Arabian Names for Boys-100 Popular Arabic Names with Meanings

Arabian Names for Boys. Have a look at the top-rated and most popular Arabic names for boys this year that all guardians should be updated with. With these names, you can give your kid a unique identity just like he/she deserves to have one.

Millions of people around the world speak Arabic and since it is the language of Quran and the Holy Prophet (PBUH), it is a language loved by all Muslims. So choose a name for your baby boy in this blessed language.

Best Arabic Names for Baby Boys

Arabian Names for Boys-100 Popular Arabic Names with Meanings

1- Mohammed: Was the name of the last prophet, and it means a person of many virtues.

2- Omar: life, long-lived person

3- Ahmed: praise-worthy

4- Adam: first human created by God

5- Ali: sublime

6- Youssef: an influential person

7- Abdul Rehman: merciful, also one of God’s names

8- Abdullah: God’s servant

9- Yasin: a prophet with a chapter under his name in Quran

10- Hamza: powerful

Arabian Names for Boys-100 Popular Arabic Names with Meanings

11- Asad: lion

12 – Adil: just/unprejudiced

13- Akram: the most generous one

14- Alim: knowledgable

15- Alyas: the bravest

16- Amin: trustworthy

17- Amjad: most glorious

18- Ammar: builder

19- Anwar: luminous

20- Arash: heroic

21- Ashraf: most honorable

22- Asim: protector

23- Ata: gift/present

24- Azam: most important

25- Behzad: the luckiest

26- Casper: the master

27- Cyrus: King, the sun

28- Dawud: beloved

29- Emir: commander

30- Fadil: most generous

Arabian Names for Boys-100 Popular Arabic Names with Meanings

31- Fahd: a lynx

32- Fakhir: proud/poised, excellent

33- Fahid: unique

34- Fath: victory

35- Hadi: righteous

36- Hamid: thankful/grateful

37- Hanif: truest believer

38- Hashim: destroyer of evil

39- Hassan: handsome

40- Human: courageous

41- Husam: sword

42- Aaron: messenger

43- Aden: geography

44- Ahmad: highly praised

45- Caleb: bold/brave

46- Kareem: noble/distinguished

47- Khalil: a friend

48- Maritza: blessed

49- Nash: protector

50- Rashad: counselor

Arabian Names for Boys-100 Popular Arabic Names with Meanings

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51- Samir: companion

52- Tariq: conqueror

53- Yusuf: a form of Joseph

54- Zavier: a form of Xavier

55- Aaban: it’s a name of an angel

56- Aadil: just/upright

57- Aahil: a prince

58- Aalee: sublime, high

59- Aamir: someone who is the most civilized

60- Aaqib: follower

61- Aaqil: intelligent

62- Aarif: someone who’s the most learned, most aware

63- Aariz: most respectable individual to date

64- Aashif: one who is bold or courageous

65- Aashir: living. lively, cheerful

66- Aasif: a very able minister of his time

67- Abaan: clear, eloquent, unambiguous of all

68- Abbud: a true and great worshipper

69- Zayd: something that is very plentiful, or is in absolute abundance

70- Zayn: beauty, something good or right, phenomenal

Arabian Names for Boys-100 Popular Arabic Names with Meanings

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71- Zeeshan: someone of the highest standard

72- Ziad or Ziyad: something that’s in a plentiful quantity

73- Ziaud: splendor, light

74- Zidan: a place where a lot of progress or growth can be seen

75- Zohair: the best friend of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

76- Zubair: strong, smart, powerful

77- Zuehb: clever, sharp

78- Zuhair: bright

79- Zuhayr: also means bright and prominent

80- Zuhoor: appearance, manifestation of something

81- Zulaym: someone who is a narrator of hadith

82- Zulfiqar: used as the sword name of Hazrat Ali

83- Zunnoon: this is a term that’s used as the appellation of prophet Yunus (A.S)

84- Zuti: this was basically the name of grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah

85- Anas: someone who is very likely to be sociable

86- Anees: someone who’s intimate or friendly

87- Anis: used for someone who’s a close friend

88- Boulos: It’s an Arabic form used for ‘Paul’

89- Hamas: one who is the most enthusiastic

90- Ilyas: a prophet’s name

91- Munis: one who is a pleasant companion

92- Owais: a companion of the prophet (S.A.W)

93- Qais: a lover

94- Sabahat: gracefulness, beauty (unisex name)

95- Sabir: one who is patient

96- Sad: token of good luck

97- Sadan: one who is happy or fortunate

98- Sadit: hardworking

99-Safeer: emissary

100- Raees: rich, wealthy, chief

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