10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

Best Acne Patch Brands: Gone are the days when we would wake up with a nasty humongous pimple on our face and decide to take the day off from college or work, because of how bad we thought we looked. Going from doing spot treatment of a pimple with homemade remedies (such as putting a clove of garlic for 5 minutes on your pimple), to white pasty lotions in the name of organic skincare products for acne which would stay on our face for the rest of the day, we have now been blessed with acne patches.

Acne patches are basically tiny band-aids, but for pimples. Every once in a while we are surprised by an unexpected stubborn pimple, and acne patches are just the perfect fit to get rid of them. Acne patches, pimple patches, zit stickers, healing dots – they all consist of active ingredients that help in combating the bacteria in a pimple. Ingredients like hydrocolloid not only kill the bacteria but also soothe inflammation and prevent scarring. Acne patches vary in size and color. Some of them provide instant results while others require you to leave them overnight. All in all, they are an easy and effective way to treat acne, with no unnecessary complications involved.

How To Apply Pimple Patches

Since the skin of the face is very delicate, we need to be very careful about what we put on it, even if they are made especially for your skin. Therefore, we have prepared a list of do’s and don’ts for pimple patches so you can achieve the best results while simultaneously protecting your face from unwanted hazards.

  • Make sure your face is nice and clean. Cleanse your face of residual makeup products ,dirt and oil, or else these pimple patches will prove ineffective.
  • Applying the acne patch to your pimple should be the second step in your skin care routine. This means that you will cleanse your face and then apply the patch; before you put any serum, moisturizer or sunscreen. This has to be done to yield the best results.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before picking the patch up. You do not want to transfer any dirt, oil or other filth from your fingers to your face, through the pimple patch. This will, in fact, invalidate the entire purpose of the acne patch.
  • Do not put the patch on your pimple prematurely. You should wait a while for the pimple to fully develop, as it will be absorbing the puss. It will not be able to do that if the pimple is just growing out.
  • Do not remove the patch too soon. On average, you should leave it on for 8-12 hours, but you can remove it once you notice that the patch has turned cloudy.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

Top 10 Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin

Out of all skin types, acne-prone skin needs the most care. Therefore, we have drawn up a list of the best acne patches for cystic acne.

Pimple PatchesPrices
1 – Cosrx Pimple Patches $8
2 – ZitSticka Killa Pimple Patch $29
3 – Alba Botanica Acnedote Pimple Patches $7.67
4 – Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch $11.99
5 – Avarelle Acne Pimple Patch $13.50
6 – Nexcare Acne Cover $7.99
7 – Peace Out Acne Healing Dots $19
8 – Acropass Trouble Cure $18
9 – Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches $11.69
10- StarFace Hydro Stars$10.99

10 – StarFace Hydro Stars

StarFace pimple patches will not only bring healing power to your acne, but they will also bring a smile to your face! In comparison to plain boring acne patches, these come in the shape of stars, to make them look more friendly, which also helps in reducing the stigma of ‘disgust’ being associated with pimples. These creative stickers are gentle on your skin, along with being instantly effective.

  • Many users said this brand made them feel comfortable with their acne.
  • On average, Starface received 4.4 stars from reviewers.
  • Although expensive, some customers think these star acne patches are worth the price.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

HYDRO-STARS™ – Party Pack – $10.99

Starface Hydrostars Starters Pack Target – $14.99

9 – Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches

These are hydrocolloid acne patches that provide instant results in comparison to other zit stickers. They are powerful extra-absorbent stickers that can stay on your face without the risk of being peeled off. But the greatest thing about these Mighty patches is that they come in four different types, each for a different reason.

The Original Mighty patches are hydrocolloid patches that work on extracting the pimple and clearing blemishes.

The Mighty Patch Surface is an extra-large acne patch that can cover a whole breakout instead of just one pimple. It provides healing in up to 6 hours or application. These surface acne patches are best for cystic acne.

The Mighty Patch Invisible works the same way as the original, but it has the ability to conceal your pimple. It is especially for those people who are conscious about their appearance.

The Mighty Patch Micropoint is a micro-needle patch with Micro points that deliver active ingredients directly to your pimple which help in eradicating the pimple during the early stage.

  • Many concerned customers will be relieved to know that Mighty Patch is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!
  • The original Mighty patch has 4.6 stars of customer ratings on average, on their website.
  • Some negative reviewers said that they were unable to see results even after 3 weeks.

Mighty Patch Original from Hero Cosmetics AMAZON – $11.69

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original Walmart – $12.99

8 – Acropass Trouble Cure

These patches not only work on your acne but also contain other skin hydrating and glow-enhancing ingredients such as hyaluronic and niacinamide. So when you apply these patches to your skin, it will ensure that all signs of irritation and scarring are gone from your face.

  • This brand claims to prevent major breakdowns in the future.
  • These patches also release their ingredients deep into the skin so that maximum results are achieved.
  • However, some reviewers have said that it took more than a week to see results.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

ACROPASS Trouble Cure – $18

Acropass Trouble Cure Bundle Pack Amazon

7 – Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

If you want to use acne patches overnight and want to achieve excellent results, then the ‘Peace Out Acne’ healing dots are right for you. Along with other acne healing ingredients, these pimple patches are also packed with aloe vera and vitamin A, which is a quick fix for blemishes. They soothe and clarify the skin, leaving you with healthy and glowing skin with little to no redness.

  • These healing dots are very easy to use. No complications involved.
  • Some reviewers state that these healing dots do not work on every kind of blemishes.
  • These patches are not suitable for people with cystic acne, as it cannot clear or minimize their pimples.
  • These patches are not budget friendly, as you will pay $19 only for 10 patches.
  • Sometimes more than one healing dot is needed to clear up the blemish. Therefore, the treatment will prove even more expensive than it already is.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

PEACEOUT Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots – $19

Peace Out Acne Dots Amazon – $40.99

6 – Nexcare Acne Cover

These acne patches are best for clogged pores. They are extra quick in absorbing the oil from your clogged pores, which might have turned into humongous pimples. This means that they suck the puss from your pimple right away. They come in two sizes; small and large, which you can use for your breakouts accordingly.

  • Customers have found this product very satisfying, especially when they take the acne patch off and they see all the gooey residue from the pimple.
  • Many users have noted that these patches work great on big pimples, that need extraction right away.
  • Some reviewers do not like how the Nexcare Acne covers are thick. It makes their appearance on the skin very obvious.
  • It should also be noted that both sides of these patches are sticky. This makes them extremely inconvenient, especially when using them overnight, as they can get stuck to pillow cases etc.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

Nexcare Acne Cover Amazon – $7.99

Nexcare acne cover Walmart – $11.87

5 – Avarelle Acne Pimple Patch

The Avarelle pimple patches are best to be used on all skin tones. They are specially designed in a way that the patches blend with the skin, no matter the skin color. This also makes these patches very effective in hiding dark spots. They are packed with active ingredients such as tea tree oil, Calendula oil, and Cica. This allows Avarelle acne pimple patches to have more benefits as compared to other pimple patches on the market.

  • These hydrocolloid patches are cruelty free and vegan.
  • They are also unscented. This is another added benefit of Avarelle pimple patches, as artificial fragrances can harm your skin.
  • Their design is very convenient. You can easily apply and remove these patches without having strong adhesive stuck to your face and fingers.
  • The best thing about these patches are that they also work on pregnancy acne.
  • Some reviewers have, however, pointed out that these patches do not stick very well to the skin.
  • Another con of these patches, as noted by some reviewers is that they are too powerful. Therefore, they might worsen already irritated skin.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

Avarelle Cosmetics MORNING & NIGHT BUNDLE – $13.50

Avarelle Acne Patches Amazon – $21.25

4 – Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

Rael acne patches are great for instant results. They absorb pus and other bacteria prom pimples in just 4 to 6 hours. Furthermore, it takes very little time for it to flatten the pimples and remove the redness as well. Among many other advantages of this product, the main one is that they come in different variations, each for a different purpose.

The Rael Beauty Microcrystal Spot Cover Acne Patches are Dermatologist Tested acne patches that have penetrating microcrystals that deliver active ingredients right into cystic acne in less than 2 hours. It contains White Willow Bark Extract which is a natural exfoliant and excellent for unclogging pores.

The Rael Beauty Pimple Patch Spot Control Cover is an extra-large acne patch that is specially designed in a contoured shape, best suited to be placed on the cheekbones, forehead, and chin. These are the places where breakouts usually take place. They are also large enough to be applied to breakouts on other parts of the body such as your back and chest.

The Rael Beauty Microcrystal Dark Spot Cover patches are meant to be used in the last stages of the acne cycle. This is because these patches work on reducing the hyperpigmentation and darkness left by a stubborn pimple. The Microcrystal Dark Spot covers will make your complexion fairer and clearer due to its skin-brightening ingredients such as Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, and Broccoli Extract.

The Rael Beauty Miracle Overnight Acne Spot Cover works miraculously on your pimple while you are asleep. It is a non-drying acne patch with strong adhesive, which gently sticks to your skin and provides eradication of pimples overnight.

  • Rael Beauty’s acne patches are suitable for all skin types, ranging from extremely dry to oily skin.
  • These patches are scent free.
  • These zit patches are recommended for customers with mature skin.
  • Rael beauty claims that they do not use any artificial preservatives. Their acne patches are also free of parabens and other harmful substances.
  • Many customers loved that these acne patches were waterproof.
  • Some reviewers experienced issues about not receiving the right count of patches as mentioned on the packaging.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

Rael Beauty Miracle Acne Patches Target – $11.99

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Bundle Pack Amazon – 44.99

3 – Alba Botanica Acnedote Pimple Patches

These completely paraben-free patches contain healing fluid that will not only flatten your pimple in a few hours but also successfully deal with all of the aftermaths. The Alba Botania Acne dots are also translucent, so when you put them on your face, They will have a clear matte finish. They act as a barrier between your pimple and your pimple-picking habits.

  • The Alba Botanica pimple patches are extremely budget friendly.
  • Some customers love the minty smell of these patches.
  • These acne patches do not contain salycilic acid, which is an ingredient that many customers require to heal their acne.
  • These pimple stickers have a pale color, which might not suit most skin types.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

Alba Botanica Acnedote Pimple Patches Walmart – $7.67

ALBA BOTANICA – Acnedote Pimple Patches Amazon – $5.99

2 – ZitSticka Killa Pimple Patch

These stickers are your best bet when it comes to acne patches for cystic acne. These pimple patches contain self-dissolving micro-darts that instantly deliver ingredients inside the pimple such as hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, salicylic acid for unclogging pores, and niacinamide for the calming of inflammation.

  • Zitsticka Killa pimple patches have proven to provide guaranteed results when applied to cystic hormonal acne.
  • They are vegan friendly.
  • Some reviewers stated that these stickers take a long time to show effective results.
  • Many customers have also complained about these stickers not sticking well on the face.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

KILLA Kit – $29.00

KILLA Kit by ZitSticka Amazon

1 – Cosrx Pimple Patches

These pimple patches are by far the most popular and highest-rated acne patches for acne-prone skin. Cosrx pimple patches are Korean patches that come in three different sizes in the same pack. They are known for getting rid of stubborn pimples quite quickly and effortlessly.

  • Other brands only contain one size of patches in a pack, meanwhile the Cosrx patches have a variation of size in their pack. This sets Cosrx apart from other brands.
  • This brand is very affordable.
  • Has a cult following due to do successful results.
10 Best Acne Patch Brands For Acne Prone Skin With Reviews

COSRX Acne Master Patch – $8.00

COSRX Acne Pimple Patch Amazon

How Did We Choose?

To find the best acne patches for acne-prone skin, we took secondary data that was already available on the internet such as customer reviews and ratings from beauty gurus. Simultaneously, we carried out our own tests and observations where we assigned each brand of acne patches to members of a group with different ethnicities, skin types, and skin conditions, and then we asked them to share their personal experiences with the patches.


Q: Do acne patches worsen acne?

A: No, since acne patches are specifically designed to help with acne and its scarring, dermatologists actually recommend acne patches because they heal your pimple faster and better.

Q: Can you use pimple patch every day?

A: Yes, you can use a pimple patch every day, until you achieve your desired results. However, one patch should not be left on the same pimple for more than 12 hours.

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