30 Funky Outfits for Guys Trending These Days

Funky Outfits for Guys. Associating the typical blue, black, and grey colors with men has got too mainstream. Nowadays, guys can go for funky shades, which can bring a revolution in their wardrobes. The pink, purple, and neon hues are not only for girls but for men as well, if worn with the right fashion items. There is much more than denim, tees, t-shirts, and, hoods which can transform one’s couture choices.

Summers come up with sexy spectacles, and chic hats, and winters are all about trench coats and scarves. But these can be reformed through appropriate mix and match. One should not be scared of trying out unique prints and patterns since they are trendy and fashionable.

What are Best Funky Outfits for Men

Why dress boring when you can wear some funky outfits and can style yourself using your fashion sense. Well, this blog post is going to make this pretty easy for you. The dressing has a significant role in depicting one’s personality, and men often have limited options. But this is just a stigma since designers are coming up with unique and eye-catching prints for men as well. The article is all about men’s funky clothing options, which can bring out the fashionista inside you and will help you in adding a few funky pieces to your wardrobe.

Best Funky Outfits for Boys

Do’s and Don’ts of Funky Styling for Men

Be the Funky Fashion Diva of the town by trying some smart yet funky fashion hacks cataloged in a mini offbeat fashion styling guide designed especially for men.

Warning: You might get a massive volume of women’s attention. (Wink!)

  • Wearing Right Type of Sunglasses: Firstly, look yourself in the mirror and see the shape of your face. Do you have more full cheekbones having round chubby face shape or diamond-shaped face with defined jawlines? Triangular and oblong face shape can be an option, too, while examining your face shape. Before you go shopping for some chic sunglasses for you, see the image below so that you can buy the right type of sunglasses for yourself. If you don’t prefer wearing sunglasses much, then you can wear a pair of nerdy glasses to finish up the funky look.

Funky Men Outfits


  • Wearing Funky Socks: Following Funky fashion and style, you can either go for a sock-less look with a pair of loafers/sneakers, or you can go for polka dots or vividly colorful socks pair. If your outfit is of bright, radiant colors, then go for a solid colored pair of socks, but if your outfit has less funk element, then you can confidently go for funky styled neon-colored pair of socks.

Funky Men Outfits

↓ 30 – Coolest Sweatpants for Casual Look

Sweatpants are just for relaxing and casual home time, but guys can bring the best out of them since these are now available in various styles like camouflage prints. You can easily find them on eBay and Alibaba express. The quickest way to turn your regular outfit into a funky styled outfit is to wear a colored pair of pants. Sand Yellow, Aqua, Red, Blue, and Grass-green are some of the colors commonly used while designing funky pants.

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Funky Outfits for Guys (26)


↓ 29 – Stylish Beach Look

Beach is not all about cargo shorts or simple white cotton shorts now you can find some epic ones in floral and Ankara prints which look unique if worn with simple tees. Also, Tommy Hilfiger’s latest spring collection has some epic pastel color distressed shorts options.

Funky Outfits for Guys (4)

Funky Outfits for Boys

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↓ 28 – Perfect Funky Attire for Summers

This summer you can slay your funky look with some stripy tees in pink, black, and grey colors along with some relaxing cargo shorts and funky white sneakers. The stylish and straightforward combo is perfect for a hot day out with friends and also extremely comfy and casual.

Funky Outfits for Guys (9)


↓ 27 – Zayn Malik’s Funky Spring Style

Many young guys idealize the superstar Zayn Malik in the world of music and fashion. A denim embroidered jacket embellished with chic leather sleeves and a red hat can be worn to college or university or shopping as well.

Funky Outfits for Guys (1)

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↓ 26 – Chic Fall Funky Look

When it comes to fall, the sweater becomes a mandatory investment that is available in various colors and designs. Still, you have to be extremely careful when choosing one for yourself since you have to keep your body shape in mind. V-neck sweaters are a fantastic option for skinny guys whereas if you are a bit chubby then one must go for round necks. Geometric prints have always been catchy, you can carry a geometric print sweater with faded jeans, or you can wear it to work with formal slacks. Always go for a good color combo since it will make your fashion style stand out among others.

Funky Outfits for Guys (28)


↓ 25 – Semi-formal Funky Attire

A pastel pink blazer in a graph print with a cotton white button-down shirt is a marvelous option for a lunch date or even some engagement party. But you need to accessorize it either with the help of a little embellishment or a handkerchief that is up to you. Tassel loafers in brown will stand out with this sort of style.

Funky Outfits for Guys (6)

↓ 24 – Vintage Look for Skinny Guys

The typical vintage look requires simple denim jeans in grey or green with a pastel color round collar or cotton shirt and an elegant scarf. The scarf can have some argyle or calico print that will specify your style statement. Wear them with chic simple loafers to have a complete vintage yet stylish look.

Funky Outfits for Guys (3)

↓ 23 – How to wear striped pants?

Stripey pants are not only for girls, but men can also totally carry unbalanced striped pants with some stylish yet straightforward tee in neutral colors. Wear a leather strap watch and some sexy spectacles to have a complete look for a spring or summer day at college or with friends.

Funky Outfits for Guys (12)


↓ 22 – Funky Fall Street Style

Fall is perfect for trying out different styles of coats and boots. A coat woven in pin check pattern with some stylish boots or sneakers and jeans is an ideal option for fall style dress-up.

Funky Outfits for Guys (23)


↓ 21 – Funky Rockstar Outfit

Want to have the swaggy rockstar look? Go for some chic bomber jackets with chic leather wristbands and ripped jeans. A storm flyer or fox print bomber jacket by Kenzo and Maison Margiela would be amazing.

Funky Outfits for Guys (17)

↓ 20 – Cool Partywear for Men

Men can add some fantastic striped and patterned blazers to their formal wardrobe since these are both unique and stylish. Also, you can look indifferent by styling yourself in a striped blazer and some chic maroon pants. It is optional to keep your shirt tucked in or not as it depends on your style.

Style Tip: The easiest way to turn a regular outfit into a funky one is to wear brightly colored pants paired up with a solid colored/ printed/ striped shirt.

Funky Outfits for Guys (1)

↓ 19 – Funky Festival Dress-up

Festivals are all about feisty and funky outfits. Men can go for floral or African prints in blue and maroon. Also, ripped shorts and jeans will spice up the whole look. Add some chic wristband and spectacles to look distinct from others. Florals print can support you a lot for making a funky fashion style statement.

Funky Outfits for Guys (23)


↓ 18 – Funky Biker Look

Wanna have an epic yet funky biker look? Go for some stylishly embroidered leather jackets or a catchy tee shirt that defines your style the best. If you want to have a bold look, then go for a bandanna.

Funky Outfits for Guys (26)


↓ 17 – Hipster Funky Attire

Wear some ripped jeans with a printed masculine tee and a hippie hat along with sneakers, and you’re all set for a hipster street style. For further accessorizing, add a chic long chain or ring.

Funky Outfits for Guys (14)

↓ 16 – Funky Summers Street Style

Summers are all about light cotton button-down shirts in floral prints and checks.

Funky Outfits for Guys (15)

↓ 15 – Printed Denim Pair Ups

Printed denim jeans can be paired up with a pure white button-down shirt is a fantastic option for guys who love a simple yet funky style.Funky Outfits for Guys (9)

↓ 14 – Abstract Prints for Men

An abstract print blazer or a tee or even denim jeans is a fantastic option for guys who are young and love experimenting with different outfits’ combination.

Funky Outfits for Guys (32)


↓ 13 – Bohemian Style Dressup

Bohemian style is all about freedom of style and fashion. You can mingle 70s hippie style with some floral touch to get the typical bohemian style.

Funky Outfits for Guys (30)

↓ 12 – Funky Dress-up for Work

Wearing boring dark suits to work is incredibly dull, you can now go for some pastel blazers and prints like polka dot and houndstooth for a unique style statement.

Funky Outfits for Guys (25)


↓ 11 – Funky Style for Prom

Now you can wear a funky silk tuxedo to prom with a floral blazer and black silk embellishments.

Funky Outfits for Guys (16)


↓ 10 – Pastel Funky Attire for Men

Pastel colors like pastel purple, sea green, and pastel lime are the perfect shades for summer since they look cool to your eyes and feel quite comfy in the heat.

Funky Outfits for Guys (11)

↓ 9 – Funky Flannel Shirt Dress-up

A perfect way to wear a flannel shirt is with a simple black, grey, or white tee underneath and this style is ideal for young university or college going guys since it’s both stylish and straightforward. It can be worn with sneakers or joggers as well.

Funky Outfits for Guys (22)


↓ 8 – Sporty Look for Men

You can wear a Nike or Adidas tee with some faded, ripped jeans, and a derby hat to have a sporty attire.

Funky Outfits for Guys (6)


↓ 7 – Retro Look for Men

The 80s retro look is back in trend with polka dot and striped ties and sexy printed pants in gingham and paisley prints.

Funky Outfits for Guys (8)


↓ 6 – Monochromatic yet Funky Outfit

Not a fan of colors? Go for a collar shirt or suit in black and white paisley and tartan print.

Funky Outfits for Guys (12)


↓ 5 – Funky Pair Ups with White Jeans

White jeans look cool in spring and summers with shirts in pastel lime and pastel pink shades because the grey and blue have got too mainstream.

funky outfits for men

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↓ 4 – Zac Efron’s Funky Look

You can follow Zac Efron’s funky look if you are a fan by going for shorts in geometric prints and vest tops in epic pastel shades. Look how confidently he is carrying his grey colored Beanie hat and a pair of flip flops!

Funky Outfits for Guys (3)

↓ 3 – Funky Outfit by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s Summer collection is all about pastel denim shorts and floral trousers with the typical round neck tees dark blazers. Floral print can never fail when it comes to funky outfits for men. Remember not to wear floral on floral, which means one should avoid wearing a floral shirt with a floral pair of pants. You can either wear a floral shirt or a floral pant at a time. Wearing both clothing pieces of floral prints can make you look like a fashion disaster and nothing else!

Funky Outfits for Guys (20)


↓ 2 – Funky Hats & Caps for Spring

Inspired by Bruno Mars’ fashion sense, hats are considered to be the part of funky style. Hats are perfect for summers as well as winters especially when you’re going for funky tees then a hat in any neutral shade especially derby-style will look fantastic, and if you want an artsy look for a festival, then you can totally take up a fedora.  Shop at least one Greek Fishermen hat to uplift your funk fashion game.

Funky Outfits for Guys (21)


↓ 1 – Funky Shoes for Guys

Want to show your flamboyant yet funky style look? Here is the deal! Go for funky shoes right now! Sneakers are now available in various floral and African prints, and these are sold by huge brands as well. However, you can slay your funky look with a pair of simple loafers in denim or leather as well, depending on your style preferences. Funky shoes can either be floral, or snake printed so don’t hesitate to show your funky side. To enhance your funky look, you can wear a pair of colorful socks too because women surely give attention to the details.

Funky Outfits for men


Hope these few ideas helped you in styling your wardrobe with a bit of a funky touch to it. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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