19 Best Khussa Brands In Pakistan 2022 With Price And Reviews

Leading Khussa Brands in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, the popularity of khussas has increased all over Pakistan. Now multiple brands have either added khussa to their collection or are solely a khussa selling company. The exquisite and royal touch a khussa adds to attire is the main reason behind its fame. Certainly, it adds final touches to an ethnic or festive outfit. Moreover, it is one of the comfiest shoes that you can wear anywhere and everywhere without shying away. Be it a formal lunch or a wedding, they are the ultimate savior. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will find your perfect khussa brand in Pakistan to purchase from.

The History of Khussa’s and Best Khussa Brands?

Khussa has a deep-rooted history with a very rich cultural heritage belonging to the central and southern parts of the subcontinent. Initially, it was a wooden sandal that later transformed during the Mughal’s rule into heavily embellished khussa sandals and was studded with jewels. As the styling sense evolved, they got customized and took the form we see today.

The traditional khussa of Pakistan originally is Saraiki handcrafted footwear produced in Multan. The process of making a shoe out of vegetable tanned leather is very delicate and requires great expertise. Once the khussa is ready it is covered in fabric and decorated with embroidery, mirrors, gems, and much more.    

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Tips to Choose the Finest Khussa Brands in Pakistan

While choosing the best khussa brand in Pakistan there are certain things to be kept in mind. A brand needs to fulfill the criteria to be your choice.

  • Quality of Leather – Firstly, match the leather used in the sole and uppers as it has to be stiff and thick to be considered top-notch. Evidently, this is what makes your khussas last long with minimal damage. 
  • Stitching of the Khussa – Surely, stitching depicts the workmanship of khussa. Also, it tells how much effort and time has been invested in the making. 
  • Comfort Level – As khussas are already considered the comfiest footwear, you must choose padded shoes. You not only look good but also stay relaxed during the entire event. 
  • Designs and Patterns – Certainly, khussa is a chic and classy shoe. Their appearance is what makes them different from one another. Either you are wearing eastern or western clothes, it will always go well.  
  • The Perfect Fit – While khussa might feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning make sure you choose the right size. Not only should your heel slide in easily but also the toes should stay straight.  

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Rs.2000 - Rs.4500 

 Retro Walk  

Rs.2500 - Rs.5500

Chapter 13

Rs.1200 - Rs.4095

Khussa Darbar 

Rs.1250 - Rs.2550


Rs.3000 - Rs.4000  

Jooti Shooti

Rs.1400 - Rs.3840 

Khussa Kherri 

Rs.950 - Rs.1549 

TJK Desgins 

Rs.1619  Rs.2999 


Rs.2500 - Rs.5400 


Rs.800 - Rs.5000 

Unze London

Rs.1749 - Rs.2499 

Dazzle by Sarah 

Rs.2250 - Rs.6650 

Khussa Planet 

Rs.1499 - Rs.2699 

Khussa Mahal

Rs.1250 - Rs.2000 

Gul Khan

Rs.1850 - Rs.2099 

Soma Shoes 

Rs.8118 - Rs.12989 


Rs.1700 - Rs.4200 

La Mosaik 

Rs.2450 - Rs.3850 

Khussa Corner 

Rs.999 - Rs.2299 

↓ 19 – Zuruj

Certainly, the khussas available at Zuruj are the perfect combination of luxury and traditions. The craftsmanship is exhibited in their hand sewed khussa that not only look grand but also are the comfiest. Moreover, the designs are so intricate and exquisite that you can not take your eyes off them. Also, they have an entire collection of matching khussa and clutches to go with any outfit. 

Price range: While the khussa costs between Rs. 2000 to 4500, you can purchase it with a matching clutch for Rs. 5000.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Zun-25 – Rs.2,400.00

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

CL-4 – Rs.5,000.00

↓ 18 – Retro Walk 

Surely, Retro Walk not only has a vast range of khussa available but also has great customer service. As you enter an event wearing them, it adds beauty to your feet and gives a pleasant feeling. In addition, they have all kinds of khussas from nawabi to designer collections. Also, there is a premium leather range. 

Cost price: The khussas start as low as Rs. 2500 with the designer wear ranging up to Rs. 5000

Khussa Brands In Pakistan


↓ 17 – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 has an exclusive khussa range. Clearly, the hand-painted range is the highlight of all the shoes. The design is so neat that every single line and dot is visible to the naked eye. Adding on, they have velvet khussa too that are available in almost all colors to match your daily outfits.  

Price range: Certainly, this specific khussa brand in Pakistan targets all the customers with the khussas priced between Rs. 1200 – Rs. 4000.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan


↓ 16 – Khussa Darbar

Evidently, Khussa Darbar is as royal as its name. If we talk about sequins, cut-daana, pearls, zaree work, and much more in khussa, we can find it all in their collection. Above all, the names of their khussa range give a more exquisite and majestic vibe. Also, they have brought back the tie-dye that is a major fashion trend of 2021. Finally, they also customize khussas as shown below. 

Price: It is one of the most reasonable brands of Khussa in Pakistan with prices between Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2500.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Tie-dye – Rs. 1250

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Customized Order- Rs.2299

↓ 15 – Natty 

Indeed, Natty gave the traditional juttis an edgy look. Their khussa not only look classy and chic but also make you feel fun-loving and fresh. They are an absolute delight to wear especially for those who love experimenting. Clearly, the way they have designed their khussa shows how many creative minds are behind it. 

Costing: Exclusive things are sometimes expensive and thus the khussa at Natty is priced at Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Swan – ₨ 3,800

↓ 14 – Jooti Shooti 

Despite modernization, Jooti Shooti is a brand that is strongly working to revive the local artist and folk art through their footwear. Surely, their khussas are exemplary as they celebrate and cherish the traditions and heritage of Pakistan. Moreover, they have introduced many innovative designs such as a catsy khussa for all the cat lovers. 

Price range: The khussa available at Jooti Shooti is sold at Rs. 1400 to Rs. 3800.   

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Catsy Khussa – Rs. 2500

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Mughlai Khussa – Rs. 2800

↓ 13 – Khussa Kherri 

Certainly, Khussa Kherri is a local brand that deals with daily wear khussa that are not only basic but also chic. You can either pair them with jeans and a top or some everyday shalwar kameez. Most importantly, they make all their khussa with pure leather and further decorate it with paints or cut work. 

Cost price: Evidently, it is a very reasonable brand with its shoes only priced between Rs. 950 to Rs. 1550.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Pure Leather – Rs. 1149

↓ 12 – TJK Designs 

TJK Designs sells khussa that is one of its kind not only because of how pretty they look but also them being the comfiest. They are one of the most preferred brands especially by celebrities who wish to stand out amongst a crowd. Furthermore, they make khussa that are suitable for all kinds of events. Surely, the ajrak design is the new look of the year.

Price: Considering the appearance of the khussa, TJK Designs is an affordable brand with its khussa starting at Rs. 1600 and going up to only Rs. 3000.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

PEONY – RS. 1,999

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

RS. 1,799

↓ 11 – Mochari 

Though the khussa collection at Mochari seems to be limited, it is undoubtedly exclusive. They make every single piece with extreme professionalism and hard work. Evidently, they have pride in every khussa they make. Adding on, their khussa always gives a sense of individuality and elegance along with maintaining the comfort level.

Cost of Khussa: The khussa are priced between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5400.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

MK-19- Rs.3,800.00

↓ 10 – Stylo

Stylo is one of the oldest shoe-selling brands of Pakistan, besides, it also deals with khussa. Nevertheless, they have a vast range of khussa starting from basics to formal. But, best of all are their bridal range. Not only are the khussas heavily studded but also feel very comfortable. Unquestionably, they are life-saving for the brides on their big day. Also, you can easily utilize them later.

Price range: The everyday khussa at Stylo is around Rs. 800, whereas the bridal collection is priced at Rs. 5000.  

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Ethnic Khusa- Rs. 4500

↓ 9 – Unze London 

Surely, Unze London has one of the largest selections of footwear. It not only keeps up with the latest trends but also has 31 years of experience in producing high-quality shoes. Also, they follow quite a minimalist style while designing their shoes to make them look elegant yet chic. Moreover, all their khussa ranges are available in a variety of colors.

Costing : Khussas at Unze London is between Rs. 1700 to Rs. 2500.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

“LORRAINE “- Rs. 2499

↓ 8 – Dazzle by Sarah

Undoubtedly, Dazzle by Sarah is a shoe brand that has dedicated all its effort to make the finest khussa anyone has ever seen. Not only does every single pair of theirs depicts the labor and love that went in making it but also it shows the passion of the workers behind it. Certainly, the juttis require all the acknowledgment one can give. In addition, their khussa are a treat for the feet.

Cost price: They sell their khussa at prices between Rs.2250 – Rs.6650.  

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Latte – Rs. 3,550

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Sapphire – Rs. 3,850

↓ 7 – Khussa Planet

Are you in search of a khussa that is different from the usual? Then the tie khussa from Khussa Planet has to be your choice. The different look not only makes you stand out but also gives a feeling of uniqueness. 

Price: Their price range is Rs.1499 – Rs.2699.   

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Tie Khussa- Rs. 1849

↓ 6 – Khussa Mahal

Khussa Mahal has been contributing to keeping the Pakistani traditions alive through their footwear. Certainly, the khussas that they make are the representation of the long-lost culture and heritage of our country. Best of all is their leather collection which they then decorate with mirrors or tassels.

Cost of khussa: It is a quite reasonable brand with khussa sold at Rs.1250 – Rs.2000.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Leather- Rs. 1500

↓ 5 – Gul Khan

Primarily Gul Khan is a brand that believes in reviving truck art in different forms. Similarly, it has introduced khussas that are specially painted and designed with patterns like that of truck art. The bold vibrant colors and the intricate artwork, all give a very traditional and cultural vibe. 

Price range: Despite the efforts, they sell the khussas only at Rs.1850 – Rs.2099.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Design 1232 – ₨2,099

↓ 4 – Soma Shoes 

Soma International is a shoe brand that gave a modern touch to traditional khussas. Firstly, they brought uniqueness by giving khussa a different name. “Embellished ballet flats” are what they call it. Moreover, there is much more to it including the vibrant colors, exquisite designs, chic details, etc. Surely, their dedication is seen through the high quality of the khussas.

Cost: It is an expensive brand selling shoes at Rs.8118 – Rs.12989 but they are worth it.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Sparkling Floral – Rs. 12989

↓ 3 – Zari

When we hear of Zari khussas, the first thing to cross our minds is how gorgeous and glamorous they are. Unquestionably, the workers pay attention to the minutest detail so that the best product can be sold. Furthermore, their khussas are decorated with fine thread and spectacular jewels so that no eyes can resist the beauty of it. 

Price: The khussa are priced between Rs.1700 – Rs.4200.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Kundan- Rs. 3150

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Denim Deux – Rs.2400

↓ 2 – La Mosaik 

The khussas made by La Mosaik are irresistible. Surely, they are so charming and stunning that everyone wishes to own one of their pairs. Every single piece of theirs has its individuality that makes the person wearing them stay in the highlight. If you are a fan of Bohemian style, the khussa down below has to be your next purchase. 

Cost price: The price of their khussas is between Rs.2450 – Rs.3850.


Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Boho – ₨2,950

↓ 1 – Khussa Corner 

The name is self-explanatory of the brand. It sells all varieties of khussa, especially Kundan khussa, embroidery khussa, and bridal khussa. Every single customer is very much satisfied with not only the product but also the services. 

Price range: The affordable brand has khussa priced between Rs.999 – Rs.2299.

Khussa Brands In Pakistan

Black beast – Rs2100

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Q. What clothes should you wear with a Khussa?

Unquestionably, khussa is very unique and useful footwear. You do not need a specific outfit to wear a khussa with. Either it is denim or bell-bottoms, a khussa will always complement the look. Surely, it can blend with everything and look like a perfect match.
Though in our opinion, khussas work best with jeans or wide-leg trousers.

Q. How to keep your Khussa’s clean and safe?

Certainly, good quality khussas are expensive and need great care. It is important to store them in a cool and dry place so that the leather does not wear off. Adding on, always keep them wrapped in a muslin cloth within a box or bag. In case they get dirty, use a damp cotton towel to clean and place them away from direct sunlight to dry.   

Q. What are the differences between men and women khussa?

Evidently, it is only the appearance of the khussa that makes it different for both genders. While men’s khussa are broad and expanded at the edge, women’s khussa are more elegant and shorter in design. Furthermore, men’s khussa are more simple looking and usually without any decoration. However, ladies khussa are studded with jewels or have designs with fine embroidery.


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