Pashmina Hijab Styles-18 Ways to Wear Hijab With Pashmina

Pashmina Hijab Styles. Just when you realize you are getting hold of a particular hijab style, there comes another, and also much better. But now you don’t have to worry about staying out of what’s currently trending because we are here now. Have a look at these absolutely classiest ways of wearing hijab with pashmina, and what it is like changing the face of hijab fashion! 18 fabulous ways to take your breath away!

Also, you can skim through this video below!

Video Tutorial How to wear Hijab With Pashmina

Pics of Hijab Pashmina Fashion Trends

polyvore sample

#18 – One that goes with Abaya

Wearing hijab is a common trend now, but wearing it in a style that goes with abaya as well, is as good as new. So try it out with your favorite abaya now.

hijab pashmina abaya


#17 – A Loose and Comfy Style

So it’s more like a cosy winter style when you just want to wrap your head in something warm and pleasant. Why not do it with style? That’s when a shawl hijab pashmina style breaks in!

shawl winter pash


#16 – For a Nerdy Look

So this is going to involve wearing your pashmina in a hijab style, but that has to have a lot of layers and a good flow. A bit of western tinge would do, because you got your geeky specs on. This is perfect for college girls.

nerdy look


#15 – Step by step Tutorial

Merely, women are just advanced hijab lovers because it can bring so much class. Just a scarf shawl you will need and the steps will guide you.



#14 – In a Typical Style

So the below graphics show the most typical manner of wearing a pashmina.

typical style


#13 – Black Style

This has got to be the sassiest style as yet. Pashminas can be so cool.

sassy pashmina


#12 – The Arabic Style

So this is particularly known as the cultural Arabic way of wearing a pashmina. The look of a hijab is just additionally efficient.

arabic style


#11 – The 2-minute Way

So a lot of fashion experts claimed that this style of wearing a hijab pashmina can be attained in less than 2-minute effort, and we are in.

2 min


#10 – In The Updo Style

So this one’s got media’s attention and is now very trending among so many young women!

The uniqueness of this is definitely the updo structure and the eccentric culture that it sheds. Got to try.

updo style


#9 – The Simplest One

We can say that simplest one is no less than the most capturing one. Because one should always be open to trying as we never know what might suit us the best.

simplest one


#8 – Wear it The Crinkle Style

It’s not a complex one, just a few steps to be followed and it will give an outlook of some classic crinkles all over.



#7 – The Exotic Way

exotic way


#6 – For Teen Girls



#5 – A Shawl Turned Pashmina Style

shawl turned pashmina


#4 – For Round Faced Girls

Wear it your pretty way with your favorite pashmina and shine.

pretty style


#3 – The Turkish Style

Grab your saucy pashmina right away and wear it the Turkish style. And hence, endless gloss, endless glamour.

turkish style


#2 – The Universal Style



#1 – For Summers

for summers


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