Checkered Pants – How to Wear Checkered Pants

Checkered Pants: Check print has been a classic print since the beginning of time. It has been widely known for its simple yet sophisticated appearance. The merging of vibrant colors horizontally and vertically creates numerous squares – a hypnotizing design.

This pattern has become an essential part of the fashion industry. Celebrities, Models, and Influencers of all kinds can be seen incorporating the check pattern in their outfits in the form of shirts, pants, and even headbands. However, checkered pants are currently the most trending piece of clothing.

Tips On Wearing Checkered Pants

  • Plan your whole outfit carefully so that it looks decent instead of looking mismatched.
  • Going for a simple and neat look should be your top choice.
  • Your tops should always be of solid colors—the pattern on pattern clash with each other.
  • Do not pair check print on top of another check print unless they come together in 2 pieces. 
  • Try not to overly add accessories to your outfit, as making your checkered pants stand out should be the priority. 
  • Choose bright-colored checkered pants for casual purposes and lightly colored ones for formal events. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips For 2021

How To Style Checkered Pants – For Girls

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways you can style your outfit using checkered pants if you are a girl. 

↓ 5 – Black And Blue Checkered Pants Paired With Crop Top

Crop tops are the most comfortable yet stylish item of clothing. They’re loose enough to keep you cool and relaxed while simultaneously making you look chic. In the picture below, a plain white crop top is paired with straight-fit checkered pants: black, navy blue, and white in color. This creates an elegant combination, perfect for a day-to-day look and perfect for get-togethers with friends. Adding a black belt and some chunky boots further lift the whole look.

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


↓ 4 – How To Layer Outfit Using Checkered Trousers

Layering clothes thoughtfully always creates a splendid outfit. Different colors, matching or in contrast, gives the whole outfit a unique look. In the picture below, a white mini jacket is worn on top of a black tank top which looks really good with the black and white checkered trousers. Furthermore, accessories such as big hoops, rings, a layered necklace, sunglasses, and black converse are added, which complete the look.  Also, have a look at Women Blazer Outfits-32 Ways to Wear Blazer in Different Styles.

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


↓ 3 – What To Wear With Red Checkered Pants Pajama

Taking inspiration from Kendall Jenner, whose sense of fashion is immaculate, we can style red checkered high-waisted pants with a plain white tank top. Simple yet stylish, this outfit can be worn daily to tackle the summer heat. Kendall wears white converse, which provides comfort and eases all day long. Thus, with red checkered pants, one can wear any kind of white T-shirt, crop top, or tank top and slay the day.

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


↓ 2 – How To Wear Checked Pants for Hijab Outfit

Who said you couldn’t rock checkered pants with a Hijab? Evidently, checkered pants and Hijab complement each other pretty well when it comes to creating a splendidly modest outfit. For your Hijab, pick out the color which is least striking in your pants. This way, the Hijab will make it pop out instead of further diminishing its vibrancy. Pair a loose-fit blouse and some casual shoes with this fit, and you’ll be ready to seize the day. Also, have a look at the 15 Latest Hijab Styles 2021 Every Muslim Girl Should Follow.

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


↓1 – How To Styling Both Small-Check Pattern And Big-Boxed Check Pattern

It is safe to assume that no matter what you choose to wear, as long as you’re confident in yourself, you will feel the prettiest and will attract positive energy too. Hence, there is no strict rule when it comes to styling checkered pants that are patterned with either small boxes or large ones. You can wear a loose Tee with one or a fitted shirt with the other (and vice versa) and still put up a splendid outfit. But make sure you stick to one look and pair the accessories accordingly. For example, pairing dress shoes with a casual fit will definitely make you look off. 


How To Style Checkered Pants – For Men

Checkered pants have been in fashion for men longer than they have been for women. But now, the style has evolved. Here are a number of ways you can totally rock your checkered pants being a man.

↓ 5 – Formal Attire

Checkered pants have always been an all-rounder when it comes to dressing up for formal events. The most popular colors of formal checkered pants are usually black and grey. They add an element of sobriety, which is exactly what you need for formal occasions, whether it is a business meeting, a dinner, or even your own wedding ceremony. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips For 2021


↓ 4 – Autumn Outfit

Inspired by the 70’s fashion, this outfit is the perfect outfit for fall. A classic denim jacket is worn with high-waisted checkered pants. This fit is exactly the kind you’d wear when the weather outside is unpredictable – sometimes warm, but sometimes chilly. Both the baggy pants and loose jacket will keep you cozy but also stylish all day long. Although the outfit is paired with white sneakers in the image below, we also think it will look as good with any kind of loafers or leather boots.

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips For 2021


↓ 3 – Using Black Checkered Pants To Create A Classic Outfit

A pair of high-quality, well-fitting black checkered pants should be hanging in every gent’s wardrobe. They are very versatile and can be worn on a number of occasions, no matter how formal or casual they are. They are also completely suitable for the events that come in between. The best part about having checkered pants in color black is that there are no rules on what you can or cannot wear with them. You can style any color shirt, sweater, or jacket with it and achieve a flawless look. However, we will give you a pretty word of advice: Oxford shoes look the best with black pants.

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips For 2021


↓ 2 – Check On Check Ensemble

Although pattern on pattern is not always preferred because they complicate the look of your outfit and make it less eye-catching, check on check pattern can actually create a very sophisticated look if done properly. So don’t shy away from buying a checkered set – whether it’s in a bold block print or a subtle print – which can totally spice up your wardrobe. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips For 2021


↓ 1 – Casual Streetwear

Streetwear is termed as the combination of comfortable wear with casual staples, which has become an increasingly common practice in modern menswear. It is an outfit that you would be comfortable enough to wear on weekdays to run errands and cozy enough to wear on weekends to lounge around in your living room. When choosing to wear an outfit like that, you have to perfectly balance the formal and informal so that your outfit looks thought-through, but it also looks like you’re not trying too hard.

Thus, loose checkered trousers are a star when it comes to streetwear. A simple T-shirt or a baggy sweater paired with them can create the most vintage yet chic outfit for you to wear all day. And, of course, your look cannot be complete without a pair of squeaky clean white sneakers. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips For 2021


Which Accessories Should Be Paired With Checkered Pants?

Checkered pants are a bold statement in itself, but that does not mean you cannot add accessories that can elevate your style. Accessories can add a little bit of glam to your whole look. They’re surely the items that make you stand out in the rest of the crowd wearing the same clothes. 

↓ 4 – A White Top

By now, you must’ve noticed that white is the go-to color when it comes to choosing tops with your desired checkered pants. Whether it’s a sweater, a button-down, or a relaxed-fit Tee, white conquers the rest of the colors. It is the most versatile color, and you can rock it with almost anything. If you choose to buy a couple of different colored checkered pants (because you just can’t have enough!), there is one thing you can wear with all of them: a white top. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


↓ 3 – Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a permanent piece to have in your wardrobe all year round. No outfit can be complete without some cool shades. Whether you are male or female, and be it summer or winter, you should have your sunglasses on you during the day because they provide immense protection to your eyes from harmful sun rays, sand, dusty wind, and snow. But on top of that, they make you look not only chic but also completely transform your whole look and gives it an effect that no other accessory can. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


For more information on the top trending sunglasses currently, click here. 

↓ 2 – Minimalistic jewelry

As opposed to the last decade, where chunky and bold jewelry was preferred, minimalistic jewelry is the new trend. Mastering minimalism is up there with the most transformative style moves any man or woman can make. They always give your outfit a sense of enrichment instead of diminishing the spotlight of your clothing items. Pairing a delicate bracelet with your checkered pants or some hoop earrings will never overcomplicate your outfit. Instead, they will be very pleasing to the eye and very aesthetic. Similarly, adding a few finger and knuckle rings will surely help you get the most out of your outfit. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


↓1 – Sneakers

A good pair of shoes has the ability to completely elevate an entire outfit, regardless of your gender. But we will specifically emphasize sneakers and how they go extremely well with anything, from loose pants to tightly fitted ones. They are also most suitable for any occasion, and this is what has made them so essential as part of our wardrobes. When styling your checkered pants, you can slip your feet into a pair of sneakers which will provide you comfort all day and also make you appear modern. 

How To Style Checkered Pants - Top Tips And Tricks


Where To Buy The Best Checkered Pants From?

Although there are many places and websites to buy checkered pants from, you still have to do your research and make sure you find a reliable place in terms of both quality and price. To save you time, we have already researched for you. Here are the top brands where you can shop for your desired checkered pants. 

↓ 5 – Macy’s 

About: Macy’s is America’s Department Store, an iconic brand and retail industry leader. Customers can shop from them through their stores and also their mobile app. Macy’s has a wide variety of every kind of checkered pants, especially for women. Casual pants, dress pants, trousers are all available in every size and color. Not only that, each of their patterns uniquely vary from each other too. 

Price Range: $35 – $104

↓ 4 – Storenvy

About: Storenvy is home to emerging brands and inspired goods. It is known for launching custom stores in minutes and for discovering amazing, one-of-a-kind things you can’t find anywhere else. The same goes for finding the best-checkered pants. Since Storenvy is catering to the Indie niche, you can bet that you’ll find pants that suit people all over the world, with every kind of taste and aesthetic. Along with that, they are also very light on the wallet.

Price Range: $23 – $40

↓ 3 – ASOS

About: Asos plc is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer. Their website sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories. Although the company was started with the bright idea of opening a fashion business that copied the trending styles and designs worn by popular celebrities, their own pieces are flawless too. ASOS has become a one-stop shop for all in the past few years, and once you check out their new checkered pants collection, you’ll become a fan too.

Price Range: $50 – $90 

↓ 2 – Rag & Bone

About: Although a very ‘young’ brand, rag & bone instantaneously distinguished itself by combining British heritage with modern design. Today, the brand has become famous for innately wearable clothing that innovatively combines classic tailoring with an edgy yet understated New York aesthetic. Rag & bone is considered an affordable luxury brand, which means that it is not as expensive as high-end brands but is still affordable enough. This, therefore, brings with itself the promise of the finest quality and a wide range of choices for the checkered pants that you’re looking for.

Price Range: $100 – $2000

↓ 1 – H & M

About: H & M is a multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men and women and children that is informed by the latest trends in fashion and style. They are known for bringing you fashion and quality at the best price. Once you visit their store or search their website for checkered pants, you won’t be able to stop looking and scrolling – that’s how wide their variety of trousers is. That too at the most reasonable prices. That’s why there’s no doubt that H & M stands Number 1 on our list.

Price Range: $5 – $50

Some FAQs

→ Are Checkered Pants In Style 2021?

Yes, they definitely are! Checkered pants are considered evergreen in the fashion industry. They can be styled any way you want without making your fashion taste seem outdated. 

→ What Looks Best With Checkered Pants?

Solid-colored tops look the best with checkered pants. They will allow your checkered pants to gain the attention they rightfully deserve.

→ What Type Of Shirt Should I Wear With Checkered Pants?

Since Checkered Pants are worn to both formal and informal events, there is no restriction on what type of shirt you can wear with them. You can pair a crop top, basic T-Shirt, button-down shirt, turtleneck, and even a baggy sweater. It is all up to your preference. 

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