Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

Best Branded Shoes for Women 2020. Footwear is an essential feature of your attire as well as your wardrobe. Today many huge brands are selling different shoe styles. Also, Google provides you with a lot of info regarding different massive brands.

Are you someone who prefers investing in good quality shoes rather than getting low-quality ones on sale? Then buying designer shoes is the right option for you. These are a piece of very high craftsmanship that offers great support to feet. The more expense attached to a product, the lesser than general affordability. Designer shoes come with a high price tag attached to it and thus are a luxury that not many can afford. But if you were to choose between cheaper shoes and luxury, well-made shoes it would be in your interest to invest in good quality luxury shoes and we are here to explain to you why.

What Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

If you are looking for some really dope footwear for spring/summer as well as winters, this article is gonna help you out with all your queries. The line-up below will cover some major articles launched by the world’s renowned shoe brands and designers which are introduced recently along with their properties as well as prices.

top-branded-shoes-for-women-2-1024x768 Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

Before we get into that, however, we want to go over things that every person who is willing to invest in a shoe must know. Keep reading to find out.

Practical things to consider when buying shoes

  • It is the shoe that must fit your foot not the other way around. It is necessary that your shoe fits the entirety of your foot in terms of length and width while also leaving sufficient breathing space for your toes.
  • Expect only the best. Shoes should fit you perfectly right away and you should not have to wait for them to widen over time or to wear in. If your feet rub against the shoe then they are not the right size for you. Do not fall for the classic tactics of shoe manufacturers.
  • Take your time. Inspect the shoe fully before making the purchase. Manufacturers tend to not line their shoes fully to minimize cost. This can result in edges and bulges being exposed to less than favorable conditions.
  • Try on the complete pair. The two feet are never identical in length and width. Trying on both shoes will thus allow you to choose the right size for your feet. Most right-handed people have a right foot that is bigger whereas left-handed people have a left dominant foot, meaning that it is bigger compared to the right foot.

Now that we have gone over the necessary steps to consider before buying shoes. Let us dive into why you should prefer investing in luxury designer shoes to cheap shoes.

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Why you should invest in designer shoes

Women with various preferences search the internet for their favorite or preferred shoe types. These shoe types include wedge heels to stilettos. Where sneakers are the best and most trendy casual wear shoes form, stilettos are the perfect type of heels for any party or formal event. A few famous brands selling extravagant footwear are Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, etc. Christian Louboutin is the most searched brand on the internet is now followed by many other new brands like Common Projects. Gucci and Sophia Webster had been on every celebs’ radar this spring and summer and Adidas has taken over the world with its high-quality sneakers. If you find yourself asking “why” to if you should invest in these brands then keep reading because we have the answer for you. 

  • They come at a lower cost per wear. This is the total cost you paid for the shoe over the number of times you will be able to wear the shoes. With a higher cost and a higher number of times you will be able to wear them, you get a relatively overall lower cost compared to cheaper shoes that can be worn only a handful of times.
  • Quality products. Luxury designer products ensure quality. The more expensive a product is, the better the quality of products used to bring them to life. If you are someone who puts quality before quantity then you shouldn’t even be questioning your investment in designer shoes. Every lady deserves a stunning pair of heels and if they come at a cost then so be it, at least the quality will be undeniably great.
  • Unmatched comfort. The comfort that luxury goods offer is unmatched. These shoes are made to fit perfectly and last you a long time while also providing your feet maximum comfort. You can wear these shoes for hours on end without having to give your feet “a break” as some call it.

How did we decide

There are many other advantages of investing in luxury shoes that you will come to know about once you compare them with your basic brand shoes. To narrow down the research for you, we have listed the top designer shoes to invest in. The list contains shoes of different price ranges and luxury brands that all offer distinctive features in their products. Shoe manufacturers have recognized their expanding consumer base, which has made it harder for buyers to choose the right brand for them because now they have far too many options to choose from. We have narrowed down options so you won’t have to. Keep reading to explore the list of our top designer favorites.

20- Steven Madden – Slink Flatform Sandal

19- Gucci – Princetown Floral Leather Loafers

18- Christian Louboutin – The Pointpik 100

17- Jimmy Choo – Lucy 100 Lace d’Orsay Pump

16- Louis Vuitton – Pokerface Desert Boot

15- Balenciaga – Stretch Pointed-Toe Over-the-Knee Boots

14- Common Projects – Achilles Low-Top

13- Givenchy – Printed Rubber Logo Sandal

12- Adidas –  Consortium Women’s “Deep Hue” Samba

11- Fenty Puma – Classic Lace-Up Sneaker Mule

10- Sophia Webster – Layla Silver Sandal

9- Sophia Webster – Phaedra OTK

8- Christian Louboutin – Pik Boat Woman Flat

7- Christian Louboutin – Choca Spikes

6- Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Follies Strass

5- Prada – Metallic Leather Mary Jane Pumps

4- Alexander McQueen – Hobnail Ankle Boots

3- Alexander McQueen – Mod Leather Chelsea Boots

2- Céline – Toe Ring Sandal 50

1- Christian Dior – Red Patent Calfskin Leather

↓ 20 – Steve Madden – Slinky Flatform Sandal

The 90s slinky sandals by Steve Madden are back in stock. This summer you can pull off the same comfy style with these amazing slinky platform designer sandals. This resurgence has made all those women excited who have been in love with these super comfy sandals. The flatform sole and stretchable upper is just classic.


  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with a flat raised platform that offers added stability
  • Supreme quality material used in the shoe thus will last you a long time
  • Reasonably priced


  • People complain of the sizes not being consistent

Price: $70

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Slinky-Platform-Sandal Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓19- Gucci – Princetown Floral Leather Loafers

The super sexy Princetown Floral Leather Loafers by Gucci are the dream of every girl. These amazing and comfortable loafers are made in Italy and are worth $1104. The leather upper and goldtone horse-bit are all very flattering. These amazing loafers can be worn with jeans as well as long summer dresses.


  • High quality
  • Timelessly fashionable
  • Offer great comfort


  • May run a little big so they are not true to their size
  • Are a little on the expensive side

Price: $1104

Princetown-Floral-Leather-Loafers Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓18- Christian Louboutin – The Pointpik 100

This amazing pair of shoes can be seen as a cross between an ankle boot or a mule. The red sole makes it clear for the shoe connoisseur that it’s produced by the Christian Louboutin. This sexy pair of shoes is made of pure leather. The elegant pointed toe and crossover strap add to the beauty of the shoe pair. If you’re a brand lover or an accessory addict then you will really find this list of Most Expensive Headphone Brands a useful one.


  • Very fashionably elegant
  • Comfortable to walk in
  • Will last you a long time thanks to the high-quality materials used in the shoe


  • Users have complained of the tips wearing out before the rest of the shoe wears out
  • On the expensive side

Price: $1592

The-Pointpik-100 Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓17- Jimmy Choo – Lucy 100 Lace d’Orsay Pump

Jimmy Choo’s classic item Lucy 100 Lace d’Orsay Pump have got the admiration from all the fashionistas around the world. This shoe pair has a beautiful floral embroidered textile upper. The vibrant embroidery clearly depicts the beauty of spring and the enchanting pink added to black is just amazing. This can be worn with long elegant dresses as well as short summer dresses.


  • Timelessly elegant shoes that go with all outfits
  • Very comfortable


  • Users complain them of being not true to size
  • Can be a little pricey

Price: $1125

Lucy-100-Lace-dOrsay-Pump Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓16- Louis Vuitton – Pokerface Desert Boot

Pokerface Desert Boot is a classic item from Loius Vuitton’s Spring/Summer Collection 2019 which are considered to be the most striking shoes of the season. These boots are totally worth the money because they are made of venomous snakeskin. The Haute-punk aesthetic of the shoes makes them ideal for the fashion and shoe lovers. Shoes like these would look great when paired with a leather jacket so don’t muss out these Top Women Leather Jacket Brands.


  • Very comfortable
  • Made out of high-quality products thus last a long time
  • Offer protection against harsh weather conditions


  • The Twist lock on the buckle can be a little tricky

Price: $1665

Pokerface-Desert-Boot Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓15- Balenciaga – Stretch Pointed-Toe Over-the-Knee Boots

Balenciaga which originated from Spain has launched its a very trendy item known as Stretch Pointed-Toe Over-the-Knee Boots which are worth a good amount of money. The latest collection by Balenciaga features these aesthetic smooth sole boots in a beautiful shade of purple that will catch the eyes of everyone once you will wear them. Made in Italy, the boots are created in pure lambskin with a 4 inches covered heel.


  • Unique highly fashionable shoes
  • Very comfortable
  • Very high quality


  • Users have complained of these not fitting all foot types
  • Can be a little expensive

Price: $1862

Stretch-Pointed-Toe-Over-the-Knee-Boots Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓14- Common Projects – Achilles Low-Top

Common Projects white smooth leather Achilles low-top sneakers are the hype of the season since the pair of sneakers feature signature metallic gold-debossed numbers at heel counter. These lush sneakers are worth every penny paid. The Napa leather used for the upper and lining is just extravagant. Also, the crispy clean shoes without a logo are rarely found. In recent years, many Japanese brands too have been producing some inspirational outfits and shoes so do check out these Top 15 Japanese Clothing Brands.


  • High quality very comfortable sneakers
  • The lining is extravagant thus they last a long time
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Feels heavy and expensive
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not available in half sizes

Price: $552

Common-Projects-Achilles-Low-Top Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓13- Givenchy – Printed Rubber Logo Sandal

The printed logo sandal by Givenchy is one of the perfect choices for summers especially if you’re looking for some really comfy material. This sandal made in rubber are extremely chic and casual.


  • Very chic looking
  • Very versatile
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some have termed this as a dupe of other much affordable options easily available in the market

Price: $392

Givenchys-Printed-Rubber-Logo-Sandal Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓12- Adidas –  Consortium Women’s “Deep Hue” Samba

Adidas released its latest sneakers known as Consortium Women’s “Deep Hue” Samba in three epic colors green, purple and off-white which are specifically designed for women in order to break the norm that sneakers are only for men and leading to an equal society. These stylish and feminine sneakers are very reasonably priced. Shoes and Makeup goes pretty much hand in hand so here are some of the coolest Celebrities Makeup Brands.


  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • Affordable shoes
  • Come in very beautiful colors


  • Users have complained of these not being true to size

Price: $150

Adidas-Consortium-Womens-“Deep-Hue”-Samba Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓11- Fenty Puma – Classic Lace-Up Sneaker Mule

Fenty Puma’s Classic Lace-Up Sneaker Mule is the ultimate choice for footwear either in the daytime or at night parties. These classic mules are made in leather with suede trim. The signature Formstrip on the sides and the strap with Puma logo on it are just perfect. This extravagant pair is extracted from Puma’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection that states sexy is powerful, expressive, and opulent.


  • Very unique shoes
  • Effortlessly stylish
  • Comes in many different stylish colours
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Users have complained these of being not too comfortable

Price: $440

Fenty-Pumas-Classic-Lace-Up-Sneaker-Mule Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓10- Sophia Webster – Layla Silver Sandal

The eye-catching Layla silver Sandal by Sophia Webster is known as Layla Tassel Embellished Sandal. It is worth $539 and is made in pure calf leather at Brazel. The multicolor tassels look extremely stylish and the 110 mm rose gold pin heel is just as attractive. Have a look at the Top Lipstick Brands that you should try this year.


  • Very stylish shoes that can any elegant outfit together
  • Comes with a 110 mm rose gold pin heel thus lasts a very long time
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Affordable


  • They run a little small

Price: $539

Layla-Silver-Sandal Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓9- Sophia Webster – Phaedra OTK

PHAEDRA OTK is the sexiest sandal by Sophia Webster this summer. These stunning sandals have multicolor straps along with a crystal peacock eye style and a pin heel. These knee-high sandals are made in 90% suede leather and 10% satin. With precise finishing, these sandals are worth every penny.


  • Unique high fashion shoes
  • High-quality heels


  • People complain of it not being comfortable
  • Can be pricey

Price: $1688

PHAEDRA-OTK Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓8- Christian Louboutin – Pik Boat Woman Flat

Pik Boat Woman Flat is a luxurious pair of flat shoes by Christian Louboutin for women made in python skin. The rosette color is just extravagant and Nicki Minaj is also seen wearing these epic shoes.


  • Cute shoes made out of very high-quality material
  • Very comfortable
  • Very luxurious


  • Very pricey

Price: $1845

10806597-1024x1024 Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓7- Christian Louboutin – Choca Spikes

The strappy sandals Choca Spikes give you the ultimate Christian Louboutin luxurious feeling. This classic pair of sandals is worth quite a lot of money but the crisscross strappy vamp and soft kid leather with spike trim make it worth it.


  • Extremely stylish
  • Add a whole new dimension to the entire look


  • Not very comfortable
  • Can be pricey

Price: $1645

Choca-Spikes Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓6- Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Follies Strass

These beautiful pumps known as Pigalle Follies Strass by Christian Louboutin are a symbol of pure elegance. These are embellished with Crystal Paradise Swarovski crystals and are often referred to as a timeless treasure. This is a classic pair of heels. Every girl knows the importance of good hair, so to help you out, we’ve also compiled a list of Top 15 Shampoo and Conditioner Brands 2019, do have a look.


  • Beautifully elegant shoes
  • Look gorgeous with every outfit
  • Very comfortable


  • Can be very pricey

Price: $3388

christianlouboutin-folliesstrass-3180466_F065_1_1200x1200_1576237830-1024x1024 Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓5- Prada – Metallic Leather Mary Jane Pumps

The simple and attractive metallic Mary Jane Pumps with block heels by Prada are the ultimate choice for any girl who loves branded shoes since these look amazing with all the pastel dresses. These are made in silver leather and look great with any outfit.


  • These look amazing with all outfits
  • Perfect for extreme feminine looks
  • Very comfortable
  • Very affordable


  • Some user complained of this pair giving them blisters

Price: $600

810598_fr_2000_q80-682x1024 Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓4- Alexander McQueen – Hobnail Ankle Boots

Enchanting peach pink Hobnail Ankle Boots by Alexander McQueen. The extravagant floral patchwork along with the fauna embroidered high heels are the perfect package for this season.


  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Very durable
  • Very comfortable


  • May not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Can be pricey

Price: $3550

Hobnail-Ankle-Boots Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓3- Alexander McQueen – Mod Leather Chelsea Boots

The poppy printed leather Chelsea pull-on boots with stud embellished heels by Alexander McQueen are quite something. These are made in calfskin leather featuring elasticated sides.


  • Very fashionable
  • Offer great comfort
  • They are very durable
  • Affordable


  • The tongue part of the shoe is stiff and hard thus rubs into the ankle

Price: $1430

Mod-Boot Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓2- Céline – Toe Ring Sandal 50

The amazing Toe Ring Sandal 50 in white and black by Céline is worth every penny. It is made in kidskin leather with a black block heel and is a perfect option for this summer.


  • Very durable shoes that offer great comfort
  • Perfect for hot weather conditions
  • Very affordable


  • The shoes run a little small and are narrow on the sides

Price: $661

Toe-Ring-Sandal-50 Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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↓1- Christian Dior – Red Patent Calfskin Leather

Christian Dior’s sexy Red Patent Calfskin Leather pump are something every woman should own. These classic red sling back pumps are made in calfskin and will look amazing with any formal dress.


  • Very elegant shoes that can put a whole outfit together
  • Beautifully textured leather shoes that last a long time
  • Very affordable


  • People complain of the strap making the shoes a little uncomfortable

Price: $626

Red-Patent-Calfskin-Leather Branded Shoes for Women-20 Best Designer Shoes to Buy in 2020

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These are some of the best latest shoewear by the best brands in the world for the year 2020. We hope we were able to answer your queries. We love feedback, feel free to give your feedback in the comment section below!

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