18 Swimwear Outfits For Dark Complexion Ladies- Bikini Style

Latest Bikini Style Fashion for Dark Complexion Women
. Whether it is a bikini, tankini, monokini, one piece, wrap or high waist, beachwear for ladies is so versatile, especially for black ladies. Different skin tones and sizes will compromise with different swimwear colors. This post has 18 styles of beachwear which are ideal for black ladies to look absolutely stunning on the golden sands this summer.

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Dark Complexion Women Swimwear

beach wear for black women


#18- Gentle and neutral shades and geometric patterns go hand in hand in this bikini for a stunning summer beach look.

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 #17- Darker skin tones will benefit more from bright colours. Yellow is a perfect choice as it stands out from the crowd. Keep it simple, as with bright colours less is definitely more.

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# 16- Bohemian Style.  The shade of blue in this bikini looks gorgeous against this skin tone and the matching headband give this look a more bohemian feel.

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#15- Shiny silver bikini with accent beads look absolutely gorgeous. Match this style with glimmer eye shadow and lip gloss.

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 #14- Animal Print is always a winning choice when it comes to beach wear. However, choose a print that compliments your skin tone and does not overpower you.

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 #13- Bright yellow again is a fantastic choice for women. Detail in the neck line and waist look stunning with matching earrings.

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 #12- White patterned simple bikini accessorised with a wide brim hat makes for the perfect beach outfit.

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 #11- White one piece swimming costume. Plain and simple yet so effective with round sunglasses and large hoop earrings.

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 #10- Plus Size Swimwear. High waist two piece with rouche effect and lace. With contrasting black and red sarong, this outfit is perfect for the plus size lady.

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 #9- Plus Size BeachWear.  Why not go for a cheeky polka dot number? This high waisted two piece contrasts beautifully with shocking red lips and floral hair piece.

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#8- Red and white bikini. With gold disk earrings, this outfit is bound to get you noticed on the beach.


 #7- Purple is a gorgeous shade for dark complexion ladies. Purple halterneck  tankini with centre beads and detail.


 #6-  A repeat of the tankini above however in a different shade. This shows how easy it is for  ladies to find their perfect swimwear.


 #5- Kahki shade bikini with centre bead detail and asymmetrical detail on the bottoms. Matching earrings and bracelets finish this beach style off beautifully.


 #4- Gorgeous black a white one piece swimsuit with matching striped necklace. Perfect for sunbathing next to the pool.


 #3- Black and white striped halterneck bikini with gold disk detail under bust. Silver earrings contrast with this look beautifully.


 #2- Natural Shade. Why not go for a neutral brown or bronze tone? This simple golden brown lace up swimsuit with plunge neckline is perfect for ladies who want a saucy touch to a simple garment.


 #1- Strapless One Piece. This heavily patterned strapless suit will look stunning on any dark complexion lady. Be careful not to wear too much jewellery as the pattern is already a feature. Remember; less is more. 



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