20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

Curvy Beach Outfits. Styles of beachwear definitely come down to personal preferences and how much self-confidence a lady has. But it does not matter in the slightest what body type you have just as long as you embrace your shape.

Choosing the right beachwear to suit your body type can be an issue no matter what your size, but plus size, ladies can sometimes feel a little self-conscious. What should curvy women wear at the beach? What accessories work perfectly for beachwear? This article covers different shapes and styles to suit a plus size figure.

For a plus size lady, patterned fabrics such as floral or polka dot are great choices when it comes to swimwear. These patterns can take the eye away from areas you do not want to have any attention. Patterns such as stripes should be used in moderation just as a feature rather than an all-over pattern. Stripes will make you look more elegant. Use designing details to their full advantage. If a swimsuit is ruched or ruffled down the center or on the shoulders, use them to draw any unwanted attention away.

Beach Outfits for Plus Size Women

If you are a bit more confident and not self-conscious about your mid-area, then why not go for a bikini? Plus size ladies can absolutely rock a bikini if the fit is right. Invest in one that gives your bust support. High waist bikini bottoms are great for plus size ladies as they will draw unwanted attention away from your mid area. Some bikinis also have halter neck or asymmetrical tops with them, so why not use these as a feature for your outfit?

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

So you are not interested in wearing a swimsuit at a beach party? Are you one of those gorgeous plus size women who love to grab eyeballs everywhere they go? Then worry no more as we have come up with some most refreshing ideas of the town that you try it on your next beachwear party.

  • Wear Funky Bright Prints to next Beach Party: The season of summer and spring is all about bright and refreshing colors like yellows, oranges, greens, reds. Exercise your right with confidence by wearing any of the radiant color, you know. All you have to do is to avoid dark hues. Isn’t it exciting?

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  • Curvy Ladies can Flaunt Bikini too: Don’t think another second that wearing a bikini is not for plus size beauties! Carry it with all the confidence and swag at your next beach party. The fashion rule that says that Bikini is only for size zero ladies has to be broken this time, so are you ready?
  • Dodge all the Body Shamers: Not everyone can have Queen Britany Spear’s body, right? So let’s just accept that and take pride in the bodies that we own! Who likes to get choked by shapewear? Nobody!
  • Funky Prints are Fun: If you are not one of those monochrome’s fan, then you can opt some funky floral prints of whatever the choice you want — double the fun with fashionable beachwear accessories.

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  • Beach Accessories for Curvy Ladies. If you’re a little bit self-conscious when it comes to beachwear, then why not accessorize with a sheer sarong? These are perfect for the beach as they will add layers and shape to your outfit while still complimenting your figure beautifully. Choose one in a contrasting color. If your swimsuit is white, then choose a black sarong. A simple yet stunning way to make your beach style amazing. Other accessories for the beach include full lensed sunglasses and wide brim sun hats.
  • Black and white is a great color combination for swimwear and sun hats and is also great for the larger lady. Don’t forget to add some bling to your outfit with simple necklaces and bracelets! These accessories together will make every plus size lady look stunning on the beach. If you want to explore plus size fashion, then be sure to check out these 20 cute outfit combinations for curvy ladies.
  • What Shoes to Wear to the Beach Party: Walking on the sand with heels is near to impossible. Comfy sneakers, flip flops, gladiator sandals, or thong sandals are ideal for a beach party. Beach wedge sandals are alternative to high heels at a beach party.

Check out the following images of beachwear for plus size ladies and use them to create your own gorgeous branded beach outfit combo.

↓ 20 – Maxi Dress for Beach Party

A maxi dress looks great at any beach destination. A strapless one will be a great choice as it ensures comfort as well as style. Long maxi dresses work best if you’re one of those tall girls. If you have a petite figure, then prefer going for a short maxi dress at a beach party.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 19 – Crop Top With Shorts

Who said that only skinny ladies could style themselves in crop tops and shorts? Let’s bust this lame fashion theme this year. Being a plus size lady, you can wear a crop top and maybe had one of your favourite quotes printed on it dedicated to your haters. Nothing is more head-turning then plus size thighs. Don’t feel shy about wearing shorts. We bet you won’t regret it ever! By the way, we love those flip flops.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 18 – Bold & Beautiful Prints

Abstract prints are the latest fad, and they look great when worn on beaches, especially if you go for bold colors like orange, yellow, or hot pink. Nothing seems artsier than an abstract geometric pattern.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

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↓ 17 – Modest

We love this modest and minimalist dress that is so easy to dress up and down. Pair it with some funky beach slippers and bag, and you’re all set. This dress is by the brand “Cherry Blossoms Dress” who makes the cutest plus size maxi dress, kaftans, tunics, and much more so check out more of their collection here. The sunglasses added an extra oomph to her look.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 16 – An All Black Swim Suit

Yes, you need a bikini for a relaxing time on the beach. But you would also want to pack a one-piece as it’s more convenient for beach activities like playing volleyball or chilling at the bars. An all-black swimsuit is always a safe option when buying a beach costume.

We highly recommend the BLACK TWIST RUCHED ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT by “Swim Suits For All” that you can buy here 20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 15 – Beach Tees

What could be more beach-worthy than your beach, please t-shirt? Pair it with a skirt for a feminine or with jeans for a casual-chic look. The summer season celebration is incomplete without a fun beach party. Don’t feel shy to show off your arms by either wearing sleeveless or half-sleeves. You can proudly bunk the myth that plus size ladies should wear full-sleeves only. We love her hat, though!

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

If you don’t have a shirt like this, we recommend checking out the plus size tee with a “beach please!” screenprint covered in sequins by Avenue that comes in a crew neck and short sleeves. Pair it with some sparkling or sequin for the perfect look.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 14 – African Tribal Prints

Wearing tribal prints at the beach might be too old-school, but it still looks great, so why not give it a go. They look beautiful with some t-shirts as well as off-shoulder tops if you’re going for formal attire. You can find a similar tribal print plus size, wide-legged pants here by Shein.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 13 – A Gorgeous Playsuit

The playsuit is one of the mainstream fashion runway piece for women and children. Some people confuse the jumpsuits with, playsuits but Jumpsuits are much longer than a playsuit that wraps around the whole body. However, a playsuit is the shorter version of the jumpsuit, which can be worn in the season of summers.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

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↓ 12 – Peasant Top and Comfy Trousers

Nothing looks more elegant than a white outfit. Avoid wearing tight tops correctly while heading towards an event at a beach. You can either go for denim flared trousers or denim shorts to go with the white top.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 11 – What To Pack For The Beach

If you’re still not sure about what to pack and what not to pack for your beach trip, watch this fantastic video by the awesome fashion blogger Kellie and we’re confident that all your questions will be answered:

↓ 10 – Two Piece Outfit

This neon snake print jersey beach shorts two-piece by ASOS can be bought here for $23.00. Her overly sized hoops look perfect for the beachwear party.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 9 – Where To Shop For Plus Size Swimsuits?

Here are some of our favourite spots to buy plus size swimsuits that look and feel great. We’ve also listed items that we love from their latest collections.

A) Swimsuits for all has a vast collection of plus size swim dresses, one-piece costumes, bikinis, cover-ups, tankinis and bottoms in the approximate price range of $ 30 to $ 90.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas


B) Alpine butterfly swim is a brand that’s solely dedicated to making chic plus size costumes. They have tops, bottoms, one-piece, and cover-ups at prices starting from $73.00.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas


C) Lane Bryant too has a vast range of plus size swimming tops, bottoms, cover-ups, and one-piece costumes. When it comes to beach cover-ups, they definitely have the most amazing products, including kimonos, jumpsuits, and so many other exciting pieces. The price range is from $ 19.98 (on sale) to $ 110. The best part is that most of their products come with the offer of “buy one and get one for 50% off”.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas


↓ 8 – Kimonos for Beachwear

A kimono is always the perfect cover-up for beach outfits, and a floral one will add glam to even the simple beach t-shirt. Moreover, investing in a good quality kimono means that you can reuse it in so many ways off-beach later on. For example, you can wear it to wear it as a dress by adding on a belt or just tuck it in your skirt, and you’ll have a gorgeous summer outfit.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 7 – Beach Party Outfit

For a beach party, add the chic element by going for an embellished cover-up. Adding a long gown to your outfit depends on your personal style preference and is optional. Her curls are hair goals, isn’t it?

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 6 – Tropical Prints

Nothing looks more perfect than tropical prints on a beach party. Don’t believe us? Try yourself! You can take some inspiration from Ankara’s printed outfits.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 5 – Casual Skirt Outfit for Curvy Girls

Looking for casual beach style outfit for a stunning curvy woman like you? Grab a solid colored short skirt and pair it with either cropped top or a funky beach tee. For hairstyling, you can either leave your hair free, or you can do a high pony if you can’t manage your hair. We liked the way she is carrying her wedge shoes. Avoid wearing heels while heading for an outdoor beach party as you may lose your balance while walking on sand.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 4 – Beach Vacation Outfits

Here are three completely different looks that you can try for a new take on the beach every day during your vacation.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 3 – Guest Outfit For Beach Wedding

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 2 – Hawaii Beach Vibes With Big Fruity Prints

Want to be remembered as drop-dead beauty of the beach? Try wearing somewhat similar print like the one shown in the below picture. The big fruity print looks best for a plus size beachwear outfit.

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

↓ 1 – Preppy Outfit For Beach Walk

Stripes can never go wrong! Be it the horizontal ones or the vertical ones. They are simple yet elegant. If you are feeling too hesitant to dress for a beach party, then play it safe by wearing a striped shirt or a cropped top. We adore her pastel pink cute shorts and white sneakers too!

20 Amazing Plus Size Beach Outfit Ideas

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