Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Trends for Men- 7 Must Have Items 

Spring is finally here and you need to get all geared up if you want to keep up with the spring-summer fashion trends of 2019. This season is particularly adventurous and it conveys a certain type of excitement that all men can adhere to. They key to being well-dressed this season is embracing the daring trends that dominate it. And we have summed up your essentials into 7 must-have items that you simply need to include in your wardrobe this spring. Take a look!

1.     Fifties Shirts

Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Trends for Men- 7 Must Have Items

This is one of the central items in the Spring/Summer. These oversized polo shirts are extremely comfortable and versatile because they can be worn all through the day. You will have a wide range of prints to choose from. You can find anything from dazzling Chinese flower patterns to eye-catching stripes this season. Top designers like Luis Vuitton, Canali, and Raf Simons have made fifties shirts the stars of their current collections.

2.     White Trousers and Chinos

2019 is particularly adventurous, which means that you can start wearing white trousers even before the scorching summer heat kicks in. This will be the most versatile item in your wardrobe this spring because you can pair it with virtually anything to create an elegant look. Find the right pair for you in Tommy Hilfiger’s  or Calvin Klein’s collection. If you can’t find the perfect pair there, you can always resort to Dior. Your pair of white chinos will be the key item of your summer wardrobe because you can mix and match these with anything from preppy white boat shoes to rugged brown boots.

3.     Messenger Bags

This is the single most important accessory you need to have in your wardrobe. Pair it with your preppy white chinos and your dashing bomber jacket to create an amazing look. Luis Vuitton, Balmain and Gucci are your ideal choices if you are looking to make a significant investment in your wardrobe. You can opt for a classic brown leather bag if you are looking to create a more conservative outfit or you can choose from a collection of canvas and leather bags for a more adventurous look.Read this guide to leather bags before making up mind to purchase.

Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Trends for Men- 7 Must Have Items

4.     Overalls

That’s right! Overalls are making a comeback in the Spring/Summer season . So get ready to embody the timeless cowboy look this season. While this will be an amazing item for your summer looks, you can integrate it in your spring wardrobe as well. Pair your blue denim overalls with white tops, scarves and hats for a very bold look. Alexander Wang has put a particular emphasis on black overalls which can be matched with all-dark clothing for a mysterious look.

5.     Suede Jackets

After they made a booming comeback in 2015, it looks like seventies influences are here to say in 2019 as well. According to Prada, Brown suede jackets are the key seventies item you simply need to have this season, so get ready to for some wild outfits this spring! Pair this jacket with your white chinos and a pair of brown boots to create an irresistible look.

Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Trends for Men- 7 Must Have Items

6.     Khaki Field Jackets

Safari clothing and greens are extremely important themes. This item combines these two themes perfectly and it will make you look stunning this spring. Belstaff has a very posh collection of field jackets inspired by the famous Desert Rats, which includes some amazing multi-pocket pieces that you will love this season. Pair it with gray and brown trousers and dark brown boots for a daring look or with green chinos and suede loafers for a casual yet stylish look.

7.     Cuban Collar Shirts

Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Trends for Men- 7 Must Have Items


The dashing Cuban collar shirt will provide you with a touch of vintage elegance that will make you stand out in 2019. An ideal match for chino pants and sandals, this key piece will dominate your summer wardrobe. And if you simply cannot wait till June, pair it with your bomber jacket for an excellent daytime look. Opt for luminous whites, creamy yellows and browns or bold reds for your Cuban collar shirts and get ready to feel confident and sexy. To complete your outfit, include a pair of vintage sunglasses because these will accentuate the elegance of this amazing shirt.

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