Cute Last Names for Boys– List of 100 Best Last Names

Last Names for Boys. Congratulations on having a baby boy! Have you thought about naming your boy? Naming your child is an important endeavor. Just like your first name, which distinguishes you from other members of your family who share the same last name.

In the same way, your previous name identifies you in front of other people who have the same first name as yours. Being called by your last name sounds very dignified and wise, it says that you belong to a particular family. For instance, there are many students in a class with the same name; then it will be your last name which helps you identify your individuality. Also, there are other places where you are being called with your last names like in hospitals or educational institutes, doctors and professors are usually known by their last names, even in passports where your last name comes before your given name. Families also use their last name as an invitation purpose or on greeting cards and on the nameplates that are hung outside their door — for example, William’s house or Smith’s happy place.

Cute Last Names for Boys With Meanings

The last name is the family name, and most people do not want to be part of that same family tree and share the same name. So one may find a better last name instead of attaching a surname, to make the kid’s identity more unique and of his own. Also, some families have the last name that will help you discover the origin where your ancestors came from. This article entitles adorable last names for boys that are unique and classy, and it will definitely help you to come out of chaos while selecting your child’s last name.

Cute Last Names for Boys – List of 100 Best Last Names

Things to Consider Before Selecting The Last Name

Name is the first gift that parents give to their child. Naming your child is at times very challenging after all they have to live their lives called by that name. There are many factors when it comes to naming your child, especially when it’s about your last name.

• Meaningful Name: Selecting a name should be more than just sounding cool; a meaningful last name affects and influences your child’s personality. It depicts who you are and has a very significant value in one’s life.

• Because of the ritual values, some people are more inclined towards religion, and it’s perfectly fine to go with some saint’s name as your last. Somehow parents believe in naming the child’s last name after saints name; he will serve as a special patron to protect, guide, and the heavenly intercessor of others.

• While choosing the last name, one can also select an ethnic or regional name to honor and acknowledge the heritage of your family. For example, people move to other places of the world but to keep their legacy alive; they chose the name of the same origin they belong to.

• It’s a common practice that people name their precious bundle after any city, country, or continent where the one is born. So, places can also be considered while naming their last names like North, West, or Dallas.

• The last name should go on the flow with your first name, or it should sound compatible when one says your complete full name. Sometimes both first and last names have many characters and sound weird when pronouncing together. Long name big no!

• They are also based on the specific occupation of a particular family or their father. For example, Turner who turned wood into on lathy and made things out of that wood, another example is Roper who made ropes or Shoesmith who makes horseshoes.

• Don’t try to be unique and different in terms of spellings; it could be irritable for your child to correct every time they get to write their name by someone else. Like Mykel instead of Michael. It’s quite annoying for a child to spell out the unusual name rest of their lives

• Neither too familiar nor a very distinctive name should be preferred, although it’s up to your own choice still one deserves a little more than a widespread name, likewise, an unfamiliar and uncommon name again puts your child in difficulty.

• Inspired by any famous or any known personality people adore, parents can also consider selecting the last name of their child and name after them. For example, Beckham

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Cute Last Names for Boys – List of 100 Best Last Names

Why Is the Last Name Important?

The last name is usually used in formal situations. Although your sir name is inherited, it’s still on the choice of people whether they want to change it or retain it. Here are some interesting facts as to why sir name beholds importance for any individual or any family.

• It creates a traditional and helpful way of categorizing and classifying people.

• It is essential where clear identification is required, like in assorted situations.

• Knowing the last name or family name of an individual, you will be able to search for their information.

• Last names are sometimes helpful when you have to search for your loved ones or any person you have lost contact with.

• You are mostly called by your respected last name at your workplace.

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Cute Last Names for Boys – List of 100 Best Last Names


Pros and Cons Regarding the Last Name

Naming your child is at times challenging; you get to see many suggestions given to the parents from every single person in the family. Well, it’s beautiful, but sometimes all you want is to decide the name on your own. There are some pros and cons while naming the last name of your child.

• Pros of Last Names: If you have decided to select a new last name for your child, you can give according to your own choice and don’t have to restrict yourself by keeping the old last name as others.

• However, if you stick to your ancestors’ last name, it’s always an honor for your offsprings to carry that last name of their forefathers. People could quickly recognize your family by hearing your last name.

• Cons of Last Names: Many families want to delve into their family to find titles with their ancestors’ significance. But this brings complications with it. What if your sibling wants the same last name as you want, what if they have already selected that particular name? Well, for that, it’s better and wiser to take permission from the elders of your family and make your decision accordingly

• It’s a huge pressure on parents to find a unique and distinctive name for their loved one, but somehow super unusual names tend to be divisive and not easily recognizable for others while telling someone you have to say it over and over again. Moreover, your child also faces difficulty in the future.

• Sometimes the last name becomes the victim of racism, just because of their cultural or religious values that behold in their last name. It’s better to think twice before going for any name. Your child has to live with that name and have such last name; they can easily become the target for the rest of their lives.

• In some states, like in Germany, you are restricted to change the last name of your child, and you have kept it same as the parents the last name, However, in America the rules are different, and it’s totally legal to change it according to your choice.

• Sometimes the last name sounds a little more like a curse word or highly derogatory swear word and that put your child in shame, also they feel very offensive when pronouncing their last name in public.

Cute Last Names for Boys – List of 100 Best Last Names


List of 100 Cute Last Names for Boys

Here we bring you some of the cute and lovely last names which can be used with any first name as per appropriate meanings. Make sure your lat name compliments your first name.

Cute Last Names for Boys – List of 100 Best Last Names


  1. Axton: Sword stone or from a stone town
  2. Beckham: famous name of a footballer
  3. Black: One who has dark hair or a dark complexion
  4. Braxton: Inhabitants who moved from the origin of their place. Either intentionally or not.
  5. Brennan: Brave
  6. Brock: derived from Badger
  7. Bryson: Used first as the last name in the Scottish Borderlands of the medieval era, means Father of the bearer, Noble’s son
  8. Cadwell: Anglo-Saxon name
  9. Caverly: Cool historical name
  10. Cage: occupational name derived from the keeper of the cage
  11. Carson: Son of Carr, also a locational name
  12. Chandler: Gifted One, This family name originated as an occupational name, a person who is involved in making candles or selling them
  13. Cohen: Priest, a proud sign of ancient Jewish culture
  14. Cole: Cold black
  15. Corbin: It’s a cute name used for a person with strikingly black hair or one with a loud voice
  16. Dallas: Popular surname, named after a place
  17. Dalton: Derived from Doel meaning a valley or dale.
  18. Danvers: habitational name
  19. Degray: active in material matters
  20. Delgado: nickname for a thin person, derived from Spanish origin Delgado which means slender, also a Latin word delicatus means exquisite
  21. Devlin: Fierce
  22. Dane: ‘From Denmark, leader of ten men
  23. Donovan:  Irish surname means dark brown or dark princeling
  24. Easton:  From East town
  25. Fisher: A common last name, one who obtained his living by fishing
  26. Fletcher: Maker of arrows
  27. Falkov: This family name derives from nature. A cool, unique name
  28. Grady: Grada Word comes from Irish origin, meaning illustrious or noble
  29. Greyson: Son of the Gray family; son of Gregory.
  30. Griffin: Strong in faith
  31. Gunner: Battle strong
  32. Glen: valley
  33. Hayden: s derived from place-names in England meaning heathen or valley
  34. Hudson:  son of Hudd, derived from the nickname Hugh means mind or heart
  35. Hunter: One Who Hunts
  36. Hazeldine: unusual name is of Anglo-Saxon origin
  37. Husher: used as a command to be silent or quiet
  38. Hoffman: German surnames
  39. Hollingsworth: a unique English and Irish name
  40. Jacoby: comes from the word aqob meaning supplanter
  41. Jagger: Carter, given to one who transports goods by cart or wagon
  42. Jaxon: God has been gracious
  43. Jett: A biblical name for Jacob’s oldest son
  44. Jensen: Hebrew name, the meaning has shown favor, the second most frequent name used in Denmark also meant the son of Jens
  45. Kade: habitational name, someone from the wetlands, even a nickname for a fat man
  46. Kane: The name of multiple identities
  47. Keating: Usually used in England, derived from old English citing mean kite
  48. Keegan: Forename used in the United States means son
  49. Kingston: a very famous name, meaning King’s settlement
  50. Kobe: tortoise
  51. Kyler: a very stylish name for kids
  52. Lennon: a philosopher’s name
  53. Logan: hollow
  54. Lowell:  Wolf cub
  55. Marley: pleasant wood
  56. Mason: a traditionally masculine given name
  57. Maverick: Entire, also a brand name
  58. Morton: variant of Martin
  59. Melendez: This was used very little
  60. Morgan: Celtic name, usually used in Wales, Britain, and Scotland, a very famous name meaning sea.
  61. Mayfair: an exclusive area of West London
  62. Mercier: notions dealer or haberdasher
  63. Moreau: derived from French names ‘more’ meaning dark skin, and indeed a unique and stylish name
  64. Munoz: son of Muno
  65. Nolan: comes from nuall meaning champion, a common but good name
  66. Parker: keeper of the park
  67. Paxton: Peace Town
  68. Peyton: A famous bearer was Peyton Randolph
  69. Pierce: Form of Piers from Peter
  70. Porter: gatekeeper
  71. Quinn: the descendant of Conn
  72. Reese:  Ardent; fiery.
  73. Reid: nickname for a person with red hair
  74. Riley: luxurious or carefree
  75. Ronan: Little Seal
  76. Rowan: a little red one
  77. Ryder: mounted warrior
  78. Ryker: The Next Generation
  79. Rylan: comes from rye meant to grow, island meadow is another alternate meaning
  80. Ramirez: son of Ramiro
  81. Rye: Island meadow
  82. Sage: Aromatic plant used as a culinary herb, used very less
  83. Sire: Modest name
  84. Slade: This is a stylish name meaning valley
  85. Starr: Sounds like stars
  86. Steel: rough and tough name
  87. Stryker: tester
  88. Talon: giant claw of a bird of prey
  89. Tate: Cheerful
  90. Trace: common name with a good meaning
  91. Tripp: unusual name for a baby boy
  92. Tatum: Brings joy
  93. Wade: Advancer
  94. Vogel: nickname for a happy person
  95. West: Name after a place meaning direction.
  96. Weston: a wet town
  97. Willoughby: From the willow farm
  98. Wolfhart/Wolfert: Brave, strong
  99. Zimmerman: German name, carpenter
  100. Zuniga: habitational name

Cute Last Names for Boys – List of 100 Best Last Names


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