Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews

Top Indian Makeup Brands: With the ever-growing beauty standards, makeup is one essential item that every woman needs. Be it a teenage girl or an elderly lady, makeup is necessary not only to enhance your features but to boost your confidence as well. Previously, makeup products were limited to some kajal, lipstick, or compact-powder only, but in the contemporary era, there is a huge variety of cosmetics that are available in the market and many elite international brands are launching new makeup collections every month. From Huda beauty, Jeffrey Star to Rihanna’s makeup, there are several top-notch brands available globally today.

However, purchasing international brands cannot be a good deal for everyone. Due to hefty prices and shipping difficulties, most Indian women prefer brands that are easily available across national stores and are budget-friendly as well. Safe to say that, Indian artists have not stayed back in the beauty game and in recent years, have created some amazing makeup brands that fulfill the requirement of glamourizing different faces with their fresh products. Moreover, these made-in-India cosmetics, whether it be a highlighter, eyeliner or foundation ensure quality which is no less than Fenty Beauty, Kat Von D, or Mac products. So to dig deeper into the Indian world of cosmetics, keep reading our guide!

What Are Top ‘Made-In-India’ Cosmetic Brands That You Can Trust

Now you must be wondering why should you choose Indian makeup brands instead of any other famous Korean or European companies? Well, the answer to this is simple. Cosmetic brands manufactured in India today go through a professional test procedure before being sold or getting advertised.

There is international standard marketing and quality for Lakme and Nyka products. Moreover, most of the beauty brands are cruelty-free, paraben-free, have minimal but harmless chemicals. And most importantly the shades and hues of the various products are perfect for Indian or desi skin tones. So based on these products’ demand, and usage among Indian women and celebrities we have gathered some high-quality Indian brands you should definitely check out this year. We’ve also mentioned the prices so you can make your purchases accordingly.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews




Spekta Cosmetics

$2 - $8


Boujee Beauty India 

$5.35 - $80


Fae Beauty India

$5 - $60


Henaa Hainaa Beauty

$8 - $53


House Of Makeup

$2 - $13


Ruby's Organics

$2 - $53


YBP Cosmetics

$2 - $40


Tinge By Sabrina Suhail

$3 - $45


PAC Cosmetics

$5 - $65


Kay Beauty By Katrina

$6 - $54


Which Indian Makeup Products You Should Select For Indian Skin Tone

A common problem that most of us Indian women face is that we can never find the right shade of products for our dusty/desi skin tones. But with the leverage of Indian cosmetic brands in the market, that problem has been solved. Here I have listed down some products that will solve all your beauty queries.

  • BEST FOR BASE: Indians have warm or yellow undertones mainly. Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse foundation is a good choice if you want natural base coat on top. You can also try colorbar perfect match in ivory, nude and warm shade for summers. Or Nyka’s anti-pollution foundation comes in 15 different shades, so you can choose your shade from it.
  • CORRECTOR/CONCEALER: Are you an desi girl who also struggles with dark undereye panda’s circles or puffy eyes? Well then, orange corrector can fix those dark bags. You can even use a red lipstick as a corrector to cancel out the bluish undereye tones. Sugar Cosmetics Magic Wand Waterproof concealer comes in six different shades made for golden and warm undertones, so it is a perfect choice for indian girls.
  • LIPSTICK SHADES: Sugar cosmetics ‘Matte as Hell’ Lip Crayons come in 18 stunning shades. Poison Ivy and Viola are two shades that can look gorgeous on Desi girls. For liquid lipsticks, you can try Sugar Cosmetics ‘Smudge Me Not’ which comes in 52 attractive shades. Fae Beauty’s ‘Buildable Matte Lipsticks’ have an amazing formula and are pretty light-weight. For everyday wear try the shade ‘Too Basic’ from it.

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#10 – Spekta Cosmetics

On number ten of our list is this Indian makeup brand that is made by women, for women.

Spekta Cosmetics specializes in creating Lipsticks and Nail products. It is not only India’s first PETA-certified makeup brand. But is also 100% vegan and cruelty, paraben, and sulfate-free.

Talking about their lip colors, they are divided into two categories of Shimmer and Matte. With 13 different shades ranging from nude to hot pink, their matte lipsticks are perfect for multiple dusty & fair skin tones.

Moreover, Spekta’s shimmer lipstick formula is infused with olive oil, vitamin E, and shea butter combination which won’t make your lips dehydrated and will give a perfect shine to them.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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#9 – Boujee Beauty India

We all know that as much as quality makeup products are important, they cant appear with perfection until applied with a professional applicator.

Boujee Beauty is India’s first cruelty-free brand that creates brushes and sponges from vegan fiber. Moreover, their products soak much makeup and are easy to clean.

Their cut-crease brush is made to achieve accuracy and is the ideal choice to create any festive look, so try it now!

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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#8 – Fae Beauty Official

An Indian makeup brand that creates products for everyone. Fae Beauty products are categorized in Buildable Matte Lipstick collection and glosses.

Moreover, they have Mascaras and three different shades in Brow gels and powders as well, which are perfect to keep your eyebrows on fleek.

Check out their ‘Glaws Gloss‘ which is a lip, cheek & eye stain to provide that sheerness to skin. It is super hydrating, made with natural ingredients like Vitamin E and passionfruit oil. Can be totally used for a disco-ball look.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


#7 – HenaaHaina Beauty

A contemporary Indian brand started in 2018 to fulfill the need of makeup and beauty lovers.

Found by Henaa, HH Beauty manufactures dramatic lashes, precise makeup tools, and Lipcolors.

Their ‘Lush Rouge’ gel-based Lip & cheek stain comes in 4 different shades and can even be applied as an eyeshadow. With the addition of Hyaluronic acid in it, it can be perfectly used in the daytime for that plumpy skin.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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#6 – House Of Makeup

Established in 2018, House of Makeup manufactures makeup that is clean and rich-quality for their customers. Tested under European Cosmetics Directive, HOM products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

They have a range of Eye and Lip cosmetics. Their eyeliners are available in various shades of teal, bronze, and blue. In addition, they are smudge-proof and water-proof and can be applied smoothly in one go.

‘Pout Matte Lipstick’ by them is an amazing choice for any formal look. You’ll fall in love with its high pigmentation and ten different shades.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


How gorgeous does Gunjan Singh look in Pout Matte Lipcolors? You should try as well.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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#5 – Ruby’s Organics

On number fifth of our list is India’s first organic and biodegradable makeup brand. Ruby’s Organics manufactures cosmetic products with the intention that they should feel like a second skin.

From foundation, eyeshadow, blush, to lip colors & lip-oils, the brand provides harmless, alcohol, and paraben-free makeup products. All the kits are created from bio-active and plant-based ingredients and are available at affordable prices.

Check out their metallic eyeshadow range in multiple shades, which can stay smoothly for 24 hours without any creases on eyelids. Moreover, it is water-proof and easy to apply. They deliver all over India, even in rural areas. So get yours now!

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Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews

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Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews

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#4 – YBP Cosmetics

An Indian makeup brand from Gujrat that offers unique and multi-functional makeup products, that girls and women of all ages can use.

They are pocket-friendly and made from 100% Raw materials locally sourced from India.

Try their ‘Color Creams‘ – a lip and cheek stain that has a very silky finish and smooth texture on the skin.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


#3 – Tinge By Sabrina Suhail

Tinge Store – a brand by Sabrina Suhail aims to bring various shades & hues together to create that one perfect makeup looks on your skin.

Providing an exclusive range of cosmetics from foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush to lip stains, and more. All the products are harmless and vegan. Although a bit on the expensive side, but the products bring the international standards of makeup to Indian stores.

Tinge’s everyday powder & clay-based foundation come in 9 different shades, made for the undertone of every kind. In addition, it provides protection from the sun so it is perfect for daytime brunch!

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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#2 – PAC Cosmetics

Professional Art Cosmetics is a brand that started in the year 2006 in India and has been a favorite of many Indians since then.

With a team of talented and hardworking artisans, Pac cosmetics makes sure that through their brand, every girl can find her desired makeup product.

Providing a massive range of eye, face, and lip makeup. You can also find some quality lashes, lens and beauty blenders & brushes in there. They are available all over India, and can even be ordered online.

Try this ‘Glowing Godess’ palette which has 8 unique shades and comes in a lightweight formula; glides effortlessly on the skin and you can gleam like a Queen!

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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#1 – Kay Beauty By Katrina

Topping our charts is this exquisite beauty brand launched by the Kaif of the town. In association with Nyka, Kay Beauty caters to unique makeup products that are suitable for women of all ages and all skin types.

What makes the brand stand out is that the products are infused with ingenious ingredients and are available in extensive shades.

Just the Lip crayons & Liquids have 48 different shades, out of which 11 are nudes and a few pinks. Moreover, Glamourous Eye and Brow products are available to create versatility in makeup looks.

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


Check out this Full Face nude glam using Kay Beauty Cosmetics, create similar now!

Top 10 Indian Makeup Brands 2022 With Price and Reviews


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Q. What is top Indian Makeup Brand?

A. Lakme is known to be the number one Indian brand owned by Unilever Hindustan.

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Q. What are some Korean Makeup Brands available in India?

A. TONY MOLY and Etude are available in India. KoriKart is an e-commerce store that provides all types of Korean beauty products and fashion to Indian customers.

Q. Is Maybelline an Indian Company?

A. No, Maybelline is an American multinational company that provides makeup, skincare, female hygiene items, and fragrances for women. However, its products are extensively used in India.

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