Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

Best Professional Hair Dye Brands In India. Covering graying hair can be a nightmare for some as no matter how much you dye your hair, they end up looking the same within a few days. While the purpose of a hair dye is to provide temporary coverage, some hair dyes just do not last enough.

If you are one of those experiencing this problem, read on to find professional hair dye brands available in India that are sure to transform your look. Hair Dye Products typically contain Ammonia, which busts through the hair cuticle to deliver the color. This, in turn, affects the quality and structure of the hair, leaving them unhealthy and dull. It is advisable to use the highest quality of hair dye to maintain its health and shine. Avoid using Hair Dyes with Harsh Chemicals and opt for products enhancing the overall health of your hair.


Before you get your hands on these products, read the following tips to achieve healthy and silky tresses.

  • Avoid dyeing your hair excessively, allowing them to breathe every once in a while.
  • Opt for brands that are used professionally based on their high quality.
  • Find the right hair color for your complexion. Not everyone can carry the same look effortlessly.
  • If you plan on dying your hair at home, make sure to use some help to prevent things from going wrong.
  • Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for color-treated hair.
  • Apply a good mask to your strands a day before getting the hair dye done.
  • If you have never dyed your hair before, it is best to get a hair consultation before.
  • Do not rely solely on the shade displayed on the box and do your own research to find the right color.
  • With dyed hair, it is important to protect them from the UV Rays. You can do so by wearing scarfs, hats, and sprays.
  • Test the hair color out before application by applying a small dab behind the ear to rule out any allergies.
  • The products listed below may be subject to availability.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India


↓ 10. L’Oréal Paris

The top choice for most Indian Celebrities in terms of an International Hair Dye Brand is L’Oréal Paris. The brand proudly owns three categories of Hair Colors ranging from Temporary to Semi-Permanent to Permanent Hair Dye Products.

The Excellence Crème Hair Dye is a permanent hair dye product promising 100% Grey Coverage. The triple care protection formula leaves the hair colored yet soft. The Pro-Keratin, Ceramide and Collagen Formula is a long-lasting hair dye that helps protect and strengthen your locks.

The Semi-Permanent Hair Dye that L’Oréal offers is the Casting Crème Gloss. The Ammonia Free Product offers a 4-times glossier look and leaving your hair looking like a natural color. The reasonably priced product lasts up to 25-28 washes and offers optimal gray hair coverage. The brand has been endorsed by the likes of Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, and Sonam Kapoor. These hair dyes are reasonably priced and can be easily found in both stores and online.

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Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 9. BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Crème

The BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine dye promises to give salon-like results at home. The product comes in 7-Shades, tailored to match the Indian Skin Tone. The silk protein in the product nourishes the hair, leaving them smooth and soft.

The added benefit is how the product has no ammonia. Most of the reviews regarding the BBlunt Product cannot stop praising about the shine it has left them with. Hair dyes often come packed with chemicals and leave the hair very unhealthy. However, with no traces of ammonia, the product is sure to leave you with healthier hair.

The product offers 100% Grey Coverage and lasts up to 6-8 Weeks. The colors available include Blueberry Bloom, Mulled Wine, Honey, Mahogany, Chocolate, Classic Black, and Coffee. Each of these colors is perfectly picked for the Indian Skin Tone and can provide the change you may be looking for.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 8. Godrej Expert

Godrej Expert is known to be India’s most used Hair Color Brand. The Rich Creme Hair Color comes in 5 shades and is enriched with Aloe vera and Milk Protein conditioning formula. Through this, the product ensures the user is left with softer hair.

Additionally, like the L’Oréal Paris and BBlunt Hair Dye, Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Color is Ammonia free preventing the hair from any damage. The user-friendly product comes in pre-measured packs, saving you the time and hassle.

The brand also offers a unique product which is the Godrej Expert Advanced Gel Hair Color. The product comes in powder form which forms a gel once mixed with water. The good aspect of this product is how easily it glides onto each strand without dripping.

Like the Rich Creme Hair Color, the advanced gel also has no traces of ammonia, preventing any possible hair damage. This product only comes in two shades: Natural Black and Natural Brown.

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Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 7. Schwarzkopf

The International Brand, Schwarzkopf, is commonly used in most salons for the perfect hair makeover. The brand offers products suited to different skin colors and undertones. The brand’s Igora Royal Collection has the right salon-quality results. Most users of this brand believe the hair color to be fade resistant and gentle on the hair.

This might just be one of the reasons why this brand is commonly used in Salons. The product offers great coverage and comes with a number of shades to choose from. The only drawback to it is the price which is higher than that of the other brands. However, the quality and standard of it are worth the price.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 6. Clairol

The Clairol Professional Line includes the Textures & Tones product which is infused with Jojoba and 5 botanical extracts to leave the hair moisturized. Additionally, it is ammonia free and comes in 16 inter-mixable colors. On the other hand, the Clairol Beautiful Collection is a semi-permanent hair dye offering long-lasting results.

The moisturizing and conditioning formula includes Aloe, Jojoba and Vitamin E which leaves the hair soft and with two times the shine. The price is slightly higher than that of other brands but can be ignored for the high quality and moisturizing formula offered. The product is available with most Online Retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and SnapDeal.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 5. Revlon

The Revlon ColorSilk collection offers a range of natural colors to choose from. The product is great at protecting the hair against potential UV ray damage. It offers 100% Grey Coverage and is ammonia-free. With this formula, it happens to be a smart choice for individuals looking for non-damaging hair dyes. The brand claims to cover the grey hair within 5 minutes.

With a performance like that, the product can become a go-to for many working men and women. The package includes a conditioner to help maintain the softness. The hair dye comes with a 3D Technology that leaves your hair with a multidimensional finish.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 4. Wella

Wella Hair Dying products are widely used around the globe and are known for their excellent quality. The brand includes a wide range of colors and types. Wella Kolestint Hair Colour Cream is a gel-like creme that comes with a pre-coloring treatment.

The treatment is infused with an almond extract which is used to enable the hair to absorb the color. It is known to give a shiny and healthy look to the hair. Other Wella Products include the Illumina Color which was developed by the Wella Professionals.

The Luxe Oil includes argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil that protect the hair against any potential damage. It also protects the hair cuticle and giving a multidimensional look. The hair dye is known to give a 100% Natural look, something that most people look for in a brand.

On the other hand, Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Haircolor is a long-lasting hair dye product that does not require regular touch-ups. This Ammonia and PPD free product is great at covering the grey hair. For individuals that dye their hair with the sole purpose of concealing their grey hair, this can be a great tool. Wella products are known to be super lightweight and also strengthen the hair, enhancing their overall health.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 3. Arctic fox

The American Brand, Arctic Fox, is Vegan and Cruelty-Free that sells Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes. Additionally, 15% of the profits are donated to Animal Charities. It was started by Kristen Leanne, who has always had a love for bright, neon-colored hair. Individuals with a love for funky and neon shades can definitely opt for their products.

The Hair Dyes do not contain any drying alcohols, PPDs, or harsh chemicals. The brand comes with 20 unique and bright shades like Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple among others. The hair colors are extremely pigmented and fade after 8 washes. The added conditioner provides nourishment that is essential for color-treated hair. Furthermore, despite being highly pigmented, it does not bleed out or stains sheets. Due to the absence of harsh chemicals, the product does not smell bad.

However, the product is sold at a very high price within India, and with the color fading within 8 washes, the product is short-lived. For a price like that, individuals would prefer a long-lasting color. Additionally, pre-color treatment is not provided with the Arctic Fox Hair Dyes and would cost additionally.

Though it is important to note that the product is of high quality and is largely chemical-free. Bright colors like those offered by Arctic Fox are not used solely to cover the grey hair but rather to create a different look. The product would not be required for regular touch-ups and is known to fade in a manner, creating beautiful tones along the process.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 2. Garnier

Apart from having some of the most amazing cleansers, masks, and other skincare products, Garnier is known for its Hair Dye Products. The Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color comes infused with Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and Coconut oil.

The formula nourishes the hair, preventing split ends and adding the much-needed gloss. Additionally, it adds shine to the hair and leaves the color for longer. The product promises 100% Grey Coverage and comes in about 8 shades that are perfect for the Indian Complexion.

It comes with a non-drip formula that is easy to apply. Garnier is known to be one of the most affordable brands and the hair color range is easy on the pocket. The triple oil formula helps keep the hair moisturized and prevents drying them out.

However, unlike most of the products listed, Garnier Hair Colors are not free from Ammonia and can damage the hair in the long term. The Garnier Color Naturals Range comes with separate products for Men as hair dying is not specifically limited to women. Garnier Products can easily be found in most stores and is also available online.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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↓ 1. Streax

The brand Streax produces a range of hair colors catering to the needs of Salons, making the product of superior quality. Launched in 2004, the brand aimed at evolving the hair trends in India. Streax Crème hair color is rich with Walnut Oil which is known to hydrate the hair, prevent hair breakage, and create a thicker look.

Additionally, the walnut oil helps lock the moisture, keeping them well-nourished and smooth. With that in place, it allows even coverage on the hair. The only drawback to it is how it contains chemicals. The brand is one of the most affordable ones but may not be best in terms of quality and formula.

Another one of the collections by Streax includes the Streax Tender Loving Colours. The range launched in 2013 with the aim of offering luxurious hair care. Apart from the grey coverage, the product offers great care to the hair.

The No-Ammonia, gel-based color gives the perfect shiny look. The hair conditioner and serum help maintain the overall health of your hair. Enriched with Bio-Essence of Kiwi and Passion Fruit, the product comes in 5 shades. The brand is available in India and other parts of the world.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dye Brands In India

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