15 Cute Outfits for University Guys-Hairstyles and Dressing

University Boys Fashion Ideas –  University is that lovely in between step from the innocence of school and the harsh reality of adulthood. I absolutely loved my three years at university and was always intrigued and inspired by other students ideas of fashion and style. It is important for the guys to get their look right and get noticed just as much as it is for the girls. Every guy needs that style that does not come across too grown up, but is also not reverting back to school styles and, will without a doubt allow him to express himself. Finding that middle ground is vital and so is keeping personality. But how would guys go about achieving this? What looks are appropriate for university?

Hair Styles- Hair styles for guys at university completely (and obviously) depends on what style of outfit they are going for. Some hair styles such as a rugged or messy look, will match most outfits as long as they are not too formal. If venturing for a m ore sophisticated style then go for either a side parting style or even a messy centre parting. If you have long locks why not flaunt it? Long hair on a guy can look absolutely stunning and will definitely earn you fashion brownie points.

It is important to remember that fashion styles do change from year to year and this is definitiely so in the university environment. Baring this in mind, this post will focus on this years most frequently seen style at university. Have a look at our post on High School Looks for Guys too, a bit more innocent but with every potential to mature.

So here we have for you, 15 great styles for guys at university; the latest fashion trends.

University Boys Fashion Ideas and Tips

#15-  Winter Style – Simple but effective use of brown wash leather jacket and matching beanie. Blue patterned shirt underneath. Use dark jeans with this outfit and finish with either ankle boots, Timberlands or sneakers.

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 #14- London Fashion Week Style. Fantastic style for uni guys incorporating grey rolled up trousers with black top and contrasting white jacket. Brogue trainers to finish this style with cute use of polka dot socks.

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 #13- Swag Look. Blue skinny jeans with open lace ankle boots. Deep V tank top with logo under a fitted cardigan. Finish this style with beanie, satchel and rugged hairstyle.

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 #12- Smart Casual- Striped jumper over a pale blue shirt with straight fit jeans and ankle boot brogues. Great style for guys during spring.

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 #11- Celebrity Inspired Look. Plain black shirt under a slate grey blazer. Contrasting blue jeans compliment this style. Finish this look with high top sneakers and round rim sunglasses.

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#10- Winter Wear. Thick woollen overcoat with plain white t-shirt and black jeans. Brown beanie can be matched with brown ankle boots to complete this look.


 #9- Casual Outfit – Casual look with pale skinny jeans and V-neck white top. Crisp white trainers and mixed fabric jacket compliment this look. Bag straps match the top which breaks up the colours nicely.


 #8- Dark jacket over contrasting blue shirt. Personally I would wear black or blue jeans with this outfit to fit with the top and trainers. Grey beanie adds another colour to the palette.


 #7- Patterns. Guys can still pull off the patterns cardigan or jumper. The bright red jeans suit this style as it brings out the patterns in the cardigan nicely.


 #6- Skinny Boy Wear. There is no need to over-complicate your outfit at university. Keep it simple with a burgandy jumper with oat toned trousers and suede ankle boots. Great style for Autumn.


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#5- Stand Out Sleeves. Summer style with beige shorts and crisp white trainers. Grey top with feature patterned sleeves is the eye catching part of this outfit so match it with simple garments.


 #4- Summer outfit. Perfect colour palette for spring. Plain green t-shirt with black skinny jeans and emerald Nike high tops. Beige bag straps break up the colour and hair is styled to suit.


 #3- Winter Style. Great aviator style jackets over plain tops and black skinny jeans. Scarves are not only practical but add depth and layers to the outfits. Rather than trainers I would use ankle boots but brogues are oxfords are acceptable.


 #2- University Logo Jumpers. Own logo university clothing is great for the preppy guys. Wear with beige trousers and ankle boots. Accessorise with a brown leather belt.


 #1- City Student. Olive green button up shirt with blue distressed jeans. Grey flat cap is inkeeping with the colours, however the brightly coloured belt stands out as a feature and will definately get you noticed.



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