15 Sage Green Room Decor Ideas For Calming Green Interiors

Sage green room decor ideas: Do you know the feeling of calm and peace when surrounded by scenery and nature? The immense feeling of relaxation and being energetic when there is greenery everywhere. I believe everyone knows this feeling as we regularly interact with nature. 

However, you can have the same feelings every day when you opt for sage green room aesthetics. Guess what? I know you are thinking about, how do you decorate with sage green? How a green bedroom looks like, right? 

Don’t worry, we got you, and here we bring 15 sage green room décor ideas for you. Follow me till the end! 

Among other popular bright colors, sage green color is a hot favorite this year. Therefore, sage green room décor ideas are all we want this year.

Whether it’s an accent wall, sofas at home, furniture, or bedroom, adding sage green aesthetic color bring power and completely changes the atmosphere of a room. 

No matter what the season, green interiors always look nice and welcoming.

sage green room aesthetics

How To Decorate Your Room in Sage Green Color?

Well, this question might be on top of your list. In my opinion, incorporating sage green color into your room is easy if you have an eye on details. So, you don’t need to be overwhelmed. 

There must be aesthetic rooms in your home, and the sage green décor idea is one of the best ideas for an appealing room. Rosie Ward said, “How you use bold shades depends on how confident you are with color and the level in which you want to incorporate it into your home.”

So, there must be an accent wall if you are planning to have sage green room décor. You can have sage green objects in your room, but keep these tips in mind.

  • Use it in a Bedroom: If you want to add sage green in your bedroom, then it’s the best option for calmness and peaceful environment.Make you wall green or add any green painting or furniture in your room.
  • Start with a Base Color: Paint a clean shade of white as a base layer before painting sage, especially if the wall has yellow tones that may not combine well with sage paint. You have to be careful while painting a wall or putting on wallpaper. 
  • Accent with Neutral: If you want to enhance the beauty of your room and make it more aesthetic, then use beige, white, brown, and soft pink with green as these are neutral colors. It brings the power of calmness to your sage green room. 
  • Texturize with layers: Well, as a finishing touch in the room, add layers of rustic decoration in the form of baskets, wallpapers, and sage green backdrops. 
  • Green glassware accessories: If you want to make sage green decor lavish, then pick out green glassware items and group them together, then add a few stems of foliage if you merely want a touch of sage green in your home.

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15 – Use a Sage Green Wallpaper

Do you want to bring subtle and calm colors as well as patterns to your room? Using wallpapers is the best way to do both things. Therefore, you have to choose the sage green color for wallpaper. It can be soft plain wallpaper, textured geometric, fanciful floral, or leaf pattern wallpaper. Moreover, sage green wallpaper brings peace and a feeling of coolness to your room.

You can buy sage green wallpaper from here

14 – Pair Olive Green with White

Sage Green and olive green are almost the same colors and look pretty elegant with white combinations in the room. Olive green is a simple color to deal with in the living room as it works well in both natural and artificial light. So, you don’t have to be concerned about the appearance of your space.

It’s also an attractive tone and possibly the simplest green to live with, making it excellent as a four-wall color. However, it will look more appealing when you have white along with green color, like in the pictures below. If you are planning to renovate your room, then select this color for an aesthetic room.

13 – Sage Green Living Room

This color is so attractive and appealing that it makes me want to renovate my whole room and house. I am in love with the vibe of the sage green color. In my opinion, don’t waste your money on other things for décor and change the theme into sage green room decor. You won’t be disappointed!
Bringing the sensation of nature indoors with sage green pieces like the lavish sofa, ottoman coffee table, and wood side console is a terrific way to bring the feel of nature indoors. Moreover, this is the ideal combination to give a living room a fresh feel.

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12 – Sage Green with Grey Color

Except for the white color with sage green, the grey color is also at the top of the list when we talk about combinations. Sage green and grey décor combination could be exactly what your living space requires. Keep in mind that small changes in your environment can have a large influence. While grey decor on its own can get a little dull, pairing it with green helps create a nice and interesting contrast.

11 – Sage Green Aesthetic Wall Clock

Wall clock is an essential item for any room décor. So, why not choose a sage green wall clock for the room? There are a variety of patterns and themes for wall clocks, but sage green patterns and plain green clocks appeal to everyone.

10 – Sage Green Armchair

Sage green armchair would be a good asset for any room of the house be it the bedroom, the living room or the hallway.

Check the green armchair from here

9 – Woven Geometric Rug

How can we forget about the woven geometric rug? The modern sage green room décor is incomplete without a geometric rug. Moreover, the good news is that geometric rugs are in trend right now, so if you want to get one other than brown, beige, or grey, then this green geometric rug is a good option.

8 – Sage Green Accent Walls

If you want to add a luxurious touch to your living room, then add a green accent wall. Especially in your living area, an accent wall may make a tremendous difference. It’s not only sleek and modern, but it can also add some much-needed contrast.
Sage green and grey contrast in your living room may be further enhanced with a classic chandelier.

sage green room aesthetics

Here check the classic modish chandelier

7 – Sage Green Closet

How does your closet look like? Is it old and brown colored? Now is the time to get rid of a dull old closet. While renovating your green aesthetic bedroom, add a sage green closet to your room. Décor your closet and bring a new fresh color into your life.

6 – Sage Green Bedroom

What would be gorgeous and soothing than a sage green backdrop in your bedroom? White or grey furniture along with a sage green backdrop makes a perfect combination. Always choose sage green if you want a chic but neutral décor in your bedroom.

The best thing about sage green bedrooms is that it’s a neutral color so it can work for both girls’ and boys’ bedrooms. But if you want something more feminine, do check out these Cutest Girls College Apartment Decor Ideas.

You can buy a sage green backdrop from here

5 – Green Cabinets for Kitchens

Sage Green cabinets are the best idea for making an environment cozy. It is light and refreshing. You can add a pop of sage green or beige rug to enhance its look. Moreover, the white color is a life saver and the best matching combo with sage green.

4 – Sage Green Aesthetics Tiles

Well, I know many of you haven’t tried this kind of tiles in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. But in my opinion, the color itself defines the coolness and calmness of any place. You will feel the majestic and lavish atmosphere when surrounded by sage green tiles. I would recommend trying these in the coming winter. Furthermore, you can make a combination of gold ceiling and chandelier or with white furniture.

3 – Sage Green Tapestry Wall

Have you ever tried a décor tapestry wall? If not, then this is the golden time for you. Whether you are planning to renovate and décor your room or not, bring tapestry and make your room lavish. Moreover, there are different designs in tapestry, but the wavy and geometric designs are the most trending.

2 – Botanical Wall Art Prints

Who loves paintings and art prints? I think everyone likes to have paintings and some interesting art prints on a bedroom wall or in the living room. Well, if you don’t have any art prints and your walls are empty, you need to fill your walls with these botanical wall art prints.
These art prints make the whole surroundings peaceful and lavish. The sage green color possesses some magical powers to attract people. If you like flowers, shapes, portraits, or any writings, other than plants, you can have them in sage green color

1 – Sage Green Textured Brickwork

Sage green textured brick walls are a new and interesting thing to try. Such walls look nice with lots of indoor plants or touches of white and blue in the room.

I hope you liked this article and the sage green aesthetic decor ideas. Tell me in the comments what is the best decor idea you liked from these 15 ideas? And don’t forget to check out these Small Playroom Ideas on a Budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What colors go with sage green?

A: Grey and white are the dominant colors. It also looks great with crisp white color, as it does with most other colors, producing a serene and muted overall aesthetic that’s nevertheless a lot more entertaining than an all-white area. Whereas muted red, yellow, and pink can also go with sage green.

Q: What color goes with sage green in bedroom?

A: The complementary color for sage green is red, such as Venetian red or terra cotta, which produces an Italian-inspired room. Purple, orange and blue are almost opposed to sage green and make excellent complementary hues. You can decorate your bedroom with sage green and other colors to give it a contemporary vibe.

Q: What bedding goes with sage green walls?

A: Powder blue and chocolate brown are two hues that work well with sage green and are used together on bedding. Sage green walls are complemented by blue-green tones of natural turquoise or teal, blue-gray hues, or combined mild shades of blue and green in a patchwork of a floral quilt.

Q: How do you decorate with sage?

A: Here are some amazing decor ideas:

  • Use sage to create a monochrome look.
  • Paint your kitchen cabinets in a sage green color.
  • Warm accents balance with the chilly sage green in living rooms.
  • Make your bathroom feel like a spa with sage green tiles.
  • Use natural materials to bring out the sage green.

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