Hippie Looks-How to Create a Modern Hippie look?

Hippie look: The fashion of the 1960s and 1970s was way ahead of its time. It’s no wonder that it continues to be in vogue even decades later! The hippie movement was undeniably massive in these times. It was so revolutionary that many of their practices are still in fashion now! Tie-dyed shirts, floral patterns, organic and ethnic fabrics, and hand-sewn clothes were a big part of the campaign’s free-spirited and unconventional flair. Furthermore, their highly expressive yet laid back nature led this fashion genre to be very flexible and versatile for all kinds of people, whether in terms of comfort, colors, vibrancy or patterns.

If you’re someone who loves wearing bright, vibrant colours and likes to experiment with different patterns as a form of self-expression, we highly suggest you look into modern hippie fashion. Not only is it attractive, but it also prioritizes comfort, making it fitting for just about anyone! Whether you’re looking into creating a modern hippie look or are just in search of a trendy new look to try, this article is perfect for you. We’ve compiled some of the best outfit ideas for you, along with the proper accessories and all the dos and don’ts you need to know to create your perfect modern hippie look

What to Wear for a Modern Hippie Look?

The best thing about a hippie look is its easy-going nature. The 1960s and 70s were an era when people were learning to break from societal social constructs’ shackles and began to advocate for individuality and personal freedom. Native American, Indian, Asian, African, and even South American cultures were used as a vital source of inspiration for hippie fashion thus hippie fashion essentially contains traditional elements from all of these. Here are some tips and essentials for creating your hippie look

  • Fabrics: When choosing your clothes, go for natural or ethnic materials like cotton, hemp or wool
  • Patterns: Patterns are an integral part of hippie fashion. Aside from floral patterns and natural imagery representing nature, tie-dyed patterns, psychedelic designs, stripes, paisley and even your custom art are an excellent go-to for hippie looks.
  • Hair Styles: Try letting your hair down and avoid doing complex hairstyles as hippies usually go for more simplicity. Some hippies even dread their hair. Other options might include doing a simple braid or mini braids in your hair.
  • Essentials to have: Hippie fashion primarily consists of floral maxi dresses, flare jeans, bell-bottoms, flowy dresses, halter tops and loose blouses. Moreover, scarves, headbands, and beads are also must-haves when it comes to recreating hippie looks. 
  • Makeup: Hippies prefer a more natural look therefore avoid wearing too much heavy makeup and go for a no-makeup look.
  • Shoes: Adopt a more minimalistic look with simple sandals in the summer and knee-high boots or ankle boots in the winter, or better yet, even go barefoot! It all fits into the hippie culture norms.
  • Scent: Use essential oils for a more natural fragrance instead of perfumes and deodorants.
  • Accessories: Big accessories like crystals and beads are a great choice to complete your look. Ankle bracelets can also work.
How to create a modern hippie look?

10 – Celebrity Style

Hippie Looks-How to Create a Modern Hippie look?

9 – Floral Dresses for a Hippie Look

Let’s start with a staple; you can never go wrong with styling your hippie look with a lovely floral dress. Flowers are arguably the most important emblems in hippie fashion since they are the epitome of natural beauty and symbolize peace and love. There so many ways to style a floral dress whether its a mini one or a long one.

Style your hippie look with this mini bohemian dress by shoplovestitch.com  perfect for a summer getaway! Accessorize this cute mini dress with a fanny pack or a nice belt to accentuate your waist. Apart from this, add a cool hat and some shades to accecorize and bring out the hippie in you. Wear brown leather ankle boots to complete the look!

Also have a look at 14 Bohemian Accessories for Girls for the Perfect Boho Look.

How to create a modern hippie look?

Sweet Bohemian Floral mini dress-68USD

Shop the whole look with Dark brown leather ankle boots and Wide brim Black fedora hat

Price range:68-430$

If you’re looking for a longer dress to try, Spell has got you covered with their dazzling strappy dress that will help bring an elegant travel vibe to your outfit with its bold and beautiful striking colours loose-fitting. Accessorize with big hoops as well as a pair of wedge-heeled brown boots! Slick your hair back into a nice and neat low bun. If you choose to leave your hair open, you can even add a mystic headscarf to fit the vibe!

How to create a modern hippie look?

Mystic Strappy Maxi Dress-289USD

Shop the whole look with Wedge heel boots

If you want you can add a Mystic Head Scarf

Price Range: 232-371$

8 – Loose Flowy Dresses

If you dislike tight fitted and uncomfortable clothes, do not worry because we also have the perfect outfit ideas for you! And that’s a loose flowy dress! Its soft and breathable fabric will provide maximum comfort along with making you look amazing!

Try this pink wildflower dress from Girlonavine.com for an effortless and breezy classic hippie look. Besides that, wear a cool pair of sunglasses and even a nice hat with a pair of pretty pink shoes to pull off this marvellous look!

How to create a modern hippie look?

Pink Wild Flower Dress-248USD

Price Range:  248$

If you want to recreate a flowy dress look with a shorter dress then shoplovestitch.com has the right options for you. Just take a look at this mesmerizing black vintage hippie look! Embellish this look with a black fedora hat and some black leather ankle boots and voila! You now have the perfect airy dress look.

How to create a modern hippie look!

Little Flower Embroidered Babydoll Dress-72USD

Complete this look with a Wide brim Black fedora hat and Black leather block heel boots

Price Range: 72-489$

7 – How to wear a Tie-Dyed Outfit

Whether it’s with a shirt, pants, or even a dress you can never go wrong with choosing a tie-dyed pattern for your hippie look. Not only is it a staple look but it can also be elevated to fit any style you like!

Let’s start with a simple blouse look from Anthropologie.com. Great for a nice summer day out and super easy to recreate! Wear simple minimalistic jewellery and add a woven belt to add more of an organic look to your outfit. Simple white trainers or sneakers will be a great way to finish off.

How to wear a modern hippie look?

Cloth & Stone Bess Tie-Dye Buttondown-108USD

Shop this whole look with Bamboo Stretch Belt and Ripped Grey mini shorts

Price Range: 108-193$

You can wear a more interesting and fancy look by wearing an off-the-shoulder top and showing off your collarbones! In addition to that, pair this look with a white fedora and some ripped flare jeans for the vintage hippie look!

How to create a modern hippie look?

Wonder Off Shoulder Tie Dye Top-54USD

Shop this look with white fedora hat and Ripped Flare jeans

Price Range: 54-143$

For a more casual one piece look, you can wear a romper along with a stylish hat and simple accessories to create your very own fashion forward hippie look!

How to create a modern hippie look?

Zodiac Tie Dye Romper-62USD

Complete this look with white fedora hat

Price Range: 63-134$

Another way you can wear a tie-dyed hippie outfit is with a dress! And what better than to use a halter neck which is one of the signature styles of the hippie movement. Try this beachy dress along with a stylish long pair of gladiator sandals to really bring out the nomadic vibe! In addition to that, make a top-knot of your hair to get a more authentic look.

How to create a modern hippie look?

Ania Beach Dress-64USD

Price Range: 64$

6 – How to Wear a Paisley-Patterned Hippie Look

Paisley is another classic go-to when it comes to hippie fashion. This is a more eastern culture-inspired element of the genre with beautiful and vibrant designs. Thus, it readily catches the hearts of many. Let us take a look at how to style looks containing paisley patterns.

First up are these gorgeous satin paisley trousers from Anthropologie.com. Style with an oversized turtle neck jumper together with some white trainers for a chic retro hippie look. Moreover, you can accessorize with a nice pair of round-rimmed shades to add a cool twist to your outfit.

How to create a modern hippie look?

Recycled Paisley Satin Trousers-96USD

Shop this whole look with Low-top leather trainers and a Mock Neck Oversized red vest

We personally recommend you accessorize with these Round rimmed shades as well.

Price Range: 96-356$

If you want a more girly outfit to go with your paisley designs, here is a cute paisley skirt outfit!

How to create a modern hippie look?

Janice Mini Skirt-48USD

Shop this complete look with Button-Front Cropped Cardigan and Black Chelsea boots

Price Range:48-161$

Moreover, for a cooler and more vintage vibe try this suit from Freepeople.com. Along with these amazing cowboy boots, you can also add a pair of round-rimmed glasses to match the retrofit!

How to create a modern hippie look?

Paisley Jacquard Suit-390USD

Shop this sophisticated look with Black cowboy boots together with our highly recommended Round rimmed shades

Price Range: 390-627$

5 – Hippie Looks for Plus Sized Women

If you are a plus-sized woman looking to create your hippie look then look no further! We have just the thing for you too! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Starting off with a floral dress look, here’s a beautiful velvet dress by Modcloth.com. They have great options for plus-sized women in their gallery and one such great example is this dress.

How to create a modern hippie look?

Late Autumn Afterglow Wrap Dress-150USD

Accessorize this look with a black fedora and some cool shades and finish off with a pair of Black heeled ankle boots.

Price Range: 150-205$

Moving on to the next option, we also have this tie-dyed outfit paired with flare jeans for a very cute bohemian look. Pair this sheer top with a white camisole or tank top and wear big hoops. Furthermore, leave your hair open or add beach waves to enhance the boho effect.

How to create a modern hippie look?

Boho I Go Chiffon Blouse-15USD

Complete this look with Flare jeans 

Price Range: 15-93$

Additionally, one more look you could try would be with boho pants. You can wear a plain top with the pants as a good contrasting measure. Also, remember to match your pants with a nice headscarf or headband to help complement your look.

How to create a modern hippie look?


4 – Hippie Looks for Teens

Teens are some of the most creative individuals and they’re not afraid to experiment with different looks to find their style. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some effortlessly gorgeous hippie looks that teens can try!


For example, here we have a group of hippie youngsters sporting matching looks. You, too, can recreate these looks by using paisley-patterned dresses with different necklines. Additionally, you can use floral patterned skirts or crop tops then add matching saddle purses for that classy antique vibe. Finally, don’t forget to add exotic jewellery, headscarves and some shades to finish the look.

How to create a modern hippie look?


Next, we have this casual hippie look using a graphic tee. In summary, all you need for this look is a plain pair of cotton shorts and a colourful robe along with some ankle boots. Wear minimalistic and simple jewellery to fit the casual vibe.

How to make a modern hippie look?


Another cool and easy look you could try would be wearing a romper and adding a pretty kimono with it. Besides that, add a classy belt to help flatter your waist. Also, add bold jewellery together with some ankle boots!

How to create a modern hippie look?


You can even wear gladiator sandals like so.

3 – How to Wear a Formal Hippie Look

For a formal look just add a chic coat or jacket to your hippie look and you’ll be done! Also have a look at Women Blazer Outfits-32 Ways to Wear Blazer in Different Styles.

How to create a modern hippie look?

Military Blazer Coat-54USD

Shop the whole look: Ribbed tank top ,Loose fit jeans, Black fedora hat

Price Range: 54-170$

How to create a modern hippie look?

Jules Speckled Coatigan-98USD

How to create a modern hippie look?

Suede Blazer-198USD

2 – Accessories To Use with Hippie fashion

Accessories in hippie fashion are equally important as the clothes. This is because they help tie the whole look together. The whole look is elevated due to the use of just a few right accessories chosen. Other than that, accessories can also help say a lot about who you are so they must be selected attentively. Aside from earrings, necklaces and bracelets, here are some of our favourite bags, scarves and sunglasses too.


How to create a modern hippie look?

East Village Amulet Bag-32USD

How to create a  modern hippie look?

Vera Sigrid Scarf-Trimmed Clutch-107USD

How to create a  modern hippie look?

Best Coast Crochet Tote Bag-78USD


How to create a modern hippie look?

Olympic Cat Eye Sunglasses-20USD

How to create a modern hippie look?

Derena Round Sunglasses-50.5USD

Hats/ Scarves/ Headbands:

How to create a modern hippie look?

Paisley Hair Scarf-30USD

How to create a modern hippie look?




How to create a modern hippie look?

Just Like Art Hoop Earrings-30USD

How to create a modern hippie look?

Floral Hoop Earrings-48USD


How to create a modern hippie look?

Lara Layer Choker-30USD

How to create a modern hippie look?

Totally Stoned Statement Necklace-25$


How to create a modern hippie look?

Yasmeen Beaded Cuff-118USD

1 – Footwear with Hippie Looks

Other than boots, sandals and slippers are also a good match for hippie looks.

how to create a modern hippie look?

Roseland Moccasin Boot-428USD

How to create a modern hippie look?

Cami Wrap Sandals-78USD

How to create a modern hippie look?

Bree Woven Platform Sandals-48USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do hippies get their clothes?

A. Popular brands to get hippie clothing are mentioned above

Q. What is Hippie Style?

A. Hippie style refers to the fashion of life adopted by “Hippies”. It became popular in the 1960s and 1970s which was when this international movement was started.

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