Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning

Japanese Names For Boys. Like every other culture, the tradition of naming a child in Japan possesses highly cultural value. Some of the most beautiful and adorable names come from Japanese origin. These meaningful names behold ancient beliefs, share artistic forms like haiku poetry, architecture, and the affection towards beauty, love, nature, seasons, and much more.

Parents feel genuinely thrilled and delighted while naming their newborns; the names they select should be the most unique, cutest, and exclusive. Usually, babies are given a name after six days of their birth. In Japanese, words are made of a series of characters called kanji, and there is not a specific way to write a particular name as kanji denoting particular terms may vary according to the figures parents have chosen. The titles that are pronounced the same are not necessarily written identically. So there are many possible ways to write a particular name.

Beautiful Japanese Names For Baby Boys

Mostly Japanese parents name their male child that reflects their position in a family-like Ichiro which means ‘the first son,’ Jiro means ‘second son’ and Saburo which means ‘third son’  Besides, there is a very unique tradition in Japan while calling a child, you may get to hear their last name first that is; their father’s name which is then followed by the surname they have been given at the time of their birth; their actual name, which is quite uncommon in other parts of the world. So basically, they are being called by their surname, in front of their given name. There are over 100,000 surnames that are being used in Japan. Most popular family names in Japan are Sato, Suzuki, and Takahashi, which may vary in different regions of Japan. Since you’re looking for baby boy names, you might find inspiration from these 100 Popular Arabic Baby Boy Names with Meanings.

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning

Significance of names all across the world

People put a lot of thought into naming their children and rightly so because this is the one thing that will stick to these children throughout their lives. Names are the unique elements that distinguish us from each other. This defining characteristic that we are all given at birth highlights various aspects of one’s background, such as the historical significance behind the name and the lineage one comes from. The chosen name highlights the history of the people a person comes from – the tribe they come from, which is also the deciding factor behind the dialect and the language the child will adopt with time. This might not seem like much unless you take into account what differentiates different nations from each other. The significance of a name lies in the fact that it describes an individual in a way that truly sets them apart from everyone else. It is an essential characteristic of ones being and holds much more than just characters and superficial values. It encompasses everything from what the parents of the child expect from the child and what the world would perceive these children to be. The essence of a name lies at the center of our very own existence.

Now that we have gone over the importance that a name holds, we want to go over a few things that people who are naming a newborn should take into consideration before naming the child. There are many things that can go wrong. Since names are almost always permanent, it is best to consider all there is to take into consideration before making a decision that will impact an individual’s life throughout their lifetime. Keep reading to find out the things you need to keep in mind before naming your child!

Things to consider before naming your newborn

New parents face a lot of challenges when their newborn comes into this world. Among other things, everyone wants to pitch in their suggestions, and the birth givers have to find a way around all of these hurdles to choosing the one thing that their child will carry for the entirety of their lifetime. Giving a child a good name is the best thing parents can give to their children, and this is new parents need to consider the following before choosing the right name for their little one. Following are a few tips you can follow to make the right decision:

  • Choose a name that honors your culture and tradition: Culture and Tradition are a crucial part of an individual’s identity. It is reflective of the morals and values one’s family holds that ultimately plays a role in shaping a person’s own personality. It is, therefore, vital that you keep this aspect in mind before choosing the right name for your baby.
  • Choose a meaningful name: Simple names that have a broader, deeper context behind them are the kind of names you should be looking for. Meaningless names that do not signify anything important are not very well appreciated, especially in Japanese culture. So you might want to pay extra attention to this when deciding on a name for your young one.
  • Choose a unique yet uncomplicated name: This point is essential, and most people tend to ignore it. Real-life, for a good chunk of people everywhere, is all about filling in forms to go places, and all of these forms require people to write their names. If a person’s name is extralong, it requires extra effort, and that can get tiring. Thus for practical reasons, we suggest you look for names that are unique but also short to not complicate things for them in the future.
  • Keep the nicknames in mind: When choosing a name, make sure you go over the possible immediate nicknames your child may get. The world is a rough place, and you don’t want to make things worse for your child by giving them a name that will make them subject to jokes that can take a hit on their self-esteem.
  • Choose a name that is aligned with the stars: We are big into astrology and believe new parents should take into account the suggestions of an astrologer to choose the starting letter of a child’s name. The starting of a child’s name should be selected in accordance with the positioning of the stars at the time of the birth of the child. Not only will this help narrow down the list of names to choose from but will also make the whole process easier.

Now that we have gone over the things that you should take into consideration before deciding on a name, we are going to present you with a list of beautiful names for baby boys that you can choose from. We have made sure to mention the meanings of the name as well to make the process easier for you.

Some of the most common and popularly used male names are ending in Hiko, such as Katsuhiko (勝彦), suke, such as Keisuke (慶介) or hei, such as Junpei (淳平), are usually male. Male names also often end in o, written in kanji as , or , as in Teruo (輝夫) or Akio (昭雄), or shi, as in AtsushiTakashi, or Kiyoshi. Male names tend to contain characters such as , meaning “brave,” , meaning “win,” or , meaning “correct.”

Here is the list of top 100 popular and most unique male names

1. Akito: bright person, who is like an autumn season

2. Aito: darling child

3. Akira: bright and intelligent

4. Asahi: means morning or sunlight

5. Botan: peony, a beautiful flower associated with riches and honor

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Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


6. Benjiro: enjoys peace

7. Chikao: smart or wise

8. Daichi: means large or great

9. Danuja: knight or a ruler

10. Daisuke: great help

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


11. Eiichi: the prosperous one

12. Enmei: bright circle or life-sustaining

13. Fuji: Beautiful and unusual, Fuji means to honor the majestic mountain.

14. Genkei: The one who deserves honor and integrity.

15. Gaider: to be joyful

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


16. Gin: the meaning of Gin is silver

17. Haruki: Haruki is perfect for Spring babies meaning spring child.

18. Hansuke: An accommodating friend

19. Habiki: echo, sound

20. Hideaki: bright or excellent

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


21. Hinata: the ray of eternity, sunflower

22. Hadley: meadows of heather

23. Hiroshi: a traditional Japanese name meaning generous

24. Iakopa: holding the heal

25. Itsuki: timber tree

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


26. Issey: Issey means first-born, this name is excellent for your first-child,

27. Jabir: the one who confronts

28. Jabari: courageous

29. Japana: One who has energetic, drive oriented and ambition

30. Kane: It has multiple meaning, a notable one is a warrior, however in Japanese, it means golden

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


31. Kazue: means The Favor of Harmony and Peace

32. Kazuya: a calm and peaceful one

33. Kenzou: means strong and healthy

34. Kaito: a supportive person or the most supportive

35. Lachie: a land filled with lakes

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


36. Lajos: a well-known fighter

37. Lan: orchid flower

38. Makoto: a sincere friend

39. Minoru: truth

40. Masaru: victory

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


41. Macario: to be blessed

42. Masato: Japanese name for justice

43. Miyu: a beautiful and charming child

44. Michi: upright path

45. Naoki: truthful and open tree, honest

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Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


46. Niko: red child, the second-born

47. Naruto: maelstrom

48. Namiko: a child of waves or surfing child

49. Nobu: prolong, stretch

50. Nakia: firm and faithful. Also, have a look at these Cute Last Names for Boys.

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


51. Natsu: a very warm season of the year

52. Nanda: happiness

53. Nate: God gives

54. Ohta: This name has two meanings, one in the eyes of the Almighty God, another one is free from dirt or impurities

55. Oakley: from an oak tree forest

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


56. Oberon: elf ruler

57. Obama: Its a common sir name meaning little beach, also the name of a city in Japan

58. Osamu: discipline, study

59. Odalis: riches or wealthy

60. Oshin: patience and endurance

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


61. Pace: the man of peace

62. Paco: French man

63. Qiang: a strong or powerful man

64. Qing: to be clever

65. Rai: thunder or lighting

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


66. Raiden: god of thunder

67. Reiko: thankful child

68. Reiji: a well-behaved child who is kind and courageous

69. Riku: beautiful, wise or cool sky

70. Rio: Rio is a very cool name meaning white jasmine or cherry blossom

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


71. Ryota: bright or refreshing

72. Rikuto: a person of the land

73. Rin: a dignified, cold and severe person

74. Ryoto: a person who is like a dragon

75. Sanyu: This Japanese name meaning happiness

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


76. Sanjiro: This name has a very heartful meaning that is admired or praised

77. Souta: a sound of the wind

78. Sora: skilled man

79. Seiji: means lawful or right

80. Shin: the person who is real and genuine

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


81. Sachi: blessed child

82. Sou: adore, bright, sincere

83. Shusuke: the one who learns to meditate

85. Suguru: an eminent person

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


86. Takeo: Takeo is a popular Japanese name which is quite powerful meaning strong as bamboo

87. Tora: means tiger which is a transgender name and suitable for both genders

88. Tadaaki: faithful light

89. Takahiro: means loveable and generously respectful

90. Taemon: a well-behaved person with good moral acts

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


91. Taavi: the one who is being adored

92. Touma: top of mountains, ten thousand swords

93. Takeo: warrior or the one who fights for his kingdom

94. Yuuto: helping harmony, or a person who is very helpful or exist a tender heart, in other words, kind and bright

95. Youta: great sunlight

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


96. Yasuo: one who is calm and peaceful

97. Yukio: This adorable name is perfect for Christmas babies, meaning snow boy

98. Yudi: brave, manly or the one who is reliable and bold

99. Yuu: Superiority, excellence, gentleness

100. Zen: yield or natural

Japanese Names for Boys-100 Popular Japanese Names & Meaning


We tried our best to shortlist all the names you can give to your baby boy. We made sure to do thorough research on the topic and only picked out names that fulfilled our criteria of things to consider before choosing the right name. We hope we were able to help you decide. So take your pen and paper out and write down the names that you want your child to be associated with because it’s never too early and it is never too late. We would love to hear what you think about this article. Make sure to leave any suggestions in the comments below. We love feedback!

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