18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

Top Pakistani furniture brands –Buying furniture is a significant one-time commitment, and it might seem like a daunting task right off the bat. You might spend hours tenting your brows trying to look up what furniture brands to trust and which ones to avoid. After all, when you’re making a big investment, you’ve got to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

Well, if you are in a similar dilemma like this, you’re in for a treat! Today we’re going to disclose the top 15 Pakistani furniture brands you need to check out! Also, take a look at the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands For Every Budget.

18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

Pakistani Best Furniture Stores

Whether you’re buying furniture on a budget or going for luxury items, used furniture, or brand new stuff, there’s no denying that you have to be mindful of a few things here and there to avoid getting scammed or getting something that’s not worth its value. There’s an art to finding the right things. You have to take your living space and style into account too. Good interior design can change the whole vibe of a place. It can turn a shabby old apartment into a chic and vintage one. For more ideas, check out the 15 Best Small Boutique Interior Design Ideas.

How Did We Decide?

For this ranking, we totaled the Instagram and Facebook following of each brand. According to this criterion, the more followers they have on both platforms combined, the higher they rank.

Also note that there are many well-known international furniture brands in Pakistan these days, such as Enza home that provides Turkish furniture, but for this article, we are focusing solely on local furniture brands as they should be our first preference.

RankingBrandPrice Range
18Apna Furniture1250-870,000Rs/-
16Revive Furniture3800-190,000Rs/-
15Home Factree150-195.000Rs/-
13Obsession Outlet7000-180,000Rs/-
12 Pith6500-73,000Rs/-
11 Furniture Hub 1000-990,000Rs/-
9Wood Action1000-69,000Rs/-
8Urban Galleria2000-450,000Rs/-
7RenaissancePrices unavailable online
6Malik Furniture20,000-1,200,000Rs/-
5Dolce Vita Home130,000 to 290,000 for their beds
4Celeste Home Fashion132,000 to 199,000 for their beds
3Interwood88,730 to 155,000 Rs/- for their beds
2KalamkaarPrices unavailable online but they’re usually high-end
1Habitt39,000 to 89,000 Rs/- for their sofas

Tips To Use To Choose The Right Furniture

  • Space Utilization: There are some ground rules you need to be mindful of when choosing the size of the furniture. There should be at least a 3-foot distance for walking between your table and the walls on all sides. Get rugs that are big enough to fit all chairs of the table comfortably. For sofas, you have to consider what you want to use them for and how many people you want to sit with (pay attention to the dimensions). An average seat is about 22 inches. Make up your mind about whether you want a single, queen-sized or king-sized bed and how its headboard should be as well.
  • Do Your Research: This one’s a no-brainer, but before ordering anything, be sure to look into the site you’re ordering from thoroughly. Look up online reviews, check their policies, see how the site is designed, pay close attention to the pictures, compare prices, maybe even consult your friends or people you know in case they’ve heard good or bad things about the site (it’s always good to get a second opinion). Make sure the site is secure.  Look into other places, too, in case you find a better deal, a lower price, or an item you like more. 
  • Get Samples If You Can: Seeing things on a screen and seeing them in person can be a huge difference. Try to get samples of the things you wish to order beforehand to be extra safe that you’re getting what you ordered.
  • Find Your Style And Visualize: This one takes time. You shouldn’t rush a big purchase like this. Especially since this furniture is supposed to last you a long while, find a site selling the kind of furniture you’d like to see. Once you have an idea of what you want, take some time and visualize how you want to set it in your home. How does it look? Do the colors match, or do they clash? Does it fit right, or is it too big or small? For ideas, look into Latest Home Decoration Ideas.
  • Consider your home situation: There are certain factors you need to keep in mind when selecting furniture in Pakistan. For instance, if you move a lot between homes then you need furniture that is easy to assemble and dismantle. If you live in a dusty area then you should avoid furniture that is covered in fabric or suede and instead opt for leather furniture.

18 – Apna Furniture

If you have a unique taste and don’t find furniture you like often, Apna Furniture is a brand you should check out! They strive to create furniture for everyone’s tastes and likes, so you’re sure to find a piece you love!

They have

  • An inclusive variety of designs
  • A wide range of prices for all kinds of customers
  • Extravagant and luxurious designs as well modest and economical options
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

17 – Chahyay

Whether you like fancy and over-the-top designs or simpler, toned-down ones, chayay has got you covered and will provide all!

  • One thing’s for sure though, no matter what design you choose, maximum comfort is guaranteed
  • Their unique, innovative, and exciting designs will make it difficult to pick a favorite!
  • Their furniture can be best described as modern and chic with a slight hint of minimalism.
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

16 – Revive Furniture Pakistan 

Revive Furniture is one of the best online furniture stores in Pakistan, boasting a total of 1.8 million satisfied customers. What makes them so special is

  • An abundance of services provided, including but not limited to lighting, indoor, outdoor, office, antique and custom furniture, and framing.
  • Durable and lasting quality of materials
  • Variety in product options
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

15 – Home Factree

Home Factree will wow you with its comfy yet attractive furniture layout, bring you unique and dashing color schemes to choose from, and their floral design chair are to die for!

18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

With this brand, you can find

  • Custom designs made to suit your specific needs
  • Colorful hues and interesting patterns in your furniture
  • Furntiture that is modern but will stand out from all the basic styles
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

14 – Wood Creations

Trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss out on any Wood Creations furniture this year! The best features of this brand are

  • Premium quality and design in bedroom, living room, office, and kitchen furniture
  • Diverse variety in professionally crafted doors which they expertise in
  • Decades of experience in flooring, ceiling, and paneling services which means they’re one of the best in the game
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

13 – Obsession Outlet- Best Luxury Furniture Brand

We’re not kidding when we say we are obsessed with Obsession Outlet, and you will be too when you see their

  • Beautiful and luxurious pieces of furniture
  • Super Budget-friendly prices
  • Great customer service and warranty options
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews
<a href=httpsobsessionoutletcomshopfurnituresofasluxury sofasku lsd239>Luxury Sofa Set 45000Rs<a>

12 – Pith

Pith is a brand dedicated to designing furniture and decor goods with a dash of culture and a hint of tradition.

18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

With this brand you can expect:

  • Vintage, rustic, and timeless antique furniture pieces that will leave you in awe
  • Well-thought-out and unique designs that you find everywhere
  • Heritage-rich furniture that will remind you of the olden times.
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

11 – Furniture Hub Pakistan

Furniture Hub will be your one-stop shop for all of your furnishing requirements including beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas, and decor. Although the store has antique-style furniture, it does also features more contemporary and modern designs. Shopping with Furniture Hub, you can find

  • Intricately detailed and beautifully carved furniture beds, sofas, and cabinets
  • A surplus of themes in furniture, including French, Italian, Arabic, royal, classic, luxury, leather, Baroque and Floral themes to fit everyone’s likes and dislikes
  • Only the best quality of materials used for making the furnishings
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

10 – HOiD

The first online store of Pakistan, HOiD, now boasts one of the largest online furniture collections selling more than 900 times. This brand is best known for their

  • Functional yet luxurious product designs
  • Refreshing and cleverly designed furnishings
  • Royal Collection, featuring pure wood high-quality materials that are built to last a lifetime
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

9 – Wood Action

Are you looking for some good quality furniture on a budget? Don’t want to compromise on style? Well, not to worry, Wood Action has

  • Highly affordable furniture options
  • Durable quality products that will fare well against the test of time
  • Rich and beautiful designs to choose from
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

8 – Urban Galleria

Urban Galleria is going to make all your furniture and luxury interior decor dreams come true one by one! One of the best online furniture shopping sources with a big clientele base to back them up, Urban Galleria will bring you

18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

7 – Renaissance-Best Furniture Brand In Karachi

Renaissance is currently the reigning supreme in furniture brands in Karachi, and it’s no wonder! This brand is dedicated to fulfilling the interior designing needs of all!

18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

When working with this brand, you can expect

  • Variety in furniture, fabrics, home accessories, layouts, and interior designs
  • Easy dealings and great professionality in services and delivery
  • Premium quality materials used in furniture

6 – Malik Furniture

Malik Furniture is a high-end Pakistani furniture brand providing all sorts of grand and lavish bed sets, sofa sets, dining sets, and much more! With this brand, you can expect

  • Expert craftsmanship showcased in all the furnishings
  • Stylish and fancy designs for a more royal look
  • Comfortable to use and highly functional products
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

5 – Dolce Vita Home

From the makers of Diamond Supreme Foam, Dolce Vita Home is Pakistan’s first conceptual and luxury sleep store offering luxury furniture and accessories.

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18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

4 – Celeste Home Fashion – Best Luxury Furniture Brand

A luxury furniture brand by Pakistan’s most well-known mattress company, Molty Foam, celeste produces a range of furniture products for modern homes. Here are some of the best things about this brand:

  • The use of good quality foam makes their sofas and recliners worth investing in.
  • Incredibly comfortable sofa
  • Unique and contemporary designs that you won’t find anywhere else in the market.
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

3 – Interwood- Best Modern Furniture Brand In Pakistan

Probably the most popular furniture brand in Pakistan, the globally renowned Interwood, is no stranger to gracing the market with elegant and chic designs and leading the way for trends in furnishings. Prominent features of this brand are

  • Their experience and expertise in the field leading mega-projects worldwide and locally
  • Their contemporary and innovative product designs feature the latest developments in each
  • The convenient and easy payment process and excellent customer service

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18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

2 – Kalamkaar – Best Traditional Furniture Brand

Kalamkaar is a brand that is synonymous with high-quality, traditional furniture. It’s the first choice of furniture brand amongst the elite class in Lahore. Most of their products are made in solid wood with enchanting carvings and designs that are one of a kind. Our favorite things about the brand are:

  • Their calligraphy cushions add glam to any living space.
  • The use of solid wood in all their products.
  • The beautiful gold detailing can be found in most of their furniture and is part of their signature style statement.
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews

1 – Habitt – Most Affordable Modern Furniture Brand

Habitt, a brand committed to providing every furniture, lighting, serveware, drinkware, outdoor, decor, and utility needs a house may have. They adhere strongly to their motto, which is to build a complete home at only one stop. Our favorite things about this brand are

  • Their eclectic mix of products catered to fulfill any interior need from furniture to silverware.
  • Simple yet sophisticated furniture at affordable prices
  • Practically useful designs that are not just good for display
18 Best Pakistani Furniture Brands with Price and Reviews


Q. What is the most expensive furniture brand in Pakistan?

When it comes to traditional style wooden furniture, Kalamkaar if the most expensive brand whereas for modern furniture, Celeste is the most expensive.

Q. Which city is the best for furniture in Pakistan?

A. In Pakistan, the cities leading in wood furniture making are Chiniot, Karachi, Gujrat, Lahore, and Peshawar.

Q. Which wood is best for sofas?

A. Hemlock, Deodar, Teak, Chir Pine, and softwood from Fir Chir Pine, and Hardwood from Walnut, are the preferred materials when it comes to making sofas. However, Maple, Mahogany, Birch, Oak, and Cherry are also good options for furniture in general.

Q. Which wood is the most expensive for furniture?

A. African Blackwood and Bubinga wood are by far the most expensive woods used for furniture.

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