Best Outdoor Tent Party Ideas- 15 Outdoor Tent Party Themes

Best Outdoor Tent Party Ideas- 15 Outdoor Tent Party Themes-Since lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19 have loosened, you must be seeking some outdoor fun opportunities. In this post, we will be discussing 15 ideas about “How to arrange a themed tent party” with your family, friends, and kids.

No doubt, tent parties have always been a mirthful experience for all ages. You can make the gathering as special as you want. You can select a theme and decorate the environment with ornaments and flowers. Or a simple DIY tent in your backyard is all to set a movie night plot.

What Things To Keep In Mind For Outdoor Tent Parties?

Before coming to creative ideas for your special gathering, I would like to mention some essentials to remember when having an outside tent party.


The most important factor while having an open-air party is the weather.

You should check the weather outcast at least two days before the real event. Make sure that the weather is neither too hot nor too cold for an outdoor gathering. Check about winds on your special day because it’s hard to manage a tent party in the windy season. Select a waterproof tent to avoid problems in case of rain.

Bugs and Flies

Mosquitos can destroy the joy of your summer parties. During the rainy season in June and July, there is a burst of pests and bugs that can be a crash for your event. Here are some tips and hacks to host a bug-free party:

  • Try to host the party in day lightbecause mosquitos and bugs are more active after dusk.
  • You should use a bug repellant for instance a mat or a coil shaped repellant.
  • You can also use a zapper that attracts and then kills the mosquitos and bugs.
  • At entrance, set a small rack with mosquito repellant for the guests.
  • Keep the surrounding clean and cover the food in boxes to avoid flies and insects.
  • You can set up a mosquito net. Burn some citronella candles as well.

Number Of People

If you are planning to throw a tent party for your family, you should count the number of expected guests. It is important to determine which tent size will be perfect for your event.

15 Tent Party Themes To Enjoy In Open Air

Here are some of the best open air party themes in which you can use tents

↓ 15 – How To Decorate Tent For Wedding Party?

Some couples opt for their tent wedding due to its convenience and coziness. However, wedding tents are fancier and can be expensive because of ornaments and other decorations included. To complete the tasks, you can either hire a company or can adorn your venue with your friends’ help.

How To Create It:

1- If you have chosen to set the tent by yourself, you need to rent a tent first.

2- Fresh flowers are a must in wedding decorations.

3- In case, you are having a night wedding party, fairy lights and fancy lanterns will add to the beauty of the event.

4- Select the furniture in accordance with the tent colors.

5- Set up a dance floor to enjoy the party.

6- Select a menu with different yet tasty dishes.

What You Need To Creat It:

↓ 14 – Tent Party At Beach

Beaches are welcoming in the summers and perfect for some outdoor adventures. Just imagine a sunny beach, cool water, friends, and refreshments. Surely it seems attractive. So here I’ll advise how to throw a beach tent party for family and friends.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, look for a proper venue and install a properly sized tent.

2- Secondly, place some chairs, sofas, and some sheets on the sand.

3- Thirdly, decide on a menu and ask your guests to bring a dish. Arrange fresh cold drinks and juices.

4- Don’t forget to bring balls and a music system.

5- In addition, you can also select themed swim suits for all the guests.

What You Need :

↓ 13 – What To Know For Celebrating Birthday In The Tent?

Restaurants, hotels, and indoor birthday parties are a common custom now. If you want to have a unique birthday party, then having a party under the tent is the best option. In this regard, there are no boundaries to decorate the venue. You can either select a traditional look with balloons or go with a modern look.

How To Create It:

1- Firstly, set up a tent. You can either buy a tent or get one on rent.

2- Embellish the tent with colorful balloons and glitters. Moreover, you can set lights if it is a night function.

3- Set a stage for the cake cutting ceremony and hang banners with birthday quotes.

4- Then you can arrange the food table and drinks outside the tent to get a 2 in 1 feeling.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 12 – Graduation Party Under The Tent

In order to celebrate your graduation journey with your friends and professors, a tent party is a top-notch choice. For this purpose, you do not need to over decorate the venue.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, select a color theme. For instance, the all-white theme seems a good one for the graduation party.

2- However, you can give a touch of blue and red balloons, banners as well as lights.

3- Set up a stage for speeches.

4- Arrange some refreshments and meals for the guests.

5- in addition to all this, prepare cool goodie bags for the graduating students.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 11 – Sleepover Tent Party

What could be more exciting than having a sleepover tent party with your best friends? The sleepover night in the tent will be a thrilling and fun-filled experience for you.

How To Create It:

1- Set up a proper tent according to the number of people.

2- Make bedding with a double layer of soft blankets. Place some snug cushions as well as comfy pillows.

3- Adorn the tent with star lights to give it a night sky look.

4- Bring some snacks to enjoy at the midnight.

5- Moreover, you should be prepared to offer a tempting breakfast in the morning.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 10 – How To Throw Backyard Tent Party?

If you are searching for a tent party on your tight budget, then a backyard tent party is perfect. Backyard parties can save you a lot of money and time. Here we brought an idea to make your event festive and unique.

How To Create It:

1- Firstly, install a tent in your backyard. You can ask your family to give you a helping hand.

2- Secondly, set table and chairs according to the number of expected guests.

3- Thirdly, embellish the venue for your theme. You can either use balloons, lights, paper lamps or fresh flowers from your garden.

4- Last but not least, set a menu containing flavorful dishes.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 9 – Kids Outdoor Tent Party

An outdoor tent party will be a fascinating surprise for your kids as well as teens. An open-air fun day can prove to be a thrilling break after their hectic exam routine.

How To Create It:

1- You can either hire an event company or make DIY mini tents in your backyard.

2- Customize each tent with kids’ names and favorite toys.

3- Flowers and lights will add to the beauty of the tents.

4- Arrange some gleeful games, for example, musical chairs and egg-and-spoon-race.

5- Treat them to their favorite snacks and juices.

What You Need To Create It:

  • DIY tents
  • Name plates
  • Flowers & lights
  • Snacks and juices

↓ 8 – Tent Party On Camping

The top option to chill out with your best friends is a tent party while camping. The idea will be perfect if you are seeking a pleasing escape from your tiring routine.

How To Create It:

1- Make a plan before actual camping.

2- Arrange all the necessary equipment and electronics.

3- Moreover, make sure you have a waterproof bag along with enough food.

4- Always carry a first-aid box.

5- Now you are all set to have fun.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 7 – How To Throw A Dance Party Under The Tent?

A simple tent party can be converted into a crazy dance party with a dance floor and disco lights. It could be either a wedding ceremony or a friend’s reunion.

How To Create It:

1- Set up a tent.

2- Arrange tables and chairs.

3- Set up adance floor and add some disco lights.

4- Order pizzas and drinks for the guests.

5- Enjoy your dance with partners.

What You Need To Create It:

  • First of all. a tent.
  • Furniture
  • Dance floor
  • Disco lights(Buy here)

↓ 6 – Honey Bee Themed Party

Although it’s more common in summer, however, a honey bee theme is an all-season party choice. You can throw either a birthday party or a family get-together in a honey bee customized tent.

How To Create It:

1- Hire a black and yellow colored tent.

2- Decorate the venue with honey bee-shaped balloons.

3- Moreover, select the furniture according to the theme.

4- Enjoy your event.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 5 – Baby’s Gender Reveal Party

If you are looking for an idea to reveal your baby’s gender, then you are at the right site. Here we brought an amazing tent party idea to make your baby’s gender reveal memorable.

How To Create It:

1- Set a medium-size tent. Embellish it with pink and blue balloons.

2- Place a table for cake and sweets. Decorate it with glittery banners.

3- Food should be in pink and blue color.

4- Set a pink theme for team girls and a blue dress code for team boys.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 4 – Which Things To Consider For Picnic Party In The Tent?

Summer holidays are incomplete without having a picnic party. The pleasure of a picnic party can be doubled if it is held under a tent. Also, have a look at 20 Picnic Outfits- All-White Outfits For Picnic In 2021 for outfit inspo.

How To Create It:

1- You just need to set a tent.

2-. Decide a menu or ask your friends to bring a dish with them.

3- Spread a picnic mat outside the tent and arrange the edibles.

4- You can decorate the tent either with banners or artificial flowers.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 3 – Cozy Bonfire Tent party

Although summers are the best for a campfire gathering, however, you can hold a bonfire party anytime in the year. A spacious greeny place, friends, and a campfire is perfect combo.

How To Create It:

1- Install your tent with the help of friends.

2- Bring all the necessary equipment with you.

3- Set a bonfire and make sittings around the fire.

4- In addition, play guitar to make the environment cozy.

5- At the end, don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks.

What You Need To Create It:

↓ 2 – Dreamy tent Party

Your dreams will come true with this dreamy jungle theme tent party. This theme is out-and-out for kids as well as adults.

How To Create It:

1- Create individual tents.

2- Decorate them with a jungle theme.

3- Place name plates on each tent.

4- Organize dinner/pizzas for the guests.

What You Need To Create It:

  • DIY tents
  • Decorations
  • Name plates
  • Pizza & cold drinks

↓ 1 – Enjoy Movie Night Under The Tent

Watching a romanticmovie with your partener would be more pleasing in an outdoor tent. One can make it extra-decorated or keep it simple de[ending on the type of event. Also, have a look at 15 Fun-Filled Kids Outdoor Movie Night Party Ideas In 2021.

How To Create It:

1- First of all, install a tent for 2 of you.

2- Secondly, Lit the tent with fairy lights or paper lamps. You can either add romance with candles.

3- Then set up a movie screen or LED and play a movie.

4- Have some snacks and drinks while enjoying your show.

What You Need To Create It:


Q: How To Secure A Tent In Heavy Winds?

1- First of all, push the tent stakes into the ground.

2- Then use thick ropes to bind the canopy with the stakes.

3- Try double or triple knots with the cords.

4- You can pour concrete into the coffee cans to provide stability for stakes.

Q: Which Decorations Are The Best For Tent Party?

1- Lights and lanterns will add beauty and glow to the surroundings.

2- Colorful tent themes can be selected on various occasions.

3- Fill the tent with balloons for a birthday party

4- You can place motion screens on tent walls and even roofs.

5- Go with a green theme that represents natural beauty.

Q: What Games And Activities To Play In The Tent?

Following are the most popular games to play in the tent:

1- Telling stories

2- Spin the bottle

3- Singing Songs

4- The Alphabet Game

5- Glow-In-The-Dark Ring toss

Q: How To Make A DIY Tent At Home?

You can make a DIY at home by following these easy steps:

1- First, tighten a string between two points. However, you can also use a rod to do so.

2- Secondly, Put a sheet or blanket over the string in A-shape.

3- Thirdly, add a layer of cozy blanket on the ground.

4- Then you can add pillows and cushions to make it comfortable.

5- Lastly, bring some snacks with you to enjoy the party.

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