Kurtis For Skinny Girls- 15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls

Best kurtis for skinny girls- Kurtis are where comfort meets fashion, and an ethnic and fabulous piece of art is created. There is a reason why Kurtis has always been the number one choice of comfort clothing among skinny girls and women with all body types.

Skinny girls love taking a much-needed break from uncomfortable and body-hugging clothes to wear some comfortable cotton Kurtis. Kurtis have always been an impeccable choice of clothing in the humid weather as well. It not only keeps you cool and comfortable but is also fashionably stunning, giving you the best of both worlds!

Also, girls with slim bodies love wearing Kurtis because of how they make them look, accentuating their curves and hiding all the parts they feel underconfident about. Though all body types are stunning and should be accepted as they are, it is not wrong to try clothing articles that will look more aesthetically pleasing on your body type.

A piece of clothing that was initially only confined to South Asian women has taken over the fashion industry by storm in the last few decades.

Moreover, you can estimate the popularity of this gorgeous attire by the fact that Gigi Hadid was also seen donning a Kurti in her Instagram post. For me, that increased my love for Kurtis altogether. The good news is that fashion designers are constantly coming up with new styles and blends of Kurtis, perfect for the contemporary and style-conscious skinny women of today’s world.

Kurtis for skinny girls are now available in many different types, patterns, and fabrics. There are unique Kurtis with cheetah prints, polka dots, stripes, floral prints, and abstract art. It all depends on your preference and your fashion style on what Kurti style you choose for yourself!

As for me, I believe that girls should choose Kurti designs according to the occasion. Light and casual ones for everyday chores, buttoned-down and collared ones for formal meetings, and fancy embellished ones for traditional events- the numerous Kurti designs have you covered!

How to Wear Kurti Outfits Like a Pro?

We mean it when we say that you can rock a Kurti outfit at any event! With the number of designs that Kurtis are available now, you will face no difficulty finding the perfect one for your body type. Perfect Kurtis for skinny girls are easier to find than ever before! Kurti designs such as the off-shoulders Kurti, A-line buttoned Kurti, asymmetric Kurti, or Short fusion Kurtis look amazing with skinny body types.

Moreover, girls love wearing Kurtis because that gives them plenty of options regarding what bottoms they can wear with them. Kurtis are so diverse that they look amazing with absolutely anything! For example, you can pair them with cigarette pants, palazzo trousers, colored leggings, skinny jeans, and even churidar pajamas.

When wearing a Kurti, the possibilities of styling it are endless! You can create many different looks with the help of Kurtis by adding accessories such as funky belts, fancy earrings, and colorful dupattas. Kurtis also comes with various necklines, making them all stand out and look different from each other. Kurtis have halter necks, square necks, diamond necks, high neck, and standing collar neck.

You should always choose your neckline and sleeve design according to the occasion. For a more formal look, go with full sleeves and a collar neck. Additionally, for a casual day out, go with a light and breezy printed Kurti with a diamond neck and printed sleeves or no sleeves at all!

Furthermore, another big reason why women adore Kurtis is their low and affordable prices. The feeling of wanting a clothing article you love and not being able to afford it is gut-wrenching. To rid you of that, we have brought some of the most beautiful Kurti designs for skinny girls at affordable prices, along with brands that sell them. 

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls

Kurti Styling Tips for Slim Girls:

Who says skinny girls cannot rock any outfit they wear? Here at BrandedGirls, we believe any body type is gorgeous, and all you need to do is accentuate your natural figure to give yourself a glistening and beautiful outlook. Here are some of the best and the most helpful fashion tips and tricks from the fashion divas themselves, which can help skinny girls alleviate their style and rock their Kurti outfits on every occasion. Besides, they will also make skinny girls feel confident about their body type by accentuating the right parts. So, here goes:

  •  Full or Quarter Sleeved Kurtis:  Wearing full-sleeved Kurtis will cover your arms nicely and give you an elegant fit. Moreover, skinny girls should opt for Kurtis having loose sleeves which will not divulge their arm shape, making them more self-conscious. 
  • Wear Stripes:  If you want to look less skinny and a little bit wider, try wearing horizontal striped Kurtis. These Kurtis are pretty popular among skinny girls because of their ability to make them look slightly broader. 
  • Choose the Right Fit: Do not go for baggy Kurtis. Try to find the right fitted Kurti for you, which should hug your body in the right places. A decent fit will give dimension to your body type and make you feel confident. 
  • Pair your Kurti with Skinny Jeans: Thin girls look gorgeous with skinny jeans! Wide-legged trousers or palazzos make slender legs look even slimmer, and that is not what you want! Pair your Kurti with skinny jeans to embrace your natural legs. 
  • Opt for Maxi Kurtis: Maxi Kurtis fitted at the waist are the most popular among skinny girls! Try wearing maxi Kurtis with belts at the waist, and be ready to feel like a whole diva!
  • Add Different Colours to Your Outfit: Wearing the same colored outfit from head to toe will make you look even thinner. Add different colors to make your attire look gorgeous and give depth to your whole look. 
  • Unique Neckline: Have a look at Kurti Neck Designs–23 Latest Neck Styles for Kurtis In 2021 for more ideas.

Here are 16 best kurti designs for petite girls.

↓ 16 – Front-Slit Maxi Kurti For Skinny Girls

If you are a Kurti enthusiast and love buying different styles of Kurtis, this front-slit maxi Kurti is a must-have in your wardrobe. This Kurti is also the best option for skinny girls because it accentuates their figure in the best way possible. You can also add a colorful and traditional belt at the waist to make the outfit stand out!

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls


↓ 15 – What to Wear With a Sleeveless Long Kurtis?

Skinny girls absolutely love wearing light and breezy sleeveless Kurtis in the summertime. Not only do these keep them cool and fresh but the fabric is also super comfortable for the cruel summer heat. You can wear straight or cigarette pants with this style of Kurti. A pair of summer open sandals will also go well with this outfit. 

Buy this outfit from Kaia.pk

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 14 – How to wear Printed Kurtis with Straight Pants?

Printed Kurtis are the new hype because of how they fuse both the eastern and the western fashion styles. These look best with black or white straight pants. Because printed Kurtis usually have a lot of colors, it is best to go with a simple color of pants such as black, white, or beige. 

Get this outfit from Sapphire

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 13 – When to Wear Floral Kurtis?

Your spring and summer wardrobe is incomplete without some beautiful floral printed outfits! The floral print gives you a feeling of freshness and positivity which is why it is loved by everyone. Live all your Kurti dreams with a beautiful pastel-colored floral Kurti with an elegant chiffon dupatta!

Buy this outfit from Zara Shahjahan Official

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 12 – Fancy Style Kurtis for Wedding Events

Not every girl loves wearing heavily embellished wedding clothes that make even walking seem like a chore! Luckily, for minimalistic skinny girls, there is a great variety of festive designer Kurtis that will make you look absolutely gorgeous. These simple yet elegant Kurtis will look even prettier with big, bold jewelry accessories.

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 11 – Tie-Dye Kurtis for Slim Girls

Tie-dye is a print that takes us all down memory lane! The nostalgia attached to this beautiful print makes it an even better choice for our contemporary designer Kurtis. Perfect for the summer heat, pastel tie-dye Kurtis will make you look effortless and refreshing!

Get this beautiful piece from Rooh Pehar on Instagram!

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 10 – Formal Look with Button Down Kurti

Who says you cannot wear Kurtis to the office or formal events? Because productivity increases by a great deal when you are wearing clothes you are comfortable in, Kurtis are a great option for office wear! Additionally, they also make you stand out among other employees and make you look modest yet fashionable.

 Get your hands on some beautiful formal Kurtis from here

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls


↓ 9 – What to Wear with Silk Kurtis?

Have an event to go to and don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry! A beautifully embellished silk Kurti has got your back. Even though these Kurtis look really simple and minimalistic, they can be styled to look perfect at fancy dress events as well. Pair your gorgeous silk Kurti with pearl jewelry pieces such as earrings and bangles. Add a chain or a necklace to really bring a wow factor to your look. Furthermore, one of the best kurti styling tips is to wear pastel-colored Kurtis in the summer heat.

Get this Kurti from here

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls


↓ 8 – How to Style Kurtis With White Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo pants are one article of clothing that can never look wrong on a skinny girl’s body shape. Also, they make you look taller and accentuate your body shape in a good way. Round neck Kurtis looks the best with palazzo pants, giving you an outfit that is both casual and stylish.

Get yourself some gorgeous summer outfits from Lulusar 

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 7 – For Women over 50

Age is just a number when it is Kurtis we are talking about. These timeless and graceful pieces of clothing look gorgeous with women of all ages and ethnicities. The best Kurti choice for women over 50 is plain monochromatic Kurtis with straight pants. Style these with a colorful floral dupatta to add some colour to your outfit!

Get this amazing Kurti and more from Generations

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 6 – For Teenagers

Girls in their teens are always looking for different styles of outfits to style for their social media posts.  One of the most glamorous yet modest options is Kurtis for skinny girls. This thigh-length or knee-length Kurti can be styled with tulip shalwars which in my opinion look cute as heck!

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 5 – Spring Kurtis with Net Sleeves

Spring is the perfect season to showcase all the vibrant and gorgeous Kurtis that you are hiding in your closet. It is a season that calls for bold colors and prints in your outfits. So, get yourself some flamboyant and bright Kurtis with net sleeves to serve a show-stopping look.

Shop now at thebrown.pk 

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 4 -Chic Off-Shoulders Kurti Style for Skinny Girls

If you think Kurtis can only be worn in the mainstream and formal way, you are wrong! With the advancements in the fashion industry, now we also have off-shoulder Kurtis that look absolutely chic and are perfect for a girls’ day out!  Also, have a look at Plain Kurta Outfits &; 22 Ways to Wear Plain Kurtas for Women

To get this stylish piece, head over to lxmofficial on Instagram.

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 3 – How to Accessorize Kurtis for Skinny Girls?

Accessories are what make or break your whole outfit! To give your Kurti a unique and different look, add a rope belt to your outfit. Furthermore, you can also tuck your dupatta in for a formal yet stunning outfit. Don’t forget to add studs, necklaces, and bangles to elevate a simple Kurti to a breathtaking outfit. This outfit will definitely make you feel like a desi warrior princess.

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsVia

↓ 2 – Best Footwear With Kurtis

Footwear is usually one’s personal choice and depends solely on one’s sense of style. The most foolproof Kurti styling tip is to style it with some casual flat footwear. You may also wear heels if you are wearing your Kurti with cigarette pants or leggings. All in all, casual as well as fancy footwear works great with all sorts of Kurti designs.

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim GirlsShop At

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls

Buy From

↓ 1 – Where to Buy the Best Eid Kurtis for Skinny Girls?

Eid is the perfect occasion to get your hands on some gorgeous embellished Kurtis and make your Eid even more special! My personal favorite stores that have an amazing collection of Kurtis are Sapphire, Ethnic, Limelight, and many more famous Instagram businesses mentioned in this article above!

Kurtis For Skinny Girls-15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls


1- As a skinny girl, how can I style my simple Kurti in the best way possible?

A Kurti is an essential piece of clothing in a skinny girl’s wardrobe, and they should know how to style it with some simple yet amazing tips. You can wear colorful and printed palazzos with simple Kurtis to make them look better. Another great tip is to style your short as well as long Kurtis with vibrant shararas. Add a sheer and stunning dupatta to style your Kurti in a gorgeous middle Eastern style.

2- How can a skinny girl style a long white Kurti?

White Kurtis have always been in great demand due to their elegance and charm. You can style your white Kurti with a pair of dark colored denim jeans. Wear a multi colored dupatta to add color to your outfit and bring life to it. A deep colored palazzo also looks stunning with simple white Kurti.

3- What are some unique ways to put together a contemporary Kurti outfit for skinny girls?

Some people love adding a modern western touch to their otherwise cultural Kurti outfit. Adding a printed sleeveless jacket or a pair of ripped jeans transforms your entire outfit instantly. Accessories such as hoop earrings, metallic bangles, and funky rings can also make your outfit give off a modern vibe.


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