15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try

Winter Outfits for Skinny Men: It is integral to style clothes according to your physique, particularly for naturally slim individuals. Though it’s a personal choice as to which style to go for. Different styles work on different people so there can’t be just any specific rule. How should you dress as a thin person, what are the appropriate clothes, and what shoes are going to look attractive with the outfit? If you are a skinny person, this blog post will guide you on how to look cool and rat a style statement with your favorite attires.

There are a lot of style tips out there for bulky men with a wide body, but when it comes to building a wardrobe for skinny men, they often feel at a loss. Everybody is unique on their own and everyone whether bulky or skinny should dress however they want to in order to look the most stylish and an updated version of themselves.

“To appear well dressed, be skinny and tall”.

Mason Cooley

Suggesting a specific kind or type of winterwear for skinny men does not mean that we endorse any sort of body-shaming. Instead, we believe that every human is beautiful in its own skin and can do whatever pleases them and makes them feel content. It is just a straightforward guide to give you an idea of a great number of outfits that you can try out for the upcoming winter season.

What to Wear in Winters if You’re a Skinny Guy?

Following outfits must be tried by all those slim and smart guys who desire to maintain their personality in the cold freezing winters. These outfits look outstanding on the skinny figure.  

  • Leather Jackets
  • Warm Turtlenecks  
  • Long coats/Topcoats  
  • Sweaters  
  • Sweatshirts  
  • Puffer jackets  
  • Pea Coats  
  • Hoodies  
  • Denim jackets  
  • Fleece jackets  
  • Insulated vests  
  • Duffel coat  
  • Waxed cotton jackets  
  • Thick trousers  
  • Jeans  
  • Mufflers  

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try

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Tips on How to Rock the Winterwear Look for Skinny Men

Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your style to stand out in the crowd:

  • You can wear loose placid pants or Wide-legged Jeans instead of going for something super skinny and tight on your skin. Right fitting is always a good option.
  • Allow yourself to experiment with your outfits and go for layering. This will definitely add volume to your overall appearance. 
  • When shopping looks for bulkier fabrics that are going to enhance your look and add volume to your body frame. 
  • Play with different colors, contrasts, and designs, and notice which one looks better on your body type. Vertically striped shirts can make you look even taller and slimmer so it’s better to avoid them. Moreover, smaller prints are a great option for your physique.
  • In the end, it all comes down to being confident in your own skin. Wearing your self-confidence can make you look attractive in any attire so never lose that and become a much more impressive version of yourself.

1. Leather Jackets to Complement Your Style:

Layering is the best option for men regardless of the body type but works on skinnier men even more. It adds volume to the overall appearance and makes you look stunning. Guess what? We have a perfect garment for this purpose and you can easily find it hanging in your wardrobe.

Yes! You’re thinking absolutely right. It’s the shiny and lustrous leather jacket that can make or break your look. Wear it over a plain white or solid colored T-shirt and you are good to go. Perfect wear for the boys’ night out or a cozy house party. Here are the Top 15 Leather Jacket Brands for Men.

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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2. Warm Turtlenecks as Winterwear for Skinny Men:

The most trending these days are the turtlenecks, which are not only beneficial in protecting you from the cold but also a distinctive way to carry out your style in winter. Especially, it gives the skinny boys a splendid look enhancing the long neck.  

Turtlenecks also give an extreme uniqueness to everything it is tried with. Skinny men can carry it in diverse ways. Like it looks super cool when used as an undershirt with a suit on. Also, if worn under a long open coat with fitted jeans, it suits very well. So, it is one of the most highly recommended attires to be added to your wardrobe.  

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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3. Long Coats or Topcoats for Slender Guys:

Topcoats or long coats are vital to winter outfits. They are a necessity in completing your look in winter. Topcoats look pretty chic on skinny men because they are excellent protection from the chilling winds as well as give a solid look to the skinny physique.  

These fully covering long coats can also be carried out formally as well as casually. It can be worn over a turtleneck, or an office shirt, or if there’s anyone who feels colder than usual, they can carry it on over a furry sweater too.  

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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4. Are Sweaters the Best Winterwear for Skinny Men?

Sweaters are another excellent option for a graceful look in winter. They look so well on everyone including the guys with a lean body type. A decent sweater can make you look all perfect and presentable on any occasion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a slimmer body type, and you can ace almost every look.

Many men wear sweaters in offices, universities, and even at casual parties because they not only give a formal look to your entire outfit but also look stylish and chic. Also, another significant advantage of having a sweater in your wardrobe is that it goes well with both Eastern and Western attires.  

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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5. How to Style Sweatshirts and Sweatpants Like a Pro?

Sweatshirts are also very trendy and popular these days and have become an integral part of everybody’s wardrobe including girls. They are usually very comfy and soft so you don’t need innerwear underneath. Sweatshirts are a fantastic option for skinny men as they give the slim body a good shape. These fleecy sweatshirts can also go well in contrast with other outfits such as denim jackets or long coats.  

Comfort in any outfit comes first and foremost that is why people these days prefer sweatshirts for their ease. A comfortable outfit not only makes you feel good but also gives you body confidence and boosts your self-esteem as it becomes easier for you to move around in it and function properly.

Sweatpants on the other hand are thick trousers and essential winter attire. Skinny men can literally pair them with everything and look handsome and cool. These sweatpants not only protect you from the cold winds but cover your legs nicely.

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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6. Puffer jackets; Coolest Option for Winters:

One of the most trending outfits among skinny men in the recent winter has been the puffer jacket. They are suitable for a slimmer body type, mainly because skinny men in society often face a lot of pressure because of their thinness and eventually fall prey to self-esteem issues, so it’s helpful in giving them a good body shape along with a confidence boost.

So skinny men usually prefer styling their outfits with puffer jackets for a handsome look. The puffer jackets can be worn as outerwear with sweatshirts or simple t-shirts underneath. 

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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7. What to Wear with Pea coats as a Skinny Guy? 

Peacoats are indeed an ideal option among many others in the cold winter season, primarily for the people who want to dress formally when going to their offices or workplaces. The Pea coats can be worn by university students during presentations as well.

So for skinny guys, it’s a very practical option in giving them a defined body shape making them look good. Moreover, a peacock over your normal outfit can give it a very decent look and make you feel warm at the same time.

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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8. Winterwear Hoodies for Skinny Men:

Hoodies look awesome on nearly everyone and are the coziest piece of garments you could ever own. Hoodies cover your body entirely including your head and neck which can save you from getting the regular cold in winters. For skinny guys, it’s a splendid choice because it gives a sense of ease along with fashion. You can pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers, and you’re good to go almost anywhere.

Hoodies can be worn in a number of different ways. Some of the skinny boys prefer wearing hoodies as outerwear with a comfortable shirt inside, and some of them wear a denim jacket or a top coat over these hoodies. This layering of different pieces of clothing gives the skinny ones a good solid look. But no matter how it is worn, hoodies give you a cute and impressive look. Here are some Expert Fashion Tips For Tall Skinny Men To Try.

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9. Denim jackets as the Ultimate Winterwear Option:

Denim jackets are trending these days and one looks totally stylish when wearing one. These Jackets look exceptionally remarkable on skinny guys too. All you have to do is combine your favorite jacket with a pair of pants, to make it even better, get your regular sunnies, and complete your look. Denim jackets also look too good when painted with funky vibrant colors.

If you’re confused about what to wear to the upcoming party thrown by a close friend, a funky denim jacket would be the perfect option for you to stand out in the crowd.  

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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10. Fleece Jacket:

 Jackets and winter fleece coats are one of the most trending winter apparel for both men and women globally. The market share of jackets was around $94.5 billion worldwide.

The largest benefit of fleece has always been its warmth texture, moreover, it’s light in weight. Fleece is an entirely man-made fabric. Skinny and tall men can carry fleece jackets in the winter season to enhance their look.

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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11. What to Wear with Insulated Vests?

Different styles of vests in winter give an insulating layer for protection of your body as well as provide your fall and winter appearance a classy uplift. There are several options invest range especially for the slender and slim guys, whether it’s a down vest or an easy unwoven vest. You can wear an insulated vest along with hoodies, sweatshirts, or turtle neck shirts effortlessly in winters. 

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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12. When can a Slender Guy can Wear a Casual Sweater Outfit?

The sweater is always there for the smart guys to create a classy and casual look because of their simple and casual vibes, you can have a lot of fun with a variety of sweaters. Such as, for a playful but fashionable outlook, wear a large, light-colored button-down shirt and wear any eye-catchy bright-colored sweater on it. Create the perfect winter/fall look in a pair of sports jerseys with chinos and white sneakers. The relaxed look of the sweater makes an excellent classy casual style equation for the skinny guys particularly.  

15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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13. How to Carry Cardigan as a Skinny Guy?

If you want to create an intellectual as well as casual vibe, a cardigan can do that in cool way. But this attire is appropriate for semi-formal occasions solely. In short, cardigans are such winterwear items that are mainly for informal gatherings or semi-office meetings.

This type of fusion look with cardigan is perfect for slim men to enjoy any semi-formal meet-up.

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14. How to Accessorize the Winterwear?

Winter is that time of the year which is celebrated like a festival. This is also that period when everyone tries their best to spice up their style quotient as much as possible. In the case of being a skinny guy, you have several accessories to try with your winter outfits. These winter accessories add style plus functionality to your outfit. Some of the must-have accessories for slender men in the winter season are:

  • Wool Knit Hat
  • Scarf
  • Wool Socks
  • Leather Gloves
  • Body Thermals
  • Leather Lace-up Boots
15 Most Stylish Winter Outfits for Skinny Men to Try
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15. Which Brands are Providing Best Winterwear Online for Skinny Guys?

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Bottom line: Are You Ready to Uplift Your Winter Look Being a Skinny Guy?

Without any second thought, winter is a magnificent time of the year. Hence, everyone wants to look best and comfy in this season. The cozy and comfortable vibes of the winter wardrobe is what everyone dreams of. Particularly, winterwear has a huge variety for skinny men and women.

So, this fall/winter try to experiment with designs, accessories, and layering to fit them to your style quotient. Stay warm this year, but most importantly make it chic and trendy.


Q. What should skinny guys wear in winter?

A. As a matter of fact, it depends on individual choices and preferences to dress up. But the most important point is to dress up according to your personality and body type. Skinny guys are lucky to have a lot of winter wear options like oversized hoodies, coats, jackets, etc. Furthermore, layering is most helpful for skinny men in the winter season.

Q. How can skinny guys look attractive in winter?

A. Being a skinny guy means you can try several winter looks effortlessly. The pro tip to appear attractive is to wear outfits that complement your physique. Moreover, go with the trend but never ignore your own style statement.

Q. What clothes look best on skinny people?

A. Nowadays, being skinny is a blessing. As compared to the plus-sized men, skinny guys have more options, particularly in winter wear outfits. In fact, all types of loose outfits like oversized jackets, coats, baggy jeans, hoodies, etc all look best on skinny people.

Q. Should skinny guys wear oversized clothes?

A. As a matter of fact, oversized clothes create a bulkier and better look on skinny and slender men. So, if you are skinny, don’t hesitate to try the oversized dressing options.

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