o two boys.

Our favorite look so far, worn by Hira Mina. The trend of normalizing Saari wearing in Muslim households continues as Hira Mani poses in this gorgeous multi-colored Saari with her husband, Salman. This dyed tissue Saari is surely one you should have on your list.

Get Her Look:

Earrings: Bukhari Accessories 

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 2 – Aiman Khan Embodying the Spirit of Eid

Aiman Khan is a fan’s favorite. Although she hasn’t been seen in many shows as of late, she remains to be one of the most loved actresses of our time. At only 22 years old, she has managed to gather a massive social media following and made a career for herself while also managing a household and married life. She is truly an inspiration.

Here she is seen in a pastel pink ensemble perfect for this year as this color has been declared as one of the hottest colors for spring. Since Eid will be falling in springtime, we think this will be the ultimate pick for you!

Get Her Look:

Suit: Erum Khan Couture 

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

↓ 1 – Jannat Mirza in a Lovely Combination

Jannat Mirza is currently the biggest TikTok star of Pakistan and is considered one of the top influencers. People adore her for her fun-loving and quirky personality as well as her very entertaining TikToks.

She is giving us the most unique look out of all on our list. She has opted for a darker color and an overall fun combination. The embroidered chiffon purple anarkali dress looks gorgeous, and the pairing up of the yellow dupatta makes it so much better. So you should definitely keep this one in mind if you are looking for a bolder color!

Get Her Look:

Suit: Sarwar Jaan

15 Best Pakistani Celebrity Eid Outfits - Celeb Eid Fashion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the IT color for Eid this year?

A. Eid is the time of the year that every Muslim girl gets to showcase her fashion sense. So it’s a must that you are aware of all the hot colors of the year before you embark on the journey of finding your perfect Eid dress. According to Marie Claire, the hot colors of spring 2021 include silver, white, and pastel pink. So keep these in mind when coming up with your Choti Eid outfits, as that’s landing during springtime this year!

Q. Is it necessary to wear eastern clothes on Eid?

A. To all our girls who are more comfortable wearing western clothes we understand that having to wear eastern outfits can be a little daunting. But you must consider that Eid is an Islamic holiday and one celebrated with a lot of vigor in Pakistan. So it is only fair that you go for more traditional looks for these 2 days of the yea. So we would suggest that you definitely try to dress eastern this Eid!

Q. Why should we follow what celebrities wear?

A. There is no obligation on anyone to follow any person, and we believe everyone should have their own style. Celebrities such as our actresses and influencers play a major role in setting trends in Pakistan. This is why it’s good to keep an eye out for their outfits so you can stay updated with new looks. Plus these work as great inspiration for the next event you might need to attend!


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