20 Cute Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girls to Wear This Year

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girls– A dashiki is a colorful, loose-fitting attire commonly worn in West African countries. It is a breathtaking piece of garment with rich cultural background. So wearing a pink dashiki outfit will give an awesome Afro-urban vibe! In recent times, a dashiki has become more popular globally and is now an important street-wear outfit. A dashiki comes in a variety of styles – from a cool summer shirt to incredible-looking gowns. They have also been incorporated into wonderful prom outfits for teens. While they come in multiple radiant colors and prints, this article is all about how to wear pink dashiki outfits for girls. But why pink? Because pink is pleasing to the eye and flattering to look at. Particularly the color rose hue, which suits women of all skin types. Read on to look at some of the ways you can style a gorgeous pink dashiki outfit so you can look amazing on any occasion!

How to Wear Pink Dashiki Outfits for Ladies?

Dashiki outfits have evolved from being considered traditional African wear into casual fashion. Here are some quick dos and don’ts for getting the best out of pink dashiki outfits for girls.

Some Tips for choosing and styling

Some of the brief guidelines for wearing pink dashiki attire are mentioned here below.

  • Wearing a pink dashiki shirt with a white trouser will look adorable. Since white pants go with almost anything, you can pair them up with your dashiki
  • If you are wearing a bright pink dashiki shirt, be sure to pair it up with pants that are dull coloured to highlight your beauty
  • Because these outfits are typically loose, wear them with tapered trousers, such as pencil skirts or jeans
  • Carefully style your pink dashiki with traditional accessories and handbags to complete your ethnic look
  • And lastly – style them with a jacket! Jackets or blazers help provide structure to the overall body. Wearing a pink dashiki with a jacket to complement it will make your curves more prominent.

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Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girls

↓ 20 – When to Wear ?

Since dashiki is typically casual wear, you can wear them to a variety of different events. From taking a stroll in the park to meeting up with old friends, this attire is extremely versatile. For informal occasions, dashikis typically have no or very little embroidery.

However, dashikis can also be used for more proper events such as wedding occasions. In this case, you will find pink dashikis made up of silk brocade with beautiful embroidery around the neckline. To polish your party-style look, you can wear small, shiny ear-studs, a traditional beaded necklace, and bangles that match the outfit.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 19 – Plus size

A pink dress with a tinge of black color makes this outfit a perfect choice for outings such as weddings or proms, or other special events. A stunning dashiki pink and black combo will look festive and traditional as well. Black patterns on a pink dashiki shirt give the body a slimming effect. This color combination on a dashiki will prove to look dashing!

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 18 – With a Traditional Blouse

If there is a fancy occasion you want to attend, consider adding an elegant pink dashiki with a long, traditional skirt or blouse in your wardrobe. Wearing this will create a fairytale-like look. Go for floral prints to give yourself a fresh summer appearance! This cheerful outfit is sure to be eye-catching. You can go also for a high-slit maxi skirt with a dashiki shirt. For a finishing look, wear a statement necklace and black chinos. For a more modern look, wear a pair of strappy sandals, and a navy leather handbag. Be sure to select vibrant colors that go well with your pink dashiki top!

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 17 – Hairstyles that Go with Dashki Dres

There are no specific dos and don’ts for the perfect hairstyle for a dashiki. However, you may want to consider letting your hair down loose or styling them in cute loose curls. If you are wearing a dashiki gown, loose side braids of a simple ponytail will look especially adorable! Pink hairclips, gemstones, or beaded ornaments are the appropriate hair accessories you can style with your dashiki!

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

↓ 16 – Frock

If you are looking for a modern pink dashiki, why not add a hand-printed midi dress to your wardrobe? These are beautifully designed and carefully crafted. Choose those that come with the latest prints and designs to give off a modern vibe. If you want to create a more laid-back appearance, choose a breezy shirt dress. Complement them with high heels and you’re all set!

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 15 – Boho Dashiki Dress

The combination of both bohemian and dashiki makes an outfit look exceptionally unique and artsy. A long, free-flowing boho dashiki dress looks pleasing to the eye and feels exceptionally sophisticated when worn. A pink dashiki boho shirt is an alternative to a dress. To finish off your ethnic look, add a few touches like wearing wood jewelry or fringed handbags. Wear embellished flat sandals or ankle boots and your look is complete!

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 14 – Full Dress 

A full, graceful pink dashiki gown will make you stand out from the crowd. A dashiki gown that comes with bright pink fabric and unique, intricate designs will make an amazing choice for sophisticated events. Style them with traditional jewelry, a cute belt, and a funky purse, and this attire will be a head-turner for sure!

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 13 – For Plus Size Women

No matter your size, a loose dashiki is always a comfortable option. Wear a pink outfit with a tinge of black or dark colors for a slimming effect. To balance your hips and curves a little, wear a chic belt around your dashiki outfit. You can wear elegant ethnic pieces of jewelry to add a bit of sparkle to your look. This also helps to take away attention from your figure. Long red or light pink wearings will match your pink dashiki attire, along with a large purse or handbag.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

↓ 12 – For Older Women

A dashiki outfit that is styled properly looks stunning in women of all ages. Show your girly side by wearing a pink dashiki shirt with a long, fashionable blouse. Have fun with your dressing, and go adventurous for a change. Choose bold options, like wearing a dashiki with cool shorts, or a fabulous dashiki shirt dress.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 11 – For Teenagers

Because the early teen years typically start on a rough note, a dashiki outfit can boost your self-esteem if you are a teen. Take, for an instance, a pink dashiki midi dress. Alternatively, a pink vintage dashiki dress is also a fabulous choice. Wear it with thick bangles, traditional earrings, and open-toe sandals, and you’re all ready.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 10 – Pink Dashiki Tunic Dress Top

A dashiki tunic top is known for its simplicity and long-line silhouette. It creates an effortless look, which especially goes well for plus-size fashion. Its long silhouette does a great job of slimming down your figure a little. This is are an awesome choice for the summer heat. Make sure to pair a pink dashiki tunic dress top with summer sandals. Wear minimal jewelry for this easy-going style.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 9 – African Ankara Dashiki

Dashiki Ankara attires come with vibrant colors and patterns that stand out. This outfit is unconventional, unique and can be worn if you want to experiment with your looks. To make you look even more graceful, you can style a pink Ankara dashiki top with a long skirt. Give your traditional appearance a finishing touch by wearing earrings and a small necklace.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 8 – Floral Print

Floral prints look absolutely dazzling, no matter what kind of outfit you try on. They look trendy, feminine, and yet stylish. Pink floral dashiki outfits that come with extensive designs are ideal for the summer. Choose dashiki clothes that come with a variety of cheerful prints and patterns.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

↓ 7 – Traditional headpiece

Simple denim jeans look amazing with light pink dashiki shirts. Also, a traditional headpiece or a headwrap is a powerful accessory and will complete your cultural look. It’s a quick fix for those moments where you don’t have the time for your hair. They can be worn in special events as these come in all sorts of fabrics, colors and prints. A headwrap represents a strong cultural fashion, which makes it a bonus if you’re wearing a dashiki.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 6 – Moderen chic look

On the days where you don’t feel like dressing up, you can opt for this choice. This is a quick way of dressing up, ideal for when you don’t have the time to dress up. So grab a pair of jeans or shorts and wear them with a simple, pink dashiki top. This is nice and simple, and simultaneously creates a casual, modern kind of look.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 5 – With jeans

Denim jeans go really well with a pink dashiki top. Alternatively, white straight trousers, chinos, or ripped jeans are also a good choice for a pink shirt.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

↓ 4 – Winter Look

The pros of having a dashiki are that they can be worn all year round. For the chilly months, you can wear a long-sleeved dashiki shirt with a warm wool sweater. A cool-looking jacket/blazer can be a nice substitute. You can be a little creative when dressing for the winter season. For an instance, why not wear a dashiki over your jacket or sweater? This stylish idea will help you keep nice and cozy when the days are cooler.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 3 – Footwear

If you want to go casual, wear your pink dashiki tunic top with a pair of sneakers to create a cool, sporty look! Pink pumps with a pink dashiki outfit is another great idea. Pencil heels, wedges, slippers are other examples. depending on your choice of occasion. Moreover, shoes that come with dashiki patterns will be the right match for your outfit!

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

↓ 2 – Accessorise It

There isn’t anything that doesn’t look good with dashiki! You can carry around a small purse or handbag that comes with dashing dashiki prints. Traditional beaded bracelets and colorful necklaces will be a beautiful addition to your style.

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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↓ 1 – Where to Buy Dashiki Outfits for Girls

You can purchase dashiki outfits in the following stores-

  • Eastern wear
  • Dashiki shirt African
  • Etsy

Pink Dashiki Outfits for Girlsvia

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Q. What does a dashiki symbolise?

Ans:  Dashiki outfits were originally introduced into the US market as a symbol for Black American Afrocentric identity. Hence this was worn to exhibit the unification amongst the people of the black community. Moreover, dashiki clothes were also initially worn by the Hippies who encouraged the movement.

Q. What is a women’s dashiki called?

Ans:  It originates from a Yoruba word, and implies clothing worn by men. The clothes worn by women are referred to as a buba.

Q. Do Nigerians wear dashiki?

Ans:  Yes, a dashiki is a cultural garment deeply valued by particularly the Yoruba people in Nigeria. Dashiki clothing is especially common in West African countries, such as Ghana and Nigeria.

Q. What do dashiki colours mean?

Ans:  Typically, grey is the color of choice for weddings and other special occasions. For traditional events, purple, lavender, or blue are preferred. These colors have a deep purpose. In Africa, purple usually symbolizes loyalty, while blue depicts harmony and love.

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