20 Best Makeup Brushes to Buy in 2022- For Beginners and Pros

The Best Makeup Brushes: In today’s world makeup and makeovers are not just important for women but for men as well. They are loved at both ends. Feminine men are also very much into makeup and even if they are not feminine men, either at their weddings or at photoshoots, they eventually need it. Talking of male celebrities, for them makeup is kind of as important as it is for females because while shooting a film or giving interviews or doing anything on the screen, they are firstly dressed up and their faces are highlighted through makeup and lipsticks for better visuals on camera.

Hence, makeup is extremely significant in the contemporary world, and to apply them effectively, you need different applicators which are mostly different kinds of makeup brushes. So, if you’re one of those makeup freaks or even not but are looking for the best makeup brushes to use then you’re at the right place because I will be sharing the best makeup brush brands with you for efficient use.

Best Makeup Brushes

Various Types of Makeup Brushes

There are so many different kinds of makeup products available for your face and body in this century because of which it is hard to even compile them all together and for each product, there is a specific makeup brush or makeup applicator, whatever you’d like to call it.

So, here in this section, I will be telling you about various types of makeup brushes or tools that are used for various purposes. These will also be some of the most important ones because obviously there are a lot of them out there and I can’t bring them all under one heading, so these are some of the most commonly used and routine makeup brushes. I’ll also be answering some common questions regarding these makeup brushes.

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↓ 33 – Lip Brush

As the name suggests, this brush is used for applying lipsticks or can also be used for applying other lip products on your lips. You should have one of these, it will help you apply lipstick more neatly than lipstick itself.

Best Makeup Brushes

Lurrose Retractable Lip Brush – $8.39

↓ 32 – How to use a Contour Brush?

Contouring gives your face a naturally sculpted look. Use this brush on the hollows of your cheeks, sides of your nose and your jawline in a back and forth motion to have the perfect contoured look.

Best Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush – $9.97

↓ 31 – Blush Brush

Blush is something that makes you look fresh and cute, that is why it is compulsory to have a brush for it. You need to have a blush brush so that you may not destroy your look by applying blush irregularly but in regular oscillating motions.

Best Makeup Brushes

wet n wild Blush Brush – $2.99

↓ 30 – Bronzer Brush

Bronzer is important as it gives your face a naturally glowy look, this is why having its brush is also important. Buff your bronzer properly, so that no harsh lines are visible.

Best Makeup Brushes

bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush – $18.70

↓ 29 – When to use a Powder Brush?

If you want your look to set after you complete it, you need some loose powder to be applied and you’ll need the right makeup brush for it. Loose powder helps your makeup stay flawless the entire day that is why use this brush to apply it perfectly.

Best Makeup Brushes

↓ 28 – Highlighter Brush

Highlighter is something loved by girls because it gives your skin a natural sun-kissed look. And these fan-shaped highlighter brushes are the best to use when applying highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and upper lips.

Best Makeup Brushes

wet n wild Fan Brush – $2.99

↓ 27 – Eyeliner Brush

These days eyeliner has become very trendy, different types of eyeliner styles like winged and feline are very common. To draw these styles, you need a specific sleek tip brush, so hurry up and buy it if you want to try these different eyeliner styles.

Best Makeup Brushes

Ultra-fine Curved Eyeliner Brush

↓ 26 – Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is also known as a smudge brush because it gives the perfect smudging through dabbing your concealer. It is shaped like a painting brush because, with the help of concealer, this brush brightens all the dark areas and spots on your face.

Best Makeup Brushes

↓ 25 – Foundation Brush

Foundation is probably something everyone uses, it is the most important makeup product, and you need the right brush for its effective application. You should apply foundation to all ends of your face with a brush like this, there are many lengths of foundation brushes, but in my opinion this is the best size.

Best Makeup Brushes

↓ 24 – Eyeshadow Brush

Eyes are always the first thing to be noticed and they should always look beautiful and attractive, that is why an eyeshadow brush is imperative to have. Eyeshadow brushes are of many types, this is the most common one used for the eyelid and brow bone.

Best Makeup Brushes

wet n wild Small Eyeshadow Brush – $0.98

↓ 23 – Lash and Brow Brush

This brush is also known as an eyelash wand because it magically gives more volume to your eyelashes and eyebrows as well when used. When buying this brush, keep in my mind that the bristles are soft because hard bristles could hurt your brow skin.

Best Makeup Brushes

e.l.f. Eyelash & Brow Wand – $2.00

↓ 22 – What is a Crease Brush?

A crease brush is a type of eyeshadow brush that is specifically used for eyeshadow application on the crease of your eyelids to boost your eye look and provide you with perfection.

Best Makeup Brushes

SIGMA E62 Cut Crease Brush

Best Brands for Buying Makeup Brushes

Most Reliable Makeup Brushes Brands: Makeup is something that needs to be perfect otherwise your entire look could be destroyed, that is why you need the best quality and most variant makeup brushes while applying it. Here are the top makeup brushes brands when considering buying them.

↓ 21 – Maybelline New York Makeup Brushes

Maybelline New York is one of the top and best quality makeup brands. you should always consider buying your makeup brushes from Maybelline New York because they have the best makeup brushes kits.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 20 – Loreal Paris Makeup Brushes

This is another top makeup brush brand in terms of quality and quantity. It is the best choice to buy Loreal Paris makeup brushes because they have great efficiency while using them.

Best Makeup Brushes

↓ 19 – Essence Makeup Brushes

Essence is a very good makeup company as well as it has the best makeup brushes even if you have a low budget, that is why if you’re looking for something cheap and effective, you should go for their makeup brushes.

Best Makeup Brushes

↓ 18 – BH Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

BH Cosmetics is another affordable and reliable brand. Their makeup brushes collections have a lot of variety and should be considered for buying when shopping for makeup brushes.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 17 – Lancome Makeup Brushes

Lancome has turned out to be a legendary brand in today’s world, it is a French brand that has a great variety of makeup brushes just like a full kit of tools that plumbers have for their use.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 16 – Dior Makeup Brushes

Dior is one of the very elite makeup brands like chanel, this is why their products are of very high quality and their makeup brushes are considered to have highly remarkable results.

Best Makeup Brushes

↓ 15 – MAC Makeup Brushes

MAC is another one of the best makeup brush brands. It is widely known for being the global makeup artistry leader and having the ultimate color authority, their makeup brushes have the best softness and efficiency as well. They undoubtedly have the best makeup brushes.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 14 – Revlon Makeup Brushes

Revlon is an excellent makeup brand with reasonable prices, their makeup brushes have the sleekest look and are known as the trendsetters in today’s makeup world.

Best Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brush Collection

↓ 13 – Sephora Makeup Brushes

Sephora is one of the most elegant makeup brands, it is widely common across the globe. There is probably no better brand and place for shopping for makeup products and makeup brushes than Sephora.

Best Makeup Brushes

↓ 12 – Urban Decay Makeup Brushes

Urban Decay is a very classic and sleek makeup brand, their brushes are known as some of the most innovative makeup brushes in the makeup industry. It is always a wise choice to consider buying urban decay makeup brushes.

Best Makeup Brushes

Face Makeup Brushes

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↓ 11 – e.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

e.l.f. stands for eyes, lips, face. It is a very budget-friendly makeup brand having a wide collection of makeup brushes. All of its products and makeup brushes are of very high quality.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 10 – IT Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

IT Cosmetics is a makeup brand founded by a group of cosmetic surgeons, so there is no doubt that it is an extremely reliable brand because it was founded by makeup specialists. Also, its makeup brushes are created with much detailing.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 9 – Mecca Makeup Brushes

Mecca is a beauty retailer, it has its own range as well, known as Mecca Cosmetica. Their makeup brushes have high performance in terms of efficiency.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 8 – NYX Makeup Brushes

NYX is one of the fastest-growing top makeup brushes brands in the contemporary world. Their makeup brushes do reasonably well with great in-budget prices which is the best thing for buyers.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 7 – Napoleon Perdis Makeup Brushes

Napoleon Perdis is a makeup brand that started from a small makeup studio 29 years ago and today is one of the world’s leading brands. Their makeup brushes are doing exceptionally well in the markets today.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 6 – SHISEIDO Makeup Brushes

SHISEIDO is a very dedicated and devoted makeup brand. It has a set of extremely phenomenal makeup brushes known all around the world.

Best Makeup Brushes


Shop SHISEIDO Makeup Brushes Here


↓ 5 – Elizabeth Arden Makeup Brushes

Elizabeth Arden is a makeup brand providing a variety of skincare and anti-aging products. They have specific sets of makeup brushes for all types of people.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 4 – Clinique Makeup Brushes

Clinique is a very unique makeup brand that provides custom-fit makeup according to your complexion. It has great makeup brushes that can be used for all types of skins.

Best Makeup Brushes

The Brush Collection

↓ 3 – Covergirl Makeup Brushes

Covergirl’s slogan is “Easy, breezy and beautiful” that perfectly explains how well their makeup brushes work. Their brushes are high-quality, trusted and reasonable in terms of prices.

Best Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brush Collection

↓ 2 – NARS Makeup Brushes

NARS is a peak-hit makeup brand that encourages women to experiment with their makeup and in order to experiment, you need good makeup brushes which are also offered by them in a good amount of variety like the sets of best makeup brushes for beginners.

Best Makeup Brushes


↓ 1 – Where to Buy the Best Makeup Brushes

Brand Name

Price Range 

Maybelline New York

$4 - $10

Loreal Paris

$13 - $30


$1 - $10

BH Cosmetics

$7 - $31


$7 - $49


$20 - $155


$10 - $53


$8 - $16


$3 - $125

Urban Decay

$10 - $49

e.l.f. Cosmetics

$2 - $4

IT Cosmetics

$10 - $58


$25 - $1000


$9 - $19

Napoleon Perdis

$5 - $29


$24 - $49

Elizabeth Arden

$5 - $34


$4 - $41


$7 - $60


$6 - $25

You can find most of the best makeup brushes on amazon but in case you do not want to shop online or are going out for shopping, consider going to these places for the best variety of makeup brushes.


About: Sephora’s a French retailer of individual care and beauty products. It includes about 3,000 brands, in conjunction with its own private name, Sephora Collection, Sephora offers beauty care products as well as cosmetics, skincare, body, scent, nail paints, beauty instruments, body moisturizers, and haircare.

Price Range: $3 – $370


About: Sam Walton founded the prime Walmart in 1962 at the age of 44 in Rogers, Arkansas. Walmart is a chain of grocery and departmental stores within the US. It has moreover extended globally. Through development, they are making a consistent encounter to let clients shop anytime and anyplace online, through portable gadgets, and in stores.

Price Range: $1 – $200


About: Mecca Brands Pty Ltd is a locally-owned private company, determines income from the retail sale of makeup and related items. The company utilizes almost 3,200 individuals and works in Australia and New Zealand. It is managed from its headquarters in Richmond, Victoria. They offer an exclusive range of over 100 brands. They have their own items as well in three special beauty concepts that are, Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima, and MECCA.

Price Range: $5 – $579

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Q: What is the best brand of makeup brushes?

The are a lot of makeup brush brands that are doing extremely good today but according to me the best brands for makeup brushes are Urban Decay, Maybelline New York, NARS and Loreal Paris.

Q: What makeup brushes do professionals use?

Professional makeup artists mostly use Dior, Chanel, NYX and MAC makeup brushes.

Q: What are the most important makeup brushes to have?

The most important makeup brushes that you should always have are the foundation, eyeshadow, contour, and highlighter brushes.

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