10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men – We can’t deny the fact that nowadays men are slightly more concerned about the brands they wear. Moreover, the fashion industry is getting amazingly evolved. Everyone is adapting to this change in the industry. Therefore, the big brands are stepping into the market and struggling to stand out with their names. 

Therefore, to stay updated with the fashion, you need to ensure that you are wearing the right brand according to your preference. We have gathered some distinguished tips related to Best Pakistani Clothing Brands for men and what to wear with them for your assistance. Moreover, these tips would also assist you while you are shopping for yourself or your loved ones. In addition to it, be certain that you are choosing the best footwear and accessories with the outfits.

How to Choose some Best Pakistani Clothing Brands for Men?

  • The reliability of the brand is the optimum point and therefore, research is vital. Therefore, do search about the brands before you go to their stores and shop from them. The clothing shouldn’t just be very classy and sophisticated but should also be prioritized in quality. Therefore, make sure that the material that is used in your preferable outfit is comfortable.
  • The choice of the right type of cloth according to the temperature you are living in is also very necessary. Therefore, avoid all sorts of hard materials that may make you uncomfortable while you are wearing them.
  • The reliability of the brand can also be verified by checking out the reviews. To be certain that the particular brand is good enough, check the reviews. Therefore, the best way is to visit their social media pages and have a look. Instagram and Amazon is a great choice to check out the reviews of any brand.

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10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022
Brand NamePrice Range
Junaid Jamshed12$-40$
Ideas by Gul Ahmed10$-40$
Alkaram Studio15$-50$
Royal Tag12$-45$
Leisure Club10$-50$
Deepak Perwani40$-70$

Being concerned about the outfits and brands you are wearing is justified. Whether it is a gathering at your home or a meeting at the office, it is necessary to look classy yet stylish. Choosing the best Pakistan clothing brands for the right type of clothes is the need, and for this we have you covered. Opt for the best accessories such as footwear with the outfit you are wearing so increase the class of the outfit.

Here we have gathered a list of some amazing and reputed brands for Men. Without wasting any more time, let us dive into the enticing list of some amazing brands. Let us get into it.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

↓ 10 – Junaid Jamshed ( J. )

Junaid Jamshed is more likely to be known as J. It has been known invariably for producing divine eastern wear for men. J. was established back in 2002 and aimed to develop a sense of culture revive in Pakistan. They have around more than 100 outlets all over Pakistan, and their stores are also widely available on the internet.

Their priority and the work they are most known for is to design some distinguished eastern wear for men specifically. J. has been expanding all over the world. They have some great and affordable price ranges, and that is why they have been conquering the fashion industry. Whether they are stitched or unstitched, their immaculate designs are ruling over customer’s hearts and have made J. list in the Best Pakistani Clothing Brands for Men.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

The price ranges for the Kurtas available at J. are extremely reasonable and cost The price ranges start from 15$ and range till 40$. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly shopping experience, then J. is definitely the best Pakistani clothing brand to go for.

Visit now to have a keen look on the huge variety of distinguished designs of Kurtas and Shalwar Kameez.

↓ 09 – Ideas by Gul Ahmed Men’s Collection

Gul Ahmed has been known for a long time for its exceptional, and immaculate inspirations in the world of design and fabric. The beauty in their clothing is extremely diversified and that is why people choose their brand. Their invariable variety of fashion lines compels them to stand out in the market full of the best Pakistani clothing brands for men without being afraid of being laid out. They are not just known for designing some distinguished Shalwar Kameez for men, but they have a huge variety of polo t-shirts and formal shirts, making them a preferable choice. This is the reason why Gul Ahmed has been trending as an optimum choice for a huge audience.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

Click here to have a look at the series of amazing formal and informal wear in the range of 10$-40$

↓ 08 -Alkaram Studio

Alkaram textiles have been in the market for a couple of years, but the quality of the clothing that they produce is still the same. The aesthetically designed Kurtas and polo t-shirts for men are some of their expertise which is why people can’t resist opting for Alkaram as their optimum choice. They have a huge variety of Shalwar Kurtas and Polo t-shirts with some unique designs. Not just that, but they also offer some great formal shirts which are extremely cost-effective for your pockets, and this makes them one of the best Pakistan clothing brands for men.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

The prices lie in between 15$ to 50$ which is an affordable range. If you are looking for some distinguished designs specifically for your t-shirts, then Alkaram should be your next stop. 

↓ 07 – Royal Tag

Royal Tag is exclusively known for its plain yet sophisticated formal wear. Their immaculate designs and simplicity in the clothing they produce make them obtrude in front of several other Pakistani clothing brands for men. Besides plain shirts, they have started introducing some printed shirts too which increases the beauty of the whole outfit. They also have a huge variety of informal t-shirts available in some amazing and vibrant colors. All of these reasons have compelled them to become a foremost choice to their customers and to content their requirements.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

Visit their formal collection now and choose your favorite!

↓ 06 – Leisure Club

A brand which is consistently ruling over the hearts of its customers since 1997 can be your next choice. Why? Because their tremendous designs, fabric, and sustainable products are everything one can wish for. They have a true fashion sense and this enables their designs to be extremely pristine and different. You can find an extensive variety of T-shirts, nightwear, and bottoms for men! Now that you know why Leisure club is one of the best Pakistani Clothing brands for men, I’m sure that you wouldn’t be able to resist buying them. Go, give it a try!

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

Buy now

Going for the Leisure club would definitely end up being one of your best choices for your shopping. Not just that they provide distinguished designs, but their affordable collection lies in between 10$-50$! Go grab them now.

↓ 05 – Bonanza

Eastern wear is an extremely important part of Pakistani Culture. Any traditional event is incomplete without the existence of such outfits, and we can’t deny the fact that they increase the essence of the events. Bonanza has been a vivid brand in the market for its vibrant and staggering collection. The variety of the colors available in their collection is tremendous, and all the shades of all the colors are widely available!

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

Go, and visit their men’s collection now to get some affordable eastern wear for your upcoming events! They are extremely affordable and are available in the price range of 15$-55$, which is super cost-effective. 

↓ 04 – Deepak Perwani

One of the most known and loved brands of Pakistan is Deepak Perwani. It is known as one of the luxurious brands of Pakistan. They have a cosmic variety of Kurtas, Sherwanis, and Waistcoats that are highly equipped and comfortable. They are responsible for decades for designing some beautiful attires for men. If you are looking for some alluring Sherwanis, and formal kurtas for your wedding from a well-reputed, and best Pakistani clothing brand for men, then Deepak Perwani is definitely a preferable choice.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

Visit their website now to shop for your wedding events just in between 40$ to 70$!

↓ 03 – Cougar

Who doesn’t want to wear polos and tees that are highly affordable, stylish, and sophisticated at the same time? Everyone wants to, right? Therefore, for those who want such clothing, Cougar can be their premium choice. Not just for their coruscating and vibrant designs, but for their economic rates too. Not just tees, but they also provide some great stuff of shorts and jeans for men, which compels the customers to create their whole attire just from one shop. I can definitely see you shopping for yourself heavily whenever you will visit Cougar!

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

They have some affordable clothing ranging from 10$ to 40$. Visit them, to avail some great discounts!!

↓ 02 – Almirah

Almirah has been ruling hearts for years, and the reason behind this is the elegancy, and classiness in their outfits. They use some fine fabrics in their designs, which enhances the beauty of the attire they are creating. No one can deny the fact that the cost price that they are taking from customers is justified well in the services that they provide. If you are in search of some best Pakistani clothing brands for men, then Almirah is definitely a reliable choice. They have an extensive variety of fabrics and colors in eastern wear which assists the shoppers to choose what fits them the best.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022


You can easily get your favorite piece of clothing from Almirah in the range of 12$ to 50$. 

Visit now, and buy your desired eastern wear now.

↓ 01 – Diners

Here comes the brand which has been in every conversation wherever the clothing is mentioned specifically for Men. Where there is the name of Best Pakistani Clothing Brands for Men, Diners is on the top list. They are widely known for their distinguished variety of clothing, including sweatshirts, waistcoats, Polos, shalwar kurtas, and much more that you are looking forward to buying. They have some lively colored collections and some reasonable rates which attract wholesome customers and compel them to be loyal to the brand because of their uniqueness and vibrancy.

10 Best Pakistani Clothing Brands For Men To Try In 2022

15$ to 50$ is the super affordable range offered by Diners, so don’t miss the chance and shop now!

What Accessories Should I Wear with Eastern Wear?

Your look is never completed without the accessories and the footwear. and here we have gathered cosmic tips for you to ace your attire by styling your outfits with these accessories. Let us dive into it.

  • Strappy leather flats are the new fashion. They look super elegant when paired up with a straight Shalwar Kurta. These flats are not just very easy to slip on, but they are super comfortable and protean. I must say, every man should have a pair of these strappy leather flats in their wardrobe.
  • One of the most ethnic and great pairs of shoes one can choose for a big festive occasion is the closed-toe sandals. Whenever you are wearing Shalwar Kurta along with a waistcoat, this pair of shoes should be your choice to heat up your whole look.
  • Smartwatches look extremely perfect with tees. Styling them up with a pair of sneakers and smartwatches or bands is the perfect attire to hang out with your friends. Moreover, you can also entice your look by adding contrasting sunglasses to your outfit.
  • It is always advisable to go for a dark-colored waistcoat if you are wearing a light-colored Shalwar Kurta. Wearing both the dark or both the light colors at a time would end up as a fashion disaster. Pair it up with a Peshawari, or Kohati chappal to excite your desi look.


Q. What is the best way to choose a reliable brand for Men?

Ans. There are several grounds on which one can find the best rand for themselves. The first one is to check out the reviews of those brands and whether that particular brand is reputed or not. If you find that a lot of people are sharing ad reviews about the brand, it is better to go for any other brand. Moreover, in physical shopping, always try the clothes before you buy. This would help you in finding whether the clothing is comfortable or not.

Q. Can I wear a Polo t-shirt to my office?

Ans. Wearing a polo t-shirt to the office is actually not a bad idea if your office allows you to do it. There are several offices that have decorum and don’t allow their employees to wear informal clothing. Therefore, check if your office regulations allow it or not. If they do, then wearing a formal, collared t-shirt is a good choice.

Q. Can I wear strappy leather flats when I’m wearing a Shalwar Kurta with Waist Coat?

Ans. Whenever you are wearing a Shalwar Kurta with Waistcoat, a Peshawari or a Kohati chappal is a preferable choice instead of Strappy leather flats. The look that is created is desi, therefore a desi pair of shoes looks cooler.

Q. Can I wear a round-neck t-shirt if I am 50 years old or above?

Ans. Definitely yes! If you are willing to wear it and feel comfortable wearing it, then you should definitely wear everything you want to, which includes a round neck t-shirt too.

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