13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear

Trendy University Graduation Dresses: These days trend matters a lot, that is why I have decided to bring you some trendiest university graduation dress choices. Being a university graduate also means wearing something very mature, and formal off-course as it is a graduation ceremony.

I will also be guiding you girls on what footwear, jewelry, and makeup to wear. Also, don’t worry if you are fat or pregnant, I also have some of the best choices for you girls. I will completely answer all of your most important questions related to your university graduation dress.

How to Dress Up for Your University Graduation?

If you are getting ready to go to your university graduation, there are some very important tips that you need to follow in order to look fashionable and confident in your dressing otherwise even the best dress would look lousy on you.

  • Stay confident, confidence is always the best way to look fashionable because girls who stay confident give off a certain fashionable vibe.
  • Do not be shy, this is your day to shine because today all that hard work is paying off
  • In case you are pregnant, do not worry about what people think about your baby bump under the dress because it is a huge achievement that you are getting graduated even though you were pregnant.
  • Walk straight and keep your posture high up because that brings a totally different classiness and beauty into your personality.
University Graduation Dresses

↓ 17 – White Bodycon Low Cleavage Neckline Dress

This White Bodycon Low Cleavage Neckline Dress is one of the most traditional and classic dresses for your university graduation. It gives your figure a special uplift and wearing black stiletto heels with it would give you the complete ideal university graduation look.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Backless Ruched Mini Dress – $21.99

↓ 16 – Pink Wrap Flare Dress

If you are looking for both, something cute and trendy to wear at your graduation, then something like this pink wrap flare dress with rose gold heels would be the perfect choice for you. Such chiffon wrap dresses in pastel colors give girls a very pretty look for any kind of formal occasion.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Chiffon Wrap Dress – $60.56 – $78.45

↓ 15 – Printed Long Dress

Printed long dresses are the best choices in two situations, either if you are wearing sandals to your university graduation for some reason or you are in a hurry and failed to find something for your graduation because finding a cute long printed dress at any store is very easy.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Floral Print Flared Gown – $4 – $7

↓ 14 – Can you Wear Stockings Under your University Graduation Dress?

Yes, you can totally wear stockings underneath your university graduation dress, especially in winters. Try wearing skin or black stockings with whatever dress you have chosen to wear because they match the best and do not seem to be out of the way.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Nylon Stockings – $5.99

↓ 13 – Slit Black Bodycon Full Sleeves Off-shoulder Dress

This Slit Black Bodycon Full Sleeves Off-shoulder Dress is personally one of my favorite choices’ for university graduation. It is extremely sleek and classic, it would make any girl seem to be on fire. Pairing it with a black clutch and black block heels would make you look even hotter, and formal as well.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Bodycon Side Split Midi Dress

↓ 12 – Trendiest Shoes for your University Graduation

If you are wondering what are the best choices for shoes to wear at your university graduation, then don’t you worry because I will give you a variety of shoes for your university graduation. Any types of heels are the best option for graduation ceremonies. But, before placing those names here I would suggest that always wear either stiletto or block heels because they look the classiest and most formal, other than that you can also go for some extremely trendy pumps, ankle strap heels, cone heels, slingback heels, platform heels, high heel sandals, peep-toe heels, mule heels, ballroom dance shoes or cut out heels.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Elisabet Tang Pumps

↓ 11 – When to Wear Wedges with your Graduation Outfit?

If you like wearing wedges a lot and want to wear these with your university graduation outfit as well, then you should always consider wearing wedges with a mini bodycon dress or a short frock. They compliment them very well.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


↓ 10 – How to Wear Boots with Your Graduation Ceremony Dress?

Always consider wearing boots at your university graduation ceremony, if your ceremony is taking place in the winter, and the best dress to wear with them is a sleek mini bodycon dress. They go the best together.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Snake Print Block Heels

Mini Dress

↓ 9 – What to Wear at your University Graduation if you are Pregnant?

Are you worried that you are pregnant and can’t find a good dress to fit you for your university graduation at this time of your life? Then don’t stress out yourself and pay heed to what people say about your figure at this time, just embrace it, be relaxed and go to your graduation ceremony with all the confidence in the world. The best dresses to wear when you’re expecting are either long or either short frocks, they give the perfect edge to your figure and baby bump and also make you look pretty. If you can, then do pair some low heels with them otherwise just go for flat sandals.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Floral Short Prom Dress

↓ 8 – White Off-Shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress

Looking for something formal yet beautiful? If so is the case, then you should totally go for this White Off-Shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress from lulus.com because it perfectly fits your desire and needs for something formal and beautiful at the same time. If you cannot get the same dress, then don’t worry, find something of the same kind, it doesn’t need to be exactly the same, it should just have the same essence because that is what brings out the beauty.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


↓ 7 – Loose Full Sleeves Long White Dress

Here I bring to you another very classic dress to wear at your university graduation, this Loose Full Sleeves Long White Dress is all that you need. Holding a white or black clutch with this would make you look even trendier. And, if you are a fan of wearing boots, then this is your time to wear them because they would go perfectly with this dress.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Pradize White Long Summer Dress with Puffy Sleeves – $19.99

↓ 6 – White Full Sleeves Lose Mini Dress

Are you a person who is not a lot into dressing and wants to wear the easiest of clothes even for important occasions like your university graduation? If yes, then try wearing this White Full Sleeves Loose Mini Dress as it is the perfect choice according to your preferences and is also one of the best university graduation dresses. Also, pair some snakeskin-designed block heels with it to look even classier. Also, have a look at this collection of the Best Designer Mini Bags to carry on your graduation day.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Mini Patchwork Loose Casual Dress

↓ 5 – Is it a Good University Graduation Dress Idea to Wear a Long Baby Blue Gown?

Yes, if you go for something like this long baby blue gown as your university graduation dress idea, then it’s totally a yes because this is a very alluring yet exemplary dress in itself. Carrying along a small coffee-colored handbag with it would give you a really great look. Also, consider wearing a pair of glossy silver heels with it like shown in the picture below.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Smocked Maxi Dress

Ankle Strap Stiletto High Heel Pump

↓ 4 – Which Earrings are the Best Option to go with your University Graduation Dress?

Wearing a lot of jewelry at your university graduation would not be the best option but yes for all you jewelry lovers out there, wearing light jewelry is not a bad option at all, in fact, it would make you look more charming at your ceremony. And, earrings should be your priority in it, either wear some zircon studs or medium-sized hoops like these because they look very stylish and cute.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Hoop Earrings – $8.90 – $10.90

↓ 3 – Plus Size Women Dress Choices for a University Graduation

Fat girls are often complexed due to their figure, but I really believe they shouldn’t be because they are pretty in themselves, and very cute as well. So, don’t be sad, all you thick-figured girls out there because you have all the rights of looking beautiful and slaying it at your university graduation.

Also, I have often noticed that heavy girls look really pretty in red, so consider wearing something like this red flared frock, the design of the dress gives your figure the perfect edge and the color makes you look very formal and pretty at the same time. Wear a pair of light brown heels, some winged eyeliner, and red lipstick with it to look hotter than everyone else at your university graduation. This is your day and you have the right to enjoy it to its fullest.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Trendy Plus Size Cold-Shoulder Midi Dress – $74.60

Plus Size Velvet Ruffled High-Low Maxi Dress – $75.68

Plus Size Cowlneck Sheath Dress – $96.22

↓ 2 – Baby Blue Puffy Top and White Bodycon Skirt

Do you like wearing skirts? Are you someone who is not into dresses a lot? If yes, then you are at the right place because I will show you something of your choice and perfect to wear at your university graduation as well. Many people think skirts are not formal, but that is wrong, if you wear something like this puffed-up baby blue top with a white bodycon skirt and a black handbag, then you totally have your perfect graduation look already. Also, have a look at 12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips.

13 Best University Graduation Dresses for Girls to Wear


Crop Tee Tops – $23.99

Solid Overlap Bodycon Workwear Skirt – $9.99 – $18.99

↓ 1 – Where to Buy the Best Dresses for Your University Graduation


About: Lulus is a retail company established in 1996, and its headquarters are displayed at Chico, California. Lulus includes a fun and casual work environment that centers on development and collaboration at all levels of the organization. Lulus moreover offers a distinguished area for each of its categories of dress design, similar to it has one special area for graduation dresses.

Price Range: $9 – $269


About: Macy’s is a bunch of American departmental stores built up in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. It became a division of the Cincinnati-based Federated Department Stores in 1994, through which it is related with the bunch of Bloomingdale’s departmental stores. The holding company was renamed Macy’s, Inc. in the year 2007. The best part about them is that they have a wide range of dresses for your university graduation, especially for plus size women it’s one of the best choices.

Price Range: 10USD – 60USD

Prom Girl

About: Prom Girl was set up in 1998 and is committed to bringing high schooler prom and special occasion styles to a modern level of choice and modernity. They offer an extension of homecoming, graduation, 16th birthday, and Quinceañera dresses. They happily carry more dresses than a lot of other online retailers and offer you the biggest choice on one page so you will be able to find the ideal dress for each event.

Price range: $19 – $99

Also, have a look at 16 Best College Graduation Dresses for Girls.


Q. What is the best dress to wear for graduation?

A. The best dress to wear at your graduation would be a white bodycon sequin mini dress.

Q. What clothes do university students wear for their graduation ceremonies?

A. University students mostly wear mini bodycon dresses, long bodycon dresses, short frocks, long frocks, and even long flared dresses for their graduation ceremonies. The color that they prefer mostly is white or any pastel color.

Q. What should I wear to my daughter’s graduation?

A. If you are a mother going to her daughter’s graduation try wearing something formal like a long frock and in case you are a father going to his daughter’s graduation, you should go for a three-piece suit.

Q. Where can I buy nice graduation dresses?

A. You can get really cute, trendy and formal university graduation dresses from the stores mentioned below:

  • Macy’s
  • Prom Girl
  • Lulus

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