Korean Winter Fashion Trends – 26 Best Korean Winter Outfits

Korean Winter Fashion Outfits. Korean culture is fast gaining popularity and recognition all over the world. Their television, films, music, and other cultural aspects are admired by millions of people from around the globe. It’s no wonder that their clothing style, being dubbed as K-fashion, should become desirable as well.

Get Gangnam styled outfits to be the next hit on your bucket list! It’s time to reignite the fashion goals. Hold tight and scroll through some trendy Korean fashion ideas that are fresh as a daisy.

Latest Korean Fashion Trends for Winters

Have you been the biggest admirer of the K-fashion? We too! Be it for couch potatoes or for funky makeup junkies, Korean fashion is the next big thing in the world of street style and runway vogue. If you are looking for some amazing Korean fashion ideas, then this blogpost is your rescue.

Korean Winter Outfits

Traditional Korean Clothing

A Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress worn by both men and women, which was worn daily up until 100 years ago. Its purpose was the ease of movement. However, the practice has worn out, and now the attire is restricted to special occasions and festivities. Hanbok is classified according to its purposes: everyday dress, ceremonial dress, and special dress. Ceremonial dresses are worn on formal occasions, including a child’s first birthday, a wedding, or a funeral. Special dresses are made for shamans and officials.

Women’s hanbok consists of jeogori (blouse or jacket) and Chima (full skirt). While men’s hanbok consists of jeogori and baji (loose-fitting trousers). The color, materials, and patterns on hanboks each symbolized different things such as wealth, marital status, and age.

Hanbok has been modernized in recent times and is called “Modern Hanbok” in fashion terms. The attire has seen many changes, and even though it’s not what it once was, the Korean people value it still as an essential part of their culture. “Hanbok Day” was established in 1996 in South Korea to encourage people to wear it more often.

The Seoul Fashion Week is a global fashion event held twice a year, sponsored by the capital city Seoul. It’s split into three parts:

  • The Seoul Collection: A high-end Korean fashion event. The collection is among the biggest in Korean fashion.
  • Generation Next is an upcoming fashion design program for Korean designers. It concentrates on designers with fewer than five years of experience. The unique appearance and creative thinking are emphasized in this section.
  • The Seoul Fashion Fair is an exhibition showcasing Korean fashion companies.

To summarize, when we talk about Korean fashion or culture or music, it’s most likely South Korean.

Most Popular Korean Fashion Brands

Korean brands are becoming mainstream fashion runway brands, so let us help you keep an eye on them. The following are the few of the most popular Korean fashion brands that people love from around the globe.

  • Stylenanda
  • KYE
  • Charm’s
  • 87MM
  • Beyond Closet
  • RocketxLunch
  • thisisneverthat
  • Ader Error
  • SJYP
  • Fleamadonna

All About Korean Fashion Street Style

Korean clothing is known for being unisex. The shirts and trousers and vests and outfits made from a combination of all of these are worn by both men and women. Apart from that, female clothing also tends to be in brighter hues. The accessories, such as bags and necklaces, have colorful collaborations and delightful mini objects. Crossbody bags are also fashionable. Almost every person can be seen carrying some type of bag.

Baggy trousers and over-sized shirts, cardigans, sweaters, and puffed up sleeves are also favored.

Denim jackets ripped sleeves, and cold shoulders are super-fashionable as well.

These were some of the most commonly favored styles trending in K-fashion these days. These are mostly Summer/Spring street styles but can be worn with little alterations in all seasons. Now, we come to Winter fashion. Have a look at these 18 Cute Korean Girl Clothing Styles.

Best of Korean Winter Fashion

Hanbok is one of the traditional clothing wear of Korea and has been given a modern touch by many Korean as well as Western fashion designers. Fun Fact: Bikini is still not socially acceptable in Korea, and people tend to avoid it. Shocking, isn’t it? To know more interesting Korean styling ideas, scroll the blog below.

winter korean fashion

↓ 26 – Oversized Overcoats

Who doesn’t love oversized clothing in winters? We love them! This loose fitted and baggy coats, which are often too long, seems to be the most popular trend that is reigning over Korean fashion. It’s unisex in the way it’s made and also the colors. This beige one, for example, can be easily worn by a male as well. Paired merely with black jeans and a plain shirt, this style accentuates the simplistic beauty of the coat

↓ 25 – Form-fitting Ensembles

It’s not always baggy. Seen here is an example of the sleek outfits K-fashion is known for. The bell-shaped pants and jacket paired with flat shoes and a crossbody bag is both sophisticated and chic. If you are one of those petite skinny girls, then prefer wearing straight cut trousers and jeans.


↓ 24 – Korean Fashion Trends: Half-Worn Jackets

It may sound a bit uncomfortable for some, but still, it is loved by many fashionistas. This quirkiness can also be seen in another summer trend that is making the rounds, the cold shoulder where one shoulder is left bare. Similarly, in Winter, the jacket can only be worn in one arm or just draped rather than worn to make a statement.

↓ 23 – Back to School Korean Outfit: Denim Jackets/Pants

Denim is another popular fashion element. It’s almost universal. Ripped denim pants are somewhat of a known thing, but baggy denim jackets with one sleeve torn are something so Korean. Seen here is a simple denim jacket, a little bleached, and a little loose.


↓ 22 – Multi-colored Jackets and Coats

It’s comfy, colorful, and soothing to look at. Plus, it’s big enough to keep warm in winter. Simple pants or trousers and simple shirts underneath can accentuate the coat/jacket better, and that’s the common enough trend. Checkered coats and jackets are one of the corporate fashion wear that can be slain by you any day.

↓ 21 – Striped Outfits

Stripes can never go wrong! Stripes have a minimalist look to them, and they always manage to look charming without being gaudy. Striped pants, jackets, dresses, and skirts are all in fashion. Interested to know a fashion hack here? Wearing vertical striped dress will make you appear slimmer while horizontally striped outfit will make you look a bit taller and leaner.

↓ 20 – Neon Clothing

There’s no reason for winter outfits to be subdued or muted in color. Colors aren’t only for summer and spring. Bright, bursting neon-colored clothing is something that is especially favored by Korean women. In this picture, the woman wears a dress over another dress because that’s how quirky Korean clothing is. Check out these 20 Classy Spring Trends to try this year.

↓ 19 – Cartoonish Scarves

Looking to give a funky touch to your monotonous wardrobe? Add a scarf having bold prints or having animated character printed on them. As told earlier, things with bright colors and delightfully odd patterns are generally favored by the masses. This knitted scarf has a nice enough width, so not only will it keep warm; it’ll do so fashionably.

↓ 18 – Eccentric Belts

Again, loud and bright colors with outlandish designs are seen everywhere, in the smallest of things. The belt in question is yellow-gold with the words ‘off-white’ written on top. Want to give an illusion of a slim waist? Wrap a belt around (Thank us later!)

These outfits are best for transition weather, where it is not too cold and not too sunny.

↓ 17 – Loose/Bell Sleeves

Flared sleeves essentially the same as loose fitted clothing, but loose sleeves can be seen even in tight fitted outfits.

↓ 16 – Cheetah Print

Seen in various colors and tones, the print can go with almost anything, simple black outfits, or different colored ones. Leggings can be worn if it is too cold.

↓ 15 – Korean Fashion Ideas: Go for Camouflage

Camouflage jackets and cargo pants also go with modern Korean trends.

↓ 14 – Silly Prints

Swaggy grandfather, aren’t he? The shirt, the pants, the heels! This entire outfit speaks on behalf of the entire K-fashion community. If you want to get an idea about what Korean fashion is like, pay attention to this attire. It can be your old age outfit goal too.

↓ 13 – Freakishly Adorned Pants

Bright colors: check. Oversized jacket: check. Cold shoulder: check. Loose fitted pants and coat with quirky doodles and cartoons: check. Layer your outfits with a nice warm jacket to avoid being too cold.

Aren’t the kids looking so cute in their outfits?

↓ 12 – Multi-layered Clothing

Multilayered clothing works best in the winter season but you have to layer it strategically. A jacket over a shirt over a t-shirt. This can be done in winter with a mix of loose fitted and snug items of clothing in both black and white and bright, happy colors. Exactly the kind of mish-mash K-style is all about.

↓ 11 – Plastic Clothing

This has been seen more and more in Korean fashion shows and ramps and is one of the up and coming trends. Plastic or vinyl clothing in the form of jackets, skirts, and shirts, sometimes transparent and sometimes in color, like here, is becoming popular.

↓ 10 – Eye-catching Appliques

As seen on the back of this jacket, large appliques with mismatched quotes on them look very cool indeed. Here are 25 Photos of Turkish Street Style Fashion.

↓ 9 – Fun Skirts

The cut slash ring style on this skirt is insane. Paired with an oversized coat or jacket and with a muted color, proving that even with subdued colors, the Koreans know how to roll.

↓ 8 – Shorts over Pants

Are you bold enough to experiment with your outfits this season? Okay, this an unusual one, which is saying a lot since this is South Korea we’re talking about. These people aren’t afraid of experimentation, and they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and what’s not possible. The shorts (which are rolled up trousers) and pants are of the same color, and it is difficult to see at first. But it’s delightful all the same.

↓ 7 – Two-piece Suits

Crisply cut suits with a lighter material or made with knitted fabric suitable for Winter have all been seen. Head-to-toe red, black, and white are popular colors. Monotones look classy, and the below image proves it.

↓ 6 – Quirky Sweaters

Knitted sweaters with colorful patterns paired with long coats, half worn in the typical Korean style. The most obvious fact about K-fashion is that not only do they experiment with cuts, patterns, colors, and prints, they also passionately experiment with how these things are worn with some outrageously cool results.

↓ 5 – Color Blocking

Worn Denim skirt loose denim jacket both blue paired with bright red top and bag with black net stockings and black heels. We love the long sleek heels already. You can pair the same outfit with long boots in the winter season.

↓ 4 – Fool-Proof Fashion Idea: Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are perfect for transition weather. Mini dresses allow a lot of room for flexibility, and they can be paired with loose or tight fitted pants in winter or with knee-length stockings. Here the woman has matched her dress with a shirt.

↓ 3 – Funky Hoodies

Here is a chequered hoodie beneath a coat. Hoodies with roman numerals printed or appliqued are also popular. Look how it turned the outfit in an entirely swaggy look!

↓ 2 – Must-Have List: Crisp Vests

Paired with matching trousers and a silk shirt, this beige ensemble is one of the sleekest and crispiest yet. Notice the puffed-up sleeves and matching handbag, two favorites. By the way, we love the bag with long heavy tassels.

↓ 1 – Head to Toe Black

These make the wearers look sophisticated and sexy; the outfit is again unisex in the way it’s been made, and since Korean men and women both prefer baggy clothing. These are days when you simply feel clueless about what to wear and how to style yourself specifically in transitioning weather. For those days, prefer wearing black as it can never go wrong.

South Korean fashion has been known for readily accepting Western influences but turning those trends entirely into their own unique thing. With Seoul Fashion Week commencing twice a year, Korean designers are churning out even more eccentric ideas, and the international audience seems to gobble it all up.


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