15 Best Bathrobe Brands for Men – With Price & Reviews

Bathrobe Brands for Men. Men usually do not worry much about fashion and those that do tend to be called out for doing so. But bathrobes are the one thing that all people can invest in and feel great about.

Bathrobes are one of the finest additions to one’s wardrobe due to their countless functions. They do not merely serve as clothing right out of the shower but also let you stay warm and cozy as you stay at home and relax on your couch.

What Are The Best Bathrobe Brands for Men?

If you have been searching for the perfect bathrobe to add to your collection, then you have come to the right place. We bring to you the top 15 brands that offer top-quality bathrobes for men of all tastes. So dive right in and find your match!

15 Best Bathrobe Brands for Men - With Price & Reviews

How did we decide:

We’ve ranked these Top Bathrobe Brands for women based on their user reviews and popularity:

15 – Brooklinen

14 – Polo Ralph Lauren

13 – Hill House Home

12 – Frette

11 – The Vermont Country Store

10 – Amazon Essentials

9 – Reigning Champ

8 – Towel Selections

7 – Hugo Boss

6 – Alpine Swiss

5 – Derek Rose

4 – Majestic International

3 – Latuza

2 – Versace

1 – NY Threads

↓ 15 – Brooklinen – Best Basic Bathrobe

About: The founders of Brooklinen, Rich and Vicki, started the brand while looking for simple comfortable sheets yet didn’t cost unnecessary amounts of money. They believe in quality and think it’s the most important thing when it comes to home supplies.

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Our Favorite Robe: Super-Plush Robe, $98.

We think you would love this one because:

  • It is available in 4 basic colors.
  • It is made from 100% Turkish cotton.
  • It is extra thick that makes it perfect for an at-home spa day.

Price Range: $88 – $148

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 14 – Polo Ralph Lauren

About: Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, retailing, and delivery of high-quality lifestyle goods, including clothes, home furnishings, accessories, and other product sections. Since 1967 they have continuously developed their brand vision over a growing fraction of goods, cost categories, and markets. Their goods include attire, perfumes, and accessories for women and men.

Our Favorite Robe: Terry Kimono Robe, $90.

The Terry Kimono Robe will prove to be a great choice as:

  • It comes in two classic colors.
  • It is made out of 100% cotton.
  • It is washable in the machine.
  • It has long sleeves to provide extra warmth.
  • It comes with two huge patch pockets that you can store your phone etc while working around the house.
  • The fit comes in a little large, so do not worry about the level of coziness; just order your usual size in other clothing items.

Price Range: $79 – $135

أنا أحسب منذ التعطيل polo ralph lauren dressing gown - loudounhorseassociation.org

↓ 13 – Hill House Home – For the Hotel Feel at Home

About: A woman might own this brand, but that does not mean it does not provide the best possible products for men. A home-based brand owned by Ivy League graduate Nell Diamond, Hill House Home will take you back in time to provide you with the ultimate home items, including exquisite bathrobes.

Our Favorite Robe: The Men’s Hotel Rob, $100.

The Men’s Hotel Robe will help you get the ideal hotel feel at home because:

  • It is available in two gorgeous linings, one blue and one rainbow. The rainbow lining will be perfect for pride month.
  • The bathrobe is extremely soft and fluffy. It gives you the ultimate hotel feel while staying at home!
  • There are no shipping charges within the United States and only $50 dollars all over the world!
  • You have an option to monogram your robe. This not only gives it a personal and intimate touch but will also help you tell apart from your robe from your partner’s!

Price Range: $100 – $225

15 Best Bathrobe Brands for Men - With Price & Reviews

↓ 12 – Frette

About: Frette started in 1860 and has been serving its customers for almost 2 centuries. It is an Italian brand that is the perfect mix between luxury and affordability. Frette’s products can be found in major luxury hotels, so you are sure to get the luxury experience at home with the Frette bathrobes.

Our Favorite Robe: Continental Bath Robe, $230.

The Continental Bath Robe will prove to be the best pick for you because:

  • It is made from 100% pure cotton that gives it a very soft and fluffy finish.
  • It has a shawl collar that provides extra warmth and also comes with a belt.
  • Since the bathrobe is pretty neutral itself, it will fit in perfectly with any bathroom interior.

Price Range: $230 – $440.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 11 – The Vermont Country Store – Best Classic Bathrobe

About: What started as a small country store in the small village of Weston, Vermont, in 1946 went on to become one of the leading brands of home supplies in the country. The first store was a place for the men of the village to get together and wait for their mail to arrive while playing games like chess. The store is now in the hands of the 4th and 5th generation of store owners and is going just as great as ever!

Our Favorite Robe: Men’s Orton Plaid Portuguese Flannel Wrap Robe, $69.95 – $74.95.

The Men’s Orton Plaid Portuguese Flannel Wrap Tobe will be the ideal pick for you because:

  • It is made from high-quality material that does not allow for any kind of color fade even after multiple washes and years of use.
  • It comes with a shawl collar and two patch pockets.
  • It is made from 100% cotton flannel.
  • It is washable in the machine.

Price Range: $70 – $85.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 10 – Cariloha – Best Bamboo Bathrobe

About: The brand was established only in 2007, but in this short amount of time, it has managed to become one of the top retailers of bamboo products in the world. The aim of the brand is to provide sustainable products that are also comfortable and high quality. And they do this perfectly! Here are the Top Clothing Brands For Men To Keep On The Radar.

Our Favorite Product: Bamboo Bathrobe, $120.

The Bamboo Bathrobe will be the ultimate pick because:

  • It comprises 32% Viscose from Bamboo, 13% Egyptian Cotton, 40% Micro Polyester, and 15% Polyester.
  • It is made from moisture-wicking and odor-resistant material, so you do not have to worry about too many washes.
  • It is washable in the machine.
  • The brand works for sustainability, and in the making of this product, 4.2 km of driving emissions have been avoided, 226 days of drinking water have been saved, and 821.9 hours of bulb energy have been saved.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 9 – Reigning Champ – Best Robe for the Gym 

About: The brand focuses on developing high-quality athletic wear, which also includes robes used for the gym and boxing etc. Their products are perfect for gym freaks and sporty men.

Our Favorite Robe: EVERLAST HOODED ROBE, $220.

The Everlast Hooded Robe is the ultimate pick for all sporty men because:

  • It is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester, so it will be highly absorbent of all your sweat.
  • It has a relaxed fit, so do not worry about sizing, get your regular size, and it will fit you just fine.
  • It comes with a hood with writing on it to keep you motivated on the harder days.

Price Range: $160 – $220.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 8 – Towel Selection

About: Towel Selections is a New Jersey-based brand, and their mantra is offering the best bathroom products at the best prices. They sell things like bathrobes, towels, and shower mats, etc. The company has a large following due to the promise and delivery of high-quality, affordable pieces.

Our Favorite Robe: TowelSelections Men’s Robe, Turkish Cotton Short Terry Robe, $32.95.

The Turkish Cotton Short Terry Robe is the best piece from their collection as:

  • It uses a medium-light cloth for production.
  • It has 5 different sizes available.
  • It is made up of 100% Turkish cotton and is made in Turkey.
  •  It is available in 14 different gorgeous colors.
  • It is machine washable.

Price Range: $28.99 – $58.99

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 7 – Hugo Boss – Best Kimono Style Robe

About: Hugo Boss established his workshop in 1924, which meant his company operated during the Third Reich and the Second World War. Under the direction of Hugo Boss’s son-in-law Eugen Holy, the company continued and started to flourish by producing readymade suits. Today, it is one of the world’s top brands, offering everything in apparel, including bathrobes. 

Our Favorite Robe: kimono-inspired robe in cotton satin, $220.

The Kimono Inspired Robe will be ideal for you because:

  • It is lined with terry material that allows it to be highly absorbent.
  • It comes with patch pockets that can be used to store your belongings while lounging around.
  • The satin finish allows for a very luxurious look and feel.

Price Range: $100 – $500

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 6 – Alpine Swiss

About: The brand was started n just 2010 in Los Angeles, California, but it has surely made its mark in this short period of time. As the brand is fairly new, it has a more personalized feel to its product and comes with the guarantee that no compromise would be made on the quality that sometimes happens with big corporations.


The Aiden Men’s Bathrobe is the ultimate pick for you because:

  • It is available in 4 gorgeous colors.
  • It is made from 100% cotton on the outside and 100% terry on the inside, allowing for a soft and absorbent finish.
  • It comes with a removable belt that can also be adjusted for people of all sizes and comes with 3 pockets!.
  • It is washable in the machine.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 5 – Derek Rose – Best Fancy Bathrobe

About: The brand first started in 1926 and has proven over the years how much they care about quality. A family-owned business, the true spirits that the brand was started with are hence still alive.

Our Favorite Robe: Men’s Velour Gown ASTON 32 COTTON RICH VELOUR MULTI, $160.

The Men’s Velour Gown will prove to be your new favorite bathrobe because:

  • It is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester.
  • It is perfect for winter as it is heavier and warmer than traditional robes.
  • It is machine washable.

Price Range: $130 – $160.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 4 – Majestic International

About: The brand has been in business for more than 90 years and has come up with some of the most gorgeous and high-quality products, including very stylish robes. Do have a look at these Top Men’s Colognes.

Our Favorite Robe: Jasper Denim.

The Jasper Denim is the best pick for you as:

  • The outer layer is made out of 100% pure cotton.
  • The inner lining is made out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, allowing it to be highly absorbent.
  • It is a highly comfortable and fashionable pick, as you can see pictured below.

Price Range: $ – $

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 3 – Latuza – Best Flannel Bathrobe

About: The brand came into the business in 2016 with a set of soft pajamas and was an instant hit. In mere 5 years, they have managed to get featured in news outlets such as CNN, proving that they mean business.

Our Favorite Product: Men’s Cotton Flannel Robe, $42.99.

The men’s Cotton Flannel Robe is a great choice as:

  • It is made from 100% pure cotton.
  • It comes with a detachable belt and two patch pockets.
  • It has shawl collars and long classic sleeves that are sure to keep you warm in the mornings.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 2 – Versace – Best Luxury Robe

About: We don’t think Versace needs an introduction, but we must say that it is the ultimate pick for the ones who want luxury!

Our Favorite Robe: I ♡ BAROQUE BATHROBE, $595.

The I ♡ BAROQUE BATHROBE will be the perfect choice for you because:

  • It comes in 7 out of this world colors.
  • It is made out of 100% cotton.
  • It can be machine washed but make sure it’s cool ironed.
  • The prints and textures on it scream luxury!

Price Range: $595 – $1,650.

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

↓ 1 – NY Threads – Best Bathrobe Brand on Amazon

About: The products of NY Thread are perfect as they are made in line to acter to the target consumers. They are high quality and extremely stylish, so you get the best of both worlds!

Our Favorite Robe: Luxurious Men’s Shawl-Collar Fleece Bathrobe Spa Robe, $29.99.

The Luxurious Men’s Shawl-Collar Fleece Bathrobe is the best pick of the whole list because:

  • It is made out of 100% pure polyester.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It comes with an adjustable belt and pockets.
  • It is very soft and fluffy, and users have commented on how good it feels to wear it.
  • All reviews rave about the robe and how it lasts long and stays just as fluffy and good as new for years.

Price Range:$21.99 – $32.99

Best Bathrobe Brands for Men

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best material for a bathrobe?

A. The material that you choose for your bathrobe depends entirely on what you plan to use it for. If you are using it directly after a shower, you should pick one that is absorbent, like a terry robe. If you want to wear it while lounging, then a silk one would great. And if you want one that will keep you warm during harsh winters, then go for a fluffy and wooly material.

Q. Do men wear bathrobes for lounging?

A. Of course! No clothing is specific to one gender, and everyone can wear what they find themselves most comfortable in. Do not worry about going against any “style norms” and just going for what you want. If that’s a fluffy bathrobe, then so be it!

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