15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022

Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands-With the passing years, the fashion industry has been evolving and emerging as one of the most profitable ones. Middle Eastern fashion brands are thriving and competing with the top-grade clothing lines. Now people are ready to invest in them. Arab designers are trying to keep their culture and legacy intact with a pinch of western taste.

Modest clothing with a western touch is becoming the masses’ first choice in Muslim countries. You can still look fashionable without showing off your body. Women can wear half sleeves and even short skirts by adding layers. They are more likely to wear a full sleeve t-shirt under half sleeves and some matching lowers/trousers with short skirts.

Arabian makes are now paving their way to Holly Wood as many celebrities are seen wearing Arab designer dresses. Among these brands; Elie Saab, Nour by Nour, Zuhair Murad, and Rami Kadi are top-notch seen on the red carpet and Paris Fashion Week.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022

What Middle Eastern Brands Are Famous For?

These designers are getting fame not only in the Middle East but in the whole Muslim sphere. People especially Muslim women now feel voguish and snug at the same time. This industry allows women to enjoy the latest fashion trends without exceeding their religious boundaries.

Most of the Arab-owned brands are famous due to their comfortability as the dresses are both cozy and easy. Here women are now breaking the stereotypes and are willing to change the fashion world.

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Tips For Wearing Middle Eastern Brands

Like any other regional dressing, there are also some set rules as well as styles for wearing Arabic clothes. The rules are basically made to slay the Middle Eastern dress which you are wearing. Here are some tips on how to carry these Arab dresses:


Hijab has always been a mandatory part of dressing for Muslim women. However, now women are breaking the norms and Hijab is not only a religious scarf to cover their heads but turned into a fashion symbol. In fact, females are now concerned about choosing a hijab that goes perfectly with their attire.


Lowers are incredibly important if you want a western look but still eager to look modest. You can use matching or contrast lowers with short skirts or even knee-high dresses.


An Arabic outfit is never complete without adding some accessories to it. You can add a fancy belt or string of beads around your waist or a hijab crown to your hijab.

↓ 15 – Verona Collection

Lisa Vogl and Alaa Ammuss started their Middle Eastern clothing line with the name Verona Collection. Both being Arab women were willing to launch a fusion of humble and modern dresses at affordable prices.

Their brand specializes in full-body covering modern dresses along with floral abayas with vibrant colors. In addition to formal wear, here you can find simple unicolor to hand-printed chiffon hijabs which help complete your look. Simple as well as beautifully printed hijab caps are also in their stock.

Price Range: Their prices vary from 13$ to 85$.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
<a href=httpsamznto3fSs3Q0>Beautifully Printed Verona collection Modest Dress in $3888<a>

↓ 14 – Bashar Assaf

Bashar Assaf is a Lebanese fashion designer who is currently based in Beirut. Starch Foundation once picked him out in December 2012. It’s a non-profitable organization launched by well-known Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar where Bashar Assaf presented his three collections. Elle Style Awards also nominated him as “Best Upcoming Designer in the Middle East”.

His designer wears include both men’s and women’s attires. One can find both formal as well as ready-to-wear dresses in Bashar’s collection. His designs specifically focus to point up women’s bodies with delicate accessories and better craftsmanship. Signature cuts and unique designs make the garments worth wearing and the brand is coming out as everyone’s favorite.

Price Range: You can visit https://www.basharassaf.com/contact for prices.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
Bashar Assaf

↓ 13 – Hala Kaiksow

Hala Kaiksow is a diverse and creative designer from Bahrain who is graduated from Italy with a Master of Collection Degree. Her intentions are to cultural garments with a little bit of modernism. All her designs are handcrafted are customized only on order.

Hala Kaiksow is famous because firstly, it’s a blend of Eastern and Western thoughts. Secondly, it contains a varied collection that consists of Wandress, Anti-Atlas, Al-Kimiya, Al-Qursan, Nomas, and Turba. Her attires are a true reflection of her motive WE MAKE, SEW, DYE, WEAVE.

Price Range: Their prices ranges from 25$ to 200

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
Hala Kaiksow

12 – Mayka Official

Based in Dubai, Egyptian designer May Orfy launched Mayka Official as a contemporary yet simple brand. Mayka came into being with a thought of sisterhood. May being a twin, was always inspired to create outfits that are similar but not identical. For this reason, Mayka’s every outfit name ends with the word sister translated into 20 different languages.

Along with dresses, Mayka’s creation includes bottoms, jumpsuits, loungewear, outerwear, hand-woven sweaters, and tops. You can find elegant and fair price dresses here.

Price Range: Prices varies between $58-$295.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
<a href=httpsmaykastorecomcollectionsdressesproductsparos dress>Mayka Official<a>

↓ 11 – Nour Najem

Nour Najem is a Lebanese fashion designer who completed her graduation from ESMOD Beirut. In the meanwhile, she worked as an internee with big fashion names like Elie Saab, Caroline Seikaly, and Rabih Kayrouz. Nour’s motivation is to keep her heritage and tradition alive with the changing fashion globe.

Honestly speaking, Nour is the one to select the suitable fabric and reinforcing designs for every attire. The best-selling collections of the brand include Afaq, Baraka, Zaman, Nafas, and Nouron min Nour. She has her outlets located in Paris and the USA.

Price Range: You can click here to check the prices for her dresses.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
Nour Najem

↓ 10 – Zuhair Murad

Based in Beirut, Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese outfit designer who has made his mark in Holly Wood. In fact, celebrities love to appear on the red carpet groomed in Zuhair’s wardrobe. For this reason, he has been the topnotch maker in bridal stakes due to his fairytale outfits that empower the personality of a woman.

The World of Murad contains couture, ready-to-wear, bridal gowns, and accessories. His ready-to-wear collections are simple yet alluring and chic. His bridal wardrobe is particularly worth buying. Presently the designer’s net worth is around $45 million.

Price Range: Murad’s dress can cost from $1,231-$17,996.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
<a href=httpswwwzuhairmuradcomenbridal spring21 6>Zuhair Murads Bridal Stakes<a>

↓ 9 – Modanisa

Kerim Ture founded Modanisa in Turkey and is well known for Islamic clothing and accessories. The brand is providing its services to 140 countries and content is available in 6 languages including Turkish, Arabic, French, English, German, as well as Bahasa.

Modanisa offers dresses, tunics, outerwear, sportswear, prayer clothes, sweat-shirts, blouses, knitwear, and jumpsuits.

Price Range: Their prices vary from $10.49 to $1050.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
<a href=httpswwwmodanisacomenevening skirthtmck=49enusdlkij>Modanisa<a>

↓ 8 – Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion artist who is the first Middle Eastern designer to couture an Oscar winner, Halle Berry. Queen Rania of Jordan also selected one of his pieces for her husband’s coronation ceremony. He is the only Arab designer with net worth $200 million. Saab started his career decorating bridal attires and he gradually established his brand into an empire. “I like feminine elegance, not extravagance, “Elie once stated.

Elie Saab’s collection consists of Haute Couture, ready-to-wear, and bridal gowns. In addition to dresses, the brand has introduced eyewear, accessories, and fragrances. His most famous perfume, GIRL OF NOW costs $74.60.

Price Range: Elie Saab’s bridal outfits ranges from $2000-$25,000.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
Elie Saab

↓ 7 – Noon by Nour

Beirut-based cousins, Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa set up their brand name as Noon By Noor. Both ladies are actively providing other women with outfits that are relaxed, chic, and luxurious at the same time.

“Women wearing Noon by Nour clothing feel safe, courageous, and Effortlessly chic. Women should have fun wearing our clothes”, says Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa. You can find Dresses, hijabs, swimwear, pants/skirts, shoes, and bags here. Moreover, she also contains a variety of baby and kidswear.

Price range: Here is the link to see prices.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
Noon By Nour

↓ 6 – Maram

An Egyptian designer named Maram Aboul Enein founded her brand in 2014. The collection promises an ethical dressing along with innovation. Maram calls her wardrobe “Off-Duty luxury” that offers simplicity, a sense of relaxation, and luxury at the same time. The brand’s head office is in Montreal, Quebec but the designer says that she wants to go back to Egypt and finally busy herself with local materials and industries.

The Maram collection includes not only leather jackets and evening dresses but skirts, knitwear, denim, t-shirts, outerwear, sweaters, tops, and pants also. The clothing has a deep impact on European thought rather than the Eastern touch.

Price Range: $60-$2500

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022

↓ 5 – Meera Adnan

Meera Adnan is a Palestinian line that is based in Gaza. The platform is willing to spread its regional cuts throughout the globe. Meera’s attire shows a message of the Gaza situation with amazing color patterns and paintings while showing Gaza’s war situation. It also offers customized outfits for all sizes and according to their bodies.

” Sometimes it’s hard or impossible to receive and send out parcels in Gaza due to border closures”, says Meera. The brand also has a complete set of 80’s dresses with a modern impact. A wide range of bags, accessories, clothing, coats, jewelry, and shoes are the categories of the line.

Price Range: Price range for Meera Adnan is $199-$300.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
<a href=httpsmeeraadnancomproductswool navy blazerpr prod strat=copurchasepr rec pid=4633799983240pr ref pid=4633842057352pr seq=uniform>Meera Adnan<a>

↓ 4 – Reemami

UAE-based designer, Reema Al Banna initiated her fashion line in 2009 with the name Reemami and soon made her mark in the industry. Since then, the name is a triumph and constantly beating its competitors with signature designs, special cuts, and chic colors. She always strives hard to bring some unique patterns along with perfectly blended colors to her customers and consequently coming with the best version of her collection every time.

Although her brand is a big name, she still exerts herself to meet people’s demands from over the globe. The ready-to-wear wardrobe of the brand contains dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and denim. In addition to these, One can also find customized masks and repurposed headbands in the collection.

Price Range: Reemami’s prices vary from $127-$1,165.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022

↓ 3 – Arwa Al Banawi

Saudi outfit designer, Arwa Al Banawi grew up in Jeddah and his inspiration for creative cuts with intricate patterns comes from his parents. His work significantly shows a Middle Eastern image to empowers women around the world. He takes his creation as “East Meets West” perspective and hence trying to fill the gap between couture clothes and streetwear.

Modern styles with chic and vibrant colors are the overall hits of this clothing line. Furthermore, it offers contemporary yet modest dresses to t-shirts and hoodies.

Price Range: You can find a Bawani’s in $162-$810.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
<a href=httparwaalbanawicomaw15>Arwa Al banawi<a>

↓ 2 – Gemy Maalouf

Delicate fabric, shimmery, and dresses embellished with beads are the main attractions of the Gemy Maalouf clothing line. Gemy launched her brand in 1996 in Beirut. Soon the brand made its way to Paris fashion shows where the world astonished with the glint of her work. Her pieces include jackets, jumpsuits, long dresses and skirts, midi dresses and skirts, pants, shorts, short dresses and skirts, and accessories.

Gemy’s atelier has her 3 collections

1- Gemy Maalouf bridal

2- Gemy le Pret

3-Couture by Gemy

Price Range: One can get a shiny gown from $1,125-$7,650.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
Gemy Maalouf

↓ 1 – Bouguessa

Faiza Bouguessa is the founder of the contemporary label, Bouguessa. Bouguessa was established in 2014 in Dubai. Her creativity and passion for dresses are quite apparent with her carefully selected patterns and amazing fabric features.

In addition to dresses, Bouguessa offers not only coats and long jacket, skirts, tops, blazers, pants but accessories also.

Price Range: Prices for the brand varies from $415-$1,315.

15 Best Middle Eastern Clothing Brands 2022
<a href=httpsbouguessacompagescontact>Bouguessa<a>

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is clothing like in the Middle East?

Men use to wear Thawb which is loose, long-sleeved dresses to the ankle length. However, women tend to like dresses with neck and front embroidered or embellished with beads. Also, it’s a common practice for females to cover their heads with a scarf that is called a Hijab.

Q: Why do people in the Middle East wear so many clothes?

Since it’s always hot outside so robes are thick dresses that prevent sun rays to penetrate your body. It’s important to save yourself from hot Arab weather that can be deadly sometimes. Although the air around the body is hot enough at least you are not getting direct heat from the sun. However, they still allow the flow of air between the body and the environment.

Q: What do Middle Eastern wear on their heads?

Arab men use a traditional cotton scarf to cover their heads and bound it to place with a black cord, Agal. These headcovers, Keffiyeh or Shemagh, are part of their culture but also help them to survive in hot killing surroundings.

Q: What is Arab women’s traditional dress?

According to Arab culture, women mostly wear abayas, a long maxi usually black in color, along with a headpiece known as Hijab. But now women tend to dress up in bright dark colors with a shimmery glance.

On the contrary, young girls and teenagers are also seen wearing western clothes.

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